Sarah Palin Defends Christina Aguilera

February 11th, 2011 // 89 Comments

Because apparently they’re in the business of publishing clear and obvious bullshit this week, Us Magazine ran a story claiming Sarah Palin said Christina Aguilera should be deported for flubbing the National Anthem. Turns out they cited a fake interview from a satire site. Whoops. In the meantime, they’ve since spoken with Palin who, surprisingly, had the sense of irony to not criticize Christina Aguilera for mixing up words:

“I had no interview with Sean [Hannity] and I have never bashed Christina,” Alaska’s former governor tells Us.
“In fact,” Palin adds, “I’ve defended her by telling folks to back off the criticism of her mistake.” (Aguilera, 30, famously flubbed the lyrics to the patriotic song while performing at Cowboys Stadium.)
… “I was telling my kids right after her national anthem issue blew up that people needed to lay off her mistake. And then to read to that I condemned her?”

While I’m entirely positive Sarah Palin did not tell her kids that people should lay off Christina, but instead fired a shotgun into the television once it’d been sullied by an incorrectly-sung National Anthem, this is actually a classy move on her part considering criticizing Hollywood is exactly the type of red meat Palin could’ve spoonfed her base. So, see? I can say nice things about Republicans. They may be anti-intellectual zealots kicking and screaming for a 1950s America that sucked for anyone who didn’t have a WASP penis, but at the end of the day, they can sometimes not say stupid shit. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch somebody get an abortion at a Hispanic gay wedding so I can stop feeling dirty about this post. *buys marijuana with food stamps* Ohmygod, that’s the stuff.

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  1. From what? Poachers?

    • nonplussed


    • Proud

      Sarah Palin is exactly what this nation needs. One thing we don’t need is liberals running around in the streets like in Egypt. Sarah has no fear and would squash any such nonsense in a moment, no matter what the cost. Because it is our duty to do what we are told to do. Plain and simple. As is our Lady’s logic. No need to pontificate or bullshit. Tell it plain and true.

      Everyone but a liberal makes a mistake and don’t forget that Chrissy is just a Mother trying to earn a little money to help raise her beautiful baby!

      Some of you need to get lives or get out.

      • babooda

        WFT? What website are you believing your on, Newsvine?
        Crawl back in your cave and worship (read: “beat off to” ) the words and wisdom of “Our (read: “Your” ) Lady and take the “frozen fish faced moron from the deep freeze” in there with you!

      • vitobonespur

        Who the fuck brainwashed you? It is NOT our duty to do what we are told. Whose ass did you get that out of. People who “do what they are told” are living in dictatorships. The Nazis killed 6 million jews who did what they were told.

        “no matter what the cost…”??? That’s exactly what George “Hold Me Down and Fuck Me in the Ass” Bush did. Started a motherfucking war on a lie and “stayed the course” while young men and women were dying.

        Remember when he said, “Bring it on!”? That’s because he wasn’t the one putting his ass on the line.

        BTW, Zippy the Pinhead was fearless, too. But he had the IQ of a pumpkin…like Sarah Palin. Fuck, Sling Blade would make a better president!

    • Interesting responses. I suggest that Sarah Palin is “defending” Xtina from poachers because, hey… Rhinos are getting scarce in the wild…. And what do I get?

      A comment from ‘nonplussed’ which pretty much has no value. Make a comment on the topic that is better then!

      A long winded defense of poor Christina from Proud. Pray tell… What does suggesting that Xtina should be afraid of getting sent to a taxidermist have to do with liberals and conservatives?

    • CSA

      kicking and screaming for a 1950s America?

      You mean the one where there werent gangs? over populated jails? drive bys? extremely high rates of murders/rape? HUGE drug problems? massive amounts of DUIs? lack of respect for elders?

      a time when neighborhoods were safe and you didnt have to have a gang card to enter the mall?

      Well if thats the time they want, then I agree with them. Nowadays most everything is bullshit. It is entirely plausible to have all of that with multiple ethnicities, just not with the frame of mind most between the ages of 10-40 have now. The “you owe me” generations. Get over it…youre not owed shit.

      • “You mean the one where there weren’t gangs?” Hey, everybody, did you know “West Side Story” was about rival Mouseketeer factions?

        No “high rates of murder/rapes”? Gee, tell that to Kitty Genovese and the Clutters.

        No “HUGE drug problems”? Hey, everybody, apparently Valium, Miltown and Quaaludes never existed back then, let alone abuse of them!

        No “massive amounts of DUIs”? Hey, everyone, I guess all the drinking that people did back then never prompted anyone to get behind the wheel of a car! Goodness knows AA nearly shut down in the ’50′s, there was so much sunshine and light in that era that no one NEEDED to drink! Jeez, who knew “Days of Wine and Roses” was science fiction?

        You go right ahead and yearn for the bygone days of HUAC investigations where the average citizen was pressured to inform on his neighbors and was guilty until proven innocent, where you had to have a bomb shelter to protect your family from the threat of the A-Bomb, where rock ‘n’ rock was subversive and un-American, when there was no birth control other than the barrier method, where if you didn’t conform to the mom-pop-two kids format and wanted something different there was no place for you, where you knew the government could be trusted and would never, ever lie to you, when blacks couldn’t get a job that didn’t involve a mop, when Jews couldn’t swim in the same pool as Aryans and women had only 4 professions open to them.

        What you see as security or “happier” times is really a lot of nostalgic naivete on your part, because there was a fuck of a lot wrong with the magical era you’re dreaming of so fondly.

      • Droopy

        @ justifiable

        CSA was at least a lot more “statistically ” correct than your “conspiracy theory bullshit response

        West side story? are you kidding? No comparison to Bloods & Crips and their splinter offs, MS13, La eMe, Mungiki, La Nuestra, Mexican Mafia, Nazi Low Riders, Northern Structure, Texas Syndicate etc etc etc.

        Kitty Genovese and the Clutters? you mean like…1000 people over 40 years killed? again, no comparison.

        Valium, Miltown and Quaaludes? so you mean less than 5% of the population back then? ~sigh~..again, no comparison to all the drugs & crime associated with it now.

        Days of Wine and Roses? How many DUIs and deaths related to DUIs were there back then? even with a smaller population, the percentage rates are nearly 200%more nowadays compared to then.

        HUAC ? that was abolished in 75? we had communist spies and 10% of the technology we have now. Sorry, but I have no problem with any of it. I think we should be about 2 hawking all muslims in the US the same way. I care about our citizens and dont think a fringe, ignorant religious group of any sort that tells us their agenda is to convert all humans to islam by any means necessary should go un watched 24/7.

        *hums Twilight Zone theme*

        Rock n Roll? yea, that was such an important and threatening thing. Look at the government committees that were formed to combat it.

        Blacks?Jews?Women? All the people that potentially have more rights than the typical American now? Those ones?

        If you had a reading comprehension level of that over the typical Superficial reader, youd notice that in the post you were responding to, the poster said

        “It is entirely plausible to have all of that with multiple ethnicities”

        Which I took to mean as an acknowledgement of past mistakes and that the newer generations, who are more understanding of those past errors, could forge the same somewhat sane lifestyles of the time when there werent issues that we face now.

        *ends Twilight Zone theme*

        Maybe Fish will let you change your name to Justifiably Ignorant or Justifiably Incompetent of how to use the internet to research things before you post about them and look stupider than your typical klansman.

      • “Conspiracy theory”? By whom – and against who, exactly?

        The ‘Fish pointed out that the ‘tards calling for a return to ’50′s America are asking for a time that sucked for everyone who wasn’t a WASP male. CSA then got all dribbly with nostalgia over a time that had no drugs, gangs, or crime and everyone had respect for the elderly, and whether he meant to or not, laid the cause of it all changing at the door of minorities, ethnic and otherwise. It’s the old “before the civil rights act we didn’t have to lock our doors” post hoc fallacy – and yeah, that IS “what they want” in a nutshell.

        To which I still say Bullshit. If CSA doesn’t get that that’s what the real message is, he’d better wake up. The ’50′s was one of the most oppressive and conformist decades in the past century, when every school day started with a prayer (belonging to the “majority” religion, of course – hey, holla back, First Amendment!). Its highlight was when we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our victory over a country that demanded loyalty oaths and made informing on one’s neighbors a virtue – by going ahead and doing the exact same thing.

        The fact that all you seem to know about HUAC, which Truman called “the most un-American thing in this country” is that it ended in 1975 is pathetic, but keep reading those Reader’s Digests about The Red Menace all the same. When Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe was finally cleared of being a commie was an overwhelming relief to the country, let me tell you, even though they did nail Euripedes. Obviously you’d stand behind the sterling work of nature’s noblemen, McCarthy and Cohn, since you seem to think every Muslim is an fundamentalist and an extremist for jihad. Why, they’re nothing like the evangelical Christians in this country who also believe their role is to convert all humans by any means necessary!

        “Blacks?Jews?Women? All the people that potentially have more rights than the typical American now? Those ones?”
        That you don’t consider black, Jews or women “typical Americans” is pretty fucked in itself, but I can’t say I’m surprised. What “potential rights” you think they’re gonna cash in on now aside, during the 50′s blacks had the “right” to drink from a different fountain and eat in the back corner of the luncheonette, Jews had the “right” not to be hired by a Gentile-owned firm and the “right” not to buy property in certain towns, and women had the “right” to be nurses, not doctors and the “right” to bleed out in a back alley if they wanted an abortion.

        If you term that all that a “somewhat sane lifestyle” then you’re welcome to it.

        I specifically mentioned Kitty Genovese to show that people were as adept at ignoring crime and accountability then as they are now. Sorry if you’re not familiar with the history, but youth – and youth gangs in particular – were as fucking alienated back then as they are now, they just have better publicity. They have a lot more to be alienated about now, and yeah, there are more of them – so? They existed, which is my point.

        So If you think his spin on that decade was valid and my post was all internet research, you truly are stupider than you appear, and you’re already pushing the envelope there. I’m sure during the Eisenhower era there were also some fuckwits waxing nostalgic for the gay ’90′s, when those pesky wimmen didn’t have the vote and the darkies and kikes really knew their place, just as I’m sure there were also douchebags like you defending them..

        If CSA doesn’t get what the subtext of the argument is and truly thinks all this can be accomplished, but with ‘multiple ethniticies” [damn, sorry, women, left out again] all on board with it, then I invite him – and you – to visit Utah. and let me know how that works for you.

    • Blech

      Microphone, I am going to eat you. Aaaaagh.

  2. babooda

    Not only did “US! Magazine” publish these remarks as fact, but so did “Time”.
    Maybe they should all read “The Superficial” to get the real story before publishing this crap! If nothing else the “Comments” should liven up their day!

  3. Uncle Fester

    I’m in full agreement, Mr. Fish but if you’re going to insult their intelligence you might want to correct the typo in the last paragraph. It should read “not SAY stupid shit,” rather than “not STAY stupid shit.”

    • Uncle Fester

      Yay! Now that I’ve done my good deed I can take the rest of the year (decade/century) off. I’d better start building a bigger mailbox to hold all my welfare checks. :)

  4. DKNY

    Lay off Republicans, we’re not all like Palin. :P

  5. That Guy

    Anyone Remember This Performance Of The National Anthem?

    • john e. smoke

      Wow that was brutal. From the very first second when she does that smug little “teh-heh” as if to say “ya’ll check it – I’mma school you bitches” to the part I clicked the back button about 20 seconds in.

  6. taco flavored kisses

    Leave it to a blog in the business of publishing clear and obvious bullshit to bring attention to a magazine in the business of publishing clear and obvious bullshit.

  7. lori

    You’re at your most brilliant and funniest when you’re bashing the Republicans IMO. AHHH HAHA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  8. Christina Aguilera Sarah Palin
    Satan's bitch
    Commented on this photo:

    Hi! I’m East L.A. Barbie – with optional Moleman baby daddy and Goodwill accessories!

  9. smash

    i think possibly the typo was used to illustrate a point but I could be wrong…. alas. You’d think Sarah would’ve gone America all over Christinas ass for her insulting rendition of our national anthem… have we all forgotten the only good thing that has come out of that woman… that fab photo of her wearing a stars and stripes bikini firing an ak-47 or something equally as badass? i mean I am no fan of that backwoods hillbilly trash but that was some sight, don’t ya think?

    • charlie

      “I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna to kick a little ass, I’m gonna to kick some ass in the U.S.A., gonna climb a mountain, gonna sew a flag, gonna fly on an eagle. I’m gonna kick some butt, I’m gonna drive a big truck, I’m gonna rule this world, I’m gonna kick some ass, I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna kick a little ass. ROCK, FLAG and EAGLE!!”

    • babooda

      @smash.. you were doing fine right up to the name calling at the end.
      “Backwoods hillbilly trash” is pretty much what the British called the Colonials during the American Revolution, so we pretty much owe our country’s existence to “backwoods hillbilly trash”. I prefer calling her ,”that frozen fish faced moron from the deep freeze”. You are right though, the picture was worthy of a salute of sorts.

      • blargh

        It’s funny how you seen to think that’s not exactly how the brits still see you…

        And that picture was photoshopped…

  10. Fuck Sarah Palin. I’m lookin at the pic of Christina with her mouth open, and all I want to do is stick my big cock in her mouth. Open wide bitch.

  11. the things Sarah does to get noticed.You’d think she was running for the next President.

  12. Jimbo

    I think they owe us a blow job. Christina for sounding like crap and screwing up the words and Sara, just cuz I think she can suck start a leaf blower….

    • vitobonespur

      Now that’s the ticket! I agree with you. Sarah could suck a jawbreaker through a soda straw!

      She might be dumb, but she’s hot.

  13. dick swells

    she looks like a 10 dollar blow up doll

  14. S. Palin

    Christina made up new lyrics, just like Shakespeare did. Don’t even try to refudiate that. Got to celebrate it.

  15. Rachel

    Sarah Palin on the Eygpt uprising:
    “Nobody yet has explained to the American people what they know, and surely they know more than the rest of us know, who it is who will be taking the place of Mubarak and I’m not real enthused about what it is that, that’s being done on a national level and from D.C. in regards to understanding all the situation there in Egypt.”

    Which one of her kids is Boomhauer?

    • Probably the same one who ran for Miss Teen USA in 2007. “I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some . . . people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over HERE in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children”

      Really, she did Momma Bear proud.

      • vitobonespur

        Funny as hell and exactly what I was thinking. But you put it all together better than I would have…

    • Kidding aside, Rachel – seriously? She doesn’t know who’s going to succeed Mubarak, whether the army’s Supreme Counil will try and run the country, or if they do, whether they’ll be progressive or not – but somehow this is Washington’s [read: Obama's] fault? I know she can’t see Egypt from her house, as such, so she feels really in the dark, ya know, but good Christ – what a fucking moron.

    • missywissy

      I read this article and I actually agreed with Palin on this one. Can’t stand her, and I hope she doesn’t run for POTUS, but she’s right. US knows more than what they are leading on. Obama is a smoke and mirrors guy, that’s for sure. He calmly states he’s not too worried about Muslim Brotherhood taking over, yet it is an issue but since he’s okay with it, then we should be cool with it too. Not good. I only voted for Obama because I couldn’t stand Palin, ‘publicans better get somebody that can catch this guy in his pretty words and demeanor. It can’t be a politics as usual person like Romney. They have got to put someone in there that can call a spade “a spade” and not be too politically correct.

      • Your vote two years ago shows just how much thought you put into everything. Washington somehow knows more than anyone else because – why? Is Obama secretly running the uprising and miltary takeover, or is he just in charge of Mubarak’s personal funds behind the smoke and mirrors?

        Sometimes no one knows which way a country will jump after an uprising, and in the absence of that, claiming the gub’mint really knows but just won’t tell us is idiotic. Since Obama isn’t “resolving” the crisis the “right” way, we “shouldn’t stand” for uncertainty (i.e. Muslim Brotherhood), so Sarah wants us to march in there and give the Egyptians the type of democracy we want them to have – which is about as ironic a move as declaring that everyone should start fucking to promote virginity. If you can’t recognize the most obvious sort of politicial grandstanding when you see it, please don’t vote in 2012.

        Speculation is that the military will be progressive and run things for a while, and hopefully there’ll be some kind of election and handoff down the line, but that last is still up in the air. The military’s been in control for 60 years, so regardless of what they say, they may not be trustworthy. They may not want to give up control, and they probably have no idea at present how to accomplish any sort of reform and/or handoff. Obama’s stated that while the Muslim Brotherhood is well organized, they’re still a minority faction in Egypt. This is true. And while they want to impose an Islamic state, there are more than enough people who, after Mubarak’s repression, want a progressve and secular government, to keep them from obtaining that goal. This is also true. The Brotherhood insists that if it does create an Islamic state, it won’t impose undue restriction on women and will honor the ’79 Peace Treaty with Israel – actually, I do sort of believe the latter because that’s been beneficial for Egypt and given a lot of stability to the country, but since religious doctrine rarely follows logic, that can change.

        So Obama gave a cogent anaylsis of the political situation as it stands, and he didn’t use “pretty words”, nor did he state he was “OK” with it. “Not good” you say? Again, do you suggest we invade now so that we can impose the type of democracy that we want the Egyptian people to have? Can you even be bothered to look up “irony”?

        There’ll have to be a major shift in our foreign policy – we want a democracy in Egypt, as do most of the Egyptians, it seems, but we want to protect our interests as well. But we can’t start dictating terms to a country that still hasn’t finished a full-scale revolt yet, and anyone who claims we should – or can – is talking out of their ass.

  16. Topper

    Does this bitch need to have an opinion about everything?

    • babooda

      Don’t all politicians?

      • dude!

        Think Sarah Paline probably did not have a real media opinion, like you probably did when you heard of the national anthem flub. But then the good old socialist / leftist media just makes shit up, and “Oh, let’s say Sarah Palin said it . . That will get a few more of the rags off of the shelf this week.”

  17. Christina Aguilera Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    You know you are in trouble weight -wise, when you have enormous tits and your ass makes you look flat-chested!

  18. jojo

    Christina sits down to give a round of hummers? Lazy bitch…on your knees.

  19. Nicole

    To much makeup! Natural is better!

  20. Jeremy

    Shut up yous.

  21. Liberal Hater

    The writer of this “article” is obviously liberal and a moron (actually that’s redundant).

    • Redneck Hater

      The author of the above “comment” is obviously a backwoods, mullet-wearing, jean shorts-loving, gun-toting, slack-jawed, racist piece of selfish, ignorant, presumptuous, preachy trash.

      (I would know, obviously.)

      P.S. How’s that for redundant?

      Fuck off, idiot.

  22. Mike Walker

    That satirical site is racking up the dimwits. They already got Rachel Maddow and Howard Stern.

  23. Eric

    Dear cock chugging superficial writer,

    Go fuck yourself.


    A republican that overpays taxes to support you liberal fucktards

    • Dear repulican who overpays taxes to support “liberal fucktards”-

      If you feel you’re paying more than your share, please address your letter to Ronald Reagan and George Bush, who have enriched the top 1% of this nation’s wealthiest people by having you, you poor schmuck, and the rest of the middle class pay their share of the tax load. The 367th richest person in this country is a billionaire, and we simply need more of this endangered species. So really, how can you complain like that when it’s the wealthy who really need the tax breaks?

      And since the republican party has spent the last two admins spending like there was no tomorrow and bankrupting the country to pay for a war to make Sonny Bush feel like he accomplished something outside of tying his shoelaces, it’s that party who fucked you first – so I suggest you pull their dick out of your ass before you tell others to go fuck themselves.


      someone who wonders why anyone who’s not a corporate CEO would ever support the GOP

  24. See Alice

    US weekly is an arm of the DNC

  25. Christina Aguilera Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    Looking GOOD!

  26. Christina Aguilera Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s OK, Christina, there’s a laxative that can cure you.

  27. Oy

    You know, saying that republicans are stupid is easy. How do you explain, I’m guessing, journalists just going with that info because they don’t like Palin? That’s pretty stupid. You can’t will a story to be true.

    And if Palin is such a moron then why bother commenting on what she says all together. She isn’t qualified to do anything yet there is outrage that she doesn’t have a solution to unemployment or Egypt’s current mess? I mean, come on.

    More importantly, what does Lady Gaga have to say about our foreign policy.

  28. Burt

    Lay off the mistakes? Why do I sense this statement is more about getting sympathy for herself than Christina Aguillera?

  29. wim

    this because she wants to attract celebrities.

    (I can’t accuse them)

  30. Mama Pinkus

    one fame whore defending another

  31. Rhialto

    We’ve all witnessed Christina Aguilera’s evolution… And finally she’s now sitting steady on a chair..

  32. Rhialto

    *Facing this massive train* With other words let all hope go, what ever your intentions are. The locomotive has reached the final station. Look for some other victim, i mean look for somebody else to entertain you.

  33. Nero

    No arguments are accepted because it’s too pathetic and sad for words all these obsessed eyes. Don’t you all really have nothing else better to do!?

    • Wai Long Peen

      What are YOU doing on here? Don’t YOU have anything better to do? Why don’t you go jerk off into a sock?

  34. missywissy

    A. This is the only place I’ve even seen make as big of deal over her screw-up when she sang. Who is upset over her screw up (besides Fish)?

    B. People that sing this song should just sing it and not try to out-do or revamp it every single time. People try to sing it and make it their own and it gets old after a while. It would be interesting to see a singer actually sing it straight Frances Key Scott style and not try to add any flair to it.

    • Are you kidding me? Practically every single gossip site out there carried it, and if that weren’t enough, everyone from Business Insider to the NY Daily News has taken a bite out of her over this.

  35. Gando

    A ‘Solomon’s judgment’ on this character would be a wise decision. Both head and body isn’t compatible with one individual.

  36. Rhialto

    Selling a product could be a good cure to satisfy a pandemic like hungry audience after all…

  37. Master Spook

    Psssst…….! They’ve someone who’s doing the see-through work?!

  38. Gando

    A little less ‘numeric temper’ and more to the point is advisable. Maybe then people collaborate better.

  39. Galtacticus

    Yeah ….. Like usual new threads will be posted next week and different stories ….. It’s nothing personal but it’s getting almost boring. It’s probably because we’re getting used to that.

  40. Christina Aguilera Sarah Palin
    still hit it
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like a over inflated blow up doll

  41. yoshi99

    I kind of suspect Palin did tell her kids folks should lay off Christina … because Sarah was sitting there going, “You mean those weren’t the words? Shit.”

  42. m

    Is that a person or a Real Doll? All these broads are filth…

  43. Gando

    I just got a message from the Twelve Galactic Wises. According to them the game rules only apply to identified people. Not identified people simply aren’t in. Hm, i’ve done what i could and that’s it. I don’t know about The Chosen One’s thoughts because that will be decisive….

    • Galtacticus

      It wouldn’t be even the first time ….. What a fool ….. Remember that he’s notorious for taking rules and promises deadly serious …..

  44. Pharmc610

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