Sarah Jessica Parker is having some form of intercourse in a city

September 1st, 2009 // 94 Comments

Sarah Jessica Parker started filming scenes for Sex and they City 2 in New York yesterday, but none of you are even reading this because you’ve just had your eyes seared by Sarah Jessica’s crotch. That being said, I expected there to be more tentacles gripping a wooden treasure chest with Matthew Broderick’s testicles inside. Looks like I lost that bet.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. face challenged

    #47. Nope. What the fuck you want me to give my description for christ sakes god you women are so fucking insecure. All I did was write an ode to butterfaces and five insecure whiny girls have to chime in. Your buttons are so fucking easy to push. Why even go here if you have so little self esteem.

    Here is my description since you bitches are so fucking needy for it: legs up to my neck 34″ bust c cup 23″ inch waist, 34″ slim hips, lean and toned perky ass and slim arms (many girls have sausage arms and there is no excuse for that) with the face of an angel; button nose, cupids full pink lips, green-gold color changing wide eyes with super long lashes and perfectly arched brows and elegant cheekbones and small ears, long wavy dark chocolate hair and natural complexion no fake tanning for me. I am swedish and greek so I tan wel but have no need to look like a couch like most of you whores. I have been told I look like the physical incarnation of Veronica from the archie comics or a hotter Mila Kunis meets a yound Jennifer Connely from the rocketeer.

    So what the fuck does it matter what I look like, does our appearance give us the right to an opionion. If I am a model does that make me a better person? Wanting to know how I look just proves how superfical YOU are and why should I appologize for how I look I didn’t post my stats the way most girls do ywho come on this site. I jokingly made some observations about butterfaces and you all freaked because I called Sarah Jessica Parker a butterface oh god how horribly horribly true.

    Also I am not an SJP fan by any means never seen anything she was in except that movie where she played a witch when I was a kid. Also I’ve never even watched this mediocre show about mediocre girls spreading their legs, nor do I wish to, but I have no issue with Parker and she seems down to earth or whatever and she isn’t adopting boatloads of kids she can’t care for so what do I care if she has the face of female Gerard Depardieu also Al Pacion is smoking hot so I don’t know what thats about.

    Now go on and post whatever you need to to make yourselves feel better I responded to your insecure don’t insult my queen sjp bullshit so that’s all I can do.

    Have a nice day ladies, sorry you are so sensitive, and try to woman up cows.

  2. Aunt Jemima

    The best Sex in the City moment ever was on Saturday night where Christina Aguilera was playing the Kim Katrrel character and blurted out “I’m actually a dude” while sipping a martini. Awesome.

  3. Peter Griffin

    “I have been told I look like … a hotter Mila Kunis”

    Shut up, Meg.

  4. face challenged

    #53. LOL. Ok that was funny.

  5. Susan B. Anthony

    53. Brilliant. He is so full of crap. That is a dude who can’t get laid by any “butterface” that he rolls up on.

  6. Haywood Jablowme

    Hey….Question…. When Mr.Ed is wearing a dress, where does she tuck her dink?? Inquiring minds want to know..

  7. personality challenged

    @ 51. We get it … you’re perfect and are the only mortal being holding the magic scepter that allows you to pass down judgement on anyone who doesn’t fit your Jennifer Connelly/Mila Kunis hybrid standards …. NOW SHUT UP.

  8. Haywood Jablowme

    @21 Butterface is such a rude term. I prefer the more accurate medical term “Ed Zachary disease”. Example:

    SJP suffers from Ed Zachary disease. Her face looks ed zachary like her ass…..

  9. Blue

    Oh my god. Someone slip 21/37/51 a tranquiliser or seven.

    ‘that is why I LIKE sjp’ – You write abusive and incoherent paragraphs using the word ‘butterface’ (which excuse me, what does that even mean?) about a hundred times when you LIKE someone? Holy shit, let’s never be friends.

  10. lol


    “I’m a straight dude, and yet I actually enjoy watching S&C”

    this sentence makes 0 sense……and you’re very, very gay

  11. Skeezer

    Anybody for loose meat sandwiches?

    #30 knows how to Rock with his/her Roll!

  12. Skeezer

    Anybody for loose meat sandwiches?

    #30 knows how to Rock with his/her Roll!

  13. Peanut

    AWWW @ #60, My husband watched S&C with me. It was fun. Plus he enjoyed the nudity.

  14. chupacabra

    @ 44 – BRILLIANT.

    @59 – “butterface” means, “She has a great body, *but HER FACE*!”

    Then you run screaming from the room, or put a bag over it, or do it doggie style.

  15. face challenged

    #58. LOL. Thanks now I have a new term for this growing phenomenon.

    More and more girls want to be hot, god knows why it’s not fun having guys perv all over you, so they diet and style their hair and dress like they are models they wear makeup that is meant to enhance features that are actually attractive without it and get fake tans and mani/pedi’s and plastic surgery and fake hair and lashes all this store bought plastic beauty and from far you think you may have a winner and then when you see their face it’s like someone punched you in the stomach. It’s all because of Hollywood and reality tv, people think being hot and famous is all there is to life.

    Butterface means she’s hot But Her Face is NOT. I love how women are all outraged when someone calls this lady’s face unattractive like most of you don’t rip other women apart all day long. I mean what are you here for to support girl power? Fuck no this isn’t Oprah and You are hear to insult the celebrities just like the rest of so shut up and take it like a woman.

  16. Elton John

    “AWWW @ #60, My husband watched S&C with me. It was fun. Plus he enjoyed the nudity. ”

    I’m sorry to inform you that your husband cruises gay bars during business trips. You should get yourself tested asap.

  17. Honora

    it’s sex AND the city…. not sex in the city you stupid people.

  18. Bob's Place

    Dear person posting @ 21/37/51:

    You’re an idiot.

    “What the fuck does it matter what I look like?”

    Well, moron, given the paragraph of inchorehent babble you wrote just before that, your looks apparently matter a great deal to you. No one else cares.

    You’re an annoying twat.

  19. Face challenged

    #68.One of the posters asked me what I looked. Jesus can’t you read? So is Bob’s place a place where fat male virgins go to jerkoff together and mount cardboard cutouts of megan fox that they snatched from the dumpster behind their local comic book store?

  20. jester

    Hideous, I’d fuck her.

  21. Bob's Place

    @ 69. Yes. That’s exactly what we do at my restaurant. Thanks for clearing that up for the other Superficial readers.

    “Face challanged. Lets see what you look like bitch.”
    “21. Ok, I understand, you have a pretty face but……….the body is not so good, honey? ”

    … pretty sure miether was an open invitation for you to spoolge your egotisical narcissism all over this forum.

  22. I am in love

    Face challenged you are the Queen of this site IMO!!!!!

  23. Cupid

    72. Face Challenged, quit talking to yourself. Shwing!

  24. Person with a penis

    Let’s all admit it. If this ugly witch wasn’t part of the elite culture she would never be on tv. She is ugly. Period. And her body lacks curves.

  25. Anna

    I think she looks fine. We can’t all be Jennifer Connelly, and frankly, who the hell wants to be?

  26. face challenged

    #71. Well fine then I realize my post looks incredibly arrogant and vain, but I’m human and not so good and letting it go when other women get all womany on me.

    I would go on trading insults, but I have a deep respect for retauranteurs (well the good ones who do it right) since it’s one of the most intense jobs ever, so I shant. I’ll assume on good faith that your good at your job and say good day.

    With all the hate I am getting I am confused by #72. Thank you that is very sweet. Unless I am being internet punked, then my question is who taugh Ashton Kutcher how to use a computer?

  27. Whippet

    Actually I am a guy and I find her look interesting. Don’t worry girls, it is often an interesting “look” that does it for us. Yes, she is not a classic beauty, but she has that “something”. Interesting guys like us go for a look like that. Us, meaning Mr. Big and us.
    So I think she is hot. Funny. Smart. And a really nice body.

  28. Puking

    God she is nasty looking. It used to amaze me how on the show they would try to portray her as attractive. Well, to her kind she might be but not to mine. Sorry. She’s a 6 pack of beer and one bagger and nothing more. She must have a relative in the industry.

  29. agreed

    #77. that’s cool. Most girls like interesting looking guys, but it doesn’t seem to go both ways very often.

    Girls cream themselves for Ryan Gosseling but a girl version of him would not be some boring barbie type. I mena he is unique and interesting looking and not at all a ken doll. Good to know some guys like a unique look. Beisdes she is mainly unique in hollywood where people pay to have their face cut into conformity.

  30. Stevie

    77. She has sex appeal. Even ugly people can have it, it comes from being good in bed.

  31. Pilatunes

    Wendy @34 hahahahaha, I enjoyed that.

    Oh yes, she sure has a bulgy pudenda.

  32. I’ve always thought she had it going on. :)

  33. saturn

    face challenged = 14-year-old dude

    SO obvious.

    But if it’s true that she’s got knockout looks, too bad she has a personality like Heidi Montag – a self-obsessed, vain as hell attention whore with delusions of grandeur. Really… you know you’ve got some screws loose when you go on the Superficial to brag about your looks and expect anyone to believe you.

  34. Blech

    @ #44: trainer, that was brilliant! I normally wouldn’t have laughed at any of these comments since, well, criticizing Parker’s looks is not nice. But…

    Ah, just brilliant.

  35. Nancy

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  36. Rhialto

    I’m looking to her necklet.I don’t really care about her crotch.

  37. Galtacticus

    It’s almost tea and cookies time anyway.

  38. Nero

    Why should we lay our eyes on her crotch? You’ll be surprised but just be aware that the average audience here are pretty literated.

  39. Gando

    Like we don’t know to watch which and what crotch! It’s pretty much an honor when we watch any crotch! Ladies!?

  40. How is this a “rockin bod”? She should increase her caloric intake for shits sakes. This woman is nothing but skin, bones and tendons. Yuck =(

  41. tame_the_kunt

    I’d like to take the time and thank all the posters above who gave the ‘face-challenged’ the responses her retarded ME!ME!ME!ME! rant deserved while denying her the attention her pathetic existence seems to crave for.

  42. face challenged

    Ok the jig is up. I’m actually a 51-year old guy who has never had sex.

  43. Bingle al Mohammed Cohen

    She is a disgusting horse faced troll and a disgusting whore.

  44. kcat

    PLEASE LEAVE SARAH ALONE!!! JUST BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE A FOOT IS NO REASON TO TALK ABOUT HER. Although she really should put a sock over it….just sayin.

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