Sarah Palin wears short shorts

November 14th, 2008 // 123 Comments

Hello, hello. These are photos of Sarah Palin chilling by the pool at her Miami hotel yesterday. She was in town for the Republican Governors Association meeting where she was all business, but after hours, she’s all sexy a gosh-darn don’tcha know. Not bad looking legs on the Governor. Almost makes me reconsider my vote. Okay, not really, but if she ever wants to shoot some moose together, I’m game.

NOTE: For the record, I hunt Adam & Eve style: Au naturale. Governor?

If you want to scope out some more Sarah Palin legginess, the rest of the set can be found exclusively on Celebuzz.


  1. Rant


  2. sexy

    FIRST wow my sexiness has excelled woo!

  3. DIRK


  4. DCQ

    I’d hit ti!

  5. Dan

    Cock goes where?

  6. pinksneakers

    looks like jennifer garner here. ew.

  7. Rant

    How long will it take for someone to photoshop that glass into a penis?

  8. Randal

    Sarah …

    I’ve got nothing.


  9. Erica

    That doesn’t really look like Sarah..I mean in a way it does..but not really.

  10. Greg

    You’re game – HA!

  11. Greg

    You’re game – HA!

  12. Doggy Style

    I just LUIS!!!!!:

  13. Richard

    AWESOME the woman is sexy now thats what a first lady or a vice president should look like gorgeous

  14. What a governing body !

  15. Sauron

    I would vote for this Hockey Milf next time she’s going for presidency !

  16. Sauron

    I’ll guess she’ll be the first president without hairy legs.

  17. Mike Hawk


  18. E. Normas Koch

    I wouldn’t vote for someone based on “hotness” or nice looking body, or skin color etc. But I’d hit that shit till we both collapsed from exhaustion then go at it again. But it doesn’t mean I’d want her religilous goofy bible thumping in the White House but we’d have sex and I guarantee she’d scream during orgasm.

    PS Brad Pitt is a douchebag extraordinaire. Just saying.

  19. Jake

    Her complete and utter stupidity makes her even hotter. You just can’t beat a retarded beauty queen for a fuck buddy.

  20. Good for her for knowing how to relax and be a normal person. So few politicians are.

  21. Better legs than Biden!

  22. googa

    stupid hillibilly bitch!

  23. suZie

    Ok, on that survey thing that I took to send feedback about this site… I know I checked the box for ‘I’d like to see more updates on this site’ Well now.. it’s TOO much updates. I can’t keep up. Can you tone it down just a little?

  24. 20-20

    That’s not her. Maybe this site IS filled with retards…

  25. Kahlee

    Yes nice legs. But having nice legs doesn’t mean you should run a country.

  26. steak_knife



  27. Wow… she does have very nice legs for a mom. I wonder how she does it? Being a mom, a wife and now a politician!

  28. Horatio

    #27, you think the president runs the country? BWA-HA-HA. How farcical does life have to become before you realize a big joke is being played on you? Do they have to pit Big Bird against Ernie in a heated race for election? No, then people would still be arguing: “I think Big Bird is better on health care.” “But Ernie is half-Eskimo and it’s time we had a half-Eskimo president, I’m sick of old white men.” And whoever won, Rahm Emmanuel would be their Chief of State.

  29. Big Bird

    2012 here I come.

  30. Jose

    I am glad that Obama is almost in the White House, because now I can call my self an American again.

  31. what

    #14, the past tense of “shit” is “shat.” idiot.

  32. lori

    Good job, Sarah. If you can’t go on intelligence, competence, or experience, just throw some short shorts on, sit in some revealing poses and pretend they’re not photographing you. You may be shrewd, but you’re still dumb as mud and abhorrent to any thinking human being. p.s. REAL Americans, aka non-redneck hillbillies, wanted your 15 minutes to be up a long time ago. You sicken most of us.

  33. Hillary Hater

    Oh shit, I knew she was a lush! I used to like her because she not a caustic bitch like Hillary. Oh shit, again, just where is Madeline Albright when you need her.

  34. Shit Nurse

    # 33 -

    You are the rudimentary uneducated one, there is no past tense of SHIT. Get a Life…

  35. Dan

    33 and 36: Prove it.

  36. sht nurse 2

    # 36 you’re the man

  37. Big Joe

    You know, it’s funny, she’s the Governor of a state and you, Lori, are blogging on a celebrity blog site. So really, Lori, do you think you’re smarter then Gov Palin? And “Jake”, you’re probably another retard w/o a job. Go fuck yourselves all you Palin haters…which are primarily fat chicks w/ no looks and at home most Friday nights due to never have gotten laid, that abore Gov Palin cause she’s smart, successful and NOT a FAT, CUNT, BITCH, that relies on her looks to get where she’s is currently. Oh, dang, now I’m drunk blogging and hating on fat girls the world over. Fuckin’ fat bitches…go on a diet, bitches.

  38. Two thumbs up Big Joe!

  39. Beth

    I looked through the whole set at Celebuzz – how can anybody think this is Palin? It doesn’t look like her, even with the intentionally poor image quality (as with all fakes). This woman is younger and heavier. They have similar hair, that’s it.

  40. m

    to quote Margaret Cho: “I kinda wanna have sex with her”
    she looks gorgeous, and I would also be curious to see her in a two-piece

  41. p

    sarah palin on the superficial.

    fuck you

  42. Jackie

    why the fuck is she posing like that?

  43. Joe Rapist

    I’d love to violently assault her butthole, just to see her cry.

  44. Jie

    Joe, just replay the election clip on youtube.

  45. IWONKY

    It’s bad enough that I’m even looking at a pic of Sarah ” the pitbull extraordinaire” Palin…but now, I actually want to see #46 doing that thing he sooooo wants to do to Sarah, just so I can watch her cry her stupid eyes out. I wonder if I am alone? Thought for the day…would Sarah do this willingly or put up a fight????

  46. IWONKY

    If she put up a fight…it would be nice to see Joe punch her stupid lights out too.

  47. IWONKY

    POOOOWWWW, right in the kisser, dontcha know…,

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