Sarah Jessica Parker had her mole removed

July 17th, 2008 // 81 Comments

Hey, everybody! Sarah Jessica Parker had her mole removed which makes her 1/1,000th less abrasive to look at. Yay!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jammy

    She may now cease stirring that cauldron.

  2. wait

    it doesn’t look like it’s gone, it looks like its just been covered up. Too bad.

  3. toolboy

    Why work on the mole when you could have just lopped off her horse head…..Whoooooaaa, easy girl…sugar cube?

  4. Anexio

    Now why did she go and do a dumb thing like that? It was her best feature.

  5. Julian

    i was gonna say that maybe a rat bit it off at the stable but I think Matthew broderick keeps a clean ranch.

  6. metalman

    but she saved it, for halloween parties

  7. Ferris Bueller

    You are all crazy. She may not be the most beautiful woman in the world but she shouldn’t have been named the unsexiest by Maxim. That distinction should have went to Amy Winehouse, she might be one of the nastiest pieces of trash in the world. Besides all of you would be lucky to hook up with a woman that looked as good at SJP…or any women for that matter.

  8. STevec

    the nose, face , and body should be the next 3 removals…

  9. nipolian

    If the doctors really wanted to improve her looks…..they would have removed the entire hideous growth…….from the neck up.

  10. Ted from LA

    I think she looks great and that is why I am betting on her in the 5th at Belmont tomorrow.

  11. Something tells me she’s a bitch in bed too.

  12. Sometimes she looks great and most others she looks terrible. I don’t know whether to jerk off or run and hide….

  13. Julian

    @7 Amy Winehouse is a precious little virginal flower how dare you soil her name. and if by lucky you mean I would have to get raped by a woman like SJP then yes, you’re right.

    @10 Thanks for the vote of confidence, I’m actually her Jockey for tomorrow’s race. It’ll be a toughie but old Sarah and I will pull through, I already promised her an extra sugar cube if we win.

  14. I don’t think the mole was ever really the issue, do you boys and girls?

  15. snarf

    Don’t horses like salt licks? Good luck in the race.

  16. A

    She still looks old and leathery. I agree with you guys, remove from the neck up and she does look like a friggen horse! Do you see how many lines she has around her eyes? Tons.

  17. britney's weave

    i honestly think if she fixed that nose she’d be ok to look at.

  18. Where is the love, people?

  19. Mal Gusto

    #12 …run and hide.
    The mole may be gone, but the nose and chin are still on track to grow to a joining oint by 2009.
    and #7, My wife is more attractive AND knows how to dress.

  20. Jumpin_J

    I didn’t know a mole knew how to ride a horse.

  21. Crisphy Nanos

    A little information on Sarah’s heritage (courtesy of the Uncyclopedia):

    Sarah Jessica Parker, born 1965, is a famous Jewish sex symbol and horse. She is commonly referred to as a “double bagger” referring to the likely need to use two bags to adequately cover her head during penetrative intercourse. She has 4 socks, blaze, and a belly spot. Her coat shines like a new car. She always attracts attention at the stable. She has moderately upright paces and tons of mane and tail. Her forelock is down to her muzzle. Her mane is over 2 feet long. She’s about 13.8 hands with medium build and moderate feather, refined and slightly shaggy. She makes a stunning driving horse and riding horse with her gorgeous color and upright, high-stepping trot.

  22. squirrel

    Too bad she didn’t go to the doctor for a euthanasia procedure.

  23. evianobaby

    I just dont like how she made women everywhere whores.

  24. havoc

    Anyone else doing the Trifecta for the upcoming Emmy’s?

    I’m putting SJP down to show…..


  25. sb

    I hate to say it but she actually doesn’t look bad here. Comparatively, that is. To other pics I’ve seen of her. And #21, I think you’ve got the wrong entry… I don’t see a blaze…

  26. whoa nelly

    Now she looks like a horse without a mole.



  28. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Something’s wrong here. I don’t want to stab her in the face. Maybe……….Ah there we go. Ok witch, your magical powers are useless against me. You thought removing that wart would detract from your hellish appearance. Well you were so wrong.

  29. Monica

    Too bad its like 200 yrs too late.

  30. tired

    As if YOU people are so freakin’ good looking and perfect.

  31. It's Britney Bitches

    Anyone else find it ironic that all the SATC gals are getting surgery AFTER the movie came out in theaters? The red headed lesbo got boob implants, Charlotte got her varicose veins on her legs fixed, and now Horse Face got her mole removed. Common sense would be to do these things BEFORE the movie came out….not after. Just a thought.

  32. Richard McBeef

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course
    and even without the mole she’s a horse of course

    #24 I think you mean the Triple Crown and that old horse can’t run like she used to. Next stop for her is dog food plant or glue factory.

  33. Auntie Kryst

    Does she think losing that mole is going to help her failing career?? She’s about as marketable as the Clydesdales now that InBev bought Bud.

    Bah, bad joke but I needed to try a new take on the horseface comments.

  34. havoc

    This shit was actually on CNN.

    Breaking News: Sarah Jessica Parker had a mole removed. We’ll have live coverage and will keep your informed of any developments. We’re waiting for the White House to comment. As reactions pour in from all over the world on this breaking news, we will keep you updated as developments warrant. Join us tonight at 8C as Nancy Grace investigates Sarah Jesssica Parker’s mole removal. CNN, your source for late breaking news.

    Jesus H. Fucking Christ…….


  35. girl unimpressed

    well she’s gotten to an age where a mole like that could become cancerous – her dermatologist probably told her to get rid of it. i don’t see all the ugly the rest of you see, she just seems extra angular, but it sure doesn’t offend me. and my guess it doesn’t matter how ugly she may be to everyone here, she’s doing way better in life than any one of us loser keyboard warriors.

  36. sharpeidude


  37. jen hutchin

    At certain angles with the camera not too close, Sarea Jessica is beautiful. And too bad for all you who hate her, she is rich, happily married and employed. So ha aha.

  38. JJ

    They shoot horses, don’t they?

  39. nipolian

    To all you people refering to her as being horse-like…………what the fuck do you have against horses………….horses are cool…………the correct term is nag.

  40. TheMetalLord

    should have kept the mole and removed the face.

  41. veggi

    The surgeon was right there…putting in stitches…and he could have sewn her mouth shut. But nooooooooooooooooo…..or, as SJP would say, neeeeeeeigh…

  42. syn

    She still looks just like the thing that lived under my bed when I was a little kid. And SaTC sucks out loud.

  43. B

    SATC used to be a good show. I bet the movie was friggen gay as hell. She still needs to fix her nose. Heeheeeheee [horse snorts]

  44. RicoSuave

    The mole finally got a good look at the horror it had been living on all these years and ran off in terror. Its photo will soon be on milk carton missing ads.

  45. This looks like a photoshop job to me….

  46. no thanks

    Huh, could this “surgery” have anything do with being voted THE UNSEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE? Methinks yes.

    I guess she MOLED it over and decided to get it removed. Har, har.

    She does look less like a witch without the Enrique Iglesias tribute on her chin. Now PLEASE for the love of GAWD fix the NOSE woman.

  47. JimmyBachaFungool

    She looks like a melted candle.

  48. rough daddy

    what a drag! being in show business and constantly get dis over your looks!!!

  49. Ferdinand Narcos

    I came.


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