Sarah ‘Paylin” porno footage (Sadly, safe for work)

October 23rd, 2008 // 72 Comments

Do you enjoy porn and political satire? Of course, we all do. So, being the Pro-American that I am, I’ve included the first minute of the Who’s Nailin’ Paylin’? parody after the jump which was obviously shot on a way smaller budget than the real Sarah Palin’s $150K wardrobe allowance. In fact, I’m pretty sure these people were paid in hamburgers. That said, the special effects are pretty sweet. I loved the tank crashing into the pipeline. It’s sort of symbolic of America’s dependence on foreign oil and, more importantly, the boner I’m about to have later.

NOTE: Video is safe for work unless your employer has a strict “no shitty acting” policy.

Photos: WENN

  1. BudAshes

    too the cleancutfuckhead…

    you drive on roads that were subsidized by the government. That makes you a commie faggot.

  2. So this porno cost less to make than the Greek columns at Obama’s acceptance speech.

  3. Air Mail

    Why do they fear this woman so much they attack her 24/7? She seems to be a decient, hard working person. To resort to such mean spirited and thoughtless posts is vulgar and base.

  4. no, Air Head

    #53 – she’s made the very worst of the political attacks that are poisoning the air during this election (“palling around with terrorists”,”the pro-America part of the country”,”we know who the good guys are”, on and on). The last thing this country needs right now is to start a culture and race war, but Palin is doing her very best to do that.

  5. ha-ha

    Keep raving, right wing lunatics. This is more fun than I ever could have hoped for when the primary season began. Obama’s presidency is inevitable at this point, and you’re going absolutely bonkers with fear and rage and whatever else bounces around between your two brain cells. Very entertaining.

  6. dude

    ugly chick. ’nuff said.

  7. dumbass palin

    Wow Palin is a dumbass! haha! lame footage btw.

  8. cleancutamerican

    OMG – School is out so now the junior airheads, those who do not plant their feet under their own tables, are out, trying to defend the indefensible, and using language that identifies them as classless. Now one of these raving idiots think if the government subsidizes our roads, everyone who uses them is a “communist faggot”. Moreover, the word “faggot” is usually applied by lefties to gays. Tsk tsk – your prejudices are showing as well as your ignorance as to how a republic operates. Where are your brains? Incidentally, brainless – the word “too” is misused or misspelled in your message. The correct spelling is “to”.

    To the person who signs as “no, airhead”, your post only proves you are an airhead. It was and still is the obama campaign which is stressing the fact that he is an African American and the right wing resents him for this and his name. Neither republican candidate have made any statements to this effect. You are either naive, misinformed, uninformed, stupid, or all of the above.

  9. duke lacrosse

    To ha ha….You are right, the thought of obama as president does scare me, and makes me fear for my country. I am enraged that the lib media and the brainless libs, are forcing us to accept this inept, unprepared, figurehead for socialism, communism at this critical time in our history. If this was another time, I would enjoy seeing this guy elected, who will end up being worse than that other dem pres, Carter, for then I would know we would inevitably experience the demise of the democrat party after we lived with the consequences of their liberal programs for 4 years – or less, if we impeach ob. But this is not the time….his programs can destroy that which we know and love as the USA.

  10. a guy who appeciates beauty.

    Dude – if you brought along a chick as “ugly” as the lovely Sarah, I would be impressed. Or maybe you are a jealous gal..??????

  11. Tyler

    This lady is gross for my eyes to look at.

  12. Tyler

    This lady is gross for my eyes to look at.

  13. Tyler

    The grossosity is worth the double post.

  14. issues

    Why did you bother to post those silly, dumb, stupid comments. How old are you?

  15. Kahlee

    While I can’t stand Sarah Palin and I hope her and rubber-face McCain lose the election, I really think this is in poor taste.

    Just because shes a woman the primary method of deriding her is to try to humiliate her sexually.

    I am a true lefty but this makes me cringe.


  16. Nexera

    Wow. I am shocked by the absurdity of the American public when it comes to elections. Personal attacks, generalized insults, and childish namecalling is all I hear and see. There is no real debate- just disgusting, embarrassing slander. This whole year has been an incredible waste of time and ludicrous amounts of money. Perhaps less money spent on your gong show of an election could help your dire economic state??

  17. Mr Smith

    @ 67. They are thick as fuck. They can’t think beyond simple 2 party politics or possibly believe anything that their party doesn’t agree with.

  18. Air Mail

    #54 Obama wrote a postive review, and made a personal endorsement for a book that Mr. Ayers wrote. I think that qualifies as ‘palling around with terrorists’ as Mrs Palin stated. But I guess that you knew this already…

    P.S. There is a culture war now in America; we punish the producers and reward the parasites.

  19. obama-no

    It should be noted that recently BO went with his wife and children to Hawaii on vacation. Are you aware that even though his white grandma lives there and was/is very ill, he only spent several hours visiting her, His wife and kids did not accompany him on that visit. Of course, it is evident from things michelle has said, and her unfavorable analysis of the white kids at harvard, that she does not like white people, resents them. Does this tell you anything as to what kind of man the libs want to put in the whitehouse???

  20. djcorbijn

    I would bet Palin’s husband is spankin his monkey to this video. I also think that Sara could suck a golf ball out of a beer bottle. This is better than when Hustler did that photo spread of Bill and Monica.

  21. Wow…, she is so sexy and hot. BTW, my brother told me he saw her profile and photos at an age gap dating club **AgelessOnly.c o m**. She has written some blogs a few days ago. Maybe you should have a look.

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