Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick will shut you up. With twins!

April 29th, 2009 // 70 Comments

In response to rumors they’re getting a divorce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have announced they’re expecting twins. Via surrogate that is. The AP reports:

Parker, 44, and Broderick, 47, “are happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed,” said a statement from the publicists.
The couple has a 6-year-old son, James Wilkie Broderick, and will mark their 12th wedding anniversary next month.
Details about the surrogate or her pregnancy were unavailable, the publicists said.

Because nothing proves a couple’s undying love for each other than not even having the required sex to procreate. God, what devotion.

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  1. bean

    sweet chops, man.

  2. just

    best. picture. ever

    The eyes say more than ANY, ANY, ANY words could. Or perhaps they are simply saying… “fucked”.

  3. sam

    #33 — He’s aged because he’s older, and life is not a movie.

    For an example of how to age well, google some picks of John Stamos. Still as smokin’ hot as he was over 20 years ago. Sure, he’s probably had some help, but if so, it was great help, and who cares when he looks like he does?

    Of course, a smile and some life in the eyes can do as much or more than all the botox/surgery/facials in the world.

  4. HilsShootsHilsScores!

    #42 !!! So right!!! I never saw Neil look so sad, though.

  5. I read the whole thread, and am more confused than ever.

  6. SlowMonkey

    @4 No Shit. This has aged him ten years and he didn’t even have to pork her. It’s not like he has a choice: she has all the money.

  7. Jamie's Uterus

    I saw her in a broadway show once. I actually like SJP, I met her too afterwards. In person, she’ s much softer looking and prettier. In photos she looks a bit jagged and harsh, but she’s really cool though.

  8. Tracey

    Matthew always looks so fucking unhappy in every photo with her.

  9. devilsrain

    You have to give him acting credit. Here Mr. ED is all smiles completely oblivious to the fact that her husband is gay.

  10. Courtney

    James WIlkie Broderick? That’s dangerously close to James Wilkes Booth

  11. uh what?

    Clearly none of you have ever actually seen a movie with Matthew Broderick in it. He’s always had sort of a deadpan look to him. More so when he’s exasperated by something. Let’s see, he just had the press go nuts over his alleged cheating (OK, he probably did it, but none of us were there, were we?), and he’s got a camera shoved in his face at the moment. His expression could just as much have something to do with those facts as with the woman who’s draped all over him.

    And you know what? That business about a woman “sticking her claws in” a guy is just nonsense. Welcome to the world of no-fault divorce, where you can ditch the wife simply because she snores too loudly. It’s not like he’s a blue-collar guy who never knows when he will have work. He can afford alimony and child support. People in Hollywood get divorced all the time. For that matter, if he’s gay, who cares? How many famous people are openly gay now, and we like ‘em in spite of that? Nathan Lane, anyone? There’s no reason for Broderick to stay with Parker if he doesn’t want to.

    I think people just want to say nasty misogynist things without being called on it, that’s what I think. I was kinda hoping to see people outraged that here’s another famous couple legitimizing using a woman as a brood mare, but apparently not. Why is that?

  12. Rae

    Poor bastard. His eyes are crying out for help.

  13. So what’s the big deal? The child they have now isn’t “theirs”. SJP faked a pregnancy and they adopted him.

  14. I’m sure there will be pretty some “NOISE” indahouse!!

  15. When asked for comment, Ms. Parker couldn’t respond, as she was a little hoarse…

  16. k

    ferris can’t handle sara jessica’s success & money so like most other celeb men with super successful wive’s, he has resorted to cheating. so sara jessica isn’t the prettiest (that’s not the point), she is a far better catch than her husband– smart, iconic, and classy & private about her life. so leave sara jessica alone!

  17. Maritza

    Yeah, that’s just what they need, twins will make everything all right again! Like they have so much time to attend two newborns, please its obvious he is just not that into her anymore he is just pleasing her to shut the rumors that’s all!

  18. Interesting couple, i can’t help wondering how they get along since they don’t seem to have very much in common

  19. obzelite

    oh fuck, ferris bueller just died in my heart.

    Commented on this photo:

    Why so much hatred? SJP has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, so she may not be Cindy Crawford, but she is still beautiful, and commenting on how their feeling in a picture? How would you know? Ever had a bad day, or taken a bad pic? They are human, just like you and me. So he cheated will some home wrecker, hopefully they will work it out. They make a fantastic couple, and both are extremely talented. And guest what they are fabulously wealth, I’m sure you aren’t haha! And guest what they are both in their fourties, their supposed to look old, sorry maybe not every celebrity turns to plastic surgery. Go ahead team Broderick and Parker I hope you grow old together, because I intend to without my husband too!! Xoxo, much log and God bless

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