Sarah Palin’s daughter gives birth

December 29th, 2008 // 112 Comments

Sarah Palin’s unwed teenage daughter Bristol Palin gave birth to a baby boy Saturday, according to People:

“We think it’s wonderful,” said Colleen Jones, the sister of Bristol’s grandmother Sally Heath, who confirmed the news. “The baby is fine and Bristol is doing well. Everyone is excited.”
The baby’s name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston and he was born at 5:30 a.m., according to Jones.

Tripp? Seriously? I don’t get why Bristol’s being subtle. She might as well name her son “Hey, mom, I smoke my face off and have unprotected sex with my redneck boyfriend every time you’re at church.” I mean, it’s Sarah Palin we’re talking about here. She’s just gonna call the kid a “Maverick” then give him a handgun to play with. “Aw, is there anything more adorable? *BAM* That dog was getting old anyway. *BAM* Hey, it’s not like I can’t remarry. *BAM* Oh, boy, I get to meet Jesus!”

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  1. j

    This entry was really pretty tasteless.

  2. Sadie

    Joy to be 1st. Take care of your baby and monitor visits with Grandma.

  3. Stoney

    Don’t get it. You trying to say her son is gay?

    First day at school –

    Teacher: What’s your name?

    Tripp: “Hey, mom, I smoke my face off and have unprotected sex with my redneck boyfriend every time you’re at church” Johnston

    Teacher: You’re only 5. You have a redneck boyfriend and smoke?

    Tripp: Yeah, I’m gay, smoke blunts and shoot things.

    Teacher: Alrighty then. Please go sit in the back of the room “Hey, mom, I smoke my face off and have unprotected sex with my redneck boyfriend every time you’re at church” and try to stay away from the other kids.

    Tripp: Can I play with that cute redneck boy?

    Teacher: Just go sit in the back of the room.

    Tripp: My grandma’s gonna get you.

    Teacher: SIT.

    Tripp: Awwwwwwwwww. Anyone got a light?

  4. Jeff W.

    Now that idiot Palin is not going to be VP (thank f’ing God), how fast do you think Bristol’s boyfriend is going to dump her? What a bunch of losers.

  5. Dork

    Cool, two high school dropouts who name their son Tripp. I guess they got that name from his druggy Grandma Johnston.

  6. Gern Blanston

    Okay, we get it. You’re an atheist. Savaging those who have faith is rather cheap , obvious and infantile. Or is it just Republicans in particular? Anyway, I enjoy your site and since I don’t suppose you’ll be ripping to shreds any Democrats who go to church or espouse their faith in God like, oh, maybe Obama, why don’t we keep the naked ugliness to ourselves?

  7. The Pill!

    I still say the other baby, Trigg (curiously similar to Tripp) also belongs to Bristol. It’s said that Trigg was born early, which suggests that Tripp may also have been born early, making it possible for them both to be hers. It makes sense for the same mom to have a trend of giving birth early. I say they’re both hers, which these idiots should just admit now that they are free to fade back into obscurity. And for crying out loud get on some birth control!

  8. Jeff W.

    Gern, the Republicans deserve to be savaged, I mean, uh, look at the world. Thanks, George Bush. Oh yeah, and “faith”? When I hear someone use the word “faith” what I hear is, “I believe in magic and superstition” or, “I’m stuck in the Bronze Age”. Educate yourself and stop wasting your time on make-believe. The Republicans should be ashamed of Palin – she highlighted everything wrong with Republican ideology. Thankfully Americans have matured since electing the worst president in US history for a second term.

  9. joe

    Another redneck triumph story.

  10. Fati

    well if the bitch couldn’t bring up a daughter that’s NOT a whore, and a stupid whore who knows nothing of birth-control, at that, than she sure as hell had nothing to do in bg politics.

  11. hunky dunk

    she’s got nice tits – just like mommy.

  12. duh

    Duh, at least we get super-genius Biden as VP, duh.

  13. duh

    Duh, at least we get super-genius Biden as VP, duh.

  14. I hope grandma does her job and dont let that girl breast feed! we need those things to stay perky and full….

  15. coo lover

    i’ve been coming to this site on a daily basis for over a year now but i think this will be my last visit. when i saw the headline for this story i just knew that there would be some idiot liberal bashing sarah palin or mentioning that dumbass idea of her youngest child actually being bristol’s. what i can’t wait to see is how the liberals and the media try to cover for barack hussein obama when he runs this great country into the crapper.

  16. Bitch Please

    Just because she didnt go out and get an abortion like any other highschooler does not make her a whore. Look up the stats on abortion you will clearly see MANY girls have gotten pregnant at a young age, they just never keep it. So your your calling everyone who does a whore? Lots of teens fuck up that don’t mean they are idiots, nor does it mean there parents are idots! When you were a teen did your parents know where your dick or vajj was at all times? Hell no! She is a teen so chill the fuck out.

  17. Obama the Messiah

    We get it. You are a liberal and think Republicans are all evil and stupid. Of course not as stupid as joe biden. You know, the future VP who told a guy in a wheel chair to stand up so people could clap for him.

    Coo Lover is right. It will be interesting to see people try to explain away Barry Obama’s utter failure to lead this Country. Let me take a gues, it’s all Bush’s fault right?

  18. Joe Biden

    Everyone who posted before me sucks Ann Coulter’s penis.

  19. Deacon Jones

    The whole irony in this situation “Bitch, Please” is the fact that the Republicans preach abstinence only, and the VP’s own fucking daughter gets knocked up. Get with it.

    I think that was the least funniest post I’ve ever read.

  20. Barack Hussein Obama

    You’re such a dick. All you commies had a field day criticizing Pailn as being ‘unsophisticated’, yet the governor of the great state of Illinois can’t complete a single sentence without dropping 2 or 3 F-bombs…what a class act.

    And the ‘people’s choice’ president-elect is off playing golf at a fancy resort in Hawaii while millions of americans are losing their jobs. Democrats are so smart!

  21. havoc

    Would I hit it?

    You betcha….


  22. Stoney


    Actually, this is the least funniest post (and makes no sense):

    She might as well name her son “Hey, mom, I smoke my face off and have unprotected sex with my redneck boyfriend every time you’re at church.”

  23. juniper

    i agree that the superficial writer is an asshole liberal piece of shit. i am middle of the road, both repubs and dems are scum at times, but if your are 100 percent democrat and drive a prius to save the world you are an asshole like the superficial head writer fagboy.

  24. Yo!

    I’ve never commented on here before, mainly because I enjoy reading all posts from idiots who can’t spell and who haven’t heard the words “proper grammar” before. But, I thought I’d use this to vent my general frustrations with American politics. First of all, Obama won. Get over it. Smack talk/bashing him isn’t going to change the fact that he’s the new leader of our country. Also on that note, bashing Palin isn’t going to change the fact that she’s not in the White House with McCain (I think she had her share of humiliation during the campaign). It seems that people are unwilling and unable to see the bad in the political party of their choice, but they jump at the chance to highlight the bad of the party they don’t support. All politicians, ALL Democrats and ALL Republicans, are manipulative and just want your vote. True, some more so than others, but it comes down to picking the lesser of the evils. Whether or not you voted for Obama, or if you think he’s a Muslim (if you do think he’s a Muslim, please, read up on the religion before you start using Islam and terrorism interchangeably, you actually might be surprised. Nothing is more annoying than someone who relies on the biased Media for information), the fact is he’s going to be our president. And before you start hypothesizing that he’ll “run the country into the crapper,” give him THE CHANCE to fail or succeed.

  25. Ashton Moore

    Bristol is a notourious barebacker. Levi must be really glad that McCain didn’t win because now he can disappear in obscurity and become another Sean Avery.

  26. Deacon Jones

    What has the ACTUAL PRESIDENT been doing?

  27. i.know.better

    @24…agreed. I’m a conservative, and I’m more than willing to give BHO a shot at this…after all, sitting presidents are NEVER as extreme as the positions they take when running (especially in the primaries). Let’s hope the prez can stand up to the real left-wing loonies (Reid and Pelosi) and resist the temptation to appoint activist Supremes. What bugs me, though, is the hypocrisy of many if not most on the Left. For example, my Democrat-voting neighbor new every wart, mistake and inconsistency of every Republican up for election; conversely, he knew NOTHING, negative OR positive, about the Democrat candidates he voted for. I think he is more the rule than the exception.

  28. phil

    Tripp is usually used as a nickname for someone who is the third (III) in a family lineage, as it’s a shortened version of “triple”.

    Seeing as how there’s probably not a Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston and Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston Jr. up the family tree, it’s kind of a stupid cowboy name that seems to be all the rage with stupid mouth breathers lately.

  29. juniper

    the fact is your wonderful new chief of staff rahm emanuel lowered the standards for entry into the country while he worked for clinton, its a fact look it up. he did so to get their votes, with no regard for your future or security. think of that the next time your in the 7/11 buying your losing lottery tickets.

  30. Stephanie

    An unwed mother?! O NOES! Do people keep bringing that up because her mother is a Republican or something? There’s really nothing that girl could have done to keep the public from eating them alive. In the past, most women were married and had at least one child by eighteen. I seriously doubt everyone calling Bristol a whore waited until they were over eighteen years old and married to start having sex.

  31. Deacon Jones

    Well, I guess they’re going to hell, right? Isn’t how that works?

  32. Doc Holiday

    Hey Superficial, Why can’t you just stick to Tits and ass and vent your nastiness elsewhere. Shit is shit no matter who you dump it on and it makes the dumper stink too. It’s your site dude. Do what you want but, this aint entertaining.


    What’s the big deal about unwed mothers and Republicans? Sheesh – two-thirds of black children are born out of wedlock, and I’d venture to say most of them that voted were solidly Democrats and voted for both our 1st and 2nd African-American presidents.

  34. jen h

    Sarah Palin is trash and her poor daughter just wanted to get away from her. Now she can get her own place; teenage girls get pregnant for a reason, ya know–they are aware of birth control.

  35. juniper

    speaking from personal experience right jen h?

  36. Alden Bugly

    Well GWB tops BHO in one category: Telegraph.UK has a video of the Messiah on a driving range in HI; his swing is ‘granpa worthy! Telegraph gave him a 4.5 of 10 vs 8/10 for GWB, Nyah,nyah,nyah,nyah,nyah!

  37. Bleeding Liberal

    Whether she wanted to have the baby or not was not a choice. They do not have Planned Parenthood or any other resources of the like in Alaska.

  38. BigJoe

    @ JeffW- in one post you say “thank God” and then another post you bash people who believe in faith…you’re a doucher. And GWB has kept our country free from a terrorist attack since 9/11 and took the fight to them…notice how we don’t really hear that much news out of Iraq? Oh, did you also notice that Iraqi’s held the first public display of Christmas, ever???

    Also, I hope Tripp goes *BAM* w/ a gun Gov. Palin gives him to your face and the Superficial’s face.

    And I think Barry Obama is seriously thinking “of fuck, what did I get myself into”

    Now, go fuck yourselves

  39. Will - Denver

    Stop being a Liberal idiot and leave Sarah alone.
    Your comments show your ignorance.

  40. HA


    >>Stop being a Liberal idiot and leave Sarah alone.
    Your comments show your ignorance.

    So, if someone’s viewpoints don’t match your own, they’re an “idiot.”
    You Republicans truly have cornered the market on logic.

    Hats off to you.

  41. Wake Up

    Basically Palin is an idiot for thinking she can have a platform with high morals when her daughter had sex out of marriage and a baby out of wedlock for starters. The fiscal republicans all agree that Palin is too far to the right to be a good VP or Pres candidate for 2012.

  42. juniper

    yes i agree she is too far to the right. these days when you make a stand of any sort (unless its gay rights or more illegals) you are shot down. you have to straddle every issue. you have to have no morals. you have to say yes i will help you to everyone (even if you cant) then you will be elected head idiot. so yes you are right, since palin actually stood for something she stood no chance.

  43. Jim Jones

    @Gern Blanston:
    I don’t think it’s so much the faith that he’s mocking, but the blind fanaticism that idiots like Palin use to justify their extremist behavior. Besides, if you’re going to frequent this site, develop a sense of humor.

  44. Jim Jones

    That whole Bush kept terrorists from attacking us argument is laughable. Doesn’t anyone remember that 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch, and leading up to it where loads of incompetence? Apparently not. As for Iraq, it has done nothing to stop terrorism; quite the contrary, it has given the terrorists something to rally to and use to attract new recruits (why fight then over here when you can kill Americans in your own back yard?), and it’s a big contributor to our own economy collapsing under our noses. It’s amazing the ignorance it takes to justify anything our current president has done.

  45. juniper

    jim jones i will develop this sense of humour you talk about when the superficical writer and other media outlets make equal fun of democrats. i think the IL gov. is giving them some material but no one is biting. why not? so stop being a hypocritical asshole yourself jim jones and stop drinking the kool aid. pun intended.

  46. Jim Jones

    What, exactly did she stand for, aside from hypocricy? Supposedly a reformer, when her state is the biggest offender of pork spending per capita? Claiming to know how to run government, when she had an administrator running things for her because she was so incompetent? Claiming she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia, even though she’d never even been to the island where you CAN see Russia from (and she thinks Africa is a country, etc.)? Simply standing for something doesn’t necessarily make you moral; it reminds me of those idiot arguments that it doesn’t matter what you have faith in, so long as you have faith. I doubt anyone could argue the morality of the Nazis, though they clearly stood for something. The truth is, Palin is a complete idiot who got by on her overrated looks and her selection was a complete affront to anyone with half a brain or who gives a damn about this country or this planet. Pay attention to the world around you, you might learn something.

  47. Jim Jones

    I think you’re confusing this site with a political gossip site instead of a celebrity one. If you haven’t noticed, most of his sources are places like Star, OK, and People Magazine, which have granted celebrity status on Palin but not Blagojevich yet. I’m sure once Rod makes the tabloids, the Superficial writer will post something on him, too.

    And I’ll take my kool aid over your’s anyday.

  48. juniper

    what did she stand for? ‘normal’ american values, not the twisted san francisco values so in vogue today. thats all i need to say, the fact that she stood for ONE thing puts her ahead of biden and osama. they stood for nothing. and do you really think osamas voters knew what he stood for? or do you think they just liked his personality, or the fact he was black? but thats ok, hes a democrat, he does not need to pass scrutiny. and the whole african/country thing was not a true statement attributed to her, you pay attention and you would have known this. meanwhile i dont have to falsify the fact that biden said he said fdr on tv talking about the depression. he really did say that in case you forgot. so take down your keith olberwoman poster and get both sides every now and then, it can only make you smarter.

  49. Dummy Up


    Quit listening to Republican talk radio and practice logic and critical thinking. Palin talked about morality, but could not get her daughter to wait to have sex until being married. It was Palin’s decision to take the moralility platform while not looking at her own daughters moral flaw (according to Palin’s platform.) Obama was top in his class at Harvard and has a model life. He is open minded and very intellegent unlike Palin.

  50. juniper

    and i am not confused, dont speak for me pls. i know exactly what this site is. that is why its even more insulting to put down lies/garbage as facts when i know the average reader here has a very shallow impressionable mind.

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