Sarah Jessica Parker won’t eat with SATC girls

April 9th, 2008 // 57 Comments

Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City co-stars (From left to right: ACK!, Horseface, I’d Do that Old Ass, The Obligatory Hot One) act friendly and cordial in front of the cameras, but Sarah Jessica didn’t sit with her cast mates during a gala Monday night. NY Daily News reports:

The foursome dismissed talk of past feuds when they signed on to make the avidly awaited movie sequel. But many took notice that Parker was seated at a separate table from her co-stars at a gala Monday night. While Parker shared pleasantries with Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, Davis, Nixon and Cattrall sat together, away from her, at the Audi-sponsored dinner at Capitale.

I don’t need more evidence to hate Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m still mad at her for ditching Aiden in Season Four. Goddammit, he loved you, Carrie! HE FREAKING LOVED YOU AND YOU RIPPED HIS HEART OUT! The man made furniture! He was an artist! GOD! SO ANGRY! *throws Bill out the window* BIG IS AN ASSHOLE AND YOU KNOW IT! DAMMIT! What? The coffee pot’s fixed? Oh, thank God. Say where’s Bill? I sort of blacked out there for a minute. Eh, he’ll turn up. Ooh, hazelnut…

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  1. Old Man At The Gay Bar

    Sillys. She isn’t a horsey. She’s a Pony. A cute little Pony you can feed apples and oats to and gently stroke her face. However, she only lets bloated, sullen old actors that kill people in car crashes do that.

  2. barbara

    I love kristin davis and often copy her style.
    Weirldy enough, she is considered the ugliest SATC cast member here in italy. So it’s great to see that you recognize how graceful she really is :)
    And yes…SJP looks like a foot. But I love her voice. Hee-Hah!

  3. Kodos

    (From left to right: ACK!, Horseface, I’d Do that Old Ass, The Obligatory Hot One)

    Fuckin’ A! That’s AWESOME.

    KD is the shit. The hottest, classiest of the bunch.
    SJP comes across as shallow and spoiled, regardless of her horse-face and knobby knees.

  4. Talica

    Dammit Aiden did love her! But Charlotte’s my favourite :)

  5. deelite

    Believe it or not, SJP has already HAD her nose done ! Years ago. look up some old pix of her and you’ll see – She had a bump taken out and a bit taken off the tip. She did the same thing Howard Stern did to his nose. Kept it the same but a bit more refined.

  6. Alicat

    God! I thought I was the only one that hated her for ditching Aidan. I loved him. How flippin dumb do you have to be?!

  7. amy siung

    clearly some of you idiots dont understand that satc is only a tv show lets hate the sjp what for she is carrie and she does what the script writers tell her to. obviously some of you have also met her to know who she really is but i do know who some of you are VERY SHALLOW!!! and the ones of you that live with her clearly seeing as you know so much about her i have met her and she was very nice to me anyway maybe its just some of you guys because she sees what losers you are!!!

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