Matthew Broderick caught cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker

July 23rd, 2008 // 92 Comments

Matthew Broderick is allegedly having an affair with a 25-year-old youth counselor he met at a bar earlier this year. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the two together numerous times while Sarah Jessica Parker was in LA filming Sex and the City: The Movie, according to Star:

Sources say the woman felt conflicted with her relationship with Matthew, whom she nicknamed “Matty Cakes.” She tried to end it, say insiders, but that didn’t happen and over the next month — when Sarah Jessica was filming Sex and the City: The Movie in Los Angeles — multiple eyewitnesses say they saw Matthew make late-night visits to the other woman’s apartment building.
During one tryst, they arrived at her friend’s apartment after a night of heavy drinking, says a source. She dragged Matthew into the friend’s bedroom, then shut the door. “A half hour later, Matthew opened the bedroom door, mumbled ‘Well… ‘bye!’ and walked out. The friend found her passed out on the bed in her panties.”

I’m surprised Sarah Jessica Parker hasn’t caught Matthew Broderick sticking his penis in a variety of things besides her. Like a ham sandwich. Or, let’s be frank, a blender.


  1. hayden

    Many years ago, before he married SJP, a mutual friend of mine and “Matty Cakes” told me that he had THE BIGGEST PORN collection the guy had ever seen. Every possible kink you can think of was in there.

    Even after seeing Election it’s hard to imagine.

  2. Mike

    Amazing, someone saw him go in, they saw him come out, they even saw the “girl” ( who was packing a solid 9 inches ) on the bed in her panties. Did they have a slumber party lip-syncing to Hairspray?

  3. Kim

    I don’t believe it. Hope Star has a lawyer on retainer.

  4. Unbridled passion! hahahahah! Good for him, back to the loch with you nessie!

  5. Maybe Sienna Miller will give him a piece as kind of a welcome back from a long, frigid, horsefaced illness.

  6. Joe C

    #23 You beat me to it.

    I guess Ferris finally decided to fuck someone good looking.

  7. Holls

    first of all, she has a rockin body. second of all, instead of camp counselor, did you mean to say effeminite clothing designer?

  8. Holls

    first of all, she has a rockin body. second of all, instead of camp counselor, did you mean to say effeminite clothing designer?

  9. Holls

    first of all, she has a rockin body. second of all, instead of camp counselor, did you mean to say effeminite clothing designer?

  10. rough daddy

    nice going matthew, i guess youre ready to go back to work…

  11. Ted from LA

    I can’t believe her roommate is telling people all the shit that happened on Saturday night. It should be Sunday Silence.

  12. Ted from LA

    Has this been Affirmed?

  13. Ted from LA

    I wonder if he used a Cigar?

  14. Ted from LA

    There is nothing illegal about this… it’s not like he is going to get a Citation.

  15. Ted from LA

    It wasn’t an Assault either.

  16. Ted from LA

    I read somewhere this new woman is a Gallant Fox.

  17. Ted from LA

    I feel badly for Sarah, she seemed like an Easy Goer.

  18. Franks

    Not even hacking that mole off her face could keep him from straying.

  19. silverdollar

    i’m sorry but no matter how unattractive people say she is, he was still lucky to get her….i mean look at him!

  20. Ted from LA

    Aside from my love of making horse jokes, I think she looks great in this picture. Cute, sweet, etc. I’d give her a peppermint or a carrot if I could.

  21. Gina

    wow, what a jerk. poor sarah

  22. who wouldn’t?

  23. Harry Ballzck

    Every time I look at this chick … I think of Barbara Streisand for some dumb reason

  24. miroku

    First, I don’t believe the story from “Star,” when it comes out in “People,” then I’ll believe it. Second, I think SJP is very pretty and no different than Jennifer Aniston and Gisele Bundchen who have also been said to look “horsey” in the face. They are all very pretty in their own way. What’s the difference. I think poor SJP’s crooked nose doesn’t help her, but Jennifer Aniston fixed that and she’s still “horsey” in the face, and as for Gisele- well I don’t see anything wrong with her, but there are still people who dis her as being “horsefaced.” Look at the above picture, SJP, is very striking (the mole is gone??) and she looks fantastic in this picture??

  25. Ted from LA

    We make the horse jokes for fun, not to hurt poor Sarah. I’d never hurt her, unless, of course, I had to show her the whip coming down the stretch.

  26. “Her pussy gets so wet you can’t believe it!”


  27. She looks SO beautiful. I saw her personals ID on wealthy men for beautiful women site “”"”NYwealthyMatch . c o m”"”"”" last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site. Is she single now?

  28. quaker

    the real question…did he go bareback.

  29. Snoodle

    I honestly thought this was gonna read ‘….with Nathan Lane’ :p

  30. Bahama Mama

    mabe she got her ugly mole removed to get her husband back? Whats next? A nose job and breast implants? Maybe some hips would help too.

  31. jay

    Could you really blame the poor guy for cheating on this hag?

  32. princess patricia

    This can’t be true. Not to say he wouldn’t cheat, just don’t think he would be so careless about it.

  33. Racer X

    Ferris… Bueller.

  34. Bri

    Fix your hair SJP! Your hairs are going in every direction in that pic!

  35. Matthew saw the light

    YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS good for Broderick he needed some new pussy to stick his dick in he did his time with that ugly skank now he can go and find some real nice pussy he saw the light finally

  36. Tyler Durden

    # 77
    Go spam ur shit site somewhere else u fucking lamer. I hope hackers shut you down then eat your young. Go kill yourself.

  37. Go Get em'

    Yeah Matty;

    There you go boy!
    And for the youth Coordinator Way To Go Girl. I bet after buting your ass all day you would never meet a Super Star. Probably Good Hearted Modest girl who is down to Earth. Unlike that Bitch SJP! . Who is notoriously known for being Spoiled and never working an honest day in her life. She is always plays the same roles and is quite frankly a complete idiot!!!!!

  38. Sarabasher

    #75 She would think twice of hurting someone else!!
    #77 Please kill yourself. SJP is a filthy disgusting creature who looks like she just climbed out of 12-Step program.

  39. Babydoll

    I love SJP, she is not ugly, He is CHEATER!!! Dump him fast….

  40. hmmm

    You know what, heck, I’d hit I guess if she was single….wait she just may be.

  41. That's Ms. Matty Cakes to You

    Matt Broderick … cheating … with a *gulp* woman?
    Are you sure he saw her from the front?

    I bet Sarah Jessica Parker just nagged him to death. He couldn’t get a word in edgewise over all that braying. Well, I guess it’s time for him to get back in the saddle and get on with his own life!

  42. alla

    she’s not cindy crawford gorgeous but she is pretty! give her a break. how many of you who sit in front your computers and post these awful comments are as attractive as her? none, i would assume. I love sjp, but i sense a divorce.

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