Sarah Jessica Parker won’t eat with SATC girls

April 9th, 2008 // 57 Comments

Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City co-stars (From left to right: ACK!, Horseface, I’d Do that Old Ass, The Obligatory Hot One) act friendly and cordial in front of the cameras, but Sarah Jessica didn’t sit with her cast mates during a gala Monday night. NY Daily News reports:

The foursome dismissed talk of past feuds when they signed on to make the avidly awaited movie sequel. But many took notice that Parker was seated at a separate table from her co-stars at a gala Monday night. While Parker shared pleasantries with Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, Davis, Nixon and Cattrall sat together, away from her, at the Audi-sponsored dinner at Capitale.

I don’t need more evidence to hate Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m still mad at her for ditching Aiden in Season Four. Goddammit, he loved you, Carrie! HE FREAKING LOVED YOU AND YOU RIPPED HIS HEART OUT! The man made furniture! He was an artist! GOD! SO ANGRY! *throws Bill out the window* BIG IS AN ASSHOLE AND YOU KNOW IT! DAMMIT! What? The coffee pot’s fixed? Oh, thank God. Say where’s Bill? I sort of blacked out there for a minute. Eh, he’ll turn up. Ooh, hazelnut…

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  1. mimi


  2. mimi

    FIRST? Ya’ll are slipping!

  3. 4th

    the only real women i see is on the right

  4. Jumpin_J

    Sarah, why the long face? Ney!!!! Down girl!

  5. Grunion

    A horse is a horse

    of course of course

  6. Jimbo

    haha horseface struck me funny.

    I havn’t laughed that hard since Columbine.

  7. Suzee

    What’s with all the hardware around her neck??

    It’s like when you kid says “mummy wear this necklace I made at pre-school for you!!” and then you forget to take it off………..

  8. so2315

    What is attractive about a huge ass wart on your face?

  9. Auntie Kryst

    I don’t think Sarah Jessica Parker was trying to slight her costars. The deal was the table she sat at served apples and sugar cubes. I mean c’mon, how could she resist??

  10. Orange

    Well at least SJP is doing the best she can with the face she’s got. Although, she must have enough money to fix that Shnauze.

  11. nipolian

    LMAO @ ACK! – Fish, that is the fucking funniest use of an onomatopoeia I have ever read. SPOT ON!

  12. Nova Thomison

    SJP is one of the sexiest women alive because she’s got a great sense of humor, self-confidence, and genuineness that is radiant! She doesn’t have to have a perfect face (even though I think its adorable!) to be sexy. Obviously the posts above about her horse face are from people who have not seen the series! SHE IS NOT A HORSE FACE PPL!!!!!

  13. She wanted to sit with them, she really did, but when she galloped up and was asked if she wanted to share a table with her co-stars, she responded with a toothy “neeeeeeeigh” which was apparently taken as a Shakepearean rejection. She then trotted slowly to another table, and wept quietly in her bucket o’ oats.

  14. #14 – You took the time to write that entire post, used correct grammar, and even got so granular with the punctuation that you appropriately hyphenated “self-confidence”, on to finish the comment with the idiotic teenage abbreviation “PPL”? Do us all a favor and just type “FIRST!!!!” next time, loser.

  15. sjpfan

    to hate sarah jessica for something her character did in a show that other people wrote is absolutely ridiculous. sjp is a great person and I’d rather look like her than half of the botoxed and faux-tan bitches in hollywood.

  16. Chivas Regal

    Thats not SJP anyway, It’s Dee Snider!

  17. ToTellTheTruth

    Everyone looks great except for Kim Catrell. What a pie shaped saucer headed looking bitch…

  18. gwen

    “From left to right: ACK!, Horseface, I’d Do that Old Ass, The Obligatory Hot One” —->The funniest thing I have read all month.

  19. RicoSuave

    Anyone have an extra long paper bag… ?

  20. sameshitdifferentyear

    Why didn’t they give this movie the correct title

    “Golden Girls : The Movie”

    ..And, yes, SJ Parker is the new Bea Arthur.

  21. Ash

    dude if this shit really was the golden girls, I’d be all up ons! sophia was spunky as hell…. awe… I miss inappropriate geriatrics… whatever happened to plain old “holy uncomfortable situation batman” humor ? I’d really like it if they’d bring back shows like that

  22. miggs

    It’s not a big deal. The other three didn’t want to have oats for dinner, that’s all.

  23. Andrea

    Granted, the title came from a total douchebag magazine, but SJP really is the unsexiest actress alive. Not because she’s hideously unattractive, but because she presents herself as glamorous and throws a hissy fit if anybody says otherwise. When she was just starting out, she was very down-to-earth and FUNNY (yes, I’m old, I remember her as a very frequent guest on Letterman’s NBC show, and she seemed like a regular fun person, completely unpretentious, which is why she was one of his favorites). Then she had a makeover which was celebrated as “amazing” and “perfectly done” and it all went to her head – looking “fabulous,” haute couture, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, if hair and makeup and lighting and camera angle and fuzzy lens are not all perfect, who are you looking at? Twisted Sister, as always.

  24. SLASH

    Poor Bill….

  25. LL

    The thing that offends me most about SJP is that she’s considered (by some, apparently) to be some sort of fashion icon. She dressed in shitty looking clothes on the show, and by the looks of that picture, can’t dress herself in real life, either. What is that fugly shit she’s wearing around her neck? And the dress is yucky too. Beige and shiny and badly tailored. She probably paid a ton of money for it, too.

    And a theory on why she was sitting at a separate table: is she not a producer of the show, and I’m assuming, the movie? So it makes sense she’d be at the same table as the Time Warner CEO. Duh.

  26. Jack

    They led her to the table with her other costars, but something on it resembled a snake and she spooked, rearing up, pawing the air, and shouting loudly. An usher had to calm her down by leading her away and walking her around for awhile, and then she was able to be backed into a chair at the other table.

  27. Mellie

    Well im sure she wanted them to sit with her, however, they couldn’t into the basket with Toto….alas seperate cars :(

  28. Lisa

    I still look at her and think of “Square Pegs” …I think that was the name of that show she was in?

  29. Lisa

    I still look at her and think of “Square Pegs” …I think that was the name of that show she was in?

  30. Layla

    You know what’s really frightening? Watch the first season of SATC, when SJP talks directly to the camera in a monologue-ish fashion. It’s horrifying.

  31. Googlybits

    What the heck are you men talking about? I would love to look like any of them! Do you just want botox and fake silicon bags implanted over a ribcage? Be gone!

  32. Randal

    What a treat!

    First a beautiful full figured Christina Aguilera graces the pages of Fish and now one of my all time favorite women, Sarah Jessica Parker. She certainly has made a name for herself and also made Sex in the City.

    Besides having a great acting career, Sarah also has one of the most stunning smiles in the business.

    Can’t wait for the movie SJP, my orchid of all orchids!


  33. woodhorse

    How did they get a startled field mouse, a horse, a cheshire cat and a cocker spaniel to all pose together like that?

  34. To #28

    Best comment of the day!

  35. megryanmustdie

    SJP is such an overrated, horse faced, unpleasant, shrewish cunt. When I finally take control of the world I’m going to make her clean my bathroom.

  36. Emmyem

    Oh my GOD she is SO not pretty. She is AVERAGE. And she is from NELSONVILLE OHIO, the horrible little town my GRANDMOTHER fled when she was 16!
    SJP should have a RAT gnaw that THING off her FACE for the love of…….
    OK….SJP in the morning:
    Horse face: check!
    Old: Check!
    Too old to play a dreamer in NYC with hot guys wanting me: Check!
    Old, huge hairy wart on my face: Check!
    Married to a fag, put my 4 year old in a stroller: Check!
    Settle up with Satan in 20012: Check!
    (But she doesn’t REALLY think she’ll have to………….)
    WHY are they making that movie? If they have to, why don’t they call it “OLD DESPERATE HAGS IN THE CITY”?

  37. Emmyem

    Oh, and if there is a fire on the set, just blindfold her and lead her out of the barn, she’ll be OK………………………………

  38. MarkM

    I’m not saying that SJP looks like a horse, but the last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a bit in it. Apparently she was a bit skittish about attending the gala, but hubby MB nickered softly at her and stroked her withers and she calmed right down. Just in case, he also brought a pocketful of sugar cubes along for her….she loves nuzzling them out of his palm.

  39. Ash

    Did randal just say orchid? oh god I really hope he does these things on purpose to be hilarious….. I’d have more respect for him

  40. Prof

    @33-The answer is “YES”, & us men are staying right here so we can make fun of old horse face!

    @38 LOL spot on Emmyem funny stuff!

  41. Baldy

    She can eat an apple through a picket fence…

  42. makemepuke

    There is more to SJP than meets the eye, just look at Mathew Broderick, his facial expression, he looks like a guy who is being royalty fucked over by his “wife”, my guess…she fuckin around with all kinds of swinging dicks, look at her face , she has the expression of guilt constantly..I could be wrong but don’ t think I am.

  43. david

    My friend told me that she saw their profile with hot photos on intimatemingle.c om. Is that true? Maybe… OMG, are they looking for new relationships? I’ll check it out.

  44. Binky

    I’m just really glad that someone drew a parallel between Cynthia and Bill the Cat. ACK! Indeed.

  45. Janeane The Acerbic Goblin

    Sex and the City is/was a crappy show. It’s basically a sitcom with nudity and foul language (which makes it “edgy”). It’s really quite shallow.

    The set of the movie must have been thick with anger, tension, and overall nastiness. Kim and Sarah especially hate each other.

  46. lambman

    Why did this post get tagged as “Courtney Cox” I am sure she is deeply offended that the superficial can’t tell her apart from Kim Catrell

  47. Kissy

    What a cunt.

    The bitch demanded all movie posters feature only her average-looking ass. I feel mostly for Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis who were big timf fucking short-changed with their pay. SJP is getting 10 mil, SexyAss Kim is getting 6 mil (rightfully deserved), but the other two are only getting a million buckaroos!!!!!!

  48. Lauren

    @48 – Thank goodness someone else noticed that! I thought it was just me for a while there, haha. Poor Cox, she wins my worst-week-ever vote for this mix up.

  49. farty_mcshitface

    this should be retitled sarah jessica parker won’t eat.
    she continues to lie about how much she eats yet i have never seen the broad eat anything but air.
    back in the early 90′s she wasn’t half bad looking but then she got all raisiny looking with the no food diet and has been all super sinewy looking (like madonna) ever since and it make her look like shit. but she is just plain old looking now anyway so i don’t really care anymore.

  50. Sparqi

    Who the psquack is Bill?

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