Sarah Palin probably shot whoever screens her calls

November 2nd, 2008 // 162 Comments

Two radio DJs from Quebec, who are famous for pulling prank calls, somehow managed to get a hold of Sarah Palin on Saturday and convinced her she was talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. And she fucking fell for it. For the record, that is really, no joke, Sarah Palin on the line. Her campaign handlers are obviously pissed but, like idiots, confirmed the interview took place. I would’ve lied my face off because nobody is listening to this thing and thinking “Oh, yes, let’s hand this woman nuclear arm codes. That’ll end well.” We’ll be the only nation in history to perish in an atomic holocaust because The Jerky Boys got through the White House switchboard. Sign me up for that.


  1. San

    Quelle belle job!!! Nice, some sweet crap! btw when he mentions something about “fuck” in french, he says “yeah and we’ll go hunt down baby seals together”

  2. WAHHHH@@


  3. QC

    Hahah! I’m from Quebec and prouder after reading this post. haha

  4. QC

    Hahah! I’m from Quebec and prouder after reading this post. haha

  5. Lulz

    <3 I hate her so big.

  6. DS

    What bull will her loyal supporters think of now to defend her, HAHAHA!

  7. Molly

    “I loved that documentary they made about your life… Hustler’s Nailin’ Palin. It was very edgy. I loved you.”

    “Awww, well thanks you…”

  8. Molly

    “I loved that documentary they made about your life… Hustler’s Nailin’ Palin. It was very edgy. I loved you.”

    “Awww, well thank you…”


  9. GoboBird

    Lol, that was cool. Sarah’s a good gal, there was nothing wrong with what she said either. It was all good….

  10. b locs

    5 min mark:” and i really enjoyed the movie about your life…. nailin palin..” aaaahahahah this dumb cunt

  11. Quonky

    Oh man. That was genius. Palin fails at life so HARD. =D!

  12. Tina

    this is fucking stupid, those two guys are idiots and they are mean.
    I like Palin, a lot better than that douche bag obama.

  13. HAYLEYyyy

    HAHAHAHAHA what a stupid bitch
    how embarrasing, I voted for mcCain, having second thoughts now.. damn it!!!!

    i wish i could change my ballot!
    this dumb b itch would be terrible in office!

  14. Tina

    this is fucking stupid, those two guys are idiots and they are mean.
    I like Palin, a lot better than that douche bag obama.

  15. Jadedkitten


  16. momo

    she sounded so star-strucked. by the way, she was way too informal… did anyone else catch a mumble about the prank from france?? it’s at the end… She’s so stupid…

  17. LALALA

    LOL! I’m from Montreal and heard this on the radio, I didn’t believe that it was actually real…..but given the circumstances I should have known better lol!

  18. So What

    Funny, but she didn’t say anything that will get her in trouble. She was smarmy. That’s about it. I’m sure her detractors will have some hearty insincere laughs til they shit their pants.

  19. VDM

    Those guys TOTALLY showed her, there’s no way she’s getting elected VP now. She has no choice but to go back to being a very popular and successful Governor of an entire state. Owned.

  20. friendlyfires

    Pack your bags, check your passport, grab a plane to Auckland.
    No nukes, all the lamb chops, mutton, and kiwi fruit you can eat and no koalas (creepy little eucalypti chewing bastards), not too mention the fastest internet connection outside of South Korea.

  21. Meghanfish

    …………. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA like a fucking disney movie from hell….. or whatev damon said…….. dammit canada!!!!!!! best shit i heard in a coons age

  22. Chooch

    Just goes to show you can’t fix stupid. How can anyone trust this dumb box to be the VP of the US? Hopefully the old coot and ‘Carabou Barbie’ get shafted on tuesday. I would be ashamed to even support either one of these idiotic buffoons.

  23. Binky

    # 20 Only if you can guarantee a steady supply of Steinlager.
    No one’s going to abandon ship over here in N.A. for DB Bitter etc.
    (And I suppose there’s still a ‘no whacking wekas’ policy over there ? Where’s the fun in that ?)

  24. shirleytemple


    oh man this is almost painful to listen to.

  25. O

    Obama won a long time ago, but on November 4th will be his official victory.

  26. haha that was great. Palin keeps making herself an easy target

  27. Obama 08

    Lame and Boring like Palin. What more evidence do we need to show that she is a dumb bitch!?!?

  28. cynthiamckinney

    not the french president, but she can still add this to her list of foreign experiences

  29. Ifpalinwins,imovetoadifferentcountry

    That’s so sad. How can anyone think to vote for McCain when there’s a 33% chance his cancer comes back and kills him when this woman’s his VP? We beat those odds getting into college for crying out loud.


    Come on, America. Make the world proud. Don’t do this.

  30. biawon

    I hate that she said “maybe in 8 years” she’ll be ready to be prez…how about anytime the president can’t fulfill his duties!!!!! U need to be ready come January Palin!!!!!! Obama/Biden ’08. Biden would’ve said “and who the fuck is this again?”

  31. Jibbly Bigginso

    Oh my god. Two comedians just brought down the McCain campaign.

  32. Chooch

    Excellent point 31… !!! maybe in 8 years…

    HAHAHAAAA!!!! what a dumb twat.

  33. Of course she is useless. She is part of the single party running for President. That’s right, there is only one choice regardless who you decide to pick based on what the media has spoon fed you. What you are going to get is merely a variation on a theme, not the change America really needs. Every election, this ruling party blows hundreds of millions, that could be used to help thousands of Americans, so they can do basically nothing to improve our country or our place the world, yet we stick with them over an over.

    Bob Barr actually represents change. Check it out.

  34. Lulu

    and if this doesn’t decide the race, nothing will

    what a dumbass!

  35. Re Ality

    What’s scary is that anyone with COMMONSENSE would have noticed the fake accent and lame questions immediately.

    The fact that she bought this hook, line, and sinker shows how incredibly gullible this lame chick really is….

    What also scares me is that Palin’s daughter is screening her calls. Same logic Palin used when she conducted government business on her own personal YAHOO account.

    Get this chick out of politics. It’s a complete JOKE! Let’s PRAY that commonsense will point the voters to an OBAMA landslide come Tuesday.

  36. The big Z

    That was a big bag of LOL!

  37. free brain cells

    If McCain wins, then dies, all of us are fucked.

  38. Palin's Dumb

    LOL you idiots that are defending her. The names of presidents and prime ministers he made up were totally fake and Palin acted as if they were real. This is the girl that can see Russia and Canada from her backyard and considers that foreign relations experience. Good to know her experience has come to help. She could have easily recognized that was a prank 20 seconds in if she wasnt such a retard.

  39. Palin's Dumb

    Does she really think Quebec has a Prime Minister?

  40. LOL how could she? It must have been so funny to listen to? Don’t these people have a hotline instead of dialing normal numbers?

  41. SBLCF

    The worst part is that this shows she doesn’t even know who Canada’s prime minister is..Steph Carse is a SINGER! How is that even possible for someone who is the governor of a state right NEXT to Canada??

  42. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Oh my God that bitch is so fucking stupid!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard I had to replay it 3 times to hear everything she said… If the race hadn’t been over with already, that would have gone down as the biggest political fuck-up ever! I just can’t fathom how a political candidate can play into such obvious bullshit questions – wait, that’s right – she is so fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!! What the hell was McCain thinking when he picked her??? He would have done better with a fucking blow-up doll! Shit, now I’ll have to vote for Ralph Nader again………..

  43. Me One


  44. Bush

    Here we go again…you Obama freaks overlook everything Biden does and call Palin stupid. You can’t even look yourself in the mirror and say I been pranked before. This is funny…in a very adolescent way..but that’s about it. I suppose you think Bill Gates, Donald Trump, BONO, Queen Elizabeth II, Sarkozy…etc. are stupid also. All are also victims of “The Masked Avengers”. Palin was very good natured about it and shows she has a sense of humor. Obama would have sued to have the thing suppressed……and yes he would have fallen for a prank also. Get past your GOP hate and focus on some issues. Most of you can’t argue a point beyond name calling.

  45. Justine

    @13 HAYLEY… gotta say, it took you this long to realize that Palin would be shitty in office???

    @46 lighten up a bit…. it’s a prank call, it’s SUPPOSED to be funny. you have no way of knowing that she was having “a good sense of humor” about it…… he rattled off a bunch of fake names & she fell for it. HILARIOUS. even more hilarious that people are giving a vote to her by voting for McCain.

  46. Shep

    Alright guys lets give a chance for rebuttal to the McCain/Palin supporters ……………..


    Yeah I can’t say I blame yea, lol Look at it this way though. This is more proof that John McCain is a maverick! because what self respecting serious candidate would pick such a complete joke to be his VP knowing full well what it would do to his campaign? That was definitely a non-conformist/rebel move of McCain but more so because it was so fucking stupid.

    Americans is McCain somehow wins tomorrow, the election was fixed and I’d suggest you engage in a serious revolution because you just got hosed once again.

    I’ll be praying for a corrupt free election in America tomorrow night. Oil, Health Insurance andWeapons manufacturing companies don’t run your country. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE RUN YOUR COUNTRY!!!

  47. Bush

    @48 Shep

    How about you worry about your country and we’ll worry about ours.

  48. spudsbuckley

    This is clearly fake what with prank calls being illegal now and all. If you ever hear a prank call on a radio show it’s complete bull.

    Do some research folks.

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