Sarah Palin swimsuit video by insane demand

September 29th, 2008 // 102 Comments

Before she was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, she was Sarah Heath, aspiring model. By ridiculous request, here’s the video of Sarah during the swimsuit competition portion of the 1984 Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant. While 80′s hair and one-piece bathing suits don’t exactly raise my flag, I’ll admit the governor does have an ass on her. On that note, I should probably watch what I say before my words end up in a campaign ad:

Even fancy liberals with their magic Internet boxes agree: One half of McCain/Palin will bring much needed badonkadonk to Washington.

“I’ll admit the governor does have an ass on her.” – The Superficial, 9/29/2008

McCain/Palin: Oops, I dropped my pen…


  1. Bob Hauser

    A somewhat pleasant diversion…but a diversion nonetheless.

    Now after America involutes into an explosive cyst and blows right up in our faces in the thermonuclear inferno of a nationwide cultural and economic Katrina…we can all lie there in the streets dying with the consoling knowledge that part of it was caused by a power tripping sociopath who had a sweet looking derriere in a one piece bathing suit.

    And she does of course.

    Yes, I would very much enjoy seeing sarah wrestling another girl of similar build and similar attire or a two piece in a scientific judo wrestling match to submissions only and I am sure the rest of you have your own little mental scripts of what you would like to see Palin do….but the fact is, can you see in one of her ears and out the other? And does that thing under her shoulder holster pump blood or cat urine? Better ask yourself because that is what will stack up in your life.

    Because what you see could very easily end up in the White house in a nice tight ass bathing suit or otherwise and making decisions that could rock your boat in some very bad ways.

    Politics is not a Miss Looney-verse contest…as in South carolina. Capice?

  2. Dado

    Speaking as a Brit, I have always thought that “Uncle Sam” has produced some of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and Sarah Palin is, imo, one of them. She has one helluva gorgeous ass, great legs and I certainly “Would”, if you get my meaning!

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