Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon have intercourse

February 1st, 2008 // 116 Comments

Here’s a surprisingly hilarious clip Sarah Silverman made for last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel. It’s by far the funniest thing I’ve seen Matt Damon do. Or Sarah Silverman for that matter. Though, I gotta admit, I hope it’s just a joke because Jimmy and Sarah seem like such a nice gay couple. You know, because they’re both dudes.


  1. He’s cheating on his wife?????

  2. woodhorse

    Surprisingly, the douche Sarah was funny. I bet she had help.

  3. thegrayway

    I can’t believe his wife is okay with that. It might have been funnier if he wasn’t married with a kid.

  4. bxc

    Wow some of these comments are retarded…
    It’s a joke your idiots lighten up…

  5. joobs

    hilarious. even matt damon was pretty funny too.

    good clip. 3, dont take it too seriously, moron.

  6. #4 you’d better not be talking to me, I was just trying to be first without claiming first and couldn’t think of anything funny to say at the time, yeah, I have issues, that’s what therapy is for. My mom abandoned me as a child and once whe—oh, sorry..

  7. Nasty Mindless Tasteless Whore

    I hate that mean spirited skank. She is not funny just disgusting. Oh I get it she was F U C K I N G Matt Damon. So that’s it? The whole jist of the joke? Wow!!! Genius! Her shows displace humor with vulgarity cuz that is all she really has. Childish cuntery.
    Of course, God prefers her so it is all good $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. caljenna66

    Did anyone else hear a faint refrain of “Scotty Doesn’t Know” in the background? No? Just me then?

  9. Sophie

    Who in this line of comments is a mean spirited skank?

    I’m guessing #7

    Anyone else?

    That clip was funny BTW

  10. MJ

    I can’t even get the fucking thing to play because Eva Longoria is fucking popping up all over the screen. It’s one thing to pimp ad space on the site, but you should give a shit enough not to want ads for some horrible movie interfering with the actual content of the site. People don’t come here to get bombarded with bullshit ads and you guys should the stones to tell advertisers “no, I’m sorry, you can’t shit all over my website to promote your crappy movie.”

  11. MJ

    “should HAVE the stones,” that is.


  12. p0nk

    personally i thought it was pretty fuckingmattdamon funny.
    xrist, very refreshing change from the britney and heath soap operas.

  13. nutsonyochin

    to #8 no your not alone thats what it reminded me of to.

  14. Dukie

    The joke is Kimmel ends every episode by saying “We’ve run out of time–my apologies to Matt Damon”. Not sure if that ever really did happen and he just kept saying it or he just thought it was funny when other talk show hosts had to apologize to a guest when they actually did run out of time and he chose Damon as his “guest” to apologize to because their friends or he thinks he’s a douche or whatever—ANYWAY, that’s why it’s funny. I love they You Got Served part the best.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    That was funny and Jesus is magic.

  16. green card lover


    matt damon’s wife was a single mother working as a bartender when he met her. he’s wayyyyyyy out of her league. he knows it and she knows it. he’s the sexiest man alive. she can’t do any better than this. she already sold her soul to satan to snag matt. she doesn’t have anything else to bargain with. she can’t afford to protest shit. matt probably bangs supermodels in bed while his wife holds his wife makes everyone sandwiches.

  17. green card lover


    matt damon’s wife was a single mother working as a bartender when he met her. he’s wayyyyyyy out of her league. he knows it and she knows it. he’s the sexiest man alive. she can’t do any better than this. she already sold her soul to satan to snag matt. she doesn’t have anything else to bargain with. she can’t afford to protest shit. matt probably bangs supermodels in bed while his wife makes everyone sandwiches.

  18. havoc

    Hey, didn’t they meet on retardedfuckingcelebs



  19. Sarah Silverman is hilarious and this clip is another great example of it. Matt Damon is great in this as well, as yes – it reminded me of “Scotty Doesn’t Know” from EuroTrip! LOL

  20. Buffy

    Jesus #7, who pissed in YOUR Cheerios this morning? You need to get a sense of humor you mindless tasteless HUMORLESS skank.

  21. MeepinSnarf

    It actually reminded me of “Daddy Wasn’t There ” from the same films… but kinda funny for a second, like “Dick in a box”.. but with two dicks.

  22. (@)

    If you look quickly it looks like “Janice Dickinson bikini” is a picture of fucking doucht robot.

    …and who gives a shit about this unfunny crap it’s no “dick in a box”. Even though Justin Timbersnake is a stooge that video was insanely funny. Jerry O’conell was funnier too.

  23. theboss

    hey #7 lighten up. if you don’t like her then don’t watch her shit. i mean really, watching something you don’t like just so you can make fun of it is lame. just because you have a hard time with the humour doesn’t mean you are right.

  24. Joco

    I never thought the skank was funny and I still don’t. It’s pathetic when whores have to result the cursing and vulgarity to try to get a few laughs. It shows that they are not smart and witty enough to be a real comedian. The best comedians of all time never had to be lewd and crude.

  25. MeepinSnarf

    Shit, that was Eurotrip..I was thinking Austin Powers. because I’m a retard…like your mom.

  26. Winn

    If they did fuck, it’d be weird because the really hairy ass would belong to the chick.

  27. sg

    that was HY-larious and I’ve never been a fan of Sarah Silverman’s.
    It would have only been better if I was f-ing Matt Damon!!!

  28. Mandy

    The people who hate SS hate her because she “dissed” Paris Hilton at the MTV Movie Awards show. Also today there are still 50 people weeping here about Heath Ledger. All of them have comments that seem agitated and breathless because their noses are being pinched by a celebrity’s butthole.

  29. D. Richards (Whore.)

    I’d have sex with Sarah Silverman. Though I’m not so sure it would be good sex because people that use shock humor are normally very uptight, boring, and placid people in real life (Hmm). Revealing.

    In truth I’m more in to Sarah’s sister, Laura Silverman. Sure Laura’s nose is hooked like a tensed index finger, but her ass and legs are pretty nice. And I read that she’s down for third input (ass; for the laymen) too!

  30. Everyone RELAX! I’m f’ing Betty White and she’s got great-great grandchildren!

  31. @28 Mandy, You have your head up your ass. I thought her “dissed” of Paris Hilton was kind of funny. But that was the only time she was funny. She is a no talent ugly lesbo, just like you..

  32. Bill Connely

    it’s almost as funny as the Over Her Dead Body promo that popped up over this video. bombomchi

  33. butyousuck


    I got that too. Scotty doesn’t know is funnier though. But this was good.
    I love the people that are bitching about his wife being upset. Wow you people must be highly evolved. Really. It’s a joke and you really need to get some working brain cells.

  34. cd

    that was frickin hilarious

  35. Pango

    I could see Matt Damon fucking…Matthew McConaughey.

  36. Will

    Not as funny as today’s news – huge suicide bombing in Baghdad. How’d they do it? Strapped explosives to 2 mentally retarded women. Two birds, one stone…

  37. that was the funniest thing sarah silverman has ever done. and it still wasn’t funny.

  38. negroes kill

    Good stuff. Silverman is gross though.

  39. eastcoastgirl

    I don’t get her vulgar attemps at humor. She needs to go back to Jr. high school. Maybe she will be appreciated there.

  40. Chauncey Gardner

    The Natalie Portman rap on SNL kicks the shit out of this thing, and probably cost far less to produce.

    Sarah SIlverman sucks.

  41. Johnny New York

    Silverman has some crappy ass jokes, I don’t know how anyone can endure her.

  42. The Laughing God

    I love Silverman! She is hilarious. Comic gold! Comic gold!!

  43. PunkA

    That was funning.

    Now I can go do a song about boning Matt Damon’s wife. Of course, I;d prefer to ream Ben Affleck’s wife. But apparently he can’t sing.

  44. Ript1&0

    This is one of those things that seems like a really funny idea in theory. And maybe someone could look past it when they first are together. But after 5 years?? Not the best thing, girl. You just sold out your relationship for a cheap laugh, in private you’ll be crying.

  45. Dear #20, ignorant hook-nose

    This bitch relies on vulgarity and idiocy and her ummm media connections. Like her sister Amy Winehouse, if she were a white girl she would be an unknown. And you know this. But hey, according to the Talmud, I don’t even have a soul, so what do I know.

  46. Tracy

    Matt Damon was freaking hilliarious in his cameo in Eurotrip. I think that is the funniest thing he has done.

  47. sunny

    You know what I hate more than having a syringe full of aids pricked into my eyeball? Sarah Silverman

  48. sameshitdifferentyear

    What I like best about the Kimmel-Silverman relationship, is that it is based on TOTAL EQUALITY.

    They get to shave each others’ backs, and everything else together too.

    If you think this is the funniest thing Damon’s ever done,
    you haven’t seen any of his “dramas” yet.

  49. Jamie's Uterus

    I’d fuck Matt Damon.

  50. dogonabone

    Never thought Silverman was funny, until now.

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