Sarah Palin wants to play Tina Fey

October 6th, 2008 // 86 Comments

What if Sarah Palin played Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin playing Tina Fey? My answer: The universe would collapse on itself with a quiet “We’re mavericks, don’tcha know.” But, apparently, the folks over at NBC and the McCain campaign aren’t concerned with the very fabric of our existence, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Some key McCain staffers are content with Palin joking about the “SNL” routines on the campaign trail — as when she scribbled “I’m not Tina Fey” on a supporter’s cell phone and said she’d dressed as Fey on Halloween. But others — including the governor herself — think a return punch on the NBC airwaves is what’s needed.

My political beliefs aside, I’ll admit it’d be a good show. Because if the debates taught us anything, it’s that Sarah Palin is awesome at memorizing words she doesn’t know the meaning of – like “vice-president.” Hi-YO! I’ll be in the Catskills all week, folks. Try the veal.

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  1. All Palin needs is a scar on the side of her mouth and smaller boobs. Then they’d be twins.

  2. blah

    I’d like to get a Palin/Fey sandwhich going. Booya!!!!

  3. burungi

    With today’s meltdown, maybe that complete idiot Palin will start to attempt to talk about the issues. No, she doesn’t know anything about the economy and couldn’t place Iraq on a map but maybe she can go back to pretending to now.

    Or maybe she’ll just keep on with the low blows because that’s the only thing her hateful, ignorant ass can wrap her brain around.

  4. Tina Fey playing Palin is pretty funny.

    What a differance bewteen Palin and Obama/

    One is an empty headed eye candy and the other knows how to skin a moose.

  5. Wendy

    Stop bitching and ask to make an appearance on the show. They’ll agree instantly. You can go side-by-side with Tina Fey, just like Hillary did with Amy Poehler. People who do that always get a show-opening skit that skews positively toward them – just ask Hillary, who actually got a significant campaign-coverage boost from doing it.

    But…this is a cranky old campaign, just like the cranky old man who heads it. They’ll complain and complain and yell at everybody to get off their small-town-America, but they won’t actually deal with the way things are now – they’ll just say it was better in the olden days. With the country heading toward the Great Depression 2.0, it’s simply not time to elect Grandpa to be president.

  6. BigJim

    This place is gonna be a lot of fun after the election.

  7. fact

    Losing campaigns bitch about their media coverage and jokes make at their expense. Winning campaigns don’t.

  8. sticktohollyweird

    “your political views aside”??? yea right, you superficial ignorant liberal.

  9. Bree

    ahahahah wow this makes me laugh so hard. I hope everyone who watches this saw the debate, because it makes it 10 times better :D

  10. Yo, yo, yo just hit me on my cell phone cool.

  11. Yea, really...

    Tina Fey is a geek – everybody knows that.
    Sarah has bigger tits and looks way better than Tina.
    Maybe they could get “same ole shit” Joe to weigh in.
    Six people and few crankheads is all that watches SNL anymore anyways – no “real” loss for either team….

  12. Right Fury

    The more these retarded celebs push Obama, the more people they alienate. Wake up sheeple! Celebs are rich. Really, really rich. I thought the democrats were “for the little guy”? Whatever.

  13. Odysseus

    Make no mistake that regardless of their political leanings these people do this for a living. The higher the ratings of SNL the more Tina Fey puts in her pocket. She should donate the money she makes off of every sarah palin sketch to welfare. Oh wait. She doesn’t have to. She Donate YOUR money.

  14. Teflon Bill

    Say what you want about McCain / Palin, but I would take a cranky but wise and experienced old man and a smart, (yes, think about it, she did not get to where she is now by just popping out babies and changing diapers) lady than an inexperienced idiot empty suit that the socialist agenda news organizations (NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, etc) in this country are pushing so hard that if he loses, I think they will all comit suicide. One can only hope.

  15. Sarah Palin

    My pussy smells like the inside of a moose.

  16. Right Fury


    If only they would. Or move to freaking canada if they’re too chickenshit to OD.

  17. WTF is wrong with all of you people that think we need more government intervention in our lives?

    Thats what Democrats are for…more government…more subsidization, more handouts etc.

    Quit looking at who it is and just look at their policies and goals.

    stupid stupid sheeple.

  18. raggatt

    I hate Republicans. The only thing they’re good at is sniffing their own farts.

  19. m.munroe


  20. Joe

    Is it me? or is Tina Fey the homliest broad ive seen in a long while. Sarah Palin is way hotter than she, and is older too!

  21. Cliff Clavin

    #18, that is clever. Did you think of that all by yourself?

  22. your act is old

    “WTF is wrong with all of you people that think we need more government intervention in our lives?”

    You mean like paying for the largest federal government expansion since WWII and electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens without a court order? Don’t worry, it’s no longer possible for the federal government to get any bigger or any more intrusive, G.W.B. took care of that.

  23. raggatt

    Palin is cross eyed. Hence, she looks as stupid as she sounds.

  24. Rant

    Re #19;

    Yes it is funny, but the funniest thing ever? Dana Carvey as George Bush Sr., Phil Hartman as Bill Clinton, and Will Ferrell as George W. Bush were all better. Fey seems to be doing it for political reasons, not for comedic purposes.

  25. Valley Girl

    Yeah! HENCE!

  26. Rant

    Joe, have you seen Amy Whinehouse, Madonna or Sandra Bernhard? They are beyond ugly.

  27. Pat

    Meh. It’s over already, I just wish we didn’t have to see a million TV ads over the next month. Obama’s tied or ahead in virtually every battleground state and this year the Dems have $$$$ and a massive ground operation. From the beginning of the primary season until now, Obama has been running a from-the-ground up, grinding, broad-based campaign that has gained votes slowly while never losing ground (he lost some primaries to Hillary but never because of backsliding of support in a state he was winning). He runs by the ABCs: Always Be Closing. Or…it’s like a football team wearing down the opposition with a pounding running attack. Over the weekend, the McCain camp started throwing Hail Marys (“Obama is a domestic terrorist!!!”) after pulling out of Michigan to try to put their much more limited resources to better use. Doesn’t matter, it’s way too late. McCain is down to the same thing all losing presidential campaigns cling to: one final highly improbably scenario in which electoral votes from a hodgepodge of states puts them over the top, while losing most of the big states. As always, it’s not a realistic scenario, it’s simply something to try to keep morale up for the last push in the face of inevitable defeat. The economic news will only get worse (just check out today’s big stock market drop, one day before another debate…poor John), while Obama grinds along like an unstoppable android (which he more or less is). McCain can throw all the Hail Marys he wants but to complete one he needs Obama to make a mistake, and he won’t. It’s a sad time to be a McCain supporter. He’s had a checkered political career to be sure, but most people previously viewed him positively and with admiration and respect. He seems to be on the verge of destroying that now.

  28. John McCain

    Tina Fey makes me pee my pants. Good thing I’m wearing a diaper.

  29. I don’t know why so many people are complaining about Sarah Palin.
    I live in Israel and we have to put up with Zipi Livni.

    Livini’s only qualifications for the job are that she has kept her nose clean in 7 government offices; but being a woman and currying to Politically Correctness cannot cut it when the world economy is on fire. Let’s compare Livni to Sarah Palin – Sarah Palin has better hair, dresses much better, an (albeit short) track record in Alaska (Livni’s only asset is that she has no record at all…), and is a tough public speaker (Livni doesn’t even score in this category because a) she doesn’t speak in public and b) her English is atrocious to the point of embarrassment.

  30. Karen

    At least McCain has a popular retirement state already set up for him (Arizona). That’s nice.

  31. Slut

    I remeber when SNL was actually funny….

  32. Sarah Palin actually has a music video called “Bridge to Nowhere” here:

  33. Right Fury

    I hate democrats, the only thing they’re good at is whining, america hating, aborting, smoking j’s, complaining, playing the victim, spending my money for me, telling me I’m wrong/stupid, brainwashing america’s youth…

    Hey! you guys are good at a lot of things!!!!!

  34. Ha-ha

    Now that McCain’s campaign has decided to move to no-limits mudslinging, McCain gets to answer all the questions again about the savings and loan fiasco that gave him a very un-Maverick-y image during an earlier time of bank failures due to fraudulent practices. Palin gets to answer questions about her un-outsider-y/un-reformer-y abuse of power investigation in Alaska, which is going forward again after an Alaskan court threw out the groundless RNC-backed suit to stop it.

    You made the first move, McCain/Palin. Good luck getting your message out now.

  35. sexy brains

    Sounds like to beauty queen/TV sports anchor still has a hankerin for being an actor/celebrity. Cause we all know SNL is WAY bigger than being VP of the USA!

    Fucking idiot. The election is less than a month away, the economy is in total meltdown and she wants to do SNL. Yeah, I want her in the number 2 spot for running this country.

  36. Huffybike

    I think we’ve all already chosen the Palin we want to see on “SNL”:

  37. Michelle Obama


  38. observer

    Stock market plunges (…and a crash? who knows). Bank failures. Mortgage foreclosures. JOB LOSSES. High energy prices.

    Why on earth does anybody think the Republicans can win the election? When there’s an across-the-board domestic collapse like what’s going on now, the incumbents’ heads roll. It’s nothing to get all worked up about. In fact, in a way it’s only fair. People mindlessly reelect incumbents all the time (often at a 90+ % rate in non-presidential elections). This time they’ll mindlessly vote them out of office. Circle of life.

  39. Sarah Palin

    Let us pray that our brave troops stay safe while doing Gods work. Amen!


    After I’m elected I will, in addition to my VP duties, head the new National Faith Based Electorate Institute to ensure that future candidates are truly Christian men and women seeking to advance Christianity in the form of new initiatives such as Crusades and Inquisitions. After all, only REAL Christians should be armed across the planet. We willl ensure that the entire planet believes in Christianity, ushering in the end times!

    (long applause)

    Vote McCain (Palin)



  40. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Does anyone even care about SNL anymore?

  41. What I want to see if a
    Palin/Fey pillow fight. Palin would probably win (she has a few extra pounds on her), but I’d be rooting for that sexy geek Fey all the way.

  42. Yo, yo, yo just hit me on my cell phone cool.

  43. Ed

    SNL is irrelevant but the opening skits go viral-video on the internet, so yeah, people care.

    I thought some of the Biden lines in the SNL skit were funnier, for example:

    “Look, I love John McCain. He is one of my dearest friends. But at the same time, he’s also dangerously unbalanced … He’s bad at his job, and mentally unstable. As my mother would say, God love him, but he’s a raging maniac — and a dear, dear friend.”

    That was just perfect, and very close to what Biden was actually doing at the debate.

  44. PunkA

    I think they need to wrestle it out in bikinis and baby oil. Winner gets to strip the loser in public. Regardless of the outcome, America wins….

  45. Right Fury

    You would think the fact that the people of germany want BO as our president would stop the brainwashed from voting for him. It doesn’t. Nothing stops their mindless desperation.

    “I’m barack obama and I eat this fetus”

  46. The Hef

    Tina Fey and Sarah Palin are both lusty cock whores. How do I know you ask? The glasses…they both wear them to keep the jizz splatter out of their eyes……

  47. Erik

    Palin could play Tina Fey, but out of necessity they’d have to write the skit so that Tina talks like a backwoods inbred retard.

  48. Right Fury is the gayest name

    lmao@45. It’s just killing you that Obama is slowly but surely burying McCain. This is fun.

  49. One Hit Wonder

    It will be fun watching BO flop around like a fish out of water.
    He will have the house and the senate, to his dismay, not accomplish shit.
    Have fun for 4 years because that’s all he will see.
    Next victim please.

  50. Jim Jones

    @Right Fury:
    Curious attitude about celebrities preaching Obama. The difference is this: most of the celebrities who endorse him do a lot of community service and donate some of their riches. That’s why they endorse the party that is “for the people.” Besides, McCain has also had celebrity endorsements. He might have more, too, if he hadn’t slammed Paris and Britney the way he did. And to be fair, McCain IS a rich guy, and he’s only looking out for other rich guys.

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