Sarah Palin adds F-ck Me Boots to GOP arsenal

February 2nd, 2009 // 283 Comments

Seen here attending the Alfalfa Club Annual Banquet by personal invitation from President Obama, Sarah Palin is all cougar. Which raises a philosophical query, as a devout sportswoman, isn’t she technically obligated to hunt herself from a plane? That said, I’m a pilot with lots of free time. Governor?

Photos: Splash News

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  2. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    She’ll be the GOP nominee in 2012. And probably lose every state.

  3. I hope she wins

    It really don’t matter anymore. We are beyond bankrupt now. There is nothing of value left here. No jobs, factories sent overseas for cheap labor, NAFTA is far more important than the constitution (of any nation – we have been subverted). The rule of law is dictated by the needs of transnational corportate forum not human rights. Captialism is stressed as the prime directive (by the greedy and evil capitalists).

    We are wiped out. Maybe China and Mexico will sent us really menial work that their people don’t want to perform.

    At least we have a gigantic military! Police states always do!

  4. #233-236 – That was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Just remember: Elections have consequences.

    Heh, heh, heh…

  5. sarah

    damn, I was hoping she got speared by some moose antlers…

    That bag is big enough to hide her bastard grandchild in and the PVC plether belongs at some S&M warehouse party -
    which, I’ve heard, is how Ann Coulter and the rest of the pouting, loser republicans are taking out their pent up frustration these days… in sex swings and nipple clamps.

    I’ll give you $150 if you bring me her severed paw.

  6. Vote for Sarah? NFW

    However, as long as I have a face, she has a place to sit.
    Side note to Sarah, I can breathe through my ears.

  7. Vote for Sarah? NFW

    However, as long as I have a face, she has a place to sit.
    Side note to Sarah, I can breathe through my ears.

  8. JJpeepee

    Yeah and how much did those f*ck me boots cost? i bet its part of her $200,000 wardrobe. In our faces!!! Yeah! Out of jobs all over the U.S. Rub those f*ck me boots in my face!

  9. JJPeepee

    238. Even Richport’s Feces – February 3, 2009 4:29 PM

    Yeah I felt so safe with the Republicans in office. Hell they weren’t even voted in (as in 2 stolen elections) and I know that they ruined our country financially and offered up a senile old man and a dumb theiving ($150,000) slut as our next administration leaders even though the old man admitted that not even did he understand economics (which unnumbered thousands of college students do) but hey, he though the economy was essentially just fine!

    Sure the first order of business of Bushes stolen regime was for acting as President Cheney to order up everything we had on Iraq and then magically the mean ole Saudis Arabians attacked our Twin Towers somehow even though we have an FBI, CIA, NSA and countless people from all over the world monitored the suspected terrorists and half of them set off security alerts at the airports where they boarded the planes they perfectly (almost like remote controlled) flew into the two buildings which both perfectly somehow burned to the ground even though the fuel wasn’t hot enough to burn the structural steel and then we quickly shipped all the rubble to China. And hey, even though our Secretary of Defense twice slipped about our Pentagon being attacked by a missile (Gee I wonder who and why that would happen?) and we never mustered the courage to attack the Saudis and our apparantly homosexual president was photoed holding hands with their leaders and accidentally attacked the wrong country (Iraq) and succeeded in bankrupting his nation doesn’t mean that Republicans are essentially criminals and perverts.

    That mean ole nasty left wing liberal Obama did not deserve to win even though he won the election fairly. We call him the “Messiah” cuz he is gonna fix all of our criminal failures that have ruined this country that we love (to ruin) so much.

    We Republicans want for this left wing mean ole nasty man to fail!!!!!!!

    Yay! Republicans still have power!!!!!!!!! Praise Satan!!!!!

    Couldn’t have said it any better. That is great.

  10. Turbo

    She looks like a hot tranny mess, and not in a good way.

  11. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    Wow, she looks all crazy and jacked up on Mountain Dew in these pictures. I’d still fuck her, better than Joe Biden. Obama is about to fuck us all anyway.

    You fucks understand what a TRILLION DOLLARS IS? Save a MILLION dollars EVERY DAY for 2500, yes, TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED, YEARS and you will have the 915,000,000 they want to piss away on stupid groups and people that got them elected, and a few close personal friends and family members.

    We are all fucked! That stupid ass just bankrupted America.

  12. Bill Victus

    In my fantasy, she’d have crotchless pantyhose on with no panties to cover her pussy, and I’d push her down on her hands and knees, flip up that skirt, and do her rear entry. With an occasional slap to that wide sexy ass. Phew!

  13. Dick

    What’s the matter, ass tard? Did your blow up doll spring a leak? Now you have to jerk off to photos of Palin? If some DemoCUNT has worn the same boots you’d be jerking off in praise to how “modern” she/it was when the boots where worn.

    Still molesting little boys, moron?

  14. Sangria

    As much as I hate this bitch, she does have the legs for f-ck me boots. And the mentality. :)

  15. she looks amazing in these boots

  16. Lou Mai Gai

    Next time I am voting for those shiny sexy boots! Who cares if she has no
    brains? Watching her prancing around in the White House wearing those patent leather boots is good enough for me! Go Sarah and her Boots!



    Levi Johnston fucked Sarah “Cougar Palin days after the presidential campaign defeat. Would not accept hush money!!!! READ NOW.

  18. You call those boots F!!! me?? What planet you came from???LOL!!!

  19. You call those boots F!!! me?? What planet you came from???LOL!!!

  20. Blare

    Fuck me boots these are NOT! but then again, anybody can fuck in anystyle of boots including obamaturds. does michelle wear fuck me boots also? liberla dems are cunts anyway.

  21. Wes

    Lots of liberal retards on this message board. Ha ha, idiots.

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  23. MOST of you are idiots… but all of you do not know the most important thing…
    WE did not get a vote…. YES i said we Americans did not get a vote..
    IT DOES NO GOOD for anyone to go to the polls anymore…
    the Electoral Votes are all that count… and when companies that are pro-homo give tons of cash to Obama to run for office because he is LIBERAL, NOT because he is black..
    ONLY the ELECTORAL votes count… its voted for by region… not by persons that are citizens….
    it is a FACT that if the CITIZENS votes were counted, that McCain won that by a landslide…
    The Electoral Votes are what win elections now… and that is sad that Americans do not have a say in the matter anymore – Thanks to Liberalism where everything (INCLUDING the voting) is done for you…
    THESE are FACTS…. and most people now in these times do not have common sense.. so they cannot see the FACTS… without common sense, everyone is going around falling all over their own and others opinions.
    The blacks that voted for Obama and then talk about the different races are racist.. they are liberals that want a hand out… the same goes for white trash liberals… except they dont fall into the racism category.. they just are liberals looking for a handout…
    go here and see what REAL black people say about it… DONT take my word for it…

    And as for her fashion… why does anyone care? she is clean cut and not stealing anyone’s shoes off their feet in the hood or anywhere else!
    who CARES if her skirt is 2 inches above her knees or not?! worry about your own wardrobe.. GOD knows you all own SOMETHING tacky as what you claim she is (omg) wearing (its clothing damnit! shut the hell up about clothing! this just shows you have too much time on your hands.. go take out the garbage or something! in your welfare afforded lazy house or your 3 car garage! it doesnt matter! you all are better off than having to fend for your own survival! so shut the hell up already about that!)…. and GOD knows you all are just a as eager to be in the spotlight as you claim that she is trying to be…
    I state facts… not opinions.. so my common sense may not reach your understanding if you have no common sense… so deal with it and try to get a hold of your self and better YOURSELF.. and even if you do that or not.. NONE of you will EVER be as accomplished in fame or funds or ability to better yourself as she is already… let alone whatever she decides to do from now on.

  24. Wayne

    And Obama is more Socialist as the Socialism of Stalin and the Communist party where (just LIKE todays liberals) they do everything for the citizens so that they can take away their rights….
    Back when Kennedy was running for office and was indeed president.. THOSE liberals were of the SAME mindset as todays conservatives.. so GET A HOLD of yourselves people.. dont act or play dumb… some of you are on the right track.. so i am not speaking to you so much as i am the ones that want to sit back and criticize everyone behind their monitor and welfare check or to the other extreme.. those that live fancy and are rich and have more time on their hands than they know what to do with it so they make up things to gripe about…
    Just like someone with welfare has more time on their hands because they do not work and can make up stuff about others who have it better than they do because they WORKED for it….
    Get a grip.. stop your bull crap… get some common sense.. most of you!

  25. Wayne

    THE ONLY REASON that we are given a chance to vote is to uphold the image of a democracy….instead of the communism (communism=liberalism nowadays) we are not facing.. and so that the Electoral’s that vote can do what it takes to keep their careers if the conservative margin is way past balance.

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  28. She looks like a shit I took this morning

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  30. hornyman
    Commented on this photo:

    I fantasize about putting my penis in her vagina and cumming inside of her.

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