Sarah Palin meets Photoshop

September 5th, 2008 // 155 Comments

I can’t even count how many readers have e-mailed me this picture of, what looks like, Governor Sarah Palin in a bikini brandishing a rifle. Allow me to set the record straight because, I shit you not, a ton of folks think this is real. (Smartest country ever!) It’s photoshopped, people. How do I know? Simple: No one is that sexy. Also, the real Sarah Palin would’ve shot the guy behind her for smoking his cigarette like a homosexual. “BANG BANG! Not on my watch, Frenchie!”


  1. billabong

    #47 – And Obama has detailed his? He just makes a bunch of promises backed by absolutely no plan or real ability to make those changes.

    I wish both would better outline how they are going to do the things they promise rather than all this fluff talk about ‘Change we can believe in’ or ‘Country First’ junk. I don’t need a catchy slogan from them. I need a plan. and neither is giving us that aside from some very vague allusions to a plan and/or just a bunch of pipedreams. Sure go right ahead and promise a million dollars to everybody while you’re making promises you can’t back up.

  2. #40-

    fuck you. do you mean our grandfathers-the men who saved europe from the nazi’s while simultaneously fighting the brutal japanese on another front?

    the french rolled over, the swiss cashed in the gold from the teeth of exterminated jews (neutral, my ass!), stalin had a secret pact until-oh shit-the germans didn’t keep their end of the deal and invaded them too.

    those grandfather? show some respect

  3. Anon

    50 Have you not seen all the anti-male bile that is posted on the internet in adverts, on tv, in the media, in the cinema?

    Yet the women who do this get away with it when they say it to their or about their boyfriends, husbands etc so get of your soapbox. It happens to all sides.
    This site is here to make fun of celebs if you want an enlightened conversation go elsewhere.

    I expect when the obligatory misandrist comments about a male celeb or men in general appear we can count on you and you mangina to say something about that.

    You wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite now would you?

  4. boo

    @51 I have to compliment you on your post. I am so sick of both sides of the political fence throwing around catch phrases and ugly sterotypes. The unemployment rate hit a 5 year high last month. I don’t give a shit about gay marriage and all the other wedge issues. I want to know who will be able to fix this economy.

  5. Scots-Irish'sWifeLooksWorseThanPalinInABikini

    But you are so sensitive she still blows you right?

  6. #47 irish guy

    msnbc (more liberal than not)–

    reported live last night mccain has made 15 negative ads to obama’s 14.

    just because you like obama more, doesn’t mean you can alter the facts

  7. Anon

    hey 52

    as soon as you start showing the men WOMEN, and CHILDREN from other countries who died in those conflicts i’ll do the same.

    Saved europe? really? You don’t know your history do you.
    So only when america came in and only american soldiers had any impact on the outcome? All the soldiers that had fought and died and the ones still fighting had nothing to do with it?

    America deliberately waiting to come in to the conflict but then acting like the war started and finshed the day they entered is not disrespectful to everyone else who was in the war.

    So the battle of Britain and monty in africa russians turning sides had less of an impact then you yanks turning up when it suited you? Give me a break.

    The day americans start recognising what everyone else did and stop over-estimating (because you don’t know the facts) your impact is the day i’ll be respectful.

    You didn’t save anything you helped speed up the end of the war or do you think the nazi’s really would have won and was winning if you hadn’t entered. Show some respect.

  8. gnipgnop

    What a flabby foureyed fucktard – agh – but i guess i’d hit it – right between the eyes with a rubber mallet

  9. Prof. History

    Anon, you both need to calm down. You both should show some respect.
    Yes, the US had a tremendous affect on WW2 after we entered it. That however does not mean that we were the end all be all of it. The war was won because of the collected efforts of all of allied forces.
    Really guys show some respect on both sides. Hitler very well could have won without the efforts of anyone of the major forces of the Allies, he was after all working on a nuclear weapon, but the war in Europe was over before he could finish it.

  10. Tim

    I think she’d be all downhill starting just under the tits, and even then you’d definitely want her to wear a skimpy see-through bra – and keep it on. 5 kids is 5 kids. They have avalanches in Alaska and that’s what would happen if she got totally naked.

    Kinda bummed out – the one real man in all of the election bullshit (McCain) finally got a chance to stand up last night. It’s a shame his party is pretending it’s 2000 and his VP is pretending she’s more than everybody’s favorite big-titted poofy haired cheerleader. She’s a gimmick, and they’re going to lose to the vastly superior gimmick on the Democratic side (Obama). Too bad, because I think this is a classic tortoise vs. hare race – if the authentic McCain is running, not the hastily remodeled version. He even looks like a turtle.

  11. Karma

    I seriously and sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that you Dickwads that are calling her baby “Tard-Baby” and such get Aids, living with it in its worse stages and then, in the most painful way, die in a fire. that is all.

  12. Karma

    I seriously and sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that you Dickwads that are calling her baby “Tard-Baby” and such get Aids, living with it in its worse stages and then, in the most painful way, die in a fire. that is all.

  13. Anon

    Prof. History if more americans had your attitude your country’s standing in the world would be higher. Unfortunately the opposite seems to be the case.

  14. miggs

    Here’s the weird part of the Republican convention: Palin clearly was the leader, and they’re preparing not for the upcoming election but for returning to the perpetual minority party in “liberal Washington.” Everything Palin said (and Thompson, and Romney, and Giuliani, and…) as well as the overall attitude shouted “we’re the underdogs!” – which is totally crazy, following 8 years of holding the presidency, 10 years of holding the House, and 6 years of holding the Senate. Some people just can’t handle being the top dog, and it sure looks like Republicans fit that description. Good luck throwing rocks again, fellas.

  15. Prof. History

    Anon, Sad thing is seems like a majority of the ones that voice themselves on the internet are just complete idiots. It’s not that the majority of us as a whole are ignorant it’s that the smart ones tend to get overlooked and all the focus get put on the stupid ones, thus giving us a bad image overall.


    Look, I’m coming forward.

    I’m the one that Photoshopped this image. I did it on Saturday and posted it to my blog that afternoon with the full disclosure that it was a fake image and the consequence of being bored as sin. I intended no malice towards Gov. Palin. If anyone actually believed this image was indeed authentic, it ain’t my problem. People will always want to see what they want to see.

  17. OH GOD, I adore mature women in bikini!!
    (I think I must “HELP MYSELF” now.)

  18. get over yourselves

    eth·no·cen·trism : ethnocentrism
    1. Sociology. the belief in the inherent superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture.

    Seriously, this Everyone Else vs. America debate is getting really old. Get over yourselves, you ALL sound like idiots. Try contributing something productive to a conversation and avoid this, “LOL my country is better than urs LOL” bullshit.

    Thank you, have a nice weekend!

  19. Pitchman

    I remember when these comment forums used to be funny and delightfully offensive. Too bad it’s starting to sound like every other comment page on the web. Can someone please make a joke about how the want to give Palin a dirty Sanchez or something?!?

    Tard Baby for President was funny though. Props.

  20. 1 MILF Hunter

    The disgusting thing is that inbred and his rifle-toting pal in the background drinking Schlitz.

  21. biteme

    Condoms for Teenagers = NO
    Handguns for Teenagers = YES

    Vote McCain/Palin 2008.

  22. Sara

    OMG!! This woman scares me as hell!!! She has to stay in Alaska FOREVER (and McCain could move to Mars!)!!

  23. confused

    #73- I be supportin’ yo cause. I am a gay black crossdresser that hates guns because then the burglars would be afraid to break in and ass-rape me which I really enjoy. We should stand up for ourself so that nobody has to not be assraped. I wish it was Obama that was back there in the middle of the night.

  24. anon is still a dick for putting down the american soldiers that saved europe regardless of what professor history or anyone else says.

    if anon needs a body count, watch a documentary of just the normandy invasion for starters.

    we were supporting europe before our official declaration of war-that’s why our passenger liner was sunk. ugh-nice short memory-UGH!!

  25. John McCain

    #31 you tell him! Just because I don’t know much about money and stuff and I think George W Bush is one of the greatest presidents in our history cause I agree with him 90 percent of the time doesn’t mean I can’t be president. Hell I’m no smarter then any of you on this blog so it should make you feel comfortable that a good ol boy like yourself is leading you. If you ask me I think our economy is great. I have 7 houses and my wife wore a 250,000 dollar set of diamond earrings that I bought her at the Republican Convention. You guys see those babies? Now you tell me how I could afford 250,000 dollar diamond earrings if the economy is bad. Fiddle Sticks Barrack Obama. You take your intelligent mumbo jumbo and shove it.

  26. #77

    i support 31 altho i think he/she is too narrow-minded.

    it should say:
    blow me, england
    blow me, france
    blow me, canada
    blow me, switzerland
    blow me,
    oh. am i being redundant? you get the picture.

    just call us when you have a problem but trash us any other time. HA!

    i’m ready-let’s hear it….

  27. Canadian guy

    #33, hahahahahahaa. So true. If the rest of the world could help the Americans vote for a politician, someone with half a brain might actually be their president. I can just see Americans sitting at home watching Obama speak with a blank stare on their faces wondering when Nascar is going to come on. Like only in America can you be a politician and openly admit you know nothing about the economy and still run for president and have people actually vote for you, lol. Hell the Americans are slowly turning into Germany from World War 2. I mean what’s the difference honestly? Germany invaded sovereign nations and made up some bullshit excuse to their people to get the support. The Americans invade sovereign nations and make up bullshit lies to get the public support. They’ll probably commit another terrorist attack on their own country and leave a beer bottle at the scene of the crime and say it was a Canadian and then invade us next, lol.

  28. Blue

    How about that Schlitz can, do they still evem make that shit? What year is it in Alaska?… like 1979?

  29. Blue

    How about that Schlitz can, do they still evem make that shit? What year is it in Alaska?… like 1979?

  30. Blue

    How about that Schlitz can, do they still evem make that shit? What year is it in Alaska?… like 1979?

  31. lloyd johnson

    Thats what I’m talking about! Schlitz, go for the gusto!

  32. #79

    who the fuck wants to invade and be responsible for canada

  33. Ted from LA

    He has a Blatz in the other hand when the cigarette isn’t there.

  34. lloyd johnson

    Schlitz is coming back! MIlwaukee’s Best, PBR, Schaefer watch out the king of cheap beers is making a return!
    check the link:

  35. saynotoguncontrol

    Thats just an air rifle…it just shoots pellets

  36. strider

    #79 – refer back to post #69

    Canada’s no better or worse. the end. now stop trying use shallow and very incorrect stereotypes

  37. Emily


  38. Percetion

    #89 Emily,
    First of all, this whole thing was to state that the photo is fake!
    Second, don’t type in all caps… its simple internet courtesy as it annoys 99% of people. Third, Obama’s trip was a publicity stunt and in closing, since you are insulting a woman on the grounds that she has a child with special needs I would like to dream and hope that you die in a fire.

  39. emmyem

    Dear EMILY.
    You are a complete idiot. Complete and pure and true moron. Doofus. Ignorant stupid, typing all upper case jerk. Go stick your head in a bucket of Aids.

  40. obama/biden-osama/binladen(coincidence?)

    Obama has gotten you to swallow his shit. He can’t criticize McCain, so he pairs him with Bush over and over and over…….. Bush isn’t running for president. Stupid.

    Who gives a shit what the world thinks of us?! Oh that’s right Obama. I’m sure he’ll have a nice little tea party with Iran, and then he’ll do nothing to defend us, and if you think 911 was bad…. Wait till you see what they can do with nuclear.

    If Obama wins this election, the dumb asses that vote him in will have everything they get coming to them.

  41. Caitlin

    And you know how I knew it was Photoshopped? Because who would wear an updo and librarian glasses while hunting at the pool? Not Sarah Cougar Palin, that’s for sure!

  42. j

    #89 idiot
    #33 There was this thing called the British empire at one time and you want to bitch at the US …
    #79 I will enjoy watching the slow mo train wreck that is the Canadian government. Have a nice day aeh
    America has its share of idiots …just watch CSPAN where people from the public call up to comment on issues.. It’s quite disturbing. America is a great place though and we are doing just fine. Why would we listen to another country in regards to our own government over our own citizens?
    I personally don’t know anyone who watches Nascar and we joke about it(because of the fake or real stereotype), I have gone to Indy car races … so what the fuck is wrong with liking cars and auto racing. From now on I am just assuming anyone who makes the stupid American/fat American/redneck America/Nascar watching American/

  43. Who is the governor of Canada again? Oh, that’s right – because they have a few more people than NYC and LA combined, we let them call him a President. That’s nice of us. Again, what is his name? He must be smart because Canucks don’t like NASCAR, from what I understand in #79. Are the McKenzie brothers posting now?

    Good one, Emily. Just checked my absentee ballot, though… I don’t see Bush-Cheney listed as an option. Maybe you could have skipped study abroad and learned a little about the 22nd Amendment. Or, better yet, just stayed abroad and lived in a better place.

    The Bush III Democrat talking points are getting old.

    Study abroad, brought to you by parents who worked hard in a capitalist system to afford to send you overseas so they won’t have to listen to you explain how you have the world’s problems all figured out.

    And let’s leave WWII out of this… plenty of bravery across the Allies to go around there (even Canadians!). Let’s talk current events. You Euros sure have done a great job of standing up to the Russians in Georgia (and soon, Ukraine) so far. Hell, I even like Sarkozy, but the Russians don’t seem to be turning tail and running yet. Maybe the Americans won’t just wait until it suits us to join in this time; with Obama, we won’t be there to help at ALL!

  44. j

    ^^^^ is the European equivalent of what they are accusing Americans of being after all this is a pretty wortless site in the form of intellectual news no? And primarily not from you own country which makes it even more worthless for you to be here….

  45. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  46. lame old European

    @94: You compare your free and democratic nation to the British Empire? How much further are you willing to lower your standards to justify American foreign policy?

  47. lloyd johnson

    isn’t this just a fake photo of Sarah Palin and some old school rednecks?

  48. j

    #98 No comparison, just pointing out that you guys have a history of your own and should not be so quick to condemn and point your finger at 300mil people when England has had plenty of negative impact on the world. You’re an idiot , I’m done with you…

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