Sarah Palin probably shot whoever screens her calls

November 2nd, 2008 // 162 Comments

Two radio DJs from Quebec, who are famous for pulling prank calls, somehow managed to get a hold of Sarah Palin on Saturday and convinced her she was talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. And she fucking fell for it. For the record, that is really, no joke, Sarah Palin on the line. Her campaign handlers are obviously pissed but, like idiots, confirmed the interview took place. I would’ve lied my face off because nobody is listening to this thing and thinking “Oh, yes, let’s hand this woman nuclear arm codes. That’ll end well.” We’ll be the only nation in history to perish in an atomic holocaust because The Jerky Boys got through the White House switchboard. Sign me up for that.


  1. rufonz

    It amazes me people still say this is fake. The superficial writer confirmed it was real, because the PALIN CAMPAIGN confirmed it was real. You don’t believe Palin herself when she says she was prank called?

  2. factoid

    Actually, McCain didn’t want Palin at all. He wanted Joe Lieberman. Basically, the Republican National Committee told McCain that if he picked Lieberman as his VP, they’d put their money into congressional races and give up the presidential race for dead. He thought Tim Pawlenty (Gov, Minnesota) was too boring (he’s not, he’s just solid and very seldom makes mistakes) and thought that Palin would get both the Republican base and the vindictive Hillary voters. It was classic McCain – he’s good when he’s excited about something and very focused, and he’s impulsive and self-destructive when he can’t do what he wants to do (pick his best friend, Lieberman). As president he’d be blocked by the Democratic congress most of the time from doing what he wants to do, so he’d be an erratic leader prone to throwing bombs at his own government just to shake things up, like vetoing a critical funding bill just to piss people off. The irony is that as the much older and much more experienced candidate, he’s been prone to childish fits of anger his whole life and he’s shown that during the campaign, thereby nullifying his greatest advantage over Obama. He richly deserves to lose this election.

  3. elka

    QC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zesty

    Soeone hands you the phone and syas its someone who you know of but nver have talked to before. YOu start having a conversation and then find out its ot really them. And that makes you stupid?? How was she to have known?
    was it funny? Mildly,
    was she dumb? No.

  5. Shit

    McCain is a rapist.

  6. Sasha

    I saw Nailin Palin.. it would uhhh interesting, lol.

  7. josh

    Good thing they dont work for the BBC, they would be suspended so fast….

  8. Deuce Bigalow


    Go Canada!

    In the proud tradidtion of ‘W’, you present the McCain/Palin ticket.


    Canada rules!

  9. sarah

    #52 is the most intelligent comment ive ever seen on the superfish

  10. Carmen

    Palin is an asskisser if anything lol… she wasnt even paying attention, all she kept saying was oh thankkkkk youuuu lol… is she dumb for this? yes. I can’t believe it was this easy to bring down the McCain campaign…And she didnt take it in good humor, as soon as she found out it was fake, she panicked…

  11. Matt Drudge

    You are all the victims of this spoof. It’s just been debunked on Drudge and Snopes, that was not Sarah Palin on the phone. What a bunch of tools you are.

  12. Deuce Bigalow

    Hey #61 –

    The Palin campaign confirms that it was the Governor on the line. “Governor Palin was mildly amused to learn that she had joined the ranks of heads of state, including President Sarkozy, and other celebrities in being targeted by these pranksters. C’est la vie,” Palin spokesman Tracey Schmitt said in a written statement.

    Who was the tool again??

  13. simplicity


  14. Talk about “nallin palin”!!!!

  15. 953284181

    @59….the dummiest comment you have ever made.

  16. Obama will lose to Palin

    Biden tells a man in a wheel chair to stand up so everyone can clap for him and the media / America is silent.

    Biden warns us that we will be “tested” in the first 6 months and barry obama won’t know what to do, but we should stand by him.

    You guys want Biden for your VP and call Palin an idiot? She is a governor, just like Clinton was and Dem’s / Lib’s get a freaking hard on just mentioning his name. Hypocrosy at it’s finest.

  17. Tired

    Whoever writes this stuff — you REALLY are clueless, aren’t you?

  18. guyth

    Numerous people are discussing her on ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^. So interesting! Join us. Add your peculiar comments.

  19. Victoria Sixtopia


    Come on. Do you really think people are stupid enough to believe your crap? Palin is called stupid because she shows no grasp of the issues. Biden says dumb shit, but not in a way that puts him out of touch with something we craaazy liberals call “facts”. He, obviously, just yaps a lot. No one can claim he doesn’t know his stuff though.

    She lacks the intellectual level, not to mention the intellectual curiosity to better her world view, which is why she is criticized so harshly. She is uniquely unqualified to be VP and it’s not because she was a small town mayor. She was probably good for Alaska, as good as someone who violates ethics laws, but anywho….Palin is in no way ready for the national stage. Anyone with a brain can see she more than likely was not keeping up with world events and is cramming like a college student the night before finals.

    Geez. Dude. I have a ticket to reality I’m willing to sell you.

  20. Victoria, if people are stupid enough to vote obama, then they will believe anything.

    Palin has more than 80% approval rating as Governor. Higher than Clinton ever had, higher than ANY rating obama could ever have and almost 10 times higher than the dem controlled congress of the last 2 years.

    Biden is not an idiot, he is a moron. Here is what he said about the Great Depression:

    “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed,”

    Yet people think he is fit to be VP and Palin is not…Keep your ticket Victoria, you will need to to get back when that band wagon your obama fanatics are on crashes.

  21. Kill em all

    After McCain – Palin get elected, I hope they pass a law making it legal, and required, to kill all Liberals on sight. People this fucking stupid (to vote for a Muslim terrorist cell) don’t deserve to live amongst real Americans.

  22. Margaret

    The best is the Johnny Hallyday crack- the French Elvis is a diplomatic advisor? Puh-lease.

  23. LEXX.



    SO ROCK THE VOTE, OBAMA//BIDEN ’08!!!!!!!!

  24. Danklin24

    Rofl!! This is the dumbass chick you D-bag republicans want running our country? Good luck with that, fuckers, ill be in Canada.

  25. phantasma

    Maybe Palin should win then it can give the terrorists less incentive to bomb America since America will kill America anyway.

  26. best part

    Around the 4 minute mark:

    “Yes, in French it’s called de rouge a levre sur un cochon, or if you prefer in English, Joe the Plumber … it’s his life, Joe the Plumber.”

    “Rouge à sur un cochon” means “lipstick on a pig.”

  27. Cutler

    Well at least they were honest and said it happened.
    She is a fucking human, we all fall for pranks, even if they are like this.
    I’m still voting McCain/Palin 2008 tomorrow.

  28. Sam

    #77 – I agree completely. It’s unimportant for the second in line to the presidency to know a single valid factual thing about foreign leaders.

  29. kevin

    I voted for Obama and I hate Palin, but what the two fucked up Canadians did is not commendable. How was she to know that she was not actually talking to the real Sarkozy. The french accent, which by the way was really badly immitated, had really confused her. Im sure she didn’t catch most of the conversation.

  30. charlou

    #41, Quebec HAS a Prime Minister…

  31. Mandy

    How was she to know?

    HOW WAS SHE TO KNOW???????

    Security protocols. Anybody who knows even the tiniest bit about foreign affairs knows that all calls between foreign leaders go through security protocols to validate the identity of the caller. Just think for one minute. The president of France controls a nuclear arsenal as well as access to a mountain of top-security information…and he makes unscheduled, unscreened, and unvalidated phone calls to political figures in other countries? Who would believe that? Oh, wait, I know – somebody who’s never been on the phone with a significant governmental leader from another country. Yeah, Palin’s qualified…sure she is…

  32. Victoria Sixtopia


    HAD the highest approval rating. It’s dropped more than 20 pts. Opinions really do change once someone is shown to be lying, fear mongering, abuser of power, huh?

    Biden knows about foreign affairs and what’s happening in the world, in general. Support McCain all you want, but to pretend as if Sarah Palin is ready for the job of Vice President, second in line to President of the United States, is a total joke. She is not. There are many people who would have been better suited and she was picked for horrible reasons, none of which, were her readiness for the actual job.

    How anyone can defend a woman who cannot name what the Vice President even does, wants to expand its power more than Dick Cheney, and doesn’t realize she’s being pranked by someone pretending to be the President of France whilst dropping ridiculous hints in the worst accent ever, is beyond me.

    You may wish for the Obama “bandwagon” to crash, but you’re ignoring the way McCain’s crashed a long time ago. Or did it even take off?

  33. Doggy Style

    Motha fuck Quebec, Nuke that piece of shit. OBAMA 08…. That prank was stupid.

  34. Canadienne

    @ 79….are you Quebecois? Do you even know what a French accent sounds like? You do realize that the majority of people from Quebec are French and don’t need to fake a French accent, right? …idiot

    also, this is hilarious, Quebec FTW!

  35. Massa'

    I wish all the coons in this country were still slaves. What a mistake we made freeing all those animals.

  36. mamadough

    you know, i’m actually going to miss all these political stories being posted. brings out the best in people, not to mention their educated views. i guess if i’m wanting confrontation, i’ll have to wait for a story about a retarded kid setting himself on fire. retards are a fun, hot button issue.

  37. ali

    uh…that was really boring.

    …but solidifies the notion that Palin is too simple to run for VP.

  38. yougottabeshittinme

    #79 are you serious? Good job on voting for Obama but come on now…

    It’s unreal that there are still people out there defending this complete moron Palin. She can’t think on her feet, she stumbles through interviews, she never even left North America until 2 years ago, she’s way too informal, the list goes on and on. It’s almost like McCain flipped a coin to choose his running mate because you would have to be an idiot to pick this chick who took 6 years to get her bachelor’s degree.

    Her only redeeming quality is that she actually knows first hand what it takes to get a steak on her plate, unlike all the hypocrites out there who bash hunters then run down to McDonald’s for a burger.

  39. zizzy


    you’re disgusting. It’s people like you that should go with Palin back to Alaska and f*ck yourself.

  40. Chelsea Tulin

    Jesus, our national politics are such a joke! This was hilarious but also terrifying: a potential future president of the US outwitted by pranking radio jocks. TERRIFYING. I have been shocked and apalled by John McCain’s choice of VP since it was announced, but am glad now that it has become this nail in his coffin.

    To all those who said she didn’t say anything that bad: do you thijnk Hillary would have coyly laughed as the president of France talked about hunting and screwing with her?

  41. Massa'

    I hope we bring back slavery. I got dibs on Obomma. That fuck is gonna clean my toilet and shine my shoes. C’mon monkey, I ain’t got all day, shine ‘dem ‘der shoes boy….

  42. notsure

    Not sure who I am voting for yet.
    does seem like most liberals here like to tear down and name call. Is that the face of your party? I have seen more name calling and abusive language used here by the people who teach “tolerence” than by the republican posters.

  43. Victoria, you poor ignorant slut. Don’t think I glossed over your inability to answer my questions. Just like an obama’ite. Ask them what he stands for and they say “change”. What kind of “change”? Umm, CHANGE!?! That is all they know because that is all he ever says.

    What made Bill Clinton a better choice for Pres than Sarah Palin for VP? He was only a govenor just as she is.

    You never said anything about Biden stating that FDR got on the TV to talk about the Great Depression. Umm sweet cheeks, TV wasn’t even around then and FDR wasn’t the Pres. But hey, as long as no one asks barry or joe any real questions, that is OK. As long as it isn’t Palin right?

    Part of me does wish obama wins, just so we can prove how incompitent he is to lead anything. Everything the dem’s touch turns to shit. Name me one program that this dem congress has done in the 2 years they have been in power? Did they get the troops out of Iraq like they said they would? Nope. So there is your lying and abuse of power.

  44. Massa'

    I hope we bring back slavery. I got dibs on Obomma. That fuck is gonna clean my toilet and shine my shoes. C’mon monkey, I ain’t got all day, shine ‘dem ‘der shoes boy….

  45. Sal

    “Not sure who I am voting for yet.”

    Then you’re a total fucking retard. This is the clearest choice that we’ve had in an election since Carter-Reagan in 1980. Please don’t vote. You’re simply not smart enough to make an informed decision.

  46. gnipgnop

    hey #91 you corn holing football fag boy – you too busy smoking your buddies pole to realize your wife is getting nailed in the ass by all the blacks in your town – i should know – i was there while she took it in the ass from Donte while I unloaded down her throat – she loved it – said it made her laugh about your small but thin dick

  47. gnipgnop

    hey #91 – dont worry meng – you can lick your wifes shit off my dick – might as well be a closet homo like yourself

  48. FreakEdeek

    “Massa’ BATOR” is more like it closet-case

  49. Beth

    Palin is a cheerleader. That’s a good fit for a VP candidate. As people have learned more about her, the embittered Hillary supporters have moved away, leaving Palin with a moderately large group of Republican women supporters and a very large group of Republican men supporters. If she tries to run at the top of the ticket in 2012 (come on, McCain has already lost and we all know it), she’ll fall flat because her current male supporters will abandon her. They love her as a “beat-off-to-me” cheerleader, but as a female president? No fucking way. The Republican men who love her now love her IN HER PLACE, according to their conservative beliefs. As soon as she tries to move to the top of the ticket, they’ll pronounce her “shrill” and point out that she “just doesn’t have what it takes” to be president.



    All Presidents get tested the first 6 months. Biden asked a man in a wheel chair to stand up, so he made a mistake. At least Biden knows the responsibilities of the VP unlike Sara Palin. Palin made rape victims of Alaska pay for their own rape kits that cost 1,000 while Palin was Gov. of Alaska. Palin thinks that if a female gets raped by her father and gets pregnant; she must keep the baby. Vote for Obama and give the middle class tax breaks.

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