Sarah McLachlan in a bikini (It’s not the drugs. You really just read that.)

May 29th, 2008 // 85 Comments

Coming in from so far out of left-field I thought it was a football is Sarah McLachlan in a bikini. I gotta admit I fostered a secret crush on Ms. McLachlan seen here vacationing in Maui. In college my computer was loaded with MP3′s of her songs in case I ever tricked seduced a girl into my dorm room for some makin’ out. Sadly, that dream never transpired. It would’ve been better than ice cream! See? I even remember the words. Now, what’s it take for me to touch a boob? I’ll even be romantic about it. (Read: Not yell “Yippee!” then immediately write in my online journal.)

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  4. haha

    Que dang!

  5. D

    First!… and I’d totally hit that… check out those bikini kittens!

  6. Steve

    She looks great. I like it.

  7. havoc

    For a hippie, she’s surprisingly hair-free.

    Well done Sarah….


  8. Anything is better that Clay and Lesbo Lohan. Don’t get me wrong. I love lesbian, just not Lohan..

  9. Hemlock Queen

    I love her! She looks fabulous and real. Isn’t that bikini from VS?

  10. Rod

    Well… I’m certainly impressed. 40 and still hot.

  11. Anon

    HAHA Kim K. put you on blast for the butt pads comment

  12. sharpeidude

    Looking good at four-oh.

  13. Shecky Vegas

    This hippy babe Sarah was vacationing in the Poconos where I was doing my show. I caught her by the pool and she starts kibbitzing about her support of the ASPCA. I took a look at her in that bikini and said I’d like to adopt her puppies. Honk honk!!

  14. Mick

    Is that a belly button or a bottle opener? JK :-) She looks hot.

  15. juniper

    thats all we need to see is another old flabby bitch. yuck!

  16. Andrew

    Always nice to see an attractive woman on your site.

  17. whyyoureadmyname

    not bad… not bad at all for her age….
    thumbs up on the cans! i’d hit it

  18. 2for2true

    Somebody snackcaked that ass…..

  19. HankTheDwarf

    She looks beautiful. I’d surely tongue her asshole.

  20. adoe

    Love kickin’ back with a glass of Merlot and some Sarah McLachlan music.

  21. spaceyQQQQ

    Nice to see a non-whorebag, real person with talent once in a while. Sarah is beautiful.



  23. I just like her bikini..

  24. Plastic Sturgeon

    Superfish: What’s going on with you today? You are actually posting photos of someone looking decent in a bikini, with actual talent and brains?!

    Are you sure you are feeling OK?

  25. PunkA

    I think we all like real women who are accomplished for something other than just trying to be a celubutard or actress who is supposed to be hawt. Sarah is a real hottie with real talent, has a real women’s curves and is just the real deal. So why the hell is she on this site? I just want to see people I want to rip on.

  26. The White Urkle

    I would suck her ass hole until her head caved in.

  27. turd ferguson

    This is a woman. I want to do her. Those tiring fake bitches are boring, im liking this sarah MacLaughlan. I dont care if i spelled her name right, im thinking sex right now. she’s hot.

  28. Gerald_Tarrant

    She looks about as fit as I imagined (which has been more than once). I, along with the Fish dude, have harbored a secret thing for Sarah.

  29. monkeyfightclub

    Her body is actually better than I imagined.

  30. @9 It IS from VS! I own it and it’s extremely flattering. I’m thrilled to see that Sarah has it too!

  31. NineInchDave

    I’m currently fumbling toward ecstasy. . . or maybe nausea. . . maybe both at once.

  32. Jon

    Looks like a man.

  33. biggie

    Shes smart, pretty, and extremely talented. I’d could listen to “Surfacing” every week.

  34. James

    She looks great. Mmmm.

  35. sarah

    wow she does look great. shes forty? holy shit! hippie chicks can be hot too, even into middle age

    altho whats up with her belly button? more like belly crater… but still mad hot, nice work sarah mclachlan!!

  36. blowhard

    It’s like a big folk gorilla became enraged because I dumped it in the sea. And that’s a pretty big set o’ guns, and I mean the bicep variety – who knows what kind of obscenely huge flange-pole she could be packing if her bellybutton’s anything to go by?

  37. Too Jaspers

    DUDE!!! Anyone else? or is Sarah fricking RIPPED??

  38. Erica

    She’s fucking gogeous. Unlike that dumb shit Heidi Montasucksdick.

  39. simplicity

    Why is everyone saying she looks good???


    she looks …ewww… VERY EWW.

    and what’s up with her belly button thing?

    put some clothes on..

  40. mofoghetto

    Ok, when did this site become BIKINI.COM??

    I used to come here for funny gossip about out of control stars, now all I see are Bikinis everywhere! Then there’s pics of Toothpick (wino) occasionally wedged between boob shots. Are you purposely trying to give us all impotence? ALSO, this site has become SO unGAY-friendly! Way to shut us out! When u gonna show us pics of MEN IN SPEEDOS??

    Seriously, if I wanted to see bikinis galore on WOMEN. I’d pick up in issue of STUFF.

    I do have to say though, thanks for finally posting pics of someone worth mentioning. I think it’s cool that you put up pics of Sarah McLachlan hangin’ out with her kids. I think she looks damn good for someone in her early 40′s who’s also had 2 kids!

  41. Ted from LA

    That’s what happens when you use a chainsaw to cut the umbilical cord.

  42. jess

    I enjoyed the pictures and almost didn’t read the comments because I thought they would be mean spirited but I’m so glad that I did. Way to be decent people!

    I like how happy and normal (and good) she looks. It makes me want to hang out with her.

  43. Hey_Dude

    That is the definition of MILF

  44. wreckhouse

    It’s about time you showed a picture of a hot Canadian babe, who’s not a complete moron. A sexy woman from the east coast, it doesn’t get much better than that.

  45. hididdlyhoneighborino

    I’ve seen plenty of pics of tummy tucks, and many belly buttons look like that afterwards. No big deal. Looks better than sagged out skin from pregnancy imo.

  46. Lady Godiva

    I agree with #42…I was preparing myself for the mean comments…but I was pleasantly surprised. She looks wonderous in a non-overly-fake way. Yay!!!

  47. LOL

    Bikini kittens? These are gross pancacke tits, nothing more. Flat and flabby; far from attractive.

  48. Towelhead Obama

    Her belly button has a roof over it and it also looks like it accepts large objects.

  49. stakes

    looks like shes got a couple black babies.

  50. Did the freak ex-pop star get a coffe today?

    Now that’s a nice way to start my day. Damn, she looks good.

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