Sarah Palin adds F-ck Me Boots to GOP arsenal

February 2nd, 2009 // 283 Comments

Seen here attending the Alfalfa Club Annual Banquet by personal invitation from President Obama, Sarah Palin is all cougar. Which raises a philosophical query, as a devout sportswoman, isn’t she technically obligated to hunt herself from a plane? That said, I’m a pilot with lots of free time. Governor?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Pathetic Worm


  2. Bickus Dickus

    Let’s talk about something that’s a real concern for the future, like how in the world are they gonna get rid of all those brillo pad hairs that will be infesting the White House when the Obomma’s leave in 2013? Seriously, those things are like fucking Gremlins. They’re gonna have to gut the entire place.

  3. meh

    Like I said, meh. She’s a celebrity and she’ll have a full-time celebrity job soon enough. Probably a half hour show Faux. The best part is that she’s dumb and harsh, so she’ll openly tell stories about how Hannity and O’Reilly constantly hit on her in the most pathetic ways.

  4. Massa'

    The over/under on how many more family members move into the White House during Obomma’s term has now been bumped to 11. Vegas Odds. They already got the First Monkey’s mother living in the White House living off the taxpayers tit, it’s not long before great-grand-moms, and aunt’s and uncle’s line up for the free buffet….

  5. Farles Chew

    #48, You might be a redneck if . . . Ok, yeah, you’re a serious redneck. Please keep a safe 10-foot distance from all your female relatives until the end of time. Also.

  6. Phil

    I wonder if she agrees with what Bush has said since he left office?

    Hahaha, just kidding. Nobody will ever pay attention to anything Bush says from now on. And conservatives spent all their political capital on getting him elected twice. That’s gotta burn as they wander the political desert for the next 8-12 years…

  7. KC

    Those boots are not that hot. They look poorly constructed and the patent leather is an inappropriate match for the suit (and the Wasilla Hillbilly psuedo-beehive).

    It is kinda sad how she tries to emulate the expensive stuff they put on her during the election and fails.

  8. Sam Clemens

    #48, I haven’t read your comment, but yeah, you’re a redneck.

  9. Ali Knievel

    The most interesting thing is that she was personally invited by The President and she blew off the House Republican retreat to eat dinner with Obama instead. Reports are that she was dotting on him and batting her eye lashes a lot.

    A recent poll also shows that she is still the favorite amongst Republican voters for 2012 (because they’re idiots).

    So basically she’s gonna be an annoying but sexy supervillain for Obama Man to deal with for the next four years. Kinda like Julie Newmar’s Catwoman on the Old Adam West Batman show.

    “You can’t stop me, Obama Man. I’ve kidnapped Sasha and Melia and gassed Michelle with my corsage of doom. If you don’t approve drilling in the Alaskan wildlife reserve it’s curtains for the first family! ”

    “Pageant Queen, You Fiend! Your Dastardly Plan Will Never Work!”

    Paterson and Blagoyevitch could be cheesy 60′s Batman villains too. Paterson could be “The Bumbler” and Blago could be “The Helmet”.

  10. Dress for the Occasion


    Mrs. Biden wore 2 inch heel boots with a skirt that went just above the knee. Palin is wearing a skirt 2 inches above the knee with 4 inch heel boots. Mrs. Biden’s outfit says I am dressing warm for the cold weather and Palin’s outfit says, “I’m not the crispiest chip in the bag so please check out my goods instead.”

  11. Ali Knievel

    @#54, All the message board racism in the world isn’t going to fix your limp, impotent, inverting 1/2 inch penis. And eating a 20 piece of 3 mile island wings and crying to your beer every payday isn’t the answer either. The Hooters girls are just being nice to you because they want tips.

  12. Gitmo


    The conservatives hate Palin but the ignorant right wingers like Rush like Palin.

  13. Conky

    She’s gonna make a really hot President 4 years from now.


  14. A Concerned American

    Hey Sarah, GO AWAY!

  15. CJ


    To the media: keep it up…she’s poised to be on something hot like The View….just keep it up. The more you think you’re making her look like crap…the hotter she gets…keep it up…please!

  16. PJ


    The more Palin opens her mouth, the more Palin shows she does not know important issues like Hillary Clinton. The whole idea of Palin in the first place was to get a female on the ticket whether she was qualified or not. Unfortunately for the Republicans, Palin does not know the issues or foreign policies. Palin needs to get a law degree and study constitutional law before she even thinks of running in 2012. The fiscal conservatives hate Palin and the ignorant right wingers love Palin.

  17. Andrio

    She’s not going to leave the celebrity spotlight, but her political career will be over at the end of her term as governor. She’ll be looking at a hopelessly failed run for president, vs. a TV show where she can stay in the celebrity limelight and take pot shots at people with different political beliefs. Guess which one she’ll pick?

  18. yaddayadda

    #9 Hey dumbfuck, we know she lost. We’re over it. She’s the only one who hasn’t gotten the news yet. Just proves in her family retardation is hereditary.

  19. BigLimbJim

    Did you hear that Sarah Palin got an offer for a million dollars to pose nude in Playboy? Michelle Obama got the same offer from National Geographic.

  20. GrandpaMccain

    She never whore boots like that on the campaign trail dammit, I still porked her though.

  21. Balls McCoy


  22. Jessica


    Tackiest bitch alive.. pretty sure wardrobe from Pretty Woman called

  23. da man

    Boy, reading the intellectual diarrhea at the keyboards of most of you douche bags makes me weep for the future of our great country. Bet half of you don’t know who your daddy is. GET A LIFE you retards and get back to work or school. (Like some of you have a job or are inteilligent enough to be in school)

    Gov. Palin lost. the bid to become vice president. Okay? We know. Get over it. The MSM has apparently not gotten the message. She is a free woman, and last I heard, she can go places and dress any way she wants to. I still say she has more intelligence AND experience than the loufa head we have in the white house now.

  24. Ripper

    Don’t you just want to jizz right on her glasses?

  25. Shonuff

    I’d hit that ten times before I hit Michelle Obama. Those cottage-cheese-greasy thighs of Obama’s are just gross.

  26. Shonuff

    I’d hit that ten times before I hit Michelle Obama. Those cottage-cheese-greasy thighs of Obama’s are just gross.

  27. Nathiest

    holyshit! hahaha

  28. Proff


    Obama’s education alone tops Palin’s education. Obama got a higher degree and was top of his class. Obama has a Law degree and Palin has a Communications degree. Everyone knows Communications is an easy major like Sociology.

  29. J Lee

    Yeah but he won’t release his transcripts or his thesis to the public :(

  30. Short Bus Full of Palin Fans (and offspring)

    Tards worshiped her during the campaign and still worship her now.

  31. Proff


    No one else submitted transcripts so why should Obama?

  32. authorego

    Lots of people with Tourettes posting today. How’s the weather in Canada?

  33. Venom

    I hate her.
    But I would do her.
    What politician that wants to be taken seriously would dress like that?
    I imagine her the crap banged out of her everyday at lunch.

  34. Sid

    Ugh…she has a scary o-face (second to last pic).

  35. navy

    what a classy lady–always looks good

  36. non-retard

    “what a classy lady–always looks good”


    Good one!!!

  37. my comment

    Love her!

  38. Erik

    She’s so attractive for an older woman, and then she starts to talk and you think, “Trig was no accident.”

  39. Not Convinced

    Stupid Americans, Obama is not even a citizen.

  40. JJ


    She looks good from a distance but she has the manly square jawline. She looks like a man in drag up close. Too bad she thinks she is too righteous for some. She has that annoying “I am righteous hollier than thou” disposition.

  41. Mandy

    Oh come on, take a closer look. #57 is completely correct: she’s desperately trying to continue her moment of fame, including trying to dress like the RNC consultants dressed her…and FAILING. Just give it time – eventually she’ll be photographed with that big smile and lipstick on her teeth and her skirt hiked up in the back. Granted, in Wasilla that’s still considered “all fancy-like.”

  42. DottieDot

    SO not FMBs – reaching there. FMBs heels would be spiked and would be much higher. Try again.

  43. Quinn

    “Stupid Americans, Obama is not even a citizen.”

    Give it up, right wingers. Now that the election’s over everybody is free to admit that we’re better off without this bimbo one very jittery heartbeat from the presidency.

  44. JoeJam2845

    Why in the Hell would Sarah Palin waste her time doing anything with the Obama’s? What a waste of time…

  45. Mama Pinkus

    she is a repuke whore

  46. Churchill


    She is following McCain’s lead. McCain said that Hillary Clinton made Obama a strong competitor which helped Obama defeat McCain. McCain also said that Hillary knows the issues and is a very smart person.

  47. Consumer

    She actually wore these boots, or ones incredibly similar to them, in the closing bows of SNL. I recall the camera panning back and she turned to hug someone and my jaw dropped as the boots were revealed. This was before the fashion scandal, but I knew when I saw those boots that they cost well more than I coudl afford.

  48. Consumer

    She actually wore these boots, or ones incredibly similar to them, in the closing bows of SNL. I recall the camera panning back and she turned to hug someone and my jaw dropped as the boots were revealed. This was before the fashion scandal, but I knew when I saw those boots that they cost well more than I coudl afford.

  49. Oh jeez, are we trying to look like Joe Biden’s wife now?

    Michelle –

  50. I hope she does run in 2012, maybe she can name a single newspaper this time. Of course that mean old liberal media will ask her about magazines, DOH! 4 years of memorizing thrifty nickel for nothing!

    Isn’t a black man the titular head of the republican party? HAHA!

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