Sarah Larson still famous despite no longer having sex with George Clooney (I’m confused)

June 12th, 2008 // 33 Comments

Despite no longer being George Clooney’s arm candy, the paparazzi continue to trail Sarah Larson. She’s apparently still loved by the tabloids who report she got a boob job and is posing in Playboy. Hmm, she doesn’t look breastier. Maybe E! Online can shed some light on the subject:

“The stories are kind of crazy,” the source says. “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of speculation, because she and George aren’t talking about it.”
Despite the tabloid onslaught, Larson appeared in great spirits over lunch at Chaya Brasserie restaurant. She even got a little playful when one of the dozen or so paparazzi trailing her asked if she would ever date one of them like Britney Spears once did.
“Sure,” Larson said with a smile. “You want to be the next one?”

Okay, so Sarah’s not posing in Playboy with implants but will bang photographers. Good to know. Anyone got a camera I can borrow? And a starring role on ER wouldn’t hurt either. I mean, shit, John Stamos has one, so they’re practically giving them away. Also, I want my character to smoke a pipe while dropping powerful lines such as “This man died of a broken heart.” And “Jimmy, if cancer was a puppy, your daddy would be getting lots of doggy kisses right now. In the pancreas.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Dr. Nappy


  2. Stuey

    Good god, I am going to go fuck someone just to get me a hollywood career.

    “I’m comin for ya (insert celebrity no one cares about here)”

  3. You know, I ‘m kind of famous and I have a movie script that calls for some backdoor action. Interested honey?

  4. Lara

    You know I am kind of a big deal and my apartment smells like rich mahogany!

  5. zegabe

    nobody said first yet.. so technically i’m still FRIIIISTTTTTTTT!

  6. snarkymalarky

    And five, four, three, two….counting down the last few minutes of this chick’s fame.

  7. josh kline


  8. Auntie Kryst

    She may be hot, but my whiskey glass is empty. The longer the paps follow this cocktail waitress around, the longer its going to take her to fill my drink order. “Hey Legs, chop chop!!”

  9. Bob

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  10. havoc

    Well hell, if she’s going to be in Playboy, then there’s absolutely no chance we’re going to see her cervix.



  11. dude_on_a_wire

    If she would bend down and kiss an open porn rag (again) then I will allow her an extra 2 minutes of fame. That is just hot – why George wasn’t into that I’ll never know?

  12. vito bonespur

    No more “BREAST IMPLANTS!”

    From a guy who loves a great pair, ladies, you don’t need to have big boobs to look good. Size be damned — natural is way more attractive than retro-fits.

    Or, as my buddy Dave, the master of Lingo Badgering sez: “Hell, I could put those on my dog…”

    (psssst…Dave doesn’t even *have* a dog.)

  13. She’s still famous cuz she’s hot and has been discovered! Every hot girl needs that “Big Break”. George was hers. She doesn’t need him anymore. She just needs to make the most of it.

  14. Boston_Freek

    #9 you are a wicked douchebag.

  15. Lola

    it’s sad that people are trying to paint her as some gold digger…. i mean george clooney was the one who pursued her and he was the one that took her to the oscars and whatnot…. basically brought her into the spotlight…. so how can anyone think she used him for her career????? and then for him to dump her and leave the country and tell her to move out of his place that he brought her into, was just plain cold-hearted…. the only thing this woman do is to take a chance with a celebrity and she got her heart broken in the process…. if she’s now using the attention she’s getting to move her career up, then more power to her….. i’m sure she’s already sad and heart broken so it’s wrong for anyone to make her ordeal worse than it already is

  16. deacon jones

    “Hey, doll. Could you scare up another round for our table over here? And tell the cook this is low grade dogfood. I’ve had better food at the ballgame, you know? This steak still has marks from where the jockey was hitting it.”

  17. havoc

    LMAO @ 16….



  18. chaz

    what does she tell her friends? ” i know this one guy screw him and he will get you known”

  19. TakeOn

    I wonder who SuperFish dated in order to become insane?

  20. PunkA

    This chick must have been one freaky-deaky lay, because she is not that hot. Sorta a horseface. Nice bod, but plenty out there with them. Clooney had to keep her around so long for crazy sex. No other explanation with that guy.

  21. I abhor faulty servers… hey Fish, stop trying to fix your machines with barbed wire, chewing gum, and spent tampons.

  22. Monstra

    Not the most flattering haircut she could have.

  23. Harry

    Must suck to be travelling to Cannes, Lake Como, and attending the Oscars one day, and working for tips the next. But that’s what you get for pushing the “marriage” agenda, and using your personal relationship to try and start a modelling career.

    And #2: (insert name): Danny Bonaduce

  24. is it a nice feeling…………………………………..BEING “IMPORTANT” FOR THE DAY?

  25. Ted Mosby

    where’s the new boobs?

  26. Deva

    When I’m finished with her she won’t shit right for a week. No lie.

  27. JT

    She’s another Heidi Montag in the making just look how this bitch is eating up the attention by the paps

  28. Barely Stearn

    Thank you dear Sarah for once again proving my point that the way to happiness can be found through a pair of silicone fun bags!

    Listen up all you sad sack flat chested gargolyes: Availing yourself to readily available medical technology in the name of self improvement and a strong natural desire to be oggled and worshipped by men and women is an entirely naturally occurring phenomenon — no need to justify yourself to the hordes of self delusional flat chested broomstick riding hags or the fake he-men that holler their enthusiasm for the “natural look” that populate these premises.

    Nope, you go right ahead and get those delicious D’s and make the world your oyster! God bless you Sarah for your startling recognition that you DON’T have to play the hand you were dealt and that you can ask the Dealer for a new hand (Or – in this case – a new hand OR TWO!) And don’t listen to the naysayers: A submuscular implant IS natural and – at the end of the day – it doesn’t matter worth a fart in the wind whether your chesticles came from God or Dr. Shapiro – it’s ALL YOU baby!

    As far as I’m concerned, the Sarah Larsons of this world are the true humanitarians: Ms. Larson please come up on stage and accept your Nobel Prize from the committee!

    …and as for you self delusional flaties out there: One favor – JUST ONE! – get thee to a mirror that speaketh the truth! It says so right here in my bible – Genesis: “…and the Lord sayeth: I will give mankind a brain so he caneth createth the siliconeeth that will serve for the betterment of all man…” Hey if you choose to bash me that’s one thing, but do you really want to messeth with the Big Guy?
    I thought as much…carry on ladies…

  29. Stacey

    And The Superficial is helping her out by posting the pics, lol.

  30. ouch

    I know it’s supposed to be funny, but my dad just died of pancreatic cancer. Can’t you find something else to joke about, other than the most deadly form of cancer out there? Guess I’m just a tad sensitive at the moment.

  31. ouch

    I know it’s supposed to be funny, but my dad just died of pancreatic cancer. Can’t you find something else to joke about, other than the most deadly form of cancer out there? Guess I’m just a tad sensitive at the moment.

  32. c

    umm hello all you jealous people. It was him that left her not her leaveing him. And like im no glamour but im pretty and have a good bod and if i bumped into george clooney in a bar and he asked me out hell yeh i would go out with him. Not because i want to make it big its becuase he is bloody hot and he is whether you guys like it or not bloody sexy as hell and as far as the breast thing goes again hell yeh if i had a chest that flat i would have been on the surgeons table years ago..

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