Sarah Palin meets Photoshop

September 5th, 2008 // 155 Comments

I can’t even count how many readers have e-mailed me this picture of, what looks like, Governor Sarah Palin in a bikini brandishing a rifle. Allow me to set the record straight because, I shit you not, a ton of folks think this is real. (Smartest country ever!) It’s photoshopped, people. How do I know? Simple: No one is that sexy. Also, the real Sarah Palin would’ve shot the guy behind her for smoking his cigarette like a homosexual. “BANG BANG! Not on my watch, Frenchie!”


  1. Dean

    @ 98… stop being a lame old European, eh?

  2. McCain/Palin 2008

    Irishman, did you not listen to his speech last night? It said exactly what he and Palin were going to do for the next 4 years.
    It amazes me how two people can listen to the same exact thing and come away with completely different views on what they heard. McCain rocks!

  3. McCain/Palin 2008

    You’re absolutely right. Us bombing Hiroshima had nothing to do with the war ending and Japan retreating.

  4. McCain/Palin 2008

    Just showing, once again, that no matter how we try to help other countries, they never appreciate it. And here I thought it was just the radical liberals that spewed hatred. Maybe they are just the loudest and most annoying. The kind you want to run over with a truck… repeatedly…

  5. Noah

    Wow, only an idiot like Palin would get on a ticket with Bush. Does everyone really want 4 more years with warmongers that don’t give a fuck about african americans?

    OOOOOOH I’m rich and will let rich people run our country. OOOOOH I’m george cheney and I’ll sell our environment to big corporations. Obama will bring CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re an idiot if you don’t vote for OBAMA.. OBAMA will make this country better. Bush will just say “fuck the impoverished.” OBAMA will make our country better. Bush will just say “treat gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgendered as second class citizens.” OBAMA will make this country better.

    Stop being an idiot getting all your news from fox and make a CHANGE FOR CHANGE. OBAMA@@@@@@@@ If OBAMA doesn’t win, anyone with half a brain that’s not some inbred Walmart gun-toting dropout will move to CANADA.

  6. Hey, I’ll admit: I’ve actually been going to work and not been able to watch MSNBC 24/7 this week. Are Noah and Emily on to something? Did Bush announce his candidacy while I wasn’t looking? I was pretty sure that he wasn’t even eligible this time around (and not bloody likely to win even Texas with his current approval ratings), but I’ll be damned if I can figure out why Noah and Emily are convinced that Bush will be the president next term.

    And, Noah, you’re welcome to break north any time, but because you’re still here after eight years of Bush, something tells me that your mom isn’t going to let you go after McCain wins, either. You should ask Martin Sheen to go with you this time, too, since he wasn’t able to get moving after promising to move away when GWB was elected.

    Also not a brilliant strategy to mock the “gun-toters”. Ask Obama: people who carry handguns are dangerous people and not to be trusted. And bitter. Not a good combination for you if you challenge them at Walmart while you’re bagging their purchases.

  7. ThatWouldbeMe

    I find it so funny every time an American starts thumping his chest and yelling “those faggoty Frenchies, look at them, they just rolled over when the Nazis invaded them. If it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t exist as a country” while very conveniently forgetting that, in fact, if it weren’t for the French, it would actually be the US who wouldn’t have ever existed as a country in the first place (isn’t it funny how they conveniently forget how France actually was there to help them fight the British during their war of independence in their own country ?) yeah, those Frenchies that roll over on all occasions, right? Specially when it comes to fighting for your country, Seriously, you guys should think before sticking both feet in your mouths each time you claim that you “saved Europe”. Show some gratitude for the people that actually helped you exist as an independent country in the first place.

    And, before anybody asks, no, I’m neither French nor European, it just pisses me off when I hear anybody of any nationality show such stupidity, arrogance and ingratitude combined in a single statement.

  8. Canuck

    #106, don’t take it personal. Public education isn’t a strong suit in the states. Their politicians do that on purpose so the public doesn’t know any better when they are getting the shaft. I respect France cause when they don’t agree with something their politicians are doing, you guys get out and protest like crazy. Good on you guys. I respect all the men and women of the American Military to the highest degree. What really saddens me is the corrupt politicians throwing them into harms way for financial gain of the oil companies. Peoples lives are worth more then a dollar fucking bill. The Americans can only hope that one day lobbyist don’t run their government. When that day comes, you will see a lot of the corruption fade away in American politics. Americans, how you not realize that a national health care system actually works and the only reason your politicans are scaring you into thinking it’s a socialist nightmare is because the health insurance companies have lobbyists funding your politicians to say what they want. I as a Canadian, a Brit as a Brit and a Frenchman as a Frenchman would NEVER trade our health care for your corrupt system. NEVER The fact that people have to go bankrupt and some get turned away by insurance companies and sent home to die cause they don’t have enough money is sickening. An insurance company can be in charge of my fucking car, not my health.

    I just hate traveling to Europe and having to put Canadian flags all over myself so nobody mistakes me for an American :P What’s funny is I actually meet people now who are Americans and they pretend to be Canadian, lolol. Can’t really say I blame them. When George Bush fucks your country over that badly in the eyes of the rest of the world, I would do it too.

  9. Francois

    Let them bash America. What authors do the Europeans buy? Who does the most scientific research and win the most Nobel’s? What universities do they die to send their children too? Most of them never step foot on American soil, and get their information from Larry King, Dr. Phil, and 90210 reruns. Their own media reports are very slanted. Let them be happy in their ignorance.

  10. #107 #108 #109

    france helping the fledgling colonies against the brits was hardly altruistic as you’d like to think. france bitterly hated the english and they certainly didn’t jump in quickly to assist.

    you definitely need to watch some history channel documentaries and read a few books if you think europe wasn’t saved by our involvement in the war. we could have focused all of our manpower, all of our munitions, everything in our conflict with japan.
    however, we agreed on a “europe first” policy (look it up) even tho that meant sacrificing american men in the pacific.

    how long could do you think an island surrounded by german subs was going to last?

  11. # 108

    I just hate traveling to Europe and having to put Canadian flags all over myself so nobody mistakes me for an American :P What’s funny is I actually meet people now who are Americans and they pretend to be Canadian, lolol.

    you are a fucking liar trying to make a point. no american, ever, has wanted to be a canadian.

    bush being a putz doesn’t mean our country isn’t great. our leaders change-but canada is still going to be canada.

    canada is irrelevant and that is a curse the US will never be.

  12. McCain/Palin 2008

    Funny, we travel to Europe almost bi-monthly and never have a problem, no matter what country we visit. Must be annoying radical liberals that have a problem because they are unhappy, bitter, sorry sacks to begin with. Maybe if you played ball with other countries and treated them as they should be treated, with kindness and respect, you wouldn’t have such a bad time.

  13. lloyd johnson

    I like how canadians move their heads when they talk on South Park.

  14. McCain/Palin 2008

    The French. Hmmm…. when I think of the French I can’t get past Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

  15. Flip

    1) Anyone who argues politics (North American, European or Afghani) on The Superficial (a satirical celebrity site) is a dumbass.

    2) Tard-baby is offensive to unfortunate children with Down Syndrome. Do not stone the child for the mother’s sin.

    3) Those wishing that people die from AIDS have probably not ever seen a child die from infant AIDS or the millions of Africans that die because of the lack of concern from the First World (That includes you Europe and Japan)

    4) Canada’s Prime Minister is Stephen Joseph Harper and he’s just as inept as Bush.

    5) Umm.. Tony Blair. Twice.

    6) Yes, ignorance is a social disease in America, but it is a personal choice. Anyone can open a book (hold both ends and pull)

    7) Instead of bashing each other, we should work together to rid the world of the real culprits… MULTINATIONALS (American, European and Japanese) and work against globalization, free trade with human borders and the theft of intellectual property from the 3rd world through GATT or as it is now know the WTO.

    8) If anyone really wants to talk about human rights abuse; how about Zionist Israel and their execution of lessons learned from Nazis against the Palestinians.

    Kumbaya, motherfuckers, kumbaya!

  16. ummmm, #116…

    regarding 8 on your list-

    no one was talking about human rights abuses (unless calling someone canadian is actually considered abusive. horrible and cruel, yes-but not quite abusive)

    it kinda sounds like you jew bashed out of the blue with no provocation which means that you probably mel gibson all day long (using mel gibson as a verb here, meaning ranting and raving insanely about jewish people).

  17. emmyem

    #100. Amen to that. Totally right on.
    Now, saying that, FISH, when did this become a Politcal Blog/bitch whine site?
    Why are you allowing this? Some “people” should not be able to post on here about this stuff. Be a man, make them go somewhere else, so we can return to the vapid, vaccus, funny, horrible, SUPERFICIAL again, where it was SUPER FUN to be SUPERFICIAL!
    Oh, the people who write about someone being a “Tard Mother”?
    That’s so horrible, and not funny, it’s ingnorant and…….there is not a word for someone so terrible who would write that and MEAN it.
    No matter what party a person supports, some things are just……..wrong.

  18. fuhmunda

    @ 116 Wow. Thanks for clearing that up. All this time I thought Down’s Syndrome was caused by a defect in the genetic material of a person’s cells. Hmmm. Turns out it’s actually caused by some depraved act perpetrated by the mother, and passed on to the kid. Thanks for the warning. I’ll be sure not to miss a pill.

    Oh, and number one on your list is RIGHT ON. too bad your one of ‘em (Helloooooo– REread just about everything after #1)

    And on that note, I want to make sure we all know what we should all REALLY be concerned with as a nation. And that is, TCLTC. Xenu in 2008 !!!

  19. obamababymama

    People like # 105 scare me. Anyone with an address and a pulse can vote. *shuddder* By the way, you obviously don’t know DICK (not George) Cheney.

  20. grace

    lol the guy behind looks like michael phelps.

  21. Flip

    #117 I’m Jewish. When the hell did it become that ALL Jews are Zionists? That’s like saying all Germans were Nazis, including German Jews. Please look at point number # 6 on my post.

    #119 needs some critical thinking and reading skills. I meant that it’s not fair to talk crap about Palin’s child because she’s a two-faced hypocrite novice. Did I ever use the term “depraved act”? Also, the reason I continued to make political statements was to refute several points made in the posts before me.

    Kumbaya, bitch.

  22. Jason

    I knew this was fake, because honest to God, Sarah Palin has better legs than that.

  23. Sarah Palin's left hairy nipple

    Yea my coworker was all “oohhh gues what I found. I’m totally going to send it to Huffington Post and WSJ.”

    Fucking moron.

  24. Hmmm, full make up and complicated professional hairdo to go swimming? She’s not that crazy.

  25. #122

    you said zionist Israel. you didn’t say zionist.

    please stop talking

  26. fuhmunda

    I’m with #126. ^^^^

    STFU Flip. and BTW, nobody cares how many times you blew famous politicians (see your original list, number 5).

  27. Obama 08

    Who is Sarah Palin???
    Nobody know her in New York…
    Palin, please…go back to Alaska…

  28. KSAJD


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  32. blindinbothears

    Looks like Levi’s been posting on this site again… ^^^^^

  33. NN

    # 95
    who asks you to save georgia? mind your own business, they started the war

  34. jamie Prejean

    LMFAS….the dude that comes up with the shit on this site KILLS ME!

  35. jamie Prejean

    LMFAS….the dude that comes up with the shit on this site KILLS ME!

  36. SGI Rhino

    It’s a PELLET GUN Douche Bags!!

  37. husky loc

    damn sarsh palin is so fuccin sexy don’t care wh no one says.

  38. Zerran

    Good work, but if you look close just above the left strap you’ll see a little glich in the line of her neck.

    Oh well, good fantasy while it lasted.

    Still cute though.

  39. Donald

    The dude in the back looks a lot like Michael Phelps

  40. Ian

    (Still can’t figure out what’s supposed to be so “hot” about this silly puritanical housefrau, unless her admirers are very sexually-repressed…)

    Anyway, I really meant to correct the author’s smear about the dude behind her. You think he’s smoking like he’s gay, or French? What?! Well, French maybe. But no gay man has as crummy taste in beer, or swim trunks, or suntans, as this bloke.

    I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, so I know what I’m talking about here, and I’m straight, so I definitely have no personal axe to grind. The gay guys I know have plenty more class than that… lol…

  41. asshole

    why is it stupid to think this is real (or at least wonder)? we all know (or should know) that Sarah Palin is nucking futs. and of course she’s a right-wing freak. and she was a hot model or whatever the hell she was. and considering the crap that has vomited out of her mouth, would this pic be such a stretch? i think not.

  42. Jimmeh Dean

    # 84
    The damn truth.

  43. htown

    its a bb gun you fucking faggot

  44. MMMM!!!

    This picture turns me on. MMMMM!!!!

  45. Michael

    I doubt this is fake. I don’t understand how he is smoking a cigarette like a homosexual, either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for offing homosexuals, but I have only seen straight people smoking like that.

    If that is a legitimate pic of her, more power to her. Looks like a normal American family to me.

  46. ed the pirate

    thats a crosman BB/Pellet rifle is holding I got the same one in the basement

  47. ed the pirate

    thats a crosman BB/Pellet rifle is holding I got the same one in the basement

  48. john silver

    it is real, I’m the one that took the photo at her pool house

  49. A guy

    This is not real, because in real life, Sarah Palin is way hotter than this! Hooray Alaska!

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