Sarah Palin just set off some alarms at PETA

November 21st, 2008 // 189 Comments

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has answered a resounding “You betcha” to the question “Can she be anymore oblivious?” After pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving, Governor Palin gave a surreal interview with a local news team yesterday – right in front of a dude slaughtering turkeys. Amazing. My favorite part is the look on the guy’s face as he realizes “Wow, you’re really going to do this.” Then gets back to work because it’s Alaska, and it’s fucking cold out.

In the meantime, someone needs to tell Sarah Palin’s the elections over, so she can stop reciting the words John McCain wrote on the inside of her eyelids ad nauseum. Jesus, lady. I don’t see how Todd Palin doesn’t spend the majority of his day purposely getting rammed in the ear by snowmobiles. Unless he’s somehow immune to shrill.

Thanks to heather! who should be appointed Secretary of the Awesome.


  1. Required

    What an idiot.

  2. ChuckleHead

    Heather, the Secretary of the Awesome, is a slut.

  3. Jeremy Hammond

    Holy freakin’ shit. This woman scares the bejeesus out of me

  4. ohhhh that voice ! This broad’ is clueless,,,unless shes in her short shorts please spare me of this!

  5. WTF

    And some people STILL think she is if fit to be President. I don’t mind the Turkey processing… this video could have had a Beach scene for a backdrop and the clone tard would still sound wack.

  6. Patrix

    So this broads personal idea of a bit of levity and fun is to hang around watchin turkey’s get slaughtered? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat me some turkey…but I dunno if watchin em die is my idea of whoopdie-doo fun time. Damn Alaska must suck. Although I think it’d be hawt to do her bent over, while she’s talking politics, watching turkey’s being slaughtered. Perhaps I’ve said too much.

  7. raoul

    ohhh hellooo der i have a burberry scarf innit

  8. I can’t understand why she is so popular at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^^^^^. She has got many great fans there.

  9. mikey

    oh. my. fucking. god.

    she is truely one of the stupidest people on planet earth. (or any of the adjacent galaxies)

    say whatever you want about obama; if this ignorant twat ever gets into the white house, we are all dead.

    check out the turkey struggling in the background! (& the expression on the guy’s face) fucking hilarious!

  10. Kambrea

    So what? Turkey is delicious and it has to die somehow.

    ignorant twat?

    No, not really. I mean honestly? Name calling?


  11. Something tells me her vaginal labia looks like two turkey necks slapping together…

    Fuck you, you know you were thinking the exact same thing.

  12. Lucy

    I hope SP stays in the limelight and continues to show her ignorance and stupidity…2012 here’s Sarah!!

  13. flabergast

    Seriously… the election is over people, leave her the fuck alone

  14. biteme

    She really needs a house negro. We all do.

  15. Ted from LA

    I hope the Bush pardons are treated in the same manner. Anyone who voted for McCain knowing this dumb fuck would be one cancer ridden 72 year-old heartbeat away from the presidency is an idiot.

  16. There is no way anyone but an idiot kills turkeys like that. It’s slow and horrid. I think she’s been set up again. She’s retarded.

  17. denise

    hey #10 are you Palins twin twat?!?!

  18. FACE

    THis is the kind of American politican whon is going to guide the US into losing its position of world dominance. I hope I am dead before it happens. THis bitch is ridiculous and there are enough dumb ass white people to support her.

  19. Todd Palin's balls in a jar

    That’s probably the same guy Sarah hired to remove Todd’s balls.
    He probalby hacked Bristol Palin’s fiancee’s nuts off too, I can’t remember that douchetard’s name and I refuse to search it I want to forget these fucking assclowns even exist, but since I’m Canadian and can see Alaska from where I live that will be really hard, harder than Sarah Palin’s nipples and clit are at the sight of those mutilated turkey’s.

  20. AD

    I guess all of these people who take issue with this are vegan, or at least vegetarian?

    If not, quit beingf-king hypocrites. At least those turkeys aren’t factory farmed, unlike most of the poultry you undoubtedly consume.

  21. Ted from LA

    Listen to her speak. I’ve never heard a person use more filler words in my life. “The last two months have been just so… political.” No shit, Sarah? That’s a brilliant observation.

  22. Escalator

    So there must be two main writers on this website, one who’s AWESOME and HILARIOUS and another who tries desperately but fails miserably.
    This is an example of the latter.

    And there’s some basic grammatical and spelling errors in that story you may want to fix to at least save your credibility, if not your lack of talent.

  23. Kambrea


    YES I AM
    I am definitely her twat twin. How can you call me an idiot when you don’t even know me on a personal level?

  24. Eric

    God this is refreshing. All you assholes whining about the turkeys being killed get the hell over it.

  25. Ted from LA

    That is not the point. She was there for the annual turkey PARDON. Did that look like a pardon to you?

  26. Obvious Man

    I don’t think anyone is opposing the fact that the turkey is being killed, ya asshole. I think the main focus of the story is that Sarah Palin is there TO PARDON A TURKEY…..then get this……has an interview with TURKEYS BEING SLAUGHTERED AND HER COMPLETE OBLIVIOUS BLISS ON WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND HER.

    Get it now? I typed it big, and I want you to read it slow so it’ll sink in.

  27. Barak Obama

    Say what you will about her, but her approval ratings are still more than twice as high as Congress’ and higher than Obama’s and Clinton’s.

    Turkeys got to die somehow. You fucking tree huggers probably think it is OK to smoke pot, but you don’t want to hear about the child labor used to grow and cultivate it in mexico and elsewhere.

  28. Obvious Man

    Yep. Yeah, anyone with a free thinking mind is a tree hugging hippie. Or maybe we just have more common sense. It’s good to know that the GOP is still so bitter, and angry even two weeks after the election is over. How’d that whole election thing turn out, by the way? Yeah, how’ve the past 8 years been for the country,hm? Okay. S’what I thought. Fuck off.

  29. Ananana

    that was one of the funniest things i’ve seen in a long while…

  30. Obama! Obama!

    What a shame this smug genius isn’t president yet.

  31. havoc

    How the fuck do you think turkeys get in your grocery store?



  32. Obvious Man

    Again….so you’re obviously with a mental condition that impairs your focus, and understanding. It’s not about the turkey being killed. It’s about Sarah Palin’s obliviousness to what’s going on in her tiny little bubble, and the fact that she was there to PARDON A MOTHA FUCKIN’ TURKEY.

    See the irony in that? Do you know what irony is? It’s not used to describe what Iron Man’s armor tastes like. I promise. Go grab a dictionary.

  33. OKB

    That was funny. I kept looking at the turkey guy and didn’t even listen what she was talking about.

  34. Barak Obama

    Who’s bitter #28? We lost fair and square, we know that. It doesn’t change the fact that her approval ratings are higher than the Dem controlled Congress, Obama’s and Clinton’s. Hell even GWB’s ratings are higher than Congress. Bitter doesn’t change facts.

    The only bitter people are the homo’s in CA who lost to Prop 8. Get over it. We don’t agree with you wanting to marry the same sex. Get a civil union and move on.

    I killed my own turkey this year. I hit it with my Pathfinder as it tried to cross I-24 here in Tennessee. Fucked up my vehicle to the tune of $1,430!

  35. Bobby D

    I like turtles.

  36. Obvious Man

    Tennessee. That explains a lot.

  37. simplicity

    I was doing the same thing.

  38. ButtCorp

    Yeah… as a non-US citizen I had an image growing up of guys in lab coats in Palo Alto or Burbank or IBM… What happened to the US that someone like this can make it to Governor of Alaska, let alone potential VP?

  39. Barak Obama

    I lived in CA my whole life (except the times I was deployed for the military) and I couldn’t wait to get out of that shit hole. The liberals have made that State a laughing stock. Arnold, the liberals and the fucking illegals can have it. I am just glad I got out. Say what ever you want about Tennesee (or any other place). At least I can afford a better standard of living and not worry about my kids having to learn that guys fucking guys is OK. you know, because every 1st grader needs to know that.

  40. she knows it’s ironic – it’s in spite of the ‘animal and tree huggers’ that so ruined her never-possible election ideals. she sees it as the wackjob environmental/tree hugger types who stole the election so she has an interview about a joke pardon for a turkey in front of someone butchering them – complete asshole and also a sore loser (just like everyone else who voted for her)

    perhaps you guys should take this time to do a little SELF-REFLECTION as to why and what you can change about yourself and your party. why do you think 75% of the GOP voted for Obama? that 25% needs to vanish or get with the times.

  41. Crash and Burn

    This just in: Politicians are patronizing to special interest groups.

    More on this report in the next 4 to 8 years.

    This also just in: People eat turkeys. And they don’t eat them alive.

    More on this report next Thursday.

  42. Sofa_King

    Damn, she should have kept the hair and make-up people on staff – she looks like she just woke up and rolled out of a moose pile.

  43. Kate

    I want to eat the turkey, I just don’t want to see how it got to my oven, which is why I didn’t watch the video.

    That said, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, turkey. So lean and good for you. Can’t wait to make it bad for me with potatoes and stuffing and gravy. WOO HOO.

  44. Mos

    # 39 – “At least I can afford a better standard of living and not worry about my kids having to learn that guys fucking guys is OK. you know, because every 1st grader needs to know that.”

    Yes, I’m sure your kids are relieved that they only have to learn that their daddy fucking them is ok. I agree with you about your standard of living; double-wides are real nice these days.

  45. me

    FUCK PETA. We didn’t rise to the top of the food chain by foraging for berries. MMMM….berries

  46. Harry Doyle

    When did we start killing animals for food?????? What?


    And why doesn’t PETA go to an Indian Reservation and douse them with flour for wearing fur?

  47. Langdon

    @27: Not hard to have a high approval rating when you raise taxes on corporations and hand out their profits with checks to citizens. It’s called socialism. Sarah Palin is a socialist.

  48. #46 – Because those PETA sissies would faint at the very first scalping. Personally, if my dinner doesn’t moo and bleed, I send it back.

  49. Rant

    I have always given Sarah the benefit of the doubt; however, this was the height of stupid. She definitely has cashews for brains.

  50. YouKnowItsTrue

    You want to see stupid…..

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