Sarah Palin adds F-ck Me Boots to GOP arsenal

February 2nd, 2009 // 283 Comments

Seen here attending the Alfalfa Club Annual Banquet by personal invitation from President Obama, Sarah Palin is all cougar. Which raises a philosophical query, as a devout sportswoman, isn’t she technically obligated to hunt herself from a plane? That said, I’m a pilot with lots of free time. Governor?

Photos: Splash News

  1. 10pound

    She looks like a shit I took this morning

  2. Doc Holiday

    They work for me!
    I’d like to give her a pearl necklace to go with the boots.

  3. Clownshoes the Clown

    Ah, finally she has heals high enough to see over the horizon to Russia. Also.

  4. 10poundeatsdick


    You lie! She looks nothing like your mom! Stop lying you POS! (piece of shit…in case you didn’t know. You are stupid after all…i’m just sayin…)

  5. Palin

    @ 10pound, I bet you’d rather be nailin’ Biden….

  6. Deacon Jones

    What a worthless attention whore.

    I take it she left with the Secret Service “I Refuse to Retire” Protection Detail?

  7. Guest

    She’s trying to be stylish!!
    It’s soo not working.
    This woman should
    fall off a cliff :)

  8. Rick

    Those boots say “hey, baby, ya wanna make another retard with me?”


    Bunch of haters. She lost. Get over it already. I like the boots.

  10. Guest

    Lets keep it real. Joe Biden’s wife was wearing f’ me boots on inauguration day. Come on people open your eyes!!!!!

  11. b

    She looks a hell of alot better than the vast majority of the carpet munching dikes that are on the liberal left. Not to mention that gorilla in the mist, Michelle Osama.

  12. Hey #3

    It’s h-e-e-l-s you dumb fuck. If you’re going to insult somebody at least present yourself as a quasi-intelligent human being. Otherwise fuck off.

  13. Mitch Haase

    If Michelle Obama was wearing these boots you’d be blowing a load all over your computer – let Palin go already. Your obsessive behavior is bordering on pathological.

    Speaking of blowing loads, please visit my blog at:

  14. NipTuck


    Hooker boots, oh well. I am still a fan of her!!

  15. Guest

    @10 – first of all, don’t
    use my name.

    Second, Jill Biden is
    just as much of an
    attention whore as
    Palin. BUT, at least
    Biden’s boots weren’t
    as cheap and trashy
    as Palins.

  16. Guest

    @10 – first of all, don’t
    use my name.

    Second, Jill Biden is
    just as much of an
    attention whore as
    Palin. BUT, at least
    Biden’s boots weren’t
    as cheap and trashy
    as Palins.

  17. id hit oh so nicely

  18. Guest

    and third of all
    srry bout
    the double
    post :D

  19. Jrz

    Please tell me that old man isn’t her Secret Service detail? HAHAHAA…..Jesus. Look where the arm to his eyeglasses is…like…no where’s near his fucking ears….senile fuck.

  20. Guest

    Yea! Don’t use my name either.

  21. havoc

    Oh hell yeah….

    And they would look just as good sticking straight up in the air….


  22. Sam

    Oh jeez, now all the Trigs who love Palin will come stumbling in to write attacks against “lib-ruls”. It’s something to do, I guess, as they prepare to lose even more congressional seats in 2010 (they’re already behind on the contested seats).

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  24. pete

    I’d love to launch my sperm at her defective eggs.

  25. This look just isn’t workin for ya, Sarah!

  26. Guest

    I quite like this name actually…I think I’ll keep it, thanks

  27. Andrea

    I think she’ll make a great talk show host! But they should start working on her voice, right now.

    The idea that she’ll continue in politics is pretty funny.

  28. Matt

    I wonder if she got a pair of those for her daughter Bristol?

    Wait, I guess she did, last year…that’s what brought “Tripp” into the world (honestly, what’s wrong with this family?).

  29. Vince

    I asked her if she wanted to fuck and she said she was “Down” with it.

  30. Em


    Is it just me, or is Palin rockin’ the hooker boots sans her WEDDING RING? Looks like this GOP Diva could be hunting for a different sort of tail…

  31. Faux Nudes Watcher

    See? And all you naysayers said she’d do anything to stay in the spotlight.

  32. William

    Em ~

    I’m not sure what pictures you are looking at but she is CLEARLY wearing a wedding ring. So what are you talking about?

  33. Charles Few

    #11. Sore loser/racist. Suck it–you lost. Big. To the black man. That’s gotta hurt.

  34. OJ's Mom

    and t*i*t*s*

  35. Hefew

    I don’t give a fuck about Palin Why do you? You got your feel-good president now fucking move on. Happy days are here to come! Obama is in the White House! He’s already fxing things with more government jobs and talking with terrorists.

    Jesus, you amuse me mostly, but your liberal bullshit and all the lemmings that suck you off is so tiresome. Go ahead and block me again because I do’t agree with your political views. My IP will change again. I’ll still read because as I said you’re mostly amusing…mostly.

  36. bros

    terrible whore shoes, terrible whore bag, terrible whore hair. tacky bitch.

  37. Massa'

    Palin looks 100x better than the First Orangutan, Michelle Obomma. And I want to see Michelle’s birth certificate. There’s no way Oon-foo-foo was born here, she’s straight outta the fucking jungles of Africa….

  38. Pathetic Worm

    Above the knee skirt, below the knee boots… just add wet, pouting vagina for heavenly wankarama.

  39. yeaaa

    I want her to sit on my face…yum

  40. r

    To #33— nobody said anything about Obama being black until you brought it up…. who is the racist now?

  41. Cam

    Yes #15!!! Those boots look like patent leather hooker boots! She probably stole them off her teenage daughter who probably bought them at Rave or Deb or something. Jill Biden might have been wearing knee high boots, but her’s looked way more classy & stylish. Hooker Palin needs to go away already!! Sooooo desperate.

  42. r

    besides #37 that is

  43. Deacon Jones

    She looks like one of the broads on the “A.C. Hookers” show on HBO, only worse…

  44. Eh....

    Dr. Jill looked foolish in her Inaugural she’s in desperate denial she’s nearly 60.

  45. Farles Chew

    #40 & #5 Yeah, it really does bother you that the black man won. Sorry about your penis-envy.

    You two are why I love conservatives: you don’t even understand why you lost, and you’re determined to prove it.

  46. Scott

    You know, looking at all the problems we face, especially in terms of jobs and the economy, I wish Obama had lost and McCain had won. Knowing that this woman would be in charge after McCain’s inevitable cancer recurrence/heart attack/stroke/dementia (pick ‘em) would make me feel much less anxious.

  47. Hefew

    I haven’t read 33′s comments but EVERYWHERE YOU go all anyone hears about is Obama being black. It’s not racist to celebrate the first black president but it is racist to make it the focal point. It degrades his accomplishment (and I can’t f-ing stand the man or the thing that married him), it degrades the white house and it shows liberals for what they really are: Everyone is a victim, especially minorities (the name itself implies it) and when one of *them* makes it, it is a far better achievement then someone who isn’t a minority. Just like it’s more serious to committ a crime against minorities as it is a hate crime, whereas when it is committed against a non-minority it’s just how things are. Liberals seek to eradicate racism and hate with racism and hate. The proof will be in the pudding when I am called a hick because I don’t agree with the left view. It’s not OK to call people names, unless it’s hick, redneck etc. Hypocrites

  48. Farles Chew

    Hint about why the GOP lost in 08: the reason is wearing cheap frak-me boots to replace the ones the RNC bought her.

  49. Way hotter than Dick Cheney or Joe Biden. Or even Dan Quayle.

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