Sarah Larson cheated on The Clooney?! Impossible!

August 28th, 2008 // 65 Comments

In a shocking revelation that could only come out in the news vacuum before a holiday weekend (Diggin’ those Heidi Montag posts?), it appears Sarah Larson actually grew weary of The Clooney’s charm and cheated on him while they were dating, according to Page Six:

Larson seems to have a roving eye. Sin City sources say that while the former cocktail waitress, who’s trying to kick- start a modeling career, was dating Clooney, she “came to Vegas for a weekend and cheated on him” with a media mogul.
Larson and Clooney broke up earlier this summer. Sources said it was because they had little in common and because Larson insisted on getting breast implants. But, ever the gentleman, Clooney helped promote her new career before he dumped her, and she got a spread in Harper’s Bazaar and a few runway gigs at LA Fashion Week.

Damn! Someone cheated on The Clooney? That’s like finding out a free Ferrari doesn’t race out of Angelina Jolie’s vagina after you have sex with her. I mean, Christ, what’s a man have left to believe in in this crazy world?

Photos: Flynet

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