Matthew Broderick caught cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker

July 23rd, 2008 // 92 Comments

Matthew Broderick is allegedly having an affair with a 25-year-old youth counselor he met at a bar earlier this year. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the two together numerous times while Sarah Jessica Parker was in LA filming Sex and the City: The Movie, according to Star:

Sources say the woman felt conflicted with her relationship with Matthew, whom she nicknamed “Matty Cakes.” She tried to end it, say insiders, but that didn’t happen and over the next month — when Sarah Jessica was filming Sex and the City: The Movie in Los Angeles — multiple eyewitnesses say they saw Matthew make late-night visits to the other woman’s apartment building.
During one tryst, they arrived at her friend’s apartment after a night of heavy drinking, says a source. She dragged Matthew into the friend’s bedroom, then shut the door. “A half hour later, Matthew opened the bedroom door, mumbled ‘Well… ‘bye!’ and walked out. The friend found her passed out on the bed in her panties.”

I’m surprised Sarah Jessica Parker hasn’t caught Matthew Broderick sticking his penis in a variety of things besides her. Like a ham sandwich. Or, let’s be frank, a blender.


  1. butthole


  2. Niggadom

    Wow so much for defending “horseface” SJP. Still the unsexiest woman of all time.

  3. veggi

    If the story had involved Broderick taking ATM, then I might have believed it. Like SJP, it reeks of horseshit.

  4. Mothra

    Good thing this doesn’t sound like complete bullshit..

    *rolls eyes*

  5. cheaters suck

    that sucks

  6. havoc

    Sex and the City…….irony.


  7. I’m bummed… this is one Hollywood romance I was really rooting for. Great… now she’ll have to try and be “sexy” and we’ll be tortured will photos of that…

    I’m just wondering what percentage of comments will have horse references…

  8. I bet this was pretty easy to do.
    Just throw her some sugar cubes and oats. And she won’t even know he’s gone riding somewhere else.

  9. “CHEATER” is his second name!!

  10. antoine

    So that explains why the long face.

  11. Dorien


    “Matty Cakes”?

    Of all things to call him, the chick calls him “Matty Cakes”?

    It says the friend found her passed out and in her panties, I dont know about you but that sounds like he slipped her a roofie or something.

  12. SJP actually looks pretty good in the pic on this story. But, come on – Broderick wanted some strange – are you surprised?

    Oh, #1 – your user name says it all.

  13. JVM

    Can’t blame the guy…I’d cheat too if I were with that yenta.

  14. A-1

    I agree, Fish…why isn’t he doing a ham sandwich instead of Sarah’s nasty wrinkled ass?

  15. HughJorgan

    10 bucks says the 25 yr old is Sienna Miller

  16. nipolian

    You know your life is in the toilet when you were once Farris Bueller and now you have become Matty Cakes.

  17. At-Law

    LOL @ 10.

  18. Chauncey Gardner

    Good for Matthew. SJP has a face like a Cubist masterpiece.

  19. Crabby

    I’d cheat too if my only other option was porking Mr. Ed.

  20. Sid

    Maybe that’s why she had the mole removed. She’s thinking of moving on, and she’s afraid the next jockey might be more picky. I mean, “husband.”

  21. Sad

    Shame on him.

  22. ya right

    #4. I have to agree.
    I have no respect for Hollywood marriages, but this is the fakest sounding story I have read in a whhhhhhhhhhhile. Star get your lawyers ready.

  23. Rob

    Save Ferris!

  24. grobpilot

    Horse, horse, horse………….

  25. Ang

    Poor guy. All he wanted was one night of unbridled passion.

  26. DarkSecret

    #11 very clever……….. Question?? Was the mole that she had removed that much of a trademark? Will her career (that is soaring because she sold her soul to the devil) climb any higher because of the removal?

  27. havoc




  28. Deacon Jones


    Nothing like having a semi-conscious chick laying drunk on a bed. The anticipation is mind-blowing.

    (cracking knuckles, whistling, while reaching for belt buckle)

  29. sharpeidude


  30. Ted Mosby

    Bueller got his groove on.

    Bet SJP felt like a Square Peg.

  31. DH

    Matthew Broderick is straight?

  32. DH

    Matthew Broderick is straight?

  33. One

    Oh its on! I suspect this will be one nasty divorce. But can you blame the man? I mean SJP; aka Horseface Parker, I bet she’s not just ugly, I bet she’s a naggy, high maintenance beotch.

  34. Evilgirl

    I like SJP. She always seemed honest at least and not trampy. That’s not why I don’t trust this story though. What youth counselor would nickname a man Matty Cakes? wtf.

  35. JimmyBachaFungool

    Is it really cheating when your wife is a cross between and melted candle & Secretariat? There are no existing vows that could possibly force that man to only be intimate with her. She’s too damn fugly.

  36. Andrew

    So a horse walks into bar and sits down.
    The bartender asks, “why the long face?”
    The horse neighs back, “E-Ehhh-eh my husband’s finally decided to take his ‘blinders’ off and f**k someone worth his time. Oh look, oats!”


  37. Matthew

    I will side with Matthew here I mean COME ON NOW! she is ugly and looks like a horse….

  38. JimmyBachaFungool


  39. Miserable Bastard

    I have a feeling the “other woman” is really Nathan Lane.

  40. Papahotnuts

    Her face killed Estelle Getty.

  41. She's Ugly as sin

    She really is an ugly fuck. Damn have the times changed for the worst.

  42. Mr.Peanut


  43. Chauncey Gardner

    She’s got a real bad case of Ellen Barkin Crookface Syndrome.

  44. honestly

    why cant guys/girls just be honest and break up or try to work on things instead of cheating? more people get hurt that way…life could be so much easier if people were just more honest!

  45. JJ

    #31- No, he is not straight. He must like beastiality though.

  46. JimmyBachaFungool

    She really has a nice mane though.

  47. Ted from LA

    He’s a stud. I heard he is also covering Rags to Riches.

  48. GloryWhole

    All these witnesses to Matthew’s naughtiness and no one thought to talk a picture. Image that, it was so exciting to see old Matty Cakes doing dirty deeds to a girl half his age that no one remembered to take pictures. Rod Stewarts drinks milk from his wife’s tap and the pap got pics but none here. Something ain’t right at the Star.

  49. Deacon Jones

    I guarantee he left her because she sucks in the sack. High maintenance women ALWAYS suck in the sack.

    Theyre so fucking worried about clothes and fashion (attracting a man) that they think theyre too good to suck dick or try ANYTHING creative (pleasing a man)

    Its like practicing REALLY hard and then when it’s game time saying “Eh, fuck it.”

  50. Big deal, he’s been committing bestiality for years by fucking Sarah Jessica Parker.

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