Sarah Palin swimsuit video by insane demand

September 29th, 2008 // 102 Comments

Before she was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, she was Sarah Heath, aspiring model. By ridiculous request, here’s the video of Sarah during the swimsuit competition portion of the 1984 Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant. While 80′s hair and one-piece bathing suits don’t exactly raise my flag, I’ll admit the governor does have an ass on her. On that note, I should probably watch what I say before my words end up in a campaign ad:

Even fancy liberals with their magic Internet boxes agree: One half of McCain/Palin will bring much needed badonkadonk to Washington.

“I’ll admit the governor does have an ass on her.” – The Superficial, 9/29/2008

McCain/Palin: Oops, I dropped my pen…


  1. Bush J. McCain

    I’m all right wing and stuff so let me say something shrill and jerked off like the rest of my right wing jerkoff friends and they way we’ll always stay in pow- wait …no! NO! a chainsaw!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  2. American

    “harassed by the media the way Sarah Palin is”

    She’s given 3 full-length interviews in the MONTH since she was chosen to be VP for McCain. She’s given NONE to the major media in her own state, even though she’s the sitting governor and, of course, she’s being investigated for abuse of power – by a REPUBLICAN-majority legislative council.

    She’s not being harassed. She’s hiding. She can get fair treatment by answering questions, as elected officials are obligated to do. Until she does that, she deserves whatever portrayal she gets.

  3. STFU, remaining Palin supporters

    “it’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America”

    Maybe she should stop having Trig help her with the answers.

  4. Ferdinand Narcos

    Wow.I had no idea what Nazi porn looked like before today

  5. jambi

    looks like the bee girl from blind melon’s “no rain” !!!!

  6. @44

    thanks…imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

    thanks for proving that liberals cant have their own ideas and follow in others footsteps.

    you are a 2nd class citizen like the rest of these bozos that are shaking in their boots from Palin.

  7. James

    Yummy. Thanks for the video.

  8. EuroNeckPain

    Now that the US are just about to be owned by China and India and Middle Eastern countries, some of you are still ready to vote for Republicans a third time ??? How many errors do you need ?

  9. zuzuspetals

    Sarah Palin is the biggest joke in American politics- ever- and I hope that all of the exposure she’s had will empower Alaskan citizens to impeach her once Obama wins in a landslide.
    If you still support her, you should really take a look at the video of her having a witch doctor doing a spell over her to protect her from witches and demons. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you that a VP candidate was doing that just 3 years ago, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. I hope (and I’m guessing) that you are also too stupid to remember what day to vote, so I’m not too worried.

  10. ummm what #58? you must have a large ass to pull that crap out of…..

  11. Ivote Nopalin

    Holy crap…it’s a moose…shoot it!

    There is no ass on that stick figure prancing across the stage. Lame.

    VP = Very poor (choice)

  12. Holyfuck

    OK, OK, I get how the republicans are backing McCain himself. He is smart, articulate, a well seasoned politician and a war hero.

    But for those of you who refuse to acknowledge that this Palin chick is pretty much a dumbshit, then you should pull your heads out of your asses. I mean come on, Get real. It’s like blind faith with you people. You mingh as well be Pentecostal. Speaking in tongues.

  13. disappointing

    She was around 20 years old at the time of this contest, and she looks like a strong contestant for the MRS Alaska competition. How could she have such a mommy body at such a young age? Without her makeup and glasses and hair and designer outfits, she must look busted as hell now.

  14. Skip Smith

    The Hillary Clinton swimsuit video will be posted shortly …

  15. missywissy

    @23- I would have totally agreed with you about 2 years ago. However, he’s proven he will bow to the cronies and do whatever it takes to be president. I used to like McCain until I seen him campaign and lie through his teeth, and roll his eyes during the debates when Huckabee and Ron Paul would speak. I liked that he wasn’t ultra conservative, but unless he goes back to his old self when he’s in the White House, we’re in a heap of trouble.

    By the way, all you people that ask “why did McCain choose Palin”. Wake the fuck up. He did not choose her. McCain wanted Lieberman and SOMEBODY told him no, and chose Palin. Yes, McCain is proving to be a fucking puppet just like Bush.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. In most speaches McCain says “there will be more wars ” in his term as president. McCain is a war president. The war will be on our turf, folks. I suggest, election night, if he is announced the next president of the United States, you all better invest in ways to protect yourself against a nuclear attack. Find out where the nearest bomb shelters are located and develop a plan with your families in case of attack. This is not a speculation. Just watch any “war speach” he gives, all the folks cheering when he says “bomb Iran” and go by your first instinct of being scared. It will be great for the economy, but at a sacrifice of human life, just like all wars. This is not a scare tactic, it’s just the cold hard facts.

  16. Ethan

    Before you idiots vote for McCain, look at the credentials and vote for intellectuals for once. Obama went to an IVY LEAGUE college and IVY LEAGUE law school. Biden went to an IVY LEAGUE college and IVY LEAGUE law school.

    McCain just went to some bullshit military academy where they taught people how to kill babies in Vietnam. Palin just produced retarded babies that should’ve been killed.

  17. the game's over

    The idea was: mind of a Hillary, looks of a beauty contestant. It’s clear now that she’s got the looks of a beauty contestant, and also the mind of a beauty contestant. She belongs UNDER the desk in the oval office, not sitting at it.

  18. Natascha

    Moose in the headlights

  19. jesus

    with an ass like that she could make a liberal become a heterosexual.

  20. lidsay

    She’s no doubt beautiful! And I love young lovely girls, I don’t really care about the social norm! sincere and sensual people on __Agelessmate.c om__ care nothing but chemistry! True love and feel right are what they really care!

  21. Air Mail

    Thanks Super Fish. I think shes great! Beauty and brains. So many of these attacks against her sound unreasoned and just hateful. I mean, I gave Obama the benefit of the doubt and listened to what he said and what he did. When he went to relax at that gym in Germany, instead of visiting the wounded troops, I knew this was a selfish, silly man.

  22. Ted from LA

    Brains? Go to and watch her interviews. It’s better than the SNL spoof of it.

  23. Ted from LA

    The SNL skit is just the same, tired & stupid liberals going on personal attacks because they lack the knowledge of what is going on politically, as it always has been.

    Plus, Obama is Hot. Id do him. Im kind of like Kim Kardashian with my propensity form dark meat.

  24. Ted from LA

    The SNL skit is just the same, tired & stupid liberals going on personal attacks because they lack the knowledge of what is going on politically, as it always has been.

    Plus, Obama is Hot. Id do him. Im kind of like Kim Kardashian with my propensity for
    dark meat.

  25. Ted from LA

    The SNL skit is just the same, tired & stupid liberals going on personal attacks because they lack the knowledge of what is going on politically, as it always has been.

    Plus, Obama is Hot. Id do him. Im kind of like Kim Kardashian with my propensity for dark meat.

  26. zuzupetals

    # 73, 74, & 75-
    “tired & stupid liberals going on personal attacks because they lack the knowledge of what is going on politically, as it always has been”

    The two people in this country most likely to “go on” personal attacks because they have no knowledge of what is going on are Sarah Palin and John McCain. They have nothing but cheap histronics and scandals to run their campaign on, and they comprise the most pathetic Pres/VP ticket in the history of this nation.
    Palin/McCain ’08 Cunt First

  27. shutup46

    fuck off #46. let me tell you why i hate sarah palin and women of her ilk: they exist to nod and smile at men. she heard the hick, born-again christian men around her talking all kinds of shit about “god’s will” and their “just bomb ‘em” philosophies and thought she could win some points with them by vomiting it back. she bought into the theory that is is a man’s world, she figured she was moderately attractive, and thought “hell, i’ll play by their rules, let them think what they want, and it will be ok. i can be president!” she is a fucking push over, thoughtless, sheep. yeah she “walks the walk” (what a lame expression btw), and that walk is that of a MAN.

    AND before you attack me – i am athletic, thin, blonde, attractive, and 21. i have never had an abortion and never will. I am very well educated and will continue on, likely to law school. plenty of men seem happy enough with me…because i have a brain. because not all men like parrots, some like intelligent responses. from hot women. and some men like those hot women to be -gasp- sexually liberated. you can bet your ass sarah palin ONLY puts out after one too many glasses of wine at the local papa gino’s. her daughter on the other hand…puts out without a moment’s consideration about contraception. oh wait. that was probably after too much wine on her fake id at papa gino’s too.

  28. Kimberly

    Her posture’s horrendous and why is she walking like a man in heels?

    She looks a lot better now.

  29. Kimberly

    Wait…is this the pageant she won? Who was her competition? A horned walrus…although I still don’t understand why the walrus didn’t win.

  30. Slut

    Wow #77 very harsh words…You should know that it is not proper grammar to start a sentence with the words “and” and “because.” The fact of the matter is that Sarah Palin would not get this much criticism if she were a man. I find it very interesting that you would feel the need to list your physical attributes first in your “compelling” argument.

  31. zuzuspetals

    If Sarah Palin were a man, we wouldn’t be talking about him because he would have never made it out of Wasilla.
    Sarah Palin is such an idiot that she makes George Bush look like a genius; she can’t even string together 2 coherent sentences. She has been elevated to where she is because of a combination of extremely unfortunate factors, including the fact that there are so many morons in this country who think it’s a good idea to have a moron for President. And the fact that McCain and his campaign have been taken over by neo-cons, who would like to have another shit-for-brains President for another 8 years so that they can continue to make profits on war as our infrastructure deteriorates and people can’t get their basic needs met. Very recently we’ve seen where their *brilliant* plan has taken us- to the very edge of financial collapse.
    We do not need another dumbass for President and McCain has something like a 1 in 5 chance of not making it through 4 years because of his age.
    If you vote for Palin/McCain, I hope you are also planning to learn Chinese or Arabic because it won’t be long before this country collapses and we won’t have the money for a military to defend ourselves. That is what will happen if we continue on the course we’ve been on for the past 8 years.
    And- it is okay to begin a sentence with *and* and *because*- dumbass.

  32. lloyd johnson

    I’ve said this a million times, GOP’ers will vote for a chipmunk, as long as its a republican chipmunk. Thats not an insult, that is a reflection of how stupid some dems are. Because the man is black and has a funny name, they are willing to vote against their own lifelong political stance. They are the reason this election is still so close. They are the lowest members of this society. If the roles were reversed and the rep nom was black, and the dems put forth an old man and a dumb woman this election would be in the bag for the GOP. Face it, democrats are fighting with themselves.

  33. Chillaxer

    The dems seem very angry-is it because they know they don’t stand a chance in winning?

  34. zuzuspetals

    The *dems* seem angry? What deranged news sources do you read?
    McCain is the angriest, most defensive little demonic man I’ve ever seen. Cheney looks like a Buddhist monk in comparison.
    And the Republicans are fighting with each other so much that they couldn’t even get enough votes yesterday to pass the bailout plan.
    If Democrats are pissed, it’s because we’re sick of the morons who have run this country- Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc- and we’re fed up with the deception, lies, the illegal war, and the lives that have been sacrificed so that a few people could become billionaires.
    And, if you check the polls- ANY polls- even the ones produced by your bogus right-wing news outlets- Obama is ahead.
    You made my former point- there are too many morons in this country who want a fellow moron for President for another 8 years. You came out in large numbers for the last two elections, but that isn’t why you won. Those elections were stolen.
    But you will be outnumbered this time, and Obama will be President.

  35. Leroy

    I am now officially interested in the presidential race. and by interested, i mean I just took the first exit to bonerville by way of Chocolatesauce Frontage Road and Whipped Cream County Road.
    Next stops: Justthinkaboutbaseball Town, Thisneverhappenedtomebefore City and Cantwejustcuddleville

  36. jim

    acording to the casinos, oboma is about a 3-1 favorite today.

  37. Air Mail

    Hey Jim, Take that bet against Obama. If he had taken Mrs Clinton, he might have smoked by; but now he will only get about 6-9 states total.

  38. Snarfy McSnarfpants

    hmm I sense a bit of jealousy here, bunch of snarfy old liberal women pounding their keyboards.


  39. shutuo46

    #80. guess what? fuck you too, SLUT. i know my grammar in that post was not exactly proper, but i chose a little thing called style and instant expression instead that time. sometimes, when you know about a rule, you can still break it and no one will get hurt. imagine that! i also took the situation into consideration when posting; i didn’t feel it necessary to whip out my my best thesis writing techniques for a celebrity gossip site which mainly features women in bikinis.

    as far as sarah palin actually being a man, #81 hit it right on the head. the ONLY reason she is where she is today is because she is a woman. the mccain campaign probably did a google search on female republicans in office. my point was, that ideologically she IS a man. her ideas are total crap, man or woman. or a little of each.

    regarding your comments on my physical description being first; please read the comment i was responding to. it tried to make the claim that all women who do not like women of the palin variety are fat, ugly cows with unsatisfied husbands. i chose to use a preemptive strike (to borrow your republican phrase and concept) to defend myself from a ‘you are a gross bitch’ response.

    and (yeah, i did that intentionally), SLUT, i am very confident when i say that i am smarter than you and will end up with far better educational credentials than you. i hope you have enjoyed your nit-picking. i am sure it makes you feel better to point out precieved flaws in those better than you.

  40. OK, what? Her “ass” is about as flat as my back…lol.

    If you need someone to EXPLAIN to you why Palin was a bad choice, than well…

    Given your comment, interesting choice of name. I have no idea how that comment didn’t get filtered.

    No she didn’t win. Maryline Blackburn won.

  41. zuzuspetals

    You nailed it. I am so jealous of Sarah Palin.
    How did you know?
    I’ve always wanted to have an IQ below 100, to look more mannish in a swimsuit, to make a complete fool of myself on national TV, and to be the laughing stock of the entire planet. Just like Sarah Palin.

  42. Slut

    #89 * i am very confident when i say that i am smarter than you and will end up with far better educational credentials than you.**

    can’t stop laughing…..if you only knew…..

  43. zuzuspetals

    Is that you, Senator McCain?

    Whatever your “educational credentials” are, clearly you have shit where there should be brains- anyone who supports Sarah Palin politcally does.
    There is only one place that Sarah Palin *might* deserve anyone’s support, and there is only one place where she belongs- in a mud-wrestling ring with Tonya Harding.

  44. Sara

    I am dumbfounded with the hype about this woman. She looks like any other woman in her 40s, with a sagging face, average features, and a pale, mom’s body as someone put it. Have these men touting her as a hot woman never seen a beautiful woman or something? I mean, now that I look at this video Sarah Palin wasn’t hot EVEN when she was young for F’s sake. She had sausages for thighs which rub together, no tone in her body, a chipmunk face, and a flabby ass. AND, she’s kind of proven to be an idiot. I wonder what these men drooling over her would say if they saw some of the prettier women at ivy league medical, law, and business schools. They would probably go into a coma. Those women are well-spoken, highly intelligent, young, AND gorgeous to boot. Sarah Palin is none of those things…all she is hype that the media created.

  45. kat

    obviously # 19 is over a hundred years old

  46. mccain is a filthy whore

    #89- you’re a disgrace.

    i consider myself to be very liberal. if i was stranded on a desert island with only sarah palin and she sacrificed her arm in order for me to eat, i would rather gnaw on my own ass fat. she is a disgrace to women, american politics, and to the republican party.

    but your incompetence, lack of grammatical skills (sorry, but i think your chances of going to law school are about the same chances of palin not using a script tonight in the debate), and need to bash others on this site in an extremely rude manner is just making you look like a huge retard.

    seriously, do you have downs? is your IQ above 52? you’re probably only against palin because you secretly want to bang her out with a strap on. besides, your dog can only take so much.

    i’d rather have you root for mccain just so i don’t have anything in common with you.

    go back to elementary school.

    oh, and you’re probably really fat.


  47. Snarfy McSnarfpants

    91… you are an old liberal woman?

    Now, now, there’s no need to get huffy with me, pull your size-22 panties out of your ass and wipe the spit off your moniter.

  48. european

    at least you will have the most attractive president of the world :-)

    somehow it’ s very funny and very sad at the same time

  49. smokescreen

    this is probably the 10th or so comment against palin i have submitted on numerous blogs. it’s funny how we all, as humans, think we can make a difference. but, maybe that belief is futile. reading some of these comments, especially for the person who calls themselves ‘jesus’ i no longer give a shit who the american chose as a their presidential team. i think the only reason people from other parts of the world care to give their opinion is because things always looking clearer looking from the inside out. like we can see when our friend is in a bad relationship but they can’t because they are too in it to see the forest for the trees. people from other parts of the world care because, it is unfortunate, but whatever befalls the americans effects the rest of the world. i still had hope that you would not even consider voting for someone like palin. but, maybe you deserve her. but, if she gets in i will hope that canadians can build a giant wall along the border to keep you away from us, just like the rest of the world will do if you chose mccain/palin. and just like the stupid girl who keeps dating the loser, the world will give up on you. you have one chance left to re-instate your reputation. i won’t bet on it. and i’ll start checking out prices on bulk bricks and mortor to start building the wall……………….

  50. SUCK IT


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