Sarah Palin Is As Much A Science Guy, Too, You Guys, Also

Bill Nye has a Bachelor of Sciences in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and has spent years working in the scientific field including stints working on the Mars Exploration Rover and as a college professor. But he’s most famous for his work as Bill Nye The Science Guy, where he received numerous accolades for teaching science to kids.

Sarah Palin dropped out of five colleges and thinks Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States, so clearly I’ve just described two intellectual equals who have the same authority to lecture others on climate change. It’s like I’m talking about twins! The Hill reports:

Palin, the former governor of Alaska and the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, said the man known for his show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” is using his position of authority to harm children by teaching them that climate change is real and man-made.
Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said at a Capitol Hill event held to roll out a film that aims to discredit climate scientists. “He’s a kids’ show actor; he’s not a scientist.”

In Sarah Palin’s defense, scientists often say a bunch of shit that I don’t understand, so in a way, she’s a lot like them because I have no fucking clue what this next part even means:

“It’s something that our candidates should be talking about and giving us their view on and hopefully acknowledging that it needs to become, in the science community, less political,” she said. “Otherwise, it leads us to believe that so many things coming from perhaps the scientists could be bogus. If this is bogus, you know, what else are they trying to tell us and trying to control us around if they can’t get this one right?”

We need politicians to use politics to make science less political because science is probably bogus anyway? Yup, sounds about right and not at all ironic coming from a woman who will later tweet more word salads from a smartphone while not dying of polio as she rockets 20,000 feet in the air back to a state whose entire economy depends on converting fossilized liquid into energy. Even better? A frightening amount of people who can’t wait for President Swinging Orange Cock to make everyone shut up about faggot shit are totally on board with Dr. Palin, so sorry, rest of the planet. America votes “Eat A Dick.”

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