Sarah Jessica Parker is having some form of intercourse in a city

September 1st, 2009 // 94 Comments

Sarah Jessica Parker started filming scenes for Sex and they City 2 in New York yesterday, but none of you are even reading this because you’ve just had your eyes seared by Sarah Jessica’s crotch. That being said, I expected there to be more tentacles gripping a wooden treasure chest with Matthew Broderick’s testicles inside. Looks like I lost that bet.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Poopie Stain

    Oh, here it comes. I think she is cool but men hate her! She’s a womens woman.

  2. Veronica

    say what you will about her face (and I know you will), she has always had a rockin body.

  3. Iambanans

    Sex and the city is back!!! I’m so happy! She looks FABULOUS!!!!! What a pretty lady! I’m so excited about the new movie!! THE FAB FOUR ARE BACK!



  4. addasasd


  5. Amy

    I think she looks great. Who cares if she isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world? That’s like ragging men for liking Al Pacino…yeah, he’s ugly as fuck, but the fact that he’s cool is all that matters.

  6. Rob

    If this isn’t a photoshop opportunity I don’t know what is… lol

  7. Mr. Ed

    She should get back to giving carriage rides in Central Park. Someone call animal control.

  8. Fyscho Looser

    I love her style. Who cares what MEN think? You flaunt that SJP!

  9. havoc

    Photo #4 isn’t bad. You know, the one where’s she’s putting the bit in her mouth……


  10. Katie

    Wow people really like her, huh? I just don’t see the appeal of sex in the city, sjp, I find her pretty…. ugly. sorry, but yea. that al pacino comparison is good tho… but honestly, if I’m gonna look up to some homely chick, she ain’t gonna be an actress.
    Besides, she took my Matthew away years ago…. Save Ferris ;)

  11. Name No

    Her legs come right up and make an ass of themselves.

  12. Whippet

    I agree with 2. For her age etc, nice body.

  13. Wiiiiiiiiilllllbuuuuuurrrrrr!

  14. ROUGH before dishonor

    TIME is no1′s friend!

    I think if she kept the youthful plumpness she had in Honeymoon in Vegas, she would look fine…This is very unfortunate…

  15. Haorld^Sick

    I’m a straight dude, and yet I actually enjoy watching S&C, its entertaining. And, since so many women watch it (and want to live it), what better insight can a single guy hope for? The secrets are all there. That being said, I don’t really find any of the chicks on that show to be super-attractive, but I think that’s the point. They are just normal looking women.

  16. fearsarewishes

    Sex and the City…

    Worst television show in the history of the world or worst television show in the world?


  17. A grotesque approximation of a human female. Fascinating.

  18. Pilatunes

    She needs to get shoes with a higher heel. Also, she’s not hot. And neither were any of the other cast members of that stupid fucking show. Did we need two movies, let alone one? Unless they make it into a porno. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kim C demonstrating her oral prowess.

  19. Sex Fan

    Worst show in the world? I guess you have not seen the Brooke Hogan show or the Fatassieans.

  20. bot

    I’ll bet $10 for SJP to place in the fifth race.

  21. face challenged

    Ah the reighning queen of BUTTERFACES everywhere. She does have an awesome body and her hair is pretty cool, but gah the face, yeah yeah you knew someone would say this well it needs to be said over and over again so you butterfaces can learn your place and to stay in it.
    She seems mellow and humble, but some of you heinous butterfaces walk around like you have no clue that they are butterfaces. The ego I have seen on some butterfaces is unreal, like bitch who cares how hot your bod is when your face can scare a grown man. Also there are many outfits you can’t wear when you are a butterface yet everyday girls with decent to hot boddies and butt nasty faces wear outfits they can’t pull off. That’s why Maniston (and I am no angie fan either hate them both) who has been catered to by helpful stylists wears such simple clean lines and lots of black cuz their ain’t no way a butter face can pull of super feminine designs, it’s kinda like why is that dog wearing a frilly dress. That’s why butterfaces need to wear unique clothing that says yeah my face is weird but my clothes mane me seem unique, or simple sleek clothes that say my body is great so focus on that. You can’t wear fussy stuff when your face is a giant eyesore, rules to learn and live by for those who are face challenged.

    P.S. Many girls love her because she is their butterface idol, like her they have massive butterfaces and she proves that while men won’t want you at least you can lots of nice shoes and dress well or something…

  22. fearsarewishes



  23. Name No

    Face challanged. Lets see what you look like bitch.

  24. Boston in Toronto

    “Where is the carriage I was pulling? Who took my bag of oats? Damn you, NYC!”

  25. Boston in Toronto

    “Where is the carriage I was pulling? Who took my bag of oats? Damn you, NYC!”

  26. gil

    i think i can see her penis.

  27. gil

    i think i can see her penis.

  28. Name No

    21. You are a Brangaloonie. Angalenia Jolie is NOT the great beauty that you think she is. She is balding and anorexic. Pathetic! You are a ugly HO.

  29. grobpilot

    Somebody needs to strap a feedbag full of oats under that huge mug.

  30. Sarah Jessica Parker

    Turn it down you say,
    Well all I got to say to you is time again I say, “No!”
    No! No, No, No, No, No!
    Tell me not to play
    Well, all I got to say to you when you tell me not to play,
    I say, “No!”
    No! No, No, No, No, No!
    So, if you ask me why I like the way I play it
    There’s only one thing I can say to you

    I wanna rock! (Rock!)
    I wanna rock! (Rock!)
    I want to rock (Rock!)
    I wanna rock! (Rock!)

    There’s a feelin’ that
    I get from nothin’ else and there ain’t nothin’ in the world
    That makes me go!
    Go! Go, go, go, go, go!
    Turn the power up
    I’ve waited for so long so I could hear my favorite song so,
    Let’s go!
    Go! Go, go, go, go, go!
    When it’s like this I feel the music shootin’ through me
    There’s nothin’ else that I would rather do

    I wanna rock! (Rock!)
    I wanna rock! (Rock!)
    I want to rock (Rock!)
    I wanna rock! (Rock!)

  31. Dude of Dudes

    What’s with the Heidi Montag pose in #5. Jeesh. I think I found Jimmy Hoffa in that pie hole.

  32. Erica

    So is this the movie where they talk about the shrinking genitalia and urinary incontinence that come with menopause?

  33. Louier

    That’s right..Sex in the city..with the winos and street bums. they are the only ones that don’t give a s*@t as what she looks like.. me.. lots of beer and viagra!..BTW..Mathew.. as a native New Yorker..we do do have a “leash law”!..curb your dog!

  34. Wendy

    A multi-season TV show and two movies, all about the type of women who, when they call you, make you hold the phone away from your ear and occasionally say “uh-huh” until you think enough time has passed to say “Well I gotta run but it was great to hear from you.”

  35. JofaMang

    I totally see her frank and beans.

    Is she Lady GaGa’s Dad?

  36. michael jackson's brain

    Nobody mentioned the botoxed horror that SJP’s ugly mug has become. Just sayin…

    And yeah, SITC is soooo over. It’s time to let that nag die already (insert any ‘nag’ you like here).

  37. Face challenged

    #28. Do you have zero reading comprehension skills??? Re-read it. I said “(and I am no angie fan either hate them both) “.

    I loath Angelina like you cannot imagine she is a butter everything. I also find Jen to be revolting, but niether is as revolting as Brad since god knows someone would bring him up. You can hate them all retards you don’t have to take sides. Angie is a grey colored vein covered alien forehead crazy baby addict she-bitch and she will tire of being mommy dearest and go off for alone time and fuck them up royally I GUARANTEE it. Jen is a brainless whiny annoying twat with the descision making skills of a teenager whose face has clearly been yanked back. Watch a clip of her on Ellen she doesn’t even talk the same way. So they are both horrid.

    Now why should I show a bunch of internet psychos my picture? Only complete attention whores who have zero understanding of what a dangerous world we live in post their pictures online. I know what I look like and I have no need to prove myself to a bunch of laptop rhino’s. Anyway there’s nothing wrong with being a butterface ladies so don’t get so defensive and don’t you dare tell me that when some skank with an ass nasty face parades around like she’s the hottest thing on earth that you don’t find her pathetic. That is why I LIKE sjp she seems humble as I said, plus she proves thet there is no need for a double standard, lots of men have bizarre faces and people find them compelling even more so because of their unique charm, why can’t it be that way for girls? Besides my post was pretty satirical anyone who gets all uppity about ANYTHING written here is falling into the trap, you are not supposed to get pissed off otherwise you are no better than the uptight loosers who walk out on comedians, nothing here is to be taken to heart and if your skin is that thin well good luck because this world is NOT going to be easier on you just because you are super sensitive and shit.

    P.S. I’d rather be a drug addict than an Angie fan so back off honey, them’s fightin’ words.

  38. Jen

    Awww… Carrie’s gettin old. Say it ain’t so!

  39. Jen

    Awww… Carrie’s gettin old. Say it ain’t so!

  40. Jen

    Awww… Carrie’s gettin old. Say it ain’t so!

  41. moderator

    Just for the record, I didn’t pay #21/37 to post comments illustrating how annoying SJP fans are.

  42. She has a nice ass, actually, as this picture shows.

  43. KIKI

    37. What do you care about what women think of themselves? If a woman has high self esteem she can think anything she wants about herself. Who gives a rats ass? I think you are a twit that can’t get laid. Bitter!

  44. trainer

    As you can see, it’s the skinny, brittle forelegs that make this majestic animal so prone to devastating injuries.

  45. Sid

    The makeup guy on that movie must have a bad back from carrying hundreds of pounds of foundation to each dressing room every day.

  46. fearsarewishes



  47. Allison

    21. Ok, I understand, you have a pretty face but……….the body is not so good, honey?

  48. leah

    i’d hit it

  49. #7 – Now that was fucking funny. HAHAHA

  50. KS Shark

    I would hit it and then hit it again. Grrrrrrr.

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