Sarah Palin Defends Willow’s ‘F-ggot’ Rant

November 29th, 2010 // 149 Comments
Sarah Palin

What was almost a completely forgotten about issue has been resurrected by Sarah Palin‘s inability to portray herself as anything but a helpless victim of the media, a dont’cha know. Here she is talking to Sean Hannity where, unprompted, she brought up Willow Palin‘s publicized use of the word “faggot” to attack a classmate who was insulting Sarah’s new reality show on Facebook, not Dancing With the Stars as previously reported. Via Mediaite:

I mean, look at the other day. Willow, finally, my 16 year old, she had had it up to here with somebody saying very, very hateful things about the family and saying mean things about her little brother Trig, and Willow finally responded and she used a bad word when she responded in defense of her family. And her response became national news, even hard news copy it turned into, so that’s ridiculous and I had to explain to her, “Willow, there is no justice here but you have to just zip your lip and let’s move forward.”

Mediaite points out that not once was Trig mentioned during the entire Facebook exchange, but then again, everyone knows the liberal media hates it when special needs children are inserted into stories they were never apart of in the first place. Bastards! Anyway, you’ll notice Sarah Palin openly feels it’s acceptable to call people “faggots” in defense of a family member which, admittedly, probably doesn’t count as news. Mostly I’m just amazed she didn’t say, “At least Willow wasn’t packin’” then winked at the camera. She’s really come a long way.

EDIT: The time for healing.. is now.

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  1. She should have said, “This is what happens when you’re the offspring of a famous person. Those retarded press faggots blow everything out of proportion.”

    • ethermonk

      LOL! Exactly! Since when are the Facebook rants of a 16 year old newsworthy? Your progressive, liberal bias is wearing thin, Fish. Barack and Joe utter a few gaffes each day … and you hardly ever cover that. But somehow in your bitter, alcohol ravaged mind that makes sense … so sad. Get back to the celebutards.


        It’s newsworthy because her mediawhore mother has delusions of grandeur in running for president. Seeing as their mother is defending their BIGOTED remarks, she must think they’re “okay”. This family is only one generation away from their slack-jawed, moonshine cookin’, cousin marryin’, cross-burning kin.

      • krillnyc

        Rather be a progressive liberal than a dumbass conservative like you.

  2. Next thing you know, she’ll be saying Willow was saving the baby from Madmartigan, and we all know that isn’t true either.

  3. Jim

    Oh god, the left wing turd is back.

  4. lower class/ formerly middle class

    And to think that our nation is run by the International Industrialists who with their “friends” the banksters have laid waste to our economy by creating monstrous unpayable debt, military industrial privitization and it’s nearly a trillion dollar a year price tag.
    What kind of person does the media pick? And idiot to lead the idiots!



    • Ismoss

      Go back to selling tie dyed teeshirts and smokin pot would ya.

      • lower class/ formerly middle class

        I don’t do either. I am not ignorant like you are. I am a conservative actually you mindless worm.

    • The government that laid waste to Americas economy by creating monsterous unpayable debts and allowed banksters to run amock were Conservative Republicans whose only agenda was to start a war in 2 countries that benefited their own personal company interests and the interests of the big oil barons, privatized industrial military companies, and global arms dealers. The trillion dollar a year price tag is due to all of these factors. We can ALL THANK GEORGE DUBBYA for this. How soon we all forget what the root cause of America’s problems stem from and are quick to blame those to took over the complete mess of a country.

      • sue

        That’s right Dante. And HELLOOOO the bank bail outs happened under DUBBYA as well! Quit having such a fucking SHORT ATTENTION SPAN YOU A.D.D REPUBLICAN ASSHOLES.

    • myopinion

      did they pic you????

  5. mark

    What a dolt.

  6. Cash

    Dude no one gives a fuck. Is this the superficial, or the fucking drudge report? You hate Palin, we get it cuz we hate her too, so stop talking about her already. Bullshit press like this is what keeps her on the spotlight. You’re just feeding her shit man, figure it out and move on.

    • sue

      I do agree with this. If everyone stopped paying attention to her (including hatred attention), she would go away.

  7. Boal

    Could you please stop with the left-wing attacks? I come to this page for tits not a Keith Olbermann style bash fest.

    • Richard McBeef

      needs more “you sir” to get to blowbermann level.

    • Johnny Coxville

      @Boal don’t even bother asking, dude. Fish hates his preacher father, so just chalk up any and all of his political “commentary” as a shot at daddy.

    • atomicmug

      I love tits too, Boal!

      Big tits, little tits, medium tits…they’re an absolute good!

    • yoshi99

      Well, if you’re so hard-core on the “personal choice” and “independent thinking” front, Boal, perhaps you could figure out how to find a website more to your liking. There are, after all, many out there. It would just require a little effort and half a brain. Oh wait … nevermind.

  8. What's This Rash?

    I’m 99.99% certain that it isn’t an attack on the right wing, ya moron. It’s an attack on Sarah Palin: the idiot person herself.

    • +1 …however, Fish should of called the Olberman schlockfest for what it was: a ratings grab during November sweeps. It’s why everybody is saying stupider shit than usual and it will die down as December approaches, Beck’s Soros-fest will lessen, then the commentators will find a new way to dupe their minions for February sweeps. Enjoy your cable and radio “news” everyone!

      • yoshi99

        “Beck’s Soros-fest will lessen” the day he croaks. He was screeching about George again today. Glen needs a new meme.

  9. TT87

    Wow, Sarah Palin didn’t throw her teen daughter under the bus for the the whole country to see, she must condone using the word faggot. This obsession with Palin by the left is nauseating and its not policy related, but solely personal. Why is criticism of Obama seen as racist, yet criticism of Palin is not seen as misogynistic?

    • It’s not misogynistic, it’s the truth. Palin is an idiot. She’s grandstanding for a push to be the leader of the GOP in 2012. She has an unwed single teenage daughter, she has another daughter who can’t keep her trap shut and can’t defend her family without using stereoptypical ignorant hyperbole, calling the other person a ‘faggot’ and then Mom has to step in and LIE by saying the other person made fun of Trig when no mention of the boy was made.

      Palin and ehr family are in the public eye and are under scrutiny because she has grandiose plans for the Presidency. As such, when a member of her family says things that are short sighted and ignorant the media will present it. Palin was MADE by the national media, and she will be destroyed by it as well if she continues to act like an ignorant gun toting hillbilly.

    • Sami

      how is she an idiot? other than challenging Obama?

      • yoshi99

        Well … implying it’s OK for her 16-year old daughter to be calling folks faggots for one. Showing up at a Pennsylvania school with cookies to protest efforts to curb childhood obesity is two. Trying to claim that she can see Russia from Alaska as her having foreign affairs experience is three. Being found in violation of state ethics rules is four. Not being able to identify a single publication she has ever read is five. Misquoting the Wall Street Journal is six. Arguing with the author of the Wall Street Journal about how she misquoted the article is seven. Not realizing that the Wall Street Journal is owned by Rubert Murdoch, who also owns Fox, for whom Sarah is a paid talking head is eight. Doing the impossible by getting Henry Reid re-elected when his unfavorable rating was something like 300% is nine. Losing the Senate because she was pushing unelectable whackadoodle candidates like Christine O’Donnell is ten.

        Should I go on? I could … for weeks.

      • yoshi99

        “author of the Wall Street Journal article” that is.

  10. TJL

    And this is one of the many reason she will never become President.

    • Ray Sist

      Obama is a Muslim sypathizing, America-hating, weak pussy. This didn’t stop him from becoming president.

      • Johnny Coxville

        @Ray …No shit! and @TJL She is not prez, and never will be. She is not even in office. So funny to see betwetters bitch about her every move, even though she is effectively POWERLESS!
        Go check out some of the wikileaks that just hit the news, then get back to us about how horrible Palin is.

    • TJL

      Wow, you two much not watch the news or probably just Fox News. As a veteran of the current war I take some offense to what you two said. To think Sarah Palin is powerless is well stupid, that woman wields more power than many people give her credit. She was just asked straight out if she could beat Obama in two years and she said yes. America does not need someone that is a hypercritical quitter to be president. If she did run and win she would be just like Bush, leaning on his advisors who have not been elected to make decisions for him.

      People that use profane language to prove a point or show how angry they are can be described as the uneducated morons. When you curse you show your ignorance or lack of education, so please keep it up.

      • mud butt

        Hey “TJL” – how about when Obama, our Commander-in-Chief, referred to Navy Corpsmen as “corpse-men” not once, but twice? Did you find that offensive?? Or how about when he bows to royalty who may have a hand in global terrorism? Find that offensive?? Somehow I doubt it.
        What is all this power that Palin supposedly wields, exactly? I’ll await your non-answer.
        I love the crack about Bush leaning on his advisors. Obama can’t go anywhere without a tele-prompt-er, and was mucking around in the Illinois State Senate just two years before announcing his run for the Presidency, yet you’re still stuck on Bush. He’s gone, dude. Back at the ranch. We have a bigger problem now.

    • TJL

      So you did not serve? It is usually the guys that stay back with the women and kids that have the loudest opinions. The train wreck that was giving to the Obama administration when it took over was nothing less than criminal; we as a country are still trying to get over it. Bush could and probably still cannot pronounce nuclear, so if a person cannot say the right words 100% of the timeI can give them leeway. Bush’s policies were our problems, not his lack of verbal skills. As far Obama bowing and scraping before royalty that is his own decision, but there is certain level of etiquette (no one sits when the President is standing, kissing the Pope’s ring). As far as Palin is concerned she with support from the tea party got more than one person elected this year. She can start and change a political agenda at will and she is not in office. That is the power she wields, hypocritical yes but it is still powerful.

      • mud butt

        How are Obama’s policies different? Escalation of the wars, skyrocketing debt, more bailouts, not knowing where billions of the bailouts went (but don’t call them “earmarks!”), printing currency and devaluation of the dollar…W signed the “prescription drug bill”, and O just had to outdo him with “Obamacare”…sounds like W on steroids to me.
        “Certain level of etiquette?” He is the first President to EVER to bow. That was a Freudian slip at best (left over from his Muslim upbringing), or a sign of reverence at worst. Either way, a sign of weakness.

      • bitingontinfoil

        She must be taking pointers from all those “Russians”. She *can* see Russia from her backyard, after all.

      • Funny how this is “national news” and yet I didn’t hear about it until I accidentally ran into this article. And the article states that it was almost a forgotten issue until Palin, herself brought it up.
        Anyway, just so I can get this straight: A Democrat saying that to do something would be “retarded” is wrong, even though he wasn’t saying that anybody was developmentally disabled, just that what was being contemplated wasn’t a good idea, but for Palin’s daughter to call somebody a faggot is ok. Ok. Got it. Free speech is reserved for Palin, her family and those who agree with her. Everybody else gets censored.

    • TJL

      So I guess the Sarah Palin answer was good enough for you

      • mud butt

        @TJL No, you’re wrong again. She glommed on to the tea party movement; she was nowhere to be found in the beginning.

    • yoshi99

      What? Bow? Bush kissed the Saudi king and walked around holding the guy’s hand. You tell me what’s worse.

    • TJL

      What’s worse…….listening to mud butt all day, she gloomed on and took over and if you think she has not then you head is in the sand.

  11. Aaron

    Todd’s dick is the smartest thing that ever came out of that woman’s mouth.

  12. zilly

    “At least Willow wasn’t packin’. *wink*” That actually made me laugh out loud. hahahahahahaha!!!

  13. Ismoss

    Big fucking deal she said faggot. FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT. If this would have been some liberal puke nobody would have ever known or givin a shit.

    • xoxoxo

      You right wingers are certainly inarticulate. Because you are stupid and hateful which is why you love this aging pig.

    • mud butt

      Yep – kinda like when Jesse Jackson called NY “Hymie-town” …or when clinton made that crack to kennedy about how obama would have been serving them coffee twenty years ago…or biden saying “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”…or hillary calling staffers “jew bastards”…or obama calling his grandma a “typical white person”…somehow I doubt any of those events warranted posts on “celebrity” blogs!

      • atomicmug

        Nah, I didn’t forget “hypocritical”. I just don’t bother calling anybody that anymore because, really, aren’t we ALL hypocrites eventually?

        When someone calls someone a “hypocrite”, it’s usually because they’re at the bottom of the bag of clever retorts.

        Viva Hypocrisy!!!

      • mud butt

        Well, ok…but that instance was especially glaring; calling someone inarticulate, then throwing out “aging pig” in the next sentence…pretty egregious.

      • *shrugs* I don’t see how that’s inarticulate. Crass, perhaps, but not inarticulate. Would you have preferred it if he had called her an ignorant, backward, bigoted waste of flesh whose voice is so sodding insipid that it actually makes one more stupid for listening?

    • ElBe

      Uhhh, are you kidding? This would have been terrible for any liberal politician’s career. Democratic politicians don’t get away with anything because their constituencies demand that they don’t use borderline hate speech. And if they claimed to be “all about their families” and then raised their children as Sarah Palin has raised hers… well, let’s just say Fox News would be all over it.

      • mud butt

        @EIBe Yeah, Fox would be, and all the other “news” outlets would ignore it, just like they do with any and all bad news concerning a democrat. That’s what pisses off libs so much; there are other voices out there who will expose them nowadays. That explains the incessant attempts to discredit anyone who dares to do so.
        They would love to go back to the days when they only had the “big 3″ and PBS, who were, and still are carrying their water.

      • Sami

        how do YOU know how Mrs. Palin raises her kids? Did you live with her?

      • PFKZONI

        mud butt, you are so right. I responded to Dante Calamari’s Nov. 29 2:48 p.m. comment that blamed conservatives for this economic debacle we are facing with FACTS about the PROGRESSIVE policies and PROGRESSIVE politicians actually responsible for the mess and it is now GONE.

  14. RoboZombie

    That’s OK, her son is a retard!

    • atomicmug

      I know! I love how he has those fat, dead-eyed, tongue-chewing facial features! Retards look like so retarded!

      RoboZombie RULES!

  15. AngelOnline

    I say we set up a fund to get FISH help for his daddy issues, how about it?

    • Superman, I

      As important as that may be for Fish’s mental health, I might suggest the money would be wiser spent on a big bottle of douche for Angel’s fat hairy stankin’ pussy.

      • AngelOnline

        Have we met?

      • noone

        The fate of the world, hmmmmmm let’s see…

        …Federal Reserve established 1913
        World War 1 established 1914 (lotsa money made off that one plus Europe became slave to New World Order)
        Great Depression (Americans lost their nation then) followd by
        Arming Hitler and the highly lucrative Second World War
        United Nations
        World Bank, International Monetary Fund
        Many more wars with Americans paying for it all
        Trilateral Commission
        911 and an increasinlgy fascist America
        Federal Reserve Chairman, when asked by congress where the $2 Trillion Stimulus money went answers that he doesn’t know

        On and on

      • Superman, I

        No, we have not met. I do not meet desperate pigs online. I go to bars and let pretty ones buy me drinks. I go back to their places and have rough and meaningless sex with them. Rinse and repeat.
        So no thanks, I don’t have charity sex with unattractive types. Sorry dear.
        Now go clean out your innards.

    • atomicmug

      Hey, AngelOnline, I’m thinkin’ Superman I here is a lot less successful with the ladies as he pretends to be.

      I could be wrong, of course, but I really don’t think so.

      Cup o’ coffee?

      • Superman, I

        Hey Angel, atomicmug wants to buy you a cup of coffee. Stick with me and I will get you drunk and laid.
        And then you will never see me again.

  16. atomicmug

    “Faggot” is just a slang term.

    If you’re offended by slang, it’s probably time to “clean the sand out of your vagina” and grow a set, ’cause slang isn’t going away.

    I don’t think any of the Palins should apologize to anybody who can dish it out, but can’t take it.

    Let Willow and the other inconsiderate broad catfight it out in the woods after school like everyone else.

    Jesus, what a buncha “fags”!

    • black osama

      And you know what else is slang? TEABAGGERS. Yet, I don’t think Fish has ever had a problem with that one. Or “retards” – as you can see in the above commentary from “Robozombie” – yet another caring, feeling liberal…
      You people are such fucking hypocrites.

      • RoboZombie

        *sigh* You just don’t get it do you? Why don’t you dwell on sarcasm and irony while you slowly dunk your teabag?

  17. Karl Roving

    John McCain didn’t know what he was doing when he opened up this Pandora’s box.

  18. i bet her pussy just stinks!

  19. jojo

    Aging pig with the gift of Down’s Syndrome. Yep presidential material for sure.

  20. jt

    yes, willow’s homophobic rant is the media’s fault.

    • atomicmug

      …and about this term “homophobia”….

      We “homophobes” are not “afraid” of “homosexuals”. I mean, what threat do they pose? Have you ever seen them fight? It’s just 3 minutes of slapping followed by a half hour of making out!

      We “homophobes” are, by and large, indifferent to gay people. They can do whatever with whomever they want for all I care, But that doesn’t mean that we don’t find two men with thick black mustaches tongue-kissing weird to look at. All straights do. I’m sorry. It’s weird.

      • Hey, straight here, just wanted to let you know that you’re full of shit. Not every straight person thinks it’s weird to watch two men or two women make out, leastwise it’s no weirder than watching people of the opposite sex make out.

      • atomicmug

        Yes they do.

      • Actually most homophobes aren’t indifferent to homosexuals. They aren’t afraid of them either. Rather, they are afraid that being around openly gay men or women they, or their family members will become gay. That is the definition of homophobia–fear of becoming gay due to close social contact.

    • atomicmug

      …oh, watching two WOMEN make out is almost always hot, but two men is always weird.

  21. Drew

    I think the entire Palin family is a bunch of morons, but any mother is going to defend her daughter regardless of how asinine. This isn’t news.

    • yoshi99

      Eh — most mothers are smart enough to pick their battles. This is one where you smack the kid upside the head and tell her to quit fucking up.

  22. Dick Face

    That ain’t no surprise cause “Hypocrisy begets Hypocrisy”, you betcha… I hate that fuckin bitch!

    • mud butt

      Is your daddy a preacher, too??

      • Dick Face

        No, but I used to be a fucking crazy pentecostal just like that cunt…”waiting for the end of days” until I got sick of all the lies, fear and blind hypocrisy and just vomited it all over the face of the “spiritually weak”.

  23. freaky

    Yeah, I don’t get it. I mean, she calls some kid a faggot. Growing up, I bet I was called “faggot” thousands of time, usually by people who liked me. I don’t think anyone was surprised that I wasn’t, in fact, a homosexual. It’s all so gay.

    I’m sick of all this bullshit where everyone feels compelled to choose a word that offends them. It’s just so trendy. It’s like wearing a colored piece of ribbon as though you really gave a shit about whatever it represented. You don’t give a shit, you’re just wearing it because you want people to think you do.

    tl;dr: Fish, quit being such a fashion whore.

    • Hey, brain trust, I bet it never occured to you that because you weren’t gay the word “faggot” really had no power to hurt you when your “friends” called you that “thousands of time”. Since I’m pretty fucking sure you’re white as well as thoughtless, I bet if they’d called you “nigger” it wouldn’t have mean much to you for pretty much the same reason, would it? So does that mean it’s an OK word to use? Go ask some black teenager 1) how harmless that word is and 2) how they’d like it thrown at them on Facebook and get back to me on how harmless it is and how much it’s not a big deal because it’s probably used by those who really like that black kid.

      Bigoted and racist terms hurt when they’re used toward someone who’s different because their only purpose is to demean. If Willow – or your friends – happened to use them inaccurately isn’t really the issue . People aren’t “compelled” to “choose” to get offended because it’s “trendy” – it’s because people like you who think it’s OK to use them have no fucking clue what’s it’s like to be singled out for a racial, ethnic, or any other difference. Funny how for some reason people like you who DO think terms like that are no big deal are “compelled” to “choose” to get terribly huffy and entitled if someone calls you on using them – my, how terribly “trendy” of you to want to continue to hate like that without any sort of disapproval getting in your way.
      Here’s an idea: go ask Matthew Shephard’s mom if “faggot” is such a no-big-deal-it’s-nothing term. That word was probably the last thing her son heard, so you go right ahead and ask her why her son will never be any older than 21, why dontcha?

      And when you use “it’s all so gay” you just sunk your own battleship. You really have no fucking clue, do you?

      • PFKZONI

        justifiable, I just finished reading your masturbatory ode to liberal moral narcissism and wondered why you have nothing to say about the misogynistic comments concerning a 100% WOMAN who has more balls (as do her children) than any pathetic progressive male parasite commenting here (or female, which I can tell you are, you condescending hypocrite). It seems to me that in your world it would be just fine for me to call that pink, doughy, plump, marxist male known as Elena Kagen a c#@t but not a faggot. According to your rules am I allowed to call that stout dick Napolitano (who has ordered the sexual assault and nuking of American citizens while letting no-fly listed jihadists reported by their fathers walk right onto planes with bombs in their panties) an aging pig but not a dyke? If one of SP’s kids turn out to be gay would calling that child a fag be as much a concern to you since you seem to have no problem with an adult liberal calling one of her children a trophy ‘tard? Just wondering. Petty, petty people. LOL.

      • PFKZONI, in your zeal to represent the conservatives at large as rabid frothing bigots – which I’m sure they’ll really be grateful for – you seem to have overlooked a few things while carrying out that special mandate. First being the idea that disapproving of singling out people for how they happen to be made (presumably by the same Almighty the conservatives you profess to represent set such a great store by) is “moral narcissism”. That’s really a fucking scream. You really need to read Andre Green to find out what the term really means, rather than skimming right-wing sites for educated-sounding buzzwords, because it’s clear you don’t have a clue what it really means. Oh, while you’re at it, read David Hume on “evil morality”.

        Secondly, since you were “wondering” – here ya go. If I did or didn’t attack each commentor who called Palin a cunt (there, there, it’s the internet – it’s OK to spell it out, Mom really can’t tell it’s you) and made fun of her retarded son while making an assumption, as you just did, re their politics rather than their willingness to hit an easy target, is not the point. I chose to directly address one person who commented on the main issue and was ignorant about why it mattered – and since this site didn’t post my comment for an entire day and a half due I figured I ‘d be lucky to get one off and didn’t bother after that.

        So the burning question is, Caped Conservative Crusader – - – why didn’t you address that burning injustice yourself, rather than bitching to me for not doing it for you? Can you honestly think – or do anything – for yourself, or are all your attacks based on what people DON’T say in their posts?

        The answer is: you need a straw man to knock down, because that’s the only way you’ll ever be able to win an argument. Your reasoning is for shit, so here you construct a tenuous tower of assumptions and “rules” based on my post and then declare, “aha! hypocrite!” at the end of it because I didn’t address subjects that weren’t raised here. Pathetic.

      • PFKZONI

        I never said I represent conservatives idiot, and I have a real problem calling the left “liberals” because they’re not. I have no interest in religion so you can’t get me there either. I know what moral narcissism means so I don’t need to read some lefty moral narcissist’s use of it in a diatribe against the religious right in America while at the same time bending over for Islam. BTW, those muslim men sure have a way with baby girls, don’t they? I edited the word c#^t because I was foolishly paranoid my comment wouldn’t go through. A response I gave to another lefty einstein on this thread (giving him FACTS with NAMES trying to EDUCATE him regarding this PROGRESSIVE AGENDA caused financial disaster hell we are living through) popped right up (as did all my other posts here. No waiting a day and a half for me! BTW, I did “address this burning injustice” myself. It was an individual comment and not direct responses to the several assholes posting here. So you didn’t get me there either!) but was removed shortly thereafter for some odd (censorship) reason, LOL. I find it interesting that you can use the word cunt with that characteristic patronizing maturity (I bet all the liberal guys on here do their baby girls just fine by teaching them their place in the world, don’t you think? I mean, cunt isn’t nigger now is it?) but the word faggot among non-homosexuals (which, after all, is just British slang for a twig) is a sign of a 16 year old child’s bigotry and hate (a child who was NOT bullying anyone but was DEFENDING her family AGAINST bullies). And, of course, a sign of her mother’s bigotry and hate, also. ‘freaky’ wasn’t “compelled” to “choose” to get terribly huffy and entitled. You were. That is a common lefty moral narcissist trait. He thought even reporting on this non-story was ridiculous. Palin’s daughter was just directing the word faggot at a STRAIGHT coward who was attacking her family. That renders the term meaningless. That’s all freaky was trying to point out in the midst of all these purposely misunderstanding, self-righteously indignant, misogynistic, parasitic, flaccid, lefty/loser/slob pricks, and you chose HIS post to scold. So I chose YOUR post to respond to (along with one other that was deleted as I mentioned before). No straw-man there! As far as gays go I think they should be able to live their lives with no interference (but don’t fuck with mine Kagen/Napolitano, with all your lefty victimology theology that America is MEAN [whine] so it has to be shown its place) and I don’t believe what I think concerning homosexuality should matter in any way to their lives. I know it is not my place. They are citizens of the US and protected by our great Constitution, as well as being children of God.

  24. Sarah Palin

    What’s a faggot?

    • atomicmug

      Sigh. C’mon, Sarah….

      In England, people smoke bundles of sticks. Those people are called “faggots” for some reason. Nobody knows for sure why.

  25. Bethy

    In other words, “Don’t repeat what we say at home.”

  26. sobrietyisacrutch

    She’s lying. It IS all about Bristol losing on “Dancing With the Stars”. That mirrorball trophy was set to be put on the mantel in lieu of a high school diploma.

  27. Jayne

    Sarah Palin : Politics :: Auto-tune : Music

    I’m open to interpretations of the above, but let’s cut to the chase – “A” was the worst thing that could have happened to “B”.

  28. grobpilot

    Fish, dammit!! I’m in agreement with several others here that you need to go back to the old formula of posting wall-to-wall tits. Preferably full double-D, please.

  29. JesseJimmy

    Is Willow the unwed teen mother or the trophy ‘tard. I can’t remember. . .

  30. Gail

    Well, being the daughter of a famous person comes with its RESPONSIBILITIES. None of which she has managed to teach her children.

  31. See Alice

    I like to hear that all the libtards are listening to Hannity .

    • Sho' nuff

      Man, you guys think “Libtard” is so cleaver, don’t you? Which radio host started that one, anyway? See, I prefer “Republicunt”. At least that has a nice ring to it.

  32. Michelle

    This is only OK because she said faggot. Had she said nigger, the whole fucking world would be up in arms.

    Sarah Palin is a moron. Please run her for President so I can watch hilarity in sue.

  33. Heyzeus Hosay

    why do people get so bent out of shape when TSW brings up the Palins or politics? its funny and oh so superficial. i think that’s exactly what this sites all about, right? funny superficial shit? no?

  34. anonym


    did Sarah really say that, word for word???

    I can’t make sense of that horrible grammar.

    if you didn’t listen to her speak, and just read that quote, you’d think a 5 year old said that.

    way to go Sarah!! edumacation is clearly a priority in your family.

  35. therush

    Who gives a shit? It’s a 16 year old’s facebook page.

  36. Suds

    I think the Trig mention is referring to the whole rumor mill about him being Bristol’s kid and not Sarah’s. Not to mention how much she is hated by feminists for not aborting her son once she found out he has Downs Syndrome. But who cares? Liberals are going to scream and stomp their feet at mention of her name because they hate her. I love her because she pisses off the left so much, they’ve practically forgotten the name George W Bush.

    • bitingontinfoil

      I’ll bet any money Bristol is preggers again and they’re try to lob it off on Willow. That’s the only reason I can think of for her actually GAINING weight on *that* show.

    • You wish.
      FYI, no feminists or liberals I know hate Sarah Palin for not aborting her son (if indeed she even went for amnio to determine whether he had Down Syndrome prior to her having him), but thanks for flashing that predictable and convenient knee-jerk “reason” for their animosity. Because God knows what all feminists and liberals really want is a government where a woman’s bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom is determined by the government, and not her personal choice.
      Oh, no, wait – that’s the side Palin, and you, are for. It’s just so easy to confuse the two, ya know?

  37. Billy Logjamm

    Palin is good for exactly three things and in a few years she won’t even be good for that. Her idiot daughters are chunky, foul-mouthed white trash airheads. Her supporters are slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, beer-spilling yokels and clownish Jesus-freaks. She is a cartoon and this entire country will be one too if she ever gets elected to any kind of serious position.

  38. I come to The Superficial for trash, not… trash. I get enough of these grifters in the real world.

  39. ???

    Has anyone else noticed the only time the comments on this sorry assed site get past the number 30 is when the Superficial Writer (aka Pathetic Dumbass) posts something political or religious?

  40. Steve

    Does this bitch EVER get tired of the media? Good God Almighty……Sarah… STFU!!!!!!!

  41. June

    Palin in 2012? LET’S HOPE NOT! Stay in Alaska you twit.

  42. Eric

    There isn’t a soul here who has not used the word “faggot.” What a bunch of sanctimonious a-holes!

    • Heyzeus Hosay

      i think the issue is the rampant hypocrisy in the Palin camp. i think you’re an a-hole lovin’ faggot, so no hard feelin’s :)


    How clever of Mediaite to point out that Trig wasn’t mentioned during the Facebook exchange, especially since SP was explaining that her daughter finally got fed up with the CONSTANT vicious attacks on her family with the Facebook loser. Are you people really that dense? Any liberal site’s comment section for the past 2 1/2 years will show you what that family (those children!) have been dealing with. The lies, the jealousy, and the fear the left has for Palin (who as Governor refused to have an amendment banning gay marriage put into the Alaskan Constitution) proves what parasitic trash liberals really are. Just continue writing comments (many of which accuse handsome celebrities of being in the closet. But you’re not bigots, no, no, no) in your dank, dark little basements while waiting for the government checks you receive as a reward for doing nothing with your lives except vote for those who want to turn this country into something as mediocre as they (and you) are. BTW, Bush was against gay marriage but for civil unions. That empty suit you idiots put in the WH isn’t even for those. He says he “might consider ” civil unions, though. Sounds like a religious nut who worships himself as the decider of all things not any of his business. It’s known as a God Complex. But let me guess. Gay issues are only important when progressives can use gays to get what they want, then none of you remember those promises when the time comes to follow through? The pittance (that OTHER PEOPLE worked for) those sociopaths send you must really be a step up. I have concluded your willing (and VICIOUS) ignorance is also a result of a bipolar fueled moral narcissism and HATE.

    • myopinion

      you are also on this site with your Obama hating sarah loving a$$. you must be in your mom’s basement right now waiting on your government check……you sound just as ignorant and VICIOUS as anyone else on this site.. their mom chose to be in the public eye, and so are a lot of other people in the public eye. but how many moms, go on public media sites to defend a wrong their child commited..

  44. art

    stinky mcpoop | November 29, 2010 at 2:05 pm “Next thing you know, she’ll be saying Willow was saving the baby from Madmartigan, and we all know that isn’t true either.”

    well, she didn’t say that, you did.

    the Hate Party is back and jealous as hell. this site is “logjamm” with Hate Party members, lol. and yes Bristol is chubby, wish she was as skinny as Kyle.

  45. Pete S

    Momma shara showing off her vast pesidental talent. Name calling , Like they do in a high school lunch room.

  46. Pete S

    Poor, Moma Grisly. Making millions. Has done nothing to improve her character. Know that she did not have much too start with. Had problems keeping jobs and money.

  47. MrWhoGivesAShit

    I’m socially liberal. But I can’t stand how much we cry over such petty shit. Bottom line – this is just to keep the hatred of Palin alive. So the gay community can have another reason to be backed into a liberal corner. It’s a shameful move and wreaks of desperation. Who cares the girl is 16. No one is perfect. We all hate something or someone.

  48. Susan

    Then I guess it’s OK to call her youngest child a “retard”??????

  49. Ken

    Nothing this lady says ever suprises me any more.

  50. JANET


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