Sarah Palin Defends Christina Aguilera

Because apparently they’re in the business of publishing clear and obvious bullshit this week, Us Magazine ran a story claiming Sarah Palin said Christina Aguilera should be deported for flubbing the National Anthem. Turns out they cited a fake interview from a satire site. Whoops. In the meantime, they’ve since spoken with Palin who, surprisingly, had the sense of irony to not criticize Christina Aguilera for mixing up words:

“I had no interview with Sean [Hannity] and I have never bashed Christina,” Alaska’s former governor tells Us.
“In fact,” Palin adds, “I’ve defended her by telling folks to back off the criticism of her mistake.” (Aguilera, 30, famously flubbed the lyrics to the patriotic song while performing at Cowboys Stadium.)
… “I was telling my kids right after her national anthem issue blew up that people needed to lay off her mistake. And then to read to that I condemned her?”

While I’m entirely positive Sarah Palin did not tell her kids that people should lay off Christina, but instead fired a shotgun into the television once it’d been sullied by an incorrectly-sung National Anthem, this is actually a classy move on her part considering criticizing Hollywood is exactly the type of red meat Palin could’ve spoonfed her base. So, see? I can say nice things about Republicans. They may be anti-intellectual zealots kicking and screaming for a 1950s America that sucked for anyone who didn’t have a WASP penis, but at the end of the day, they can sometimes not say stupid shit. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch somebody get an abortion at a Hispanic gay wedding so I can stop feeling dirty about this post. *buys marijuana with food stamps* Ohmygod, that’s the stuff.

Photos: Fame, Getty, WireImage