Sarah Palin is gosh-darn adorable a don’tcha know

October 3rd, 2008 // 408 Comments

Last night the Vice Presidential Debate took place between Republican Governor Sarah Palin and Democratic Senator Joe Biden. If you don’t know who these people are, please engage in activities with a high risk of infertility. Anyway, consider this post an open thread/romper room to get your politics on and sound off about the debate. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to salvage my eardrums which feel like they’ve been raped by Marge Gunderson from Fargo.

Oh, and who do I think won? How about I answer a completely different question instead? Waffles.*

*Didn’t get the joke? Don’t worry; I’ll post about Britney soon.


  1. annie hamilton

    RE 34. Deacon Jones

    Hey idiot, the reason she said that is because EVERYONE knows that Katie the CUNT Couric is President of the Obama Fag Club (sorry, I meant FAN Club, freudian slip!!!) and guess what??? she didn’t want to TALK about the newspapers she reads because it DOESN’T MATTER – she had other things she wanted to focus on – and she reiterated that later, sir – who gives a SHIT what papers she reads? she should have turned to Katie and said, ‘Uh, why? what kind of toilet paper do you wipe with?’


  2. I can’t believe it is a tight race. After George Bush the democrats should stomp on the Republicans like Reagan did Mondale. Democrats always seem to screw it up. We need a viable third party.

  3. Sarah Palin

    I am a total moron. If you think I can actually handle complex issues or world leaders, you are gravely wrong. I mask my ineptitude with folsky talk or canned responses that I’ve been fed by handlers over the last few days. I was put on this ticket for the sole reason that John McCain realized he would get slaughtered if this election was about real issues because his record is basically a Bush platter. He knew that through my overly-simplistic, substance-less comments I could sway naive voters. He also thought I could get women on board – which, as we saw, only worked for about two weeks until I started talking about how I’m against all abortion, gay rights, stem cell research and believe that dinosaurs roamed the earth alongside humans.

    Please vote for me because I’m just a hockey mom like you, and somehow that means I should run the country. Please don’t think that McCain is the exact same guy as Bush, despite his record. I’m a hockey mom and I can say things with a folksy accent, so VOTE FOR ME!

  4. Sarah Palin

    I am a total moron. If you think I can actually handle complex issues or world leaders, you are a moron too. I mask my ineptitude with folsky talk or canned responses that I’ve been fed by handlers over the last few days. I was put on this ticket for the sole reason that John McCain realized he would get slaughtered if this election was about real issues because his record is basically a Bush platter. He knew that through my overly-simplistic, substance-less comments I could sway naive voters. He also thought I could get women on board – which, as we saw, only worked for about two weeks until I started talking about how I’m against all abortion, gay rights, stem cell research and believe that dinosaurs roamed the earth alongside humans.

    Please vote for me because I’m just a hockey mom like you, and somehow that means I should run the country. Please don’t think that McCain is the exact same guy as Bush, despite his record. I’m a hockey mom and I can say things with a folksy accent, so VOTE FOR ME!

  5. Robert

    253, hilarious. The fact that Republicans support Palin with a straight face is laughable. She is a laughing stock here and around the world.

  6. Josh

    hey, #251, annie hamilton,

    Couric’s questions to Palin included: what type of news sources Palin turns to for information, which Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with, why Alaska’s proximity to Russia gave her foreign policy experience, her opinion of the bailout package for Wall Street, and where she thought Vice President Dick Cheney erred?

    You’re saying those are unfair questions to ask someone running for VP of the United States? You sound as dumb as Palin.

  7. Sheva

    It’s pretty hilarious that a VP candidate can generate among the rabble even while their self-anointed Messiah has no accomplishments other than flapping magical lies of how he will move the oceans and part the heavens.

    Karl Marx would be proud. Saul Alinsky (Obama’s idol) is watching much prouder (but from down in Hades with the guy he dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals.”

    Yes boys and girls, Obama’s dead idol (the living one being his 22 year pastor relationship) is Saul Alinsky who dedicated his famous left wing tome to Lucifer.

    It sounds made up, but it’s not.

    Maybe one day the media will look into Obama’s real executive experience that he won’t discuss. His work with “the guy in the neighborhood” Bill Ayers, the Annenberg project.

    How and why do Leftists distribute tens of millions of other people’s money for subverting education in Chicago? To what end?

    The blind allegiance to this guy is nothing short of terrifying.

  8. Douche Spigot #254

    Re: #254

    I write letters hoping stupid people will actually believe I am Sarah Palin. With my sarcastic wit I will convince naive voters that Obama is the only vote that is worthy.

  9. Jill

    Why is it that every time Biden asked her about an issue that she didnt have a good answer for, she kept switching the subject back to alternate energy plans? Ok we get it, you have alternate energy plans(which are not that impressive in their own right) … good for you. Now could you please answer some of the other questions!? I was getting frustrated just watching it!

  10. Kerry


    You must have been smoking some chronic if you think Pain kicked Biden’s ass. Even the media states Biden won the debate. Palin could not answer most of the questions. Biden could have ripped Palin to shreds but he did not. Biden had to explain the role of the Vice Presedent to Palin. People like you need to vote based on logic and not emotion.

  11. Dr. John Blackheart

    Sarah Palin is whale carcass in the ocean being eaten by sharks ( I saw that in the discovery channel) and she smell like moose shit . FUCK YOU MCSAME FUCK YOU PALIN

  12. Steven

    annie hamilton, just because you think its a dumb question, doesnt mean you have to sound like a floundering moron answering it. She could have explained why it’s irrelevant to her, not sound like Palin always does – gasping for a talking point or some other BS response that has no substance.

    You don’t have to be the last person defending this moron of a woman. Palin is maybe qualified to run Alaska. Maybe. She’s light years away from being competent enough to run beside old man McCain, who looks like he’s about to lose all sanity any day now. This charade needs to stop. We’re dealing with two jokers on this ticket.

  13. Mia


    I laughed my head off when Palin could not answer the questions and especially when she said she will not answer the question the way Biden or the moderator wants her to answer the quesiton; she’s going to give the American people straight talk which means that she does not know the answer. Biden won the debate, knows politics, and has a firm grip on Obama’s policies.

  14. Dr. John Blackheart

    @ 251 I know someone else who doesn’t read the news paper, BUSH. Look how that’g gone so far fuck you REPUBLICAN party fuck you and fuck you even more McSAME

  15. JASON K



  16. stating the obvious

    Palin fills the vacuum created by the lack of genuine enthusiasm for John McCain’s candidacy. That’s why there’s so much passion about her “comeback performance” at the debate (full disclosure: I wouldn’t mind coming on her back, after she finally says “gosh-darn, I’m gittin’ really gawdawful sore, dontcha know, big guy”), even as McCain’s numbers slip further, toward a zone where it’ll take a miracle for him to reverse the tide and win.

    As a Democrat, I say fine, you can have your Palin and eat her too. I’m not worried about her in 2012. And she’s only a distraction to the McCain candidacy at this point (she just cost McCain 3 days of coverage by becoming the top story herself). McCain absolutely LOVES to be the pit bull himself, so Palin doesn’t serve a practical purpose anymore – the “red meat” lovers in the “base” have been “energized” already (and we’re all bored to death by those terms). Great, they account for 35% of the vote. Starting a month ago, the McCain campaign should have moved on to “how can we get the independents’ votes?” and they haven’t. In fact, the positive reviews for Palin essentially say she moved back, image-wise, to her much-praised performance at the convention. Wonderful – so, a month was lost, they’re now back at square one, with only a month to go, and the stoplight back squarely on Palin. Nice job.

  17. John McCain

    I am suspending my campiagn until somene changes my depends. that is all.

  18. FCS

    It’s all irrelevant anyway. You all just sold your childrends future out for a 700 billion bailout of the rich. unbeilievable. in any other country people would be in the streets setting shit on fire. But hey the baseball playoffs are on right? Good luck US, your gonna fucking need it.

  19. Noelle

    Biden won that debate…. there is no way that McCain is going to win in November and thank goodness for that… I actually value my right to choose!

    You Palin supporters should really do your homework on all the fucked up shit she has done…

  20. Cravey

    People who go on and on about Palin not being qualified because she’s just a governor seems to forget that over the last 32 years, except for four years with Bush Sr., we’ve had nothing BUT governors as presidents. Some good (Clinton & Reagan) and lousy (Bush and Carter) but do we really think that running Alaska is 2008 is less difficult that running Arkansas 20 years ago?

  21. Fuck The Liberal Cocksuckers


    Hey stupid, if you’re gonna try to pass something off as yours, make sure it hasn’t already been passing around on the internet, dumbass.

  22. vince

    #268 – that’s an overreaction. We’re not bailing out the rich – they’ve already parachuted out and transferred their money into cash reserves (why do you think the FDIC insurance cutoff was raised). We’re buying a ton of mortgage-backed securities that need to backed up with real money to make banks start giving out loans again, so that business don’t fail and the layoffs don’t get worse than they already are. If the securities end up being totally worthless, we’re out the 700 (or more). If they rebound in value, we’ll have bought low and be in a position to sell high and make a profit. It all depends on how it’s handled from here on. That’s why it’d be nice if somebody – anybody – started talking about the details of how all this will be handled from now on. It’d be especially nice if McCain and Obama did, because whoever gets elected will have to manage and oversee all of this, now that the bill is passed. Forget about all the the domestic stuff and most of the foreign policy stuff (we’ll start a slow process of pulling out in Iraq while throwing lots more resources at Afghanistan, regardless of who’s in office). But, even sooner than that, there will be lots of crucial decisions made and as of now, there’s a complete lack of transparency for the decision-making process. That has to end.

  23. Kerry


    Thanks for the link! Now I can email it to all my friends! Please quit posting based on emotion and practice logic and critical thinking. Here is the actual link:

  24. Yeah pretty adorable if you’re into men dressed in drag. Anyhow I don’t agree with people who talk about that innocent baby. That’s just plain wrong even though I don’t care for her.

  25. shellibelli

    I have a very good friend who lived and worked in anchorage for over 15 years and has even met Palin just after she won Governor.

    My buddy was media liason for the District Attorney there. She said Palin is a fake poney what ever. Said she is all sweet and nice like sugar wont melt in her mouth.

    Says what she will to get what she wants. Stabs those or should I say fires those that she feels dont back her up with the same views.

    Has been career driven since high school. So no I dont buy the I am just a good ole gal soccer mom from Alaska.

    and yes she confirmed the book banning “rumor” IS true. I cannot suuport anyone who would ban a book in a public library ( we arent talking porn here)

  26. whatever

    McCain / Palin get my vote.


    Because the Democrats are brain dead when it comes to economics. You DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT raise taxes during a downturn. You DO NOT raise the capital gains tax during a liquidity crisis. You DO NOT promise trillions in new programs and spending when the government is sinking in red ink.

    And you DO NOT force banks to hand out loans to unqualified people like candy. (The Clinton rewrite of the Community Reinvestment Act which was the seed that grew into the current crisis.)

    Not that the Republicans are by any means perfect. But mixing Obama with this economy would be like mixing gasoline with a fire.

  27. annie hamilton

    hey, #251, hey, #251, annie hamilton,

    Palin has the RIGHT to control the questions – not Couric. you know good and well that if Obama was on the show, not only would she be licking his chocolate starfish, she’d be allowing him to spoonfeed his own questions. If you don’t understand that, you know very little about the process. perhaps YOU should get with the program. by the way, click onto this link before you call anyone dumb:

    except, perhaps, your candidate, LOL!!!
    look at his wishy washy voting record!!! what a fucking retard!!!

  28. boo

    Um #173, both my husband have college degrees, my husband owns a business and we pay $2000.00 a month for health insurance for our family on top of our other bills.We do make ends meet, I was trying to make a point about so many others who are hurting right now BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE A MEANS TO LIVE WITHIN. Typical self righteous bull shit, oh, “just go get more education or move to a cheaper part of the country,”

  29. independent

    I have read every comment and I’d just like to add:

    Where is the love and compassion? We have got to band together. We are a great country built on hard work and understanding and freedom. Without that, what are we?

    Regardless of who wins, it’s a historic election (yay!!) and both sides have good and bad.

    The fact is that the people run this country. Make changes on the local level and you’ll see changes in the country. The world.

    We love each other. We only want the best for us and our children. Let’s act like it.

    Peace. And God Bless America.

  30. Get a Clue!


    The Reagan administration taxed Americans that made 250,000 or more a year just like Obama plans on doing. America needs to tax someone so it is only fair that the people who make the most pay the most taxes. It makes no sense to force the people who make less than 250,000 to pay higher taxes while the people who make 250,000 have lower taxes. Obama raised the Capital Gains tax on people who make 250,000 or more. You need to state specifics when you say promise trillions because you have no evidence to back up your ignorant statement. Both McCain and Obama will do spending and McCain’s spending only benefits the rich and forgets about middle class and the poor. McCain is the one who voted to DEREGULATE banking which caused the current crisis we have now. For goodness sakes get your facts straight and stop with the Republican lies.

    Vote Obama!

  31. annie hamilton

    Good Grief People!!! Wake UP!!!!!
    Posted by Blown Sideways by Life – thoughts on Healthcare on Wednesday, October 01, 2008 12:00:00 AM
    Enough is enough. – I’ve kept my mouth shut for months, scanning the paper in silence, reading the somewhat bi-partisan argument going on, not jumping in, as I’m supposed to watch my stress levels. But Some of the more ludicrous commentary is screaming out for feedback. (FYI, every one of my statements is entrenched firmly in well-researched fact, easily documented)

    1. Our current financial ‘mess’ is NOT all of ‘Bush’s’ doing, it’s VERY much a dual-party deal. Everyone involved knew there was trouble and they didn’t tell us. Where we should be concerned and downright upset is that 1) greedy CEO’s should NOT be allowed to jump ship with millions in bail-out bonuses as it penalizes everyone, from their employees to their clients. (especially when the American People are at risk for picking up the tab)

    2. We should be VERY angry about the potential of bailing these idiotic financial institutions out – it’s our tax money, people! We are already taxed to the gills!!! This is OUR money!!! Forcing taxpayers to bail out these greedy institutions that gave loans to people with shaky credit is bad enough but now we’re finding out that they were also buying bad paper. Why should WE be responsible? Frankly, they should be going to jail for endangering other people’s investments. Shame on you!!

    For all of you ‘Agents of Change’ who are ‘Sick of Bush’ and positive that Obama is the answer to prayer, let’s review this:
    1. He is an atheist – that scares the crap out of me and should you too. We want our leaders to follow God. It is a basic principle that our very Country was founded upon.

    2. He has less experience to run a nation than someone required to run night shift at a McDonald’s. true story.

    3. He supports partial birth abortion and that is an insult to 40 million unborn voters.

    4. We know very little about him – his experience is so limited – the only reason he’s gotten as far as he has is because Oprah has propelled her weight behind him. (but Oprah is wrong about a lot of stuff lately. Her article about thyroid disorders was a disaster)

    Troubled as it may be, our beautiful country was founded upon judeo-christian values – which involved difficult decisions, often including wars, separations from families and unhappy times and strife between leaders. true stuff!!! It was good enough then and should be good enough now! most familes stuck it out, they didn’t act like whiny little girls when the going got tough – and they WERE – much tougher than they are now, in fact.

    We could easily be called the land of conveniences and spoiled brats. (a title that works well for me, many of my relatives going back a long ways fought hard and proud so we could have the right to say what we want in a land that is free of oppression, full of opportunity, even if your neighbor’s opinion makes you want to barf – at least you cannot be put to death for speaking your mind, regardless of your race, your color, your sex, disability, etc) but on that note, it shouldn’t be a handout either.

    1 Yes, liberals we could CERTAINLY have avoided going to war – and had we done that, we’d have huge blocks of terrorist cells all over the place, guaranteed, if not worse. (Ventura would probably be one huge parking lot by now) Avoiding war after the attacks would have been the equivalent of surrendering, though, unless you subscribe to the theory of ‘ feel good politics’ (which any red-blooded patriotic Republican does NOT, it’s for weenies) which don’t jive with the mindset of anyone who knows anything about the middle east. (and just for the sake of discussion, if you don’t, you shouldn’t be responding or ranting on about the Government)

    2. For those of you who think Bush has put all of us in the poorhouse and yearn for the days of the good old ‘Clinton years’ keep in mind that the only thing that Clinton really did (other than Monica) was put gays in the military and ignore the warnings that our borders were weak and that we had terrorist cells growing. He did NOTHING for the economy to grow it. THAT WOULD BE REAGAN. The greatest and most permanent mark Clinton will leave on history will likely be found on a size 12 blue dress.

  32. Michelle Obama

    I whole heartedly agree with #279. Let’s embrace our opponents, and brings some decency back into Washington. The American people deserve to be served by their government, regardless of their political orientation.

    And let’s recognize the contributions that everyday Americans can make. A constituent of Barack’s, one Mubeekie Jackson, proposes eliminating tariffs on bananas sold by foreign companies in the American market. This is the kind of common sense policy making that will put the government back to work for the American people instead of greedy corporations.

    Also, oo oo oo AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  33. boo

    oops, should have been #193 not #173

    Also, my husband and I


  34. mimi

    Not one fucking word here has anything to do with Amy Winehouse and her various diseases that were caused BY YOU AND ME! That’s right I said you and I are the unappreciative bastards that caused this goddess of soul and song to be in the state of mind she is in today.
    Can you for a moment imagine the stess she was unfairly put in? To be young and beautuful and have to live up to every fucking scumbag’s expectations will definitely cause a young mind to harm themself.

    Let’s all forget this fucking stupid election and all join hands and

    Love, mimi

  35. Disgusted Republican

    The debate showed Plain as an overly coached, almost sneering news-anchor, who avoided questions. But her true agenda came over loud and clear; Drill baby drill. It’s what she’s wanted all along. That’s also why, as governor, she filed a lawsuit against the Federal government protesting polar bears being listed as an endangered species; and sued the Feds challenging the Alaskan native sovereignty on the lands they inhabit. (Read the lawsuits.) She wants to exploit those areas for more drilling, and take away native sovereignty to open up drilling, and develop commercial fishing and hunting for Alaska. If this woman’s a Christian, I’m a purple-haired Yak.

  36. eff the bears and fish and moose and indians and life

    I say we use this planet up for what it’s worth and then move on to the next one! That is what God more or less told us to do, right?
    Fuck all you liberal tree huggers I say cut all the trees down and fish out the seas and let the polar bears sweat to death and let;s get the oil it;s ours!
    The stupid indians never knew what to do with the bounty of riches they had so fuck them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. James

    Get informed!!! Do you own search!! Biden was telling lies. Dont listen or believe me. Look it up yourself. Stop waiting for someone to tell you what to think and get off your lazy asses and look for yourself. I will help you. You are already on the internet now just use it. Just because I say something does not make it the truth. If he was made of wood his nose would have been the length of a football field. You guys call Palin dumb when Biden asks people that are in wheel chairs to stand up and said the wrong president got on TV (yes he said TV) in 1932 to talk to the american people. Get your facts straight. Just look it up and stop listening to the people for everything else you call an idiot.

  38. I believe if you read the posts that favor Biden and Obama then you will understand some of their policies and why we are voting for Obama. You are doing the typical Republican rhetoric where you do not state specific policies and bash Obama and Biden. McCain said the economy was good and then later that day he said the economy was bad. Obama has always stated the economy is bad. McCain did not even know how many houses he owns. McCain cheated on his wife with his second wife while she was very ill which is bad character. Obama has been with the same wife.

  39. Another Disgusted Republican


    I am also a disgusted Republican and will be voting for Obama.

  40. mimi

    I would rather vote for Hitler than these freaks.

  41. adeliza



  42. Gore Hater


    Get off the crack man. Tell me one thing that Obama has stayed the course on. Hell tell me one policies Obama has stayed consistant on. He changes his tune depending who is in the room. He is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. I think we all know McCain knows how to stay the course.

  43. stephanie

    she reminds me of the mom from Bobby’s World.

  44. Linda Eastman


    For goodness sakes please get a clue! When Clinton left office there was a huge surplus and now we have a huge deficit. The US entered the war because of weapons of mass destruction and not because of terrorist. Before Clinton left office he told Bush about his plans to get Bin Ladin and instead Bush pulled troops from Afghanistan to fight in Iraq which helped Bin Ladin gain more power and organize more terrorist. Iraq will never have democracy as long as the Shites, Sunnis, and Kurds are fighting each other. Obama plans on troop withdrawal while McCain wants to fight a war that cannot be won and spend $350 million a day on the Iraq war and have 4,000 plus more Americans dead. This money could go towards the US. Obama wants Iraq to pay for the war out of their 80 billion dollar surplus whereas McCain does not. 911 happened because the US was lax with their airport security and not because of Sadaam. The US has the best defense in the world, the terrorist would have a difficult time planning a huge attack on the US. The worst they can do is hide bombs and kill a handful of people.

    The first time Monica met Clinton, she lifted her dress up to expose her big ass in a thong. Monica kept on making passes at Clinton and he refused. Finally during Christmas break when most people were not in the White House and Bill Clinton was working hard; Monica gave Clinton a BJ. Newt Gingrich who was the former Republican Speaker of the House was having an affair while he was trying to impeach Clinton. Newt was hiding his sausage with his mistress regularly and Clinton never gave Monica his sausage. Monica stuck a cigar up her fat ugly pussy.

  45. independent


    wow. really? you’d rather kill 6 million people than give someone a chance? i know you are joking, but that is rather harsh, no?

    our choices are: a radical / nice old fellow and a POW / hockey mom

    but you’d rather have 20th century’s worst genecidal maniac??

    there is no debate on that.

    just think about what you are putting out there. which is a lot of hatred.

  46. it's over

    300 comments soon, heading toward 400, 500 over the weekend?

    A McCain story wouldn’t get more than 50.

    She’s a nice distraction, but she’s just killing him now. People are more interested in Palin stories than McCain stories. Or Obama stories, for that matter, but that’s ok with him since he’s drifting slowly but surely toward victory. Let the people entertain themselves with Palin, like a cat with a bright-colored toy, and while they do, they’re not paying attention to McCain. It will be entertaining when he gets totally fed up with this and does another one of his “bomb-thrower” acts, like when he suspended his campaign. I wonder what it’ll be? My guess is some type of radical economic plan, to show he can do economics but mostly to grab the spotlight back from Obama and his own running mate. Something like a plan to require the federal government to use the $700 billion to send checks to all American citizens in one year, which would be dividend checks if the money is managed properly and refund checks if it’s not. Everybody will cheer it, instant polls will give it 95% approval…and then the stock market will lose 900 points. Hahaha, poor guy, he just can’t win.

  47. Al


    Please read the positive posts about Biden and Obama to understand their policies.

  48. Winston


    What are McCains policies to stay the course? Continue fighting a war that cannot be won. Provide people who make 250,000 or more the best tax breaks while forcing everyone else to pay higher taxes?

  49. Al my Pal

    That is not their policies. That is just repeatting what the main stream media says. The only policy Obama knows is how to vote PRESENT

  50. Winston the pityful


    You make me sad. So weak and holding up the white flag. I can tell that the military is something you are not familiar with. That $250k is for small businesses and under Obama will put them out of business. And let me get this straight, if you do well then you must pay more simply because you have more. Welcome to socialism my friends. That is just jealousy talking. America is the place that rewards those that work hard. Not punish them. But what does it matter. With people like you around America will not be around much longer. You will just give up. Are you French?

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