Sarah Palin swimsuit video by insane demand

September 29th, 2008 // 102 Comments

Before she was Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, she was Sarah Heath, aspiring model. By ridiculous request, here’s the video of Sarah during the swimsuit competition portion of the 1984 Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant. While 80′s hair and one-piece bathing suits don’t exactly raise my flag, I’ll admit the governor does have an ass on her. On that note, I should probably watch what I say before my words end up in a campaign ad:

Even fancy liberals with their magic Internet boxes agree: One half of McCain/Palin will bring much needed badonkadonk to Washington.

“I’ll admit the governor does have an ass on her.” – The Superficial, 9/29/2008

McCain/Palin: Oops, I dropped my pen…


  1. Charlie

    First, suckers!

  2. blooper

    could I be first? dickweeds!

  3. Har

    Big deal.

  4. Jammy

    Too tight and ill fitting in the keester.

  5. TS

    Oh. My. Fucking. God.

    McCain is about as sharp as a bowling ball, picking this chick for his running mate. That choice alone is enough to seriously question his decision making abilities as President. What a fucking idiot. And I am NOT a liberal.

    The Palin/Biden debate should be rather entertaining on Thursday.

  6. blah

    saggy ass and mom body. she might as well be wearing “mom-jeans!”

  7. VN


  8. blah

    shes a dumb egodriven b1tch.

  9. calypso

    That video sucks! :D

  10. Marfar

    I’m defecting to fucking Denmark if this woman is put in charge of anything bigger than a football field.

    She can’t even handle said area, buit still… I’m not gonna just TAKE it from her.

    We just can’t give her any more.

    I can’t wait for Friday.

  11. An ass on her? I’ll say. A FAT ASS! And fat thighs and legs. She’s pretty much fat in general. She’s like a hog, ready to be prepared to be prepared for Easter supper. If that hog was…wear an ill-fitting 80′s swimsuit. FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT! And when you get older, you only get fatter. Sarah Palin is fat.

    She couldn’t make it in the “beauty” world because of her monstrous fatness, so she turned to politics. Only she’s bad at that too.

    “Governor Palin, do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?”

    “In what way, Charlie?”


  12. AndresV

    “I’ll admit the governor does have an ass on her” Superfish are you kidding me? You call that an ass? The rack is a different story though, not bad.
    Oh, and for those discussing McCain’s choice of Palin as a running mate (like #5), wrong site dudes, go to or something, this site is about gossip, tits and ass

  13. Did I hear that right – she planned to go into broadcast journalism? She wanted to be one of those liberal media elites!?! Thank goodness she came to her senses.

  14. 20-20 vision

    That’s a secretary’s sedentary-spread ass. She was what, 20 years old back then? Gravity must be stronger in Alaska.

  15. Indeed Superfish! that is some sweet posterior! Well, I know which chad Im going to Impregnate this November…

  16. google

    #14 she WAS a journalist, technically. A weekend sports reporter. With hilariously gigantic hair. There are clips. Google is your friend.

  17. mamadough

    what a fucking pork chop. mccain could have done just as well as picking that stupid ass “miss south carolina” from miss teen usa for his VP.

  18. atarijen

    She looks AMAZING! That was the 80s guys! Supermodels had bodies like that back then. This does not affect my opinion of Palin for VP. If we had our entire life put out for America’s entertainment then I am sure beauty pageant contestant would be one of our least worries.

  19. someguy

    I would rather see joe biden’s thong clad wrinkly tuchus than ever see her stupid perky ass in the white house.

    The gig is up and everyone knows what a vapid twit she is. And isn’t it scary that some of the “parody” that Tina Fey did of her was actually her words, verbatim?

  20. Ted from LA

    It looks like she has a bigger dick than Vice President Cheney.

  21. Bigheadmike

    Shes better than any woman any of you have…

  22. Dave C

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – if you want real reform and positive change in Washington, McCain/Palin is the only logical choice. There’s a reason many Republicans don’t like McCain – he has rarely toed the Party line when doing so was not in the best interest of Americans. Recall that he voted against the Bush tax cuts because the bill did not include a reduction in spending. Too, McCain warned, in early 2006, of the impending financial meltdown and proposed a way to avert disaster. He was ignored and we are paying the price.

    Mock Palin all you want, but in November, if you want real reform and positive change in Washington, you gotta vote for McCain/Palin.


    First, she sounds like Miss South Carolina (“the Iraq and such”) in her Katie Couric video, and now she completes the pageant airhead picture with this video.

    LOL. Making women cringe everywhere…

  24. Ted from LA

    It’s obvious from this video that she is a big bush supporter.

  25. Susan

    This won’t change anything for male voters, obviously. The clip is what has been running in conservative guys’ minds ever since she was nominated, and this is exactly how they want their women to be.

    Older women who instantly became huge fans based on her stylish demeanor and appearance of strength have already begun to reconsider. This won’t help, but it’s a tiny thing in comparison to her interviews so far and (likely) her deer-in-the-headlights performance at Thursday’s debate. She’s become the butt of every comedian’s joke, now that it’s ok to make fun of her again based on her own screwups, not her kids’ names or her daughter’s redneck baby daddy or whatever. The jokes are perfectly legit and entirely her own fault due to her inability to perform competently in a basic skill for a national politician: getting your points across in interviews. In politics, once you’re the punchline to every political joke, you’re done. If she has even one major gaff during the debate, that’s all that will be replayed and parodied, over and over again. And she’ll definitely make at least one major gaff, together with a solid 90 minutes of that FUCKING ACCENT and the rapid-fire word jumble that she goes into when she doesn’t know how to respond to a question. Goodbye, Sarah.

  26. lithiumlilly

    I wonder if she was at all like that miss teen USA contestant who wanted to help kids in “The Iraq” by giving them maps.

  27. Sid

    #23 – “I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it” – just like McCain. New problems, new ideas needed. Enjoy your election loss, Dave.

  28. Eighties hair is a problem? Oh my, I’m just back from a one week trip to the US and sorry to disappoint you: eighties hair is pretty much still in!

  29. The real Ted wouldn't plagiarize

    “But it does show that she was going to have a future in Republican presidential politics because she clearly supports a strong bush.”

    from the Paul Newman comments.

  30. Ted Mosby

    I’d trek through that Alaskan wilderness.

  31. Vince

    Here’s the problem: she can’t be honest. If she could give honest answers, in interviews she’d seem as authentic and refreshing as she does when she gives scripted speeches. But when she’s asked a question, especially one targeted at a potentially controversial subjects (so, most of them, except on Fox News) you can all but see the wheels turning as she tries to remember the “talking points” she should deliver instead of what she honestly thinks. But she can’t be honest and direct because when she does, she conflicts with McCain’s positions at least half the time. So she comes across as the opposite of slick, which isn’t her fault at all. She was the wrong pick and the pick is wrong for her. The worst part is when they lose (they will), the political folks in Alaska will have all the material they need to defeat her if she goes for reelection as governor. McCain probably ruined her career.

  32. Mcfeely Smackup

    It cracks me up to no end the people who say “McCaine was crazy to pick Palin” or “Palin is a joke”, but seem to have no idea WHY Palin is a bad choice.

    Partisan politics is an insidious thing. It makes you think you’re smarter than you are, while it simultaneously makes you look dumber.

  33. Just Damn

    This chick has scared the shit out of the democratic party.
    I makes no since why these idiots fall all over themselves trying to make her look bad. She has given you fuctards more ammo and you guys cant even load the gun.This is just more proof that we should all get used to the term McCain/Palin 08.Obama/Biden change= history.
    Obama was derailed by a dipshit squeaky ass Alaskan.

  34. I am one of the rare folk who don’t find her particularly hot. Attractive, sure, but hot? Not really.

  35. Geoff

    That saxaphone noise was the sound of me spanking it. Not the sound of a brass instrument.

  36. havoc

    This is exactly why I’m voting for McCain.

    Because Sarah Palin’s got a nice ass….


  37. Harry

    This fugly retard came across worse than Forrest Gump in her Katie Couric interview. I use to think they were hiding her because they wanted to surprise everyone at the VP debate because that’s when people would be watching; but it’s clear as day now that she’s just some dumb redneck hillbilly right out of the pages of “Deliverance” who has zero grasp of how the world or government works. Thank God McOld is tanking in the polls and even his conservative friends like Bill Kristol is saying he’s probably going to lose. Quicker this white trash gets back to Alaska and burns more books and forces her 17 year old daughter into an unhappy marriage with a redneck stoner, the better for America.

  38. #19, she does NOT look amazing. This is NOT how supermodels looked in the 80′s. Please do not compare this fat hog to supermodels of any era, in any way, shape or form.


  39. hahahahaha…I hear all you liberals crying and shaking in your boots.


    @29 Mike – you wish loser.

    @38-WOW…great comments from a loser with no point. You cant even validate your argument because your so scared of the ass whooping Osama will be getting in 6 weeks. Get over it and move on. Let your white guilt go.

  40. ph7

    #40 confuses laughter for crying.

    The best think about McCain’s pick of Palin is it confirms McCain total lack of judgment…

  41. Andy

    She’s Dan Quayle, and Bush (elder) won with Quayle as his VP, so who knows. But, Obama is running a vastly better campaign than Dukakis did, and Bush was running as the sitting VP after Reagan’s two America-changing terms as president. And in any case, the country’s economic and financial state is much closer to when Bush ran for re-election in 1992 and lost. With things this bad, it’s inconceivable that “the other party” won’t take the presidency as long as its candidate doesn’t stumble badly (Obama won’t; he won’t connect with anybody, but he won’t make huge blunders either). The final straw is the bailout plan. The Republicans are trying to pin it on the Democrats, since far fewer Republicans will vote for it in the end, but it won’t work – the Republican administration initiated it and the Republican president went on national TV to plead for it, and that’s all that the general public has tracked. They’re really pissed off and it’s not at the Democrats. It’s not just that Obama will win. The voters will take their anger to the voting both and punish the Republicans in historic fashion. There will be clear Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress as well as a Democratic President. It’s a foregone conclusion, and a total drag that we have to listen to a month’s worth of incessant negative campaigning on TV and radio. Hold the vote now and be done with it – why not just shorten Bush’s second term by one month?

  42. Sport

    Well said David!
    Everything they are saying about Palin could also be said about their Muslim asshole. Hilarious.

  43. Or maybe I’m completely wrong, and voting republican should come with rigorous head examination. Being that I lack logic and reasoning, reality has very little impact on my decision making process.

  44. liberal elitist

    I was worried when the Palin phenomenon hit at the convention and completely grabbed the spotlight and energized what looked exactly like an old man’s campaign.

    I’m not worried anymore.

  45. Sheva

    yeah they didn’t show the clip where she said FDR went on TV and gave confidence to the American people when the Depression hit.

    Oh, sorry I’m wrong. It wasn’t Sarah that said it, it was the her opponent, Joe Biden, the old liberal fossil who has a bigger IQ than you.

    Sarah rocks. She’s hated by a bunch of old fat radical feminists who don’t like this kind of woman. They would almost tolerate her accomplishments if she’d just pay homage to their holy sacrament of abortion.

    Since she walks the walk, well hating her guts and trying to destroy her is all they got.

    (They ain’t got happy home lives or husbands.)

    Rock on Sarah and Reform on from Alaska to DC!

  46. Slut

    OMG! I’ve had it! This is absolute bullshit! Damn Bill Clinton can stick a cigar in a chick;s vag and he is hardly harassed by the media the way Sarah Palin is. Personally I think all men that bash her are secretly aroused by the idea of a woman in power.

  47. jesus

    i would munch on that big ass baby!

    then, go vote for her and mccain because anything is better than a muslim, racist nigger

    god bless

  48. Eyes and Ears

    #46 – nice try. Those lines worked BEFORE she started giving interviews. Now you just sound like an idiot trying to support her.

    “”We have trade missions back and forth. We, we do, it’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where, where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to, to our state.”

    Those are her exact words.

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