Sarah Larson still famous despite no longer having sex with George Clooney (I’m confused)

Despite no longer being George Clooney’s arm candy, the paparazzi continue to trail Sarah Larson. She’s apparently still loved by the tabloids who report she got a boob job and is posing in Playboy. Hmm, she doesn’t look breastier. Maybe E! Online can shed some light on the subject:

“The stories are kind of crazy,” the source says. “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of speculation, because she and George aren’t talking about it.”
Despite the tabloid onslaught, Larson appeared in great spirits over lunch at Chaya Brasserie restaurant. She even got a little playful when one of the dozen or so paparazzi trailing her asked if she would ever date one of them like Britney Spears once did.
“Sure,” Larson said with a smile. “You want to be the next one?”

Okay, so Sarah’s not posing in Playboy with implants but will bang photographers. Good to know. Anyone got a camera I can borrow? And a starring role on ER wouldn’t hurt either. I mean, shit, John Stamos has one, so they’re practically giving them away. Also, I want my character to smoke a pipe while dropping powerful lines such as “This man died of a broken heart.” And “Jimmy, if cancer was a puppy, your daddy would be getting lots of doggy kisses right now. In the pancreas.”

Photos: Splash News