Sarah ‘Paylin” makes a porno

October 12th, 2008 // 232 Comments

These are publicity shots from Hustler’s politically-inspired porno Nailin’ Paylin’ starring Lisa Ann. Centuries from now, historians will unearth this patriotic display of free speech and remember what a proud and majestic democracy America once was. Then they’ll get space boners. True story.

NOTE: Last pic links to NSFW version of the first nipples I’ve ever seen that could fight their own war on terror – and win.

Photos: Splash News

  1. @me

    I am not sure we would want to see them anyway. You are probably so loose, that I could fist you with my head.


  2. me


    1. You’re a pig; and
    2. Hell no.

  3. jack


  4. Deacon Jones

    They should have a guy ass fucking her from behind the podium, that would maybe help explain some of her answers she’s given.

    “oOhh you know…taxes, you know oHH”

  5. andy

    You people are sick. I can’t believe the level of sexism still around in the US. You all making sex comments make me ashamed to be an American.

  6. Bobby Sands

    may god bless america

  7. Hecubus

    Political themed porn has been around in America since at least the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal but this is different. This is probably the first instance in which the porn star is far less fuckable than the politician she’s spoofing.

  8. GROSS. Who the hell would want to be with this disease infested half breed? Ill bet shes had more plugs in her than Bidens skull.

    I would let her do my laundry or wash my car and cut the grass though.

    “Hey Margarita…get your illegal donkey fucking ass back in here and finish with my fajitas!”

    “Now Puta…You want another black eye?”

  9. Shawn

    Said fuck mccain @ 43:

    “anyone who votes for palin and that tard that choose her as his VP deserves to die of cancer of the eyes and have a burning how rod shoved up their ass…”

    < *sigh*> The right is so full of hate. Oh, wait….

  10. PunkA

    What a lame porno. Had they made the guy the Paylin wanna-be boned look like John McCain or Bill Clinton, with a 2nd girl that looks like Cindy McCain, well then they might have been on to something…

  11. Deacon Jones


    Go blog on “The View’s” chat page then, ya fag

  12. lily

    I can’t believe what a woman hating society this is.
    or maybe its just a republican hating society- i don’t think hillary or even monica inspired this kind of tribute.
    fucking demeaning.

  13. Powerofpeace69

    Ha! You facists better get used to stuff like this. When Obama’s in office this country’s freedom will be open wide.

  14. gits

    “or maybe its just a republican hating society- i don’t think hillary or even monica inspired this kind of tribute.”

    You’re kidding, right? There are TONS of pornos featuring fake Bill Clintons.

  15. Right Fury

    The real sarah would know that’s a crappy airsoft gun from “cheaper than dirt”

  16. Slut

    This is pathetic-The real Sarah rocks!

  17. truth

    The real Sarah would have asked Todd about the gun. The real Sarah copies Todd on most of her official, governor’s-business emails. The real Sarah asks Todd to attend what are supposed to be closed cabinet meetings. The real Sarah has Todd do the worst of the attack work against political opponents in Alaska.

    It’s all on the record now. The “Sarah Palin” of the McCain campaign is about as real as this porno actress’s boobs. She’s the pretty face who does what Todd tells her to do.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  18. Sheva

    Who cares that Sarah may have done something within her power as governor to stop some drinking on the job, taser-a-kid happy storm trooper.

    What’s important is to hate her with all your might and support Obama so OJ can get a pardon!

    Free OJ! Stop the racist, evil USA. Vote Obama and gold with OJ!

  19. EuroNeckPain

    #67 I do not trust a word of what you are saying.
    And yes, the real Sarah Palin looks much, much better than this prostitute. She has a well balanced body and she has class. And one should not be allowed to suggest that she is dumb, because the current president Bush is certainly the most moronic leader ever known to man. Never heard anything more ridiculous than a speech of Bush. That some can still vote for his party after all these years of shame is beyond my understanding. Don’t you want a president you can be proud of, for a change ?

  20. Yes and No


  21. fact

    Who cares that Sarah Palin quoted Westbrook Pegler, one of the ugliest characters in American journalism in the 20th century (back when Hearst was king), an avowed facist, racist, and many other “ist”‘s. She introduced the McCain campaign’s code words – “small town” – for what’s good about America: certainly not minorities, who tend to live in cities.

    Here’s the quote from Palin’s speech:
    “We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity.”

    Here are some of Pegler’s other quotes:
    – it is “clearly the bounden duty of all intelligent Americans to proclaim and practice bigotry.”
    – referring to Robert Kennedy, before his assassination, wishing that “some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow flies.”

    Small town folk, patriots…yeah, it’s really difficult to imagine what Pegler meant years ago, and what Palin and McCain mean now – when campaigning against the first-ever black presidential candidate with a chance to win.

    Sure, Obama is the one who is racist. No question about that.

  22. truth

    69. EuroNeckPain – October 13, 2008 4:53 PM

    #67 I do not trust a word of what you are saying.

    *** you don’t have to trust me. There was an investigation. There is an official record. Todd Palin’s presence at closed cabinet meetings, being cc’d on official government emails, and making phone calls to legislators and government officials who opposed or resisted Sarah Palin’s efforts: all is on the record now, in subpoenaed documents and records and sworn testimony.

  23. Um…Lisa Ann looks a little rough. I’d rather look at Sarah if she’d just shut her idiot mouth.

  24. I can just see the “plot” now…Sarah is looking out her back window and sees some young Russian studs hanging out in Russia. She waves for them to come over then proceeds to show them how well she can handle a gun. And by gun I mean penis. The Russians are so impressed with her nob gobbling skills that they apologize for that whole Georgia thing, pledge their allegiance to America and world peace is born. It’s kind of beautiful really.

  25. I'm Barack Obama and I approve...

    C’mon now, peoples!! Why da nasty talk abouts my opponent. She just doin’ what she do. Sheeeet… I’d tax it, and THEN tax it!!

    Heh…I think I jus made a funny.

    Vote McCain/Palin.
    Keep the White House white.

  26. Jeff Little


  27. Jeff Little


  28. sean

    nice tit shot! now where can i find the actual porno?!!

  29. Gee….I think those might be fake.

  30. Gee….I think those might be fake.

  31. Wow

    Even if you don’t like her, it’s a woman that’s running for office. The way she is treated now will further determine how female candidates will be seen in the future.

  32. Urbanspaceman

    Lame, even by Hustler standards.

  33. Urbanspaceman

    Lame, even by Hustler standards.

  34. britney's weave

    ew, ew, motherfucking EW.

    what’s so great about this is that you know the dude who knocked bristol up is SO renting this right about… now.

  35. Truth doctor

    Anyone who hates her just because they disagree with her opinions is an emotional infant.

  36. hmm

    OK even though I’m offended by Hustler I gotta admit this is hilarious.

  37. Ted from LA

    This woman is udderly rediculous. Sarah, on the other hand, is worse. I’ll bet Lisa Ann could beat Sarah in a debate. Youbetcha (wink). Darn right (second wink).

  38. It’s a man’s world?

  39. david

    All you Palin haters, you’re a class act. I’m just so impressed with the way you carry yourselves. It’s people like you who remind me why I’m raising my child to be a Republican. You liberals have no tact, no couth, no respect for your fellow human being. You accuse good people of being racist, prejudiced, and bigots, and the FIRST words you utter about Sarah Palin are vile and cruel. Want to engage in some intelligent, coherent dialogue, no problem. Let’s do it. But dialogue involves WORDS, hellooo???? Argue positions and leave Palin’s family out of it! The One has two daughters…want to open up a dialogue about them?

    Keep it clean, keep it coherent, and stop lobbing the stupid grenades people!

  40. Elsie

    To the jackass who wrote this:
    “anyone who votes for palin and that tard that choose her as his VP deserves to die of cancer of the eyes and have a burning how rod shoved up their ass…”

    Well said. Your argument is so solid, I’m speechless. I was going to vote McCain/Palin but I don’t want people like you thinking I should die of cancer and have buring rods shoved up my ass. That hurts my feelings. Lots. I’m not going to get any sleep tonight.

    I have friends who are Democrats. I disagree with them, but I respect their right to their naive opinion. They actually know why they want to vote for Obama, they just don’t realize how silly they are. Once they grow up, get real jobs and have families to support, they’ll change their minds.

    McCain/Palin because at the very least, their supporters are logical, they know how to use punctuation and they don’t have to resort to slander and swear words to put lefties in their place. You guys give us plenty of ammo. Oooh I made a gun reference. Uh oh. Guns are bad.

    I don’t like the past 8 years of Bush. But I still maintain he has done a better job than Gore or Kerry ever would have. Besides, you guys should love him, he spends our money like its his own personal penny bank, just like your Democratic socialists do. McCain was the libs’ token Republican and now it’s a blast to see all the backtracking.

    If I’m a neo-con, you’re a neo-Marxist, plain and simple. Wealth redistribution is socialism. McCain is the lesser of two evils. Obama is for people with white guilt, jobless elitists who have time to feel sorry for people they believe are inferior to them, or poor people who would just rather not work. Let’s not forget the morons who just like the fact that he’s black. Tax refunds my ass. He’s going to give our tax dollars to people that don’t even pay taxes in the first place. No wonder hoodrats are all over youtube singing “Go tell yo Mama, vote for Obama.” FREE SHIT!

    Welcome to the New United States. We’ll be just as jacked up as Europe in no time.

    Go ahead and call me names, I never return after I post. Plus, I’ve got a pretty good idea what you’ll say anyway. I’m sure it involves lots of swear words, the only words which will be correctly spelled.

  41. I actually like Palin even though I’m not sure about the whole VP thing. But Palin in a porn?! I thin i’d lke to see that. Maybe just once though since she’s popped so many kids outta that couche!

  42. Yes, but have you seen the Palin Panties??? Plus there is a bunch of other great campaign gear here. I’d take a look and load up before this stuff disappears!

  43. denise

    Might have voted for the old man if he had this Palin, she looks SMARTER.

  44. pablo

    I wonder if she is gonna yell “drill baby drill” at all????

  45. Imagination

    Oh beautiful
    those spacious thighs
    I see that they’ve been layin’

    That aqua top
    those mammaries
    across the fruitful Palin!

    America! I’ve got a gun
    and I know how to use it
    Those moose are toast
    I’ve got the most
    Rent the porn and see!

  46. Chuck

    @62 Society hates Republicans? I wonder why? Never mind. I remember now…

  47. Nut Job

    The fact there are comments taking this to heart is hilarious! One asshole analyzes a toy gun, and another wants to free OJ… Thank yourself for being stupid fucking, pieces of shit in favor of running America 6ft. under!!!

    Sarah Paylin can fuck like a champ!!! Sarah Palin (the real whore) can blow me like she blew that flute =)

  48. Chuck

    Oh, and Lisa Ann is 2,000X hotter than Sarah Palin. It’s just those stupid glasses. They look retarded on the real Palin and they’re bound to look retarded on any Palin impersonators. The real Palin is only hot compared to other politicians. (Most politicians are men and the few females aren’t exactly beauty queens.) It’s all relative. Kinda like when everyone would fawn over Princess Diana when, in truth, she was incredibly plain-looking. Honestly, this isn’t about politics. Whether or not you believe she’d make a good VP, Sarah Palin is not sexy. At all. Even if you ignore than ridiculous accent, there’s just nothing there.

    Oh and @89, thanks for raising your kids the Right way. After 18 years of that shit, they’ll probably end up chained to an old-growth tree somewhere, daring the men in the bulldozers to make a move.

  49. venomhed

    WOMEN – Still complaining that men are exploiting them. Yup, SO MUCH EXPLOITATION in these pics huh ladies? Yah, i see men all around her with guns to her head, FORCING her to do this shit.

    Women = LOSERS. All women know how to be whores, ALL the time.

  50. Hmph


    Although Bush is unpopular for many reasons, you are the truly stupid one for actually assessing that he is inferior in intelligence to Palin. Regardless of how I may feel about him or not, that man is a genius!!!

    Anyone who is incapable of recognizing Bush’s brilliance is one who possesses below-average intelligence. If you actually take Palin seriously and if you think that she is a smart woman based on her public persona and her public statements…. you must also suffer from Down’s Syndrome like her whole family!

    Why do stupid people like you actually think that they know the meaning of intelligence or “class” (hahahahahaha-hunting moose is really classy)!!!

    George W. may not be an ethical person but he is much smarter than all you people who think that you are so politically aware to comment on his presidency, or take polls for idiots.

    Stop pretending to be smart, just because it is trendy or something. Being smart is an illness that lasts a lifetime, and most of you don’t know the pain and hardship associated with it.

    I am voting for Obama, btw. (Female/ Republican/ California/ 28 y.o.)

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