Sarah Jessica Parker won’t eat with SATC girls

Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City co-stars (From left to right: ACK!, Horseface, I’d Do that Old Ass, The Obligatory Hot One) act friendly and cordial in front of the cameras, but Sarah Jessica didn’t sit with her cast mates during a gala Monday night. NY Daily News reports:

The foursome dismissed talk of past feuds when they signed on to make the avidly awaited movie sequel. But many took notice that Parker was seated at a separate table from her co-stars at a gala Monday night. While Parker shared pleasantries with Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, Davis, Nixon and Cattrall sat together, away from her, at the Audi-sponsored dinner at Capitale.

I don’t need more evidence to hate Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m still mad at her for ditching Aiden in Season Four. Goddammit, he loved you, Carrie! HE FREAKING LOVED YOU AND YOU RIPPED HIS HEART OUT! The man made furniture! He was an artist! GOD! SO ANGRY! *throws Bill out the window* BIG IS AN ASSHOLE AND YOU KNOW IT! DAMMIT! What? The coffee pot’s fixed? Oh, thank God. Say where’s Bill? I sort of blacked out there for a minute. Eh, he’ll turn up. Ooh, hazelnut…

Photos: Getty Images