Sarah Palin is gosh-darn adorable a don’tcha know

October 3rd, 2008 // 408 Comments

Last night the Vice Presidential Debate took place between Republican Governor Sarah Palin and Democratic Senator Joe Biden. If you don’t know who these people are, please engage in activities with a high risk of infertility. Anyway, consider this post an open thread/romper room to get your politics on and sound off about the debate. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to salvage my eardrums which feel like they’ve been raped by Marge Gunderson from Fargo.

Oh, and who do I think won? How about I answer a completely different question instead? Waffles.*

*Didn’t get the joke? Don’t worry; I’ll post about Britney soon.


  1. #30 (John)

    #201 (Gunnar) said:

    a lack of experience isn’t a black or white issue.
    Obama has a lack of experience next to McCain.
    but Palin has a lack of experience comapred to Obama.
    so, politely I ask you to STFU.”

    Very classy, how you so politely asked me to shut the fuck up. Classy and so polite. BTW, you’re not worried that Obama’s lack of experience next to McCain is a bigger disparity, since their goal is to be President, not VP? Oh, wait. I forgot about the whole “heartbeat away” thing. Speaking of heart, it’s always so nice to read people supporting their arguments with vulgar profanities. NOW I see your point! Thanks for being so polite!

  2. Natascha

    You Palin lovers are so full of shit. Palin doesn’t have more experience than Obama.

    Obama was affirmed by 18 million voters. That’s Democracy, assholes!

  3. Georg

    When Palin first came on the scene, I liked her. However, I don’t believe in media hype or marketing soundbytes, so I researched her record and got the facts. What has this governor of state with only 630,000 residents done in the past 18 months? Not even close to what McCain’s campaign maintains:
    · When she took over as Mayor of Wasilla with 6,000 residents, she bragged that the job “wasn’t rocket science,” and that she could handle it alone, as her predecessors had done. She soon created a position of City Manager and filled it with someone to handle much of the work because she was in over her head. As we all know, she also left this town with a $22 mil budget deficit.

    · When she took office as governor, she hired friends and placed them in positions for which they had zero experience or qualifications. She is often a “no-show” at important legislative meetings, and has come under fire for not responding to the communications and needs of a number of mayors and authorities throughout Alaska. She insulates herself, and is often unreachable.

    · When she doesn’t understand an important issue, she performs what is referred to as “grandstanding” as a smoke screen. She gives scripted answers and avoids questions. Her position papers are written for her. (Any of this sound familiar?) She takes credit for work and/or ideas that are not her own. That includes the “sweetheart deal” with TransCanada on the gas pipeline that, despite her phony bragging, exists only on paper. This deal is a high-risk house of cards; if one aspect fails, the deal falls through and will cost Alaska a half-billion dollar guarantee, without them having to lay so much as one foot of pipeline.

    · She vetoed/slashed budget programs and projects during her first months in office that had to be re-instated due to public protest and further legislative action, simply because she didn’t understand their importance. She didn’t know what she was doing.

    · She deliberately lied to the American people and her own constituents by saying that she said, “thanks, but no thanks” to the bridge from nowhere. In truth, it was exactly the other way around. An article written by her own special counsel, John Katz, that ran in a March 2008 edition of the Juneau Enquirer, proves this, unequivocally.

    · She wants to expand oil and gas drilling in Alaska at the expense of environmentally protected areas and Alaskan native sovereignty. She’s filed several lawsuits against the Feds protesting the listing of polar bears as an endangered species, and challenged Alaskan native fishing and hunting substinences. (Can you guess why she said that human activity is not the major cause of global warming?)

    · Her “leadership” with the Alaska National Guard has been non-existent. She has given them no direction, no commands. As a matter of fact, according to General Craig Campbell, the service commander of Alaska’s National Guard, Palin gave him a lot of authority to act on his own. She has given him no direct approval or disapproval on any action since she took office.

    Is it any wonder why McCain won’t let anyone near Palin with a microphone for any more one-on-one interviews? There’s a lot more, but I just don’t have the time or space to get into it any further. She has lied and misrepresented herself to the American public. I may have started out buying into the campaign hype about Sarah Palin, but as it stands now, I wouldn’t allow this woman into my home

  4. Beeotch

    Wow all this political debating on the Fish has me re-thinking my choice for Pres……oh wait… about ummmm NO

  5. Rachael

    On behalf of the rest of the world I beg you, do not vote republican.

  6. the idiot above

    This is what someone above wrote as one of the reasons they will vote for Obama…

    “Provide government health care so that all Americans can get health insurance. If you are happy with your current health care, then the new policy will not affect you.

    McCain wants to privitize health care which means Americans would have to pay 5,000 for health insurance with no guarantee of quality health care because of no regulations from the government.”

    Since when has there been any guarantee of quality ANYTHING because of regulations from the government? Let’s start with Medicare, which is government health care. Medicare ran out of money very soon after it was started in the Johnson administration. It is not also ‘quality’ health care. It is a failing system that provides declining reimbursement to physicians. And before the word ‘greedy’ comes out of your mouth, realize this: there are many physicians out there (believe me, I know them) who have HAD to stop seeing Medicare patients in order to keep their practice alive. You see, if reimbursement is low, then the physicians don’t make enough to cover their overhead in their practice. So go ahead and look into how great Medicare and Medicaid are, and try to convince me that a government-run health care system is great.

    Don’t ever forget that the government wastes money in everything it ever regulates. Remember how everyone jokes about how much it costs to buy a toilet at the Pentagon? If the government runs health care, then how much do you think medical supplies will cost?

    Listen, I’m not really in favor of either candidate (or VP, for that matter). But I just don’t think that the government should run health care. Contrary to what the genius said in the post above, it will NOT make things better for everyone. Just wait until the government has to make a budget for health care, and starts cost-cutting and yes, denying care, and then tell me how great this new system is. It’s much more complicated than many of you would like to think.

  7. Grunion

    #337 I don’t know one person in Canada who wants to move to your broke ass, crack house of a country, Not one. It’s all yours dude. have fun.

  8. John McCain

    My adult diaper is wet. Would someone please change me?

  9. Niko

    Mrs. 125,
    Thanks for the “good luck” wish to my country. I think its funny how you and other “non-Americans” are all up on the collective American nutsack for this election. The obvious truth is that you’re bitter about your own country being irrelevant. Hang in there though, maybe one day you guys will get your act together and have one-tenth the influence, respect, and wealth America’s got now. In the meantime though, I’ll have your people make my sneakers and I’ll keep coming to your country on vacation and have your men and women cater to my every need. Thanks again for the good luck wishes.

  10. Genvieve

    To #365 – The idiot above

    The US is the only country in the developed world that does not have a public health care system. It has the most expensive health care system on this planet, yet the general health of our population is lower than most G8 industrialized countries, with extremely high morality rates.

    The costs are absurd; by switching to a single payer system, the costs would drop by billions of dollars, alone. These costs are currently paid by those who are sick – it comes out of their pockets. Did you know that the mortality rates in US for-profit hospitals far outweigh those of nonprofit institutions? It’s because investors want their share of profits, and hospitals cut costs any way they can to obtain profits for their investors. These include hiring less-skilled personnel. I know a number of people that were hospitalized and died or came close to it because of this very problem.

    “No guarantee of quality health care” couldn’t be more true under McCain’s proposition.

  11. #193 is an idiot

    Hey bitch, I live in a state where the unemployment rate is the highest in the nation. Your “solution” to the economic crisis (Just live within your means)
    1. Get a different job- There ARE no fucking jobs
    2. Go back to college-And families that are struggling are supposed to pay for that how?
    3. Move to a cheaper area-see above

    Not that I would wish that on even a smug cunt like you, but what if your husband lost his job in his auto supply store due to downsizing or illness? Real people (and no, I don’t mean welfare queens) are hurting now and you look down your nose at them. Go eat some of that shit in your kids diaper and die already.

  12. genvieve

    Sorry, that was to comment #365

  13. fuckface

    @223 Areej Zufari is a woman, not a man. It is funny that the people who claims that the liberal media is attacking Sarah Palin because the media is sexist are the same people who assume that Professor Zufari is a man because of her occuaption of being a professor. Areej is a name for a woman. Why are people putting down the occupation of a professor at a community college anyway? Most likely it was not Professor Zufari who posted a comment on this website but probably just a pissed off student who flunked her class. A lot of celebrities happen to have come from humble beginnings there is nothing wrong with them supporting the Democratic party and not forgetting where they came from. You will notice that some of the celebrities that openly support McCain/Palin were brought up with a sliver spoon in there mouth (ex. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt). I always hear people reference Reaganomics and the trickle down theory as a way we should run our country but tell me when it has worked. Reagan’s administration left Bush 1 with a rather large deficit, Bush 1 left Clinton with a larger deficit, Clinton left Bush 2 with a surplus and Bush is leaving McCain or Obama with the largest deficit ever. Gosh golly darn those spendthrift Democrats always expanding our government and putting us into deficits. Over the last 40 years which party has been predominantly been in The White House? Repubs. The Clinton years were the most prosperous of times for this country since the 50′s and 60′s. Those years were good for the U.S. economically and that is because the middle class was the engine of our economic system. If you are voting Republican and you don’t have a pension, can not afford to fund your IRA do not have health insurance or small business owner who is struggling in times of corporate domination do not vote against your own self interests. How has the large corporate tax cuts of the Bush Administration helped you at all. #235 It is not a bad thing to help people out who need it in the U.S. So you hate the idea of putting your hard earned tax dollars to help a single mother raise her child but do not mind spending your own money in U.S. created war zones to fund education Voting Republican does not make you rich. #242 Do you know what article one of the constitution is about? Or were you just watching the post Fox news debate like I was? Senator Biden did refer to Article 1 appropriately which explains the powers of each branch of government. Remember people, voting Republican does not make you rich.

  14. the idiot above


    The reason that the US is the only country in the developed world without a public health care system is because of our population. We have a violent country, full of crack addicts who produce crack babies, with some of the most unhealthy people (because of lifestyle) on the planet. Countries like Canada can afford a single payer system, because they don’t have to pay for gangbangers who get shot every day or crack babies who stay on ventilators for weeks.

    We have the most expensive health care system on the planet because of our population; it’s that simple. That’s also why we have high mortality rates. By the way, did you know that one measure that experts have used in the past to compare health care systems among different countries is infant mortality? The U.S. was slammed in the past by saying we had an inferior health care system, when in fact, when they normalized birth weight (in order to select out the ridiculous number of crack babies and those born with fetal alcohol syndrome, etc), it was determined that we were the BEST in the world when it came to infant mortality.

    The costs ARE absurd. They are absurd for many reasons. One reason is the ridiculous costs for malpractice insurance and the out-of-this-world settlements that are paid to lawyers (see John Edwards for that one). Medical costs have been driven up tremendously because of money going into malpractice lawyers’ pockets. The CEOs of HMOs and insurance companies also take millions out of the pockets of U.S. citizens.

    I’m sorry, but it’s very difficult to compare mortality rates in for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals. Often, these hospitals have vastly different patient populations, so it’s not a fair comparison. I do think that hospitals SHOULD cut costs, but not at the expense of care. More money should be put into preventative medicine, and less into end-of-life care. There are many other philosophical and practical changes that should be made.

    And one thing you said is completely untrue. The private hospitals usually have MORE skilled personnel, not less skilled. Their patient populations usually demand it. I’ve worked in many different hospital environments, and I can tell you that the nice private hospitals GENERALLY have more skilled nursing and ancillary personnel.

    We agree on one thing: There needs to be an overhaul in the US health care system and costs need to be controlled. I just differ in how I think this should be carried out.

  15. Grunion

    “Countries like Canada can afford a single payer system, because they don’t have to pay for gangbangers who get shot every day or crack babies who stay on ventilators for weeks. ”

    Oh how I wish this were true. There has been a huge delay in treatment for people in many Toronto hospitals because of all the truama gunshot and stab wound victims rolling throught he doors. So I know where you are coming from.

  16. Canadian brotha looking in with interest: like watching a train wreck

    365. Grunion – October 4, 2008 12:01 PM

    “Countries like Canada can afford a single payer system, because they don’t have to pay for gangbangers who get shot every day or crack babies who stay on ventilators for weeks. ”

    Oh how I wish this were true. There has been a huge delay in treatment for people in many Toronto hospitals because of all the truama gunshot and stab wound victims rolling throught he doors. So I know where you are coming from.

    Fools: like gangbangers are using all the medicines that old people need, but can’t afford. Like gangbangers are waiting in the waiting rooms of family doctors. If you blame the gangbangers so much then stop selling the guns and glamourizing the gangbanger lifestyle . . .yo.

  17. Grunion

    “If you blame the gangbangers so much then stop selling the guns and glamourizing the gangbanger lifestyle . . .yo.”

    Um, I don’t do either, but thanks for the advice…yo.

  18. John McCain

    My prostate is really really enlarged.

  19. genvieve

    To the Idiot Above (364)

    1) First of all the US spends more on health care PER CAPITA, than any other comparable country.

    2) The mortality rate is higher in private hospitals, on a percentage basis, than in non-profit hospitals.

    3) There is an increasing lack of skilled nursing that has been and will continue to hit health care IN PRIVATE HOSPITALS. Skill levels have dropped, significantly, a fact of which you should be well aware It’s not only salary issues, but work schedules, they way nurses feel they are treated/viewed by physicians, etc.

    4) I come from a family of physicians and am well aware of the cost of malpractice insurance. The costs associated with professional medical care, medical equipment and supplies, keeping breast with the advances in technology, prescriptions, administrative costs, etc., have skyrocketed. Of course, greed comes into play, here. Can you honestly say that the income levels of indivdiuals are not associated with the mortality rate in this country? If our government does not possess the ability to have a role in health care, then it’s obvious we have the wrong people are in government in the first place.

    I have much more to write, but not enough time. In any event, enjoy the weekend.

  20. Bush takes parthing shot at USA

    Hey have you guys noticed that as the worst president we have ever had (for the poor, for the rich the best president theya have ever had) leaves he takes another trillion dollars down for his cronies – the filthy banksters!!!!!!!!

  21. loveitsize

    There’s this Vietnam vet I know, he says all sorts of crazy stuff and he chased after me because I have “squinty slanty eyes” I swear I thought I was going to get run over but I did get a good look at him before the black limousine peeled out of the parking lot. McCain/Palin in 08…because we really need a Loony Vietnam Vet in office. “He really is the only candidate who actually HAS fought for America” (wink, wink, smirk smirk)

  22. Palinlove

    All I gotta say is thank God most of the kids on this site don’t actually vote. None of you know what you are talking about…just regurgitating the media propaganda.

  23. Keeping It Real

    To Palinlover:

    You should read Georg’s post – #353. He nailed it, and did some very thorough research. Most of us just don’t have the time or the interest, and just follow media hype and propaganda — like the kind the McCain campaign is dishing out.

  24. haha

    HAHA to Areej Zufari, professor at Valencia Community College. What a joke…losers who can’t hack it in the real Florida colleges attend that dump. As if your opinion amounts to anything.

  25. haha

    HAHA to Areej Zufari, professor at Valencia Community College. What a joke…losers who can’t hack it in the real Florida colleges attend that dump. As if your opinion amounts to anything.

  26. haha

    HAHA to Areej Zufari, professor at Valencia Community College. What a joke…losers who can’t hack it in the real Florida colleges attend that dump. As if your opinion amounts to anything.

  27. Moose Hunter

    I don’t know why you folks are so down on Obama. It ain’t like he’s abandoning his retarded newborn to go pursue his personal ambitions. ‘Cause, you betcha that’s what Main Street Wasilla does.

  28. typo

    #198 — I remember when I was 18-25 years old, too. And even then I knew how to use the shift key.

    Moron. No wonder you’re voting for McCain. That’s assuming you can figure out how to get yourself registered, of course. My bet is you can’t.

  29. Zefyr

    Why do people keep laughing at Zufari for being a college professor? If he said he worked at the burger joint, that would be understandable (though still reprehensible) but he’s a COLLEGE PROFESSOR. He has at least a master’s degree – how many people who comment on this site have even graduated from high school yet?
    Oh, and stop being racist, please. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  30. Joe SixPak

    Cute as a freakin button, don’t ya know! When those pesky Ruskies com a callin, it’s gonna be our girl up Northg with her moose gun keepin them away from our beer! Haven’t felt this safe since that little tunnel in the delta!

    - Joe SixPak

  31. icarly

    you know what is truly awesome is how much people pretend they give a fucking shit about who the VP is.

    you all know damn well you wouldn’t care had McCain not picked Palin as his running mate. when’s the last time you heard anything about Dick Cheney doing anything other than him shooting someone or his daughter being a lesbian? no one would give a damn if she wasn’t getting so much media attention from the drama she threw out on the table, not to mention the fact she’s a woman and for some reason America can’t get over sexism. i mean seriously, what the fuck?

  32. SO true

    @5. Makes you wonder a little.

    Couldn’t have said it better! Well-said!

  33. Richard


    Nobody cares that she is a woman. Everybody cares that she is an idiot. She has no answers for anything. Asker her a question and she’ll talk about something completely different and wink at you, and hell she even screws that up half the time. This isn’t just an American view, it is a worldwide view. Everybody things she’s an idiot.

  34. Sarah Palin

    Let us pray that our brave troops stay safe while doing Gods work. Amen!

  35. VN

    I can’t believe how stupid people in this country have become, wanting to actually vote to have this moron in the white house. Hard to imagine there’s so many rednecks and women out there who buy into this Sarah Palin crap. Fuck people…

    Ah well once Obama wins maybe he’ll make good on his word to improve education because Jesus McFuckin Christ the south needs it. Seriously. Civil War’s been over for around 150 years people, you lost, get over it.

    Ha ha, this election is in the bag for the Democrats anyway. I’ll be the first on here to rub it in the face of conservatives once this shit is all said and done. Go ahead and cheer on Palin and McCain, it’s a lost cause. I hope once this is finished Palin has to go back home to Alaska and someone rapes her ass… and then she ends up having to pay for her own rape-kit.

    Sorry, but you know… yeah.

  36. Al

    The current electorate is largely the same electorate that espoused the Bush-Cheney Regime.

    George “Duncecap” Bush has never been fit to serve, much less be Commander in Chief. Left up to his own merit he would be rejected for enlistment. Everything he touches, and has a hand in, turns to shit.

    Dick “5 deferments” Cheney was always “too good” to be in the military. “I’m above that kind of work. Besides I’m too good to be shot at.” Of course we all know had he at least received basic military training he would know a little something about handling guns. His age, in years, has eclipsed his IQ for 37 years now.

    If these two douchebags can head the executive branch for 8 years then anyone can. And by anyone I mean even PeeWee Herman, Hayden Panetieres daddy, Joe Simpson.

    ANYBODY can do better than the 2 retards heading the executive branch now.

  37. Sarah Palin

    Let us pray that our brave troops stay safe while doing Gods work. Amen!

  38. Sarah Palin




    After I’m elected I will, in addition to my VP duties, head the new National Faith Based Electorate Institute to ensure that future candidates are truly Christian men and women seeking to advance Christianity in the form of new initiatives such as Crusades and Inquisitions. After all, only REAL Christians should be armed across the planet. We willl ensure that the entire planet believes in Christianity, ushering in the end times!

    (long applause)

    Vote McCain (Palin)



  39. Nothing but nothing is more wonderful than having stupid stupid STUPID libtard white sheeple be killed while they’re out there tilting at windmills and doing other good deeds.

    Fuck these stupid stupid STUPID white pieces of shit. Death to them. God damn them to hell anyway! I’d like to fucking bludgeon their brains out myself.

  40. bete noir

    What a wonderful uplifting thread!

    Democracy alive and well in America.

  41. I really loved her suit at the debate. So dark green that it was almost black. It was really beautiful.

  42. celebs love me

    It is utterly comforting that the majority of the people who frequent/enjoy this blog, including the author himself are so blatantly against McCain/Palin and their ways of expressing it are oh so intelligent and noteworthy. Go clueless left, change for the change and the change because it’s change!!!!!!!!

  43. Americans are stupid white sheeple. Italians are better. Fuck brain-dead Americans.

  44. Educated Voting is Responsible Voting

    People: please do research before you post. Everyone is tired of erroneous claims and outright lies. And by research, I do not mean a brief foray into extremist propaganda websites constructed by leftist or rightist groups. I mean that you should seek out actual sources of information. See the U.S. Senate website ( to find out which bills Obama and McCain have sponsored and co-sponsored. (Yes, poster #67, you will find that Obama actually sponsors bills. Many bills.) This will teach you something about where the candidates stand on policy issues. Learn about the candidates’ biographical information and pet issues by reading their books and scouring the archives of the most reliable newspapers you can get your hands on.

    And, poster #53, please remember to enroll in a remedial English course so that you can learn to spell above the 3rd grade level and perhaps sound halfway credible.

    To the people who, for some reason, find it humorous that Obama and Palin are being contrasted in #5′s post: rub your two brain cells together and attempt to squeeze out a thought. You will realize why this particular juxtaposition was made, rather than one that contrasts Obama with McCain. Both Palin and Obama are the “stars” of their ticket. Both currently receive more media attention than their running mates. Countless comparisons of Obama and McCain have already been published. All things considered, it is only natural – as well as necessary – to progress to Obama-Palin comparisons.

    The remainder of my post concerns the subject of Common Obama Myth #1: Obama the America-Hating Muslim.

    First things first. The following information is not, in my opinion, actually relevant to the discussion – but I must respond to the conservatives who harp on the subject of Obama’s familial religious affiliations. Obama was raised by three people who did not practice a religion: his mother and maternal grandparents. His father (whom he knew for one month) was atheist. His paternal grandfather was Muslim. His stepfather (whom he knew for 4 years) was a non-practicing, ecumenical Muslim. Obama is Christian. And for god’s sake: no, it is not strange or logically inconsistent that Obama might adhere to a religious ideology that differs from those of his relatives. Thinking people (i.e., people who are not sheep) do this quite often. Duh.

    Obama, as most people who are not retarded (or working for Fox News) are aware, did not attend a “madrassa” school. While living in Indonesia as a child (1967-71), he spent 2 years at a Catholic school. When this became prohibitively expensive, he spent the next 2 years at a predominantly Muslim public school – which enrolled not just Muslims (gasp!), but also Christians, Buddhists, Confucians, and others. I hope you are aware that it is normal for religion-affiliated schools to enroll ecumenically – look at our country’s Catholic schools.

    Obama’s mother and stepfather could not afford to send him to the fancy international schools that they would have preferred for him. His mother returned him to his Hawaii hometown after 4 years in Indonesia so that he would have better educational opportunities; she followed soon after.

    Between graduating from Columbia (BA in political science, concentration in international affairs – in case you’re interested) and attending Harvard Law School, he lived in Chicago. Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam was based there. And no, Obama did not automatically become a member of NOL just because he lived in Chicago. This may sound too obvious to merit mentioning. But, pathetically, some people actually find this to be a logical connection.

    Those who question Obama’s allegiance to the U.S. seem to do so on the basis that one of his parents was a citizen of a different, non-European country (the horror!). And, of course, the fact that his distant paternal grandfather was a Muslim. Nevermind that Obama was a celebrated instructor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years and writes with profound admiration of the U.S. Constitution. Nevermind that he knows the history of the U.S. government inside and out and recounts it with enthusiasm (see the first several chapters of The Audacity of Hope). Apparently it is not enough to know and love your country to a greater extent than do many of your countrymen – this counts for nothing if you are not strictly of European descent.

    Obama’s fond of the following quote by former NY Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” Think about this before you make claims about the candidates. Holding an opinion is acceptable, but spreading lies about Obama, McCain, Biden, or Palin is not. If you are a U.S. citizen who cares about the fate of our country, you have a moral duty to act in such a way as to promote what is right for America. This duty does not include being a mentally challenged bigot who indulges in pointless activities such as smearing candidates. It involves becoming an EDUCATED voter and making a real effort to educate others.

    So do some research, for fuck’s sake.

  45. Smunch


  46. This is Serious

    Does anyone else find it scarey that Sarah Palin is an evangelist that believes “the end of days” is upon us. Now The United States has a nuclear arsenal of 10,500 nuclear weapons. If McCain Dies (he has had melanoma 4 times and he is the oldest person to ever run for president so it could very well happen) Evangelical hockey mom Sarah Palin will be in charge of our country and our nuclear weapons. SHE CAN’T EVEN PRONOUNCE NUCLEAR CORRECTLY! SCAREY!

  47. Becca

    I got frustrated halfway through and turned it off. Listening to her makes me want to punch kittens… and I LOVE kittens!

  48. horrified

    What exactly is it that is so terrible about having a Muslim education? I mean I realise that you are all brainwashed incompetents who know less about the Koran, and muslim teachings in general than you do about your own Bible (and considering the time i have spent discussing theology with those god awful door knocker types) what you know about your own Bible is pitiful. In fact, there is very little discrepency between the Bible and the Koran. personally, i would be far more concerned if he had belonged to one of those terrifying little evengelical churches your country has so many of…

    Are none of you concerned by the Republicans campaign tactics? the attempted character assasination of Obama is so blatant i’m surprised no one is more concerned about it, but then having met Americans, perhaps i should not be so surprised that the jaw droppingly obvious has been missed by the vast majority.

    Far be it for me to tell you how to live your lives… from your comments i’d rather hope that you didn’t… but perhaps you should be more concerned with which of the candidates seems to be working towards fixing your floundering economy. I mean, i realise that a recession has so much potential as far as telling your grandchildren (god help us) how easy they have it, but do you REALLY want to live through one?

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your existances, i genuinly hope that there is beer and mind numbing television enough to sate your appitites and that your country some how manages to survive it’s own inept governance, because without you, who would make us proud we aren’t American?

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