Sara Leal Has Morals, You Guys

October 13th, 2011 // 171 Comments

Despite cashing in on the entire debacle, Sara Leal (green bikini) wants everyone to know that in no way would she have slept with Ashton Kutcher if she knew he was still “happily married” to Demi Moore, according to Us Weekly:

But now, Leal regrets the encounter. “My life has been a mess,” she tells Us.
“I’m a normal 22 year-old girl, and I spent the night with someone who I thought was separated,” she says. “If I had known he was happily married, none of this would have ever happened.”

But since that cat’s out of the bag, Sara really has no choice but to do exclusive web video interviews and get paid to talk about Ashton Kutcher’s tender penis. Her hands are tied, you see? Us Weekly practically has a gun.

Photos: Coleman-Rayner

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  1. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s kinda homely lookin’. He aims low, he shoots, he scores. Classy Kutcher, very classy…

  2. V

    “OMG I fucked a rich married douche without a condom ONLY because I thought he hated his wife, you guise. I’m not some skank, I have limitz”~

  3. LJ

    Her: Is your wife travelling with you?
    Him: Errr….No.
    Her: So you’re separated, huh?….Let’s get naked in the hot tub.

  4. Karl

    Where the HELL is her torso…short chicks always have weird bodies.

  5. Marley

    I love how when she’s like “At some point in the night, he told me he was separated” But she can’t even say it without laughing.

    • Deacon Jones


    • Jack Ketch

      Bad enough that she doesn’t give a shit about anything here but the money, but what about giving a shit about YOURSELF by using a condom ? regardless of whether the celebrity you’re about to fuck has one or not, you fucking air-headed quiff. Extra “points” for then admitting it publicly, for $$$. Well done. Common-as-dirt whore.

      • bob

        Nah man, that’s the point. No condom = ‘fake pregnancy” = more money

        She’s a nasty dirty skank but I’d still f*ck her.

      • Liz

        “Extra “points” for then admitting it publicly, for $$$.”

        That’s the bit that bothers me. What happened to discretion and not humiliating your family? What happened to shame?

  6. Yep, she’s got a couple decent morals. Lets see em without the top now.

  7. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    That chick is bony as fuck. My cock would destroy that bitch. PASS.

  8. Looks like Charlie and Tiger missed one.
    They got gap shot by a hipster, just damn.

  9. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey look!

    It’s Jonnie from Karate Kid!

  10. I hope she Googles herself and finds this post so she can see what a big golddigging famewhore I think she is.

    Sara, you’re a conniving bitch of a cuntwhore and I hope you die of AIDS.

    And I hope your AIDS viruses all have a dripping case of herpes.

    • Drew

      Yeah Georgio, I’m sure a girl with enough assets to bang celebrities for whatever reasons, really gives a flying fuck what some random social reject a gossip blog using insults popular among preteens, thinks about her.

      Get over yourself, tool.

    • What did this gal do to YOU to incur such hatred, Georgio? Damn, this is effecting you way too much for you to be just a “fan”. Maybe you’ve got a guy crush on Ashton…

      Oh, wait! You’re Demi Moore, aren’t you. Well you MUST be, cause your vitriol is showing and you sound like you’re on the rag.

    • Lou

      I think the last sentence would make much more sense the other way around.
      And I hope your cases of herpes all have dripping AIDS viruses

    • monkeystupidface

      Yeah “DREW” or Leal you fucking loser

    • woodhorse

      Absolute truth: Sara Leal is my cousin Darcy’s daughter. She is probably not very different than any other college student. She is making a lot of money off the scandal right now but does not deserve the nastiness you are spewing out any more than the lying football team who talked about your sister.

  11. Deacon Jones

    ” there were a bunch of people in the bathroom”

    Doing coke. You forgot to include “doing coke”.

    As a former partier, that’s the ONLY reason you’ll find a bunch of people hanging out in a bathroom. Ever.

    • Wait a minute Deacon. There is such a thing as coincidence, ya know. Maybe they just needed to “freshen up” all at the same time. Or maybe they all needed to pee….nahhhhhhh! Coke.

    • Frank Burns

      Nah, they all thought someone said “who wants to see a giant douchebag” which they naturally thought would be in the bathroom. Actually, Ashton had said “who wants to sleep with a giant douchebag”.

    • oh snap

      dahh first serial shoplifting and now we find you’re a coker…you must be a real pillar of the community hahaha

  12. Deacon Jones

    “Is she brown, Donna? Is she brown?!”

  13. dontkillthemessenger

    I don’t get the complaints about the economy. The famewhore/skank ratting money is still strong and available.

    I still can’t wrap my head around a chick becoming famous for banging Ashton Kutcher,

    • jimbo

      Kim Kardashian got famous by banging a nobody rapper. by the transitive property, this chick should shoot up into megastardom

      • Cock Dr

        Yes but Kim at least explicitly showed everyone her whore techniques.
        This bimbo is just a blabbermouth. She’s a lousy whore. A better one would have brought a camera & gotten the Kutcher cock shots.

    • Drew

      I think your definition of “famous” is a bit off. She’s not famous. She’s been talked about a couple times for being a homewrecker. If you think that’s “famous”, then I’d argue that you’re the problem with pop culture.

  14. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    Is she the one in the green bikini or the blue/gray one?

  15. Lou

    I think I’d cash in too, it’s like winning a lottery, lol. He prolly did say he was seperated and anyway who really cares if she cashes in?! And why is she a whore or skank? She had one night stand like about who knows how many million other people that very same day! So lighten up folks.

    • Liz

      She slept with a married man. A very famously married man. Even if he said he was “separated”, that still means he’s married.

      And yes, Ashton is a disgusting dawg. But he’s keeping his mouth shut and using her as a human shield. As long as she’s on TV boasting about being a whore, she’s taking some of peoples’ rage.


      Does anyone think that Ashton is paying her to do this, to keep attention off him. Sure, he’s as dumb as a box of hammers, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and I’m sure he has smart people working for him.

      • Dan

        Ashton is a fabulously lucky moron. At least he plays one on TV. All the time.

        Or he is a good actor supervillain who uses random whores he meets at parties as cover for his sexcapades?

        I’m betting on moron.

      • Lou

        So what he’s married? Takes two and apparently we eat up all this non newsworthy stuff. Repeat, half of america has prolly had a one night stand. The country is full of skanks and whores by your standards.

      • Liz

        Lou, I totally agree with you that it takes two. But the fact remains that she is the most visible one in this.

        And no, I don’t think that “half of America” has had one night stands. But as long as it’s all consensual, non adulterous sex between consenting adults, who cares? It’s the married bit that – rightly – gets on peoples’ nerves. “Separated” means “still married”. Both of them are disgusting and immature.

      • Dan

        I think one night stands are not optimal behavior. If you do them enough something bad is bound to happen because of it.

        But that is not what is disgusting about this situation to me – it is the whoring of it all. Ashton allegedly saying things like this feels real. This slutty girl who wants a medal or something because she fucked Ashton.

        Really, if they were two honest sluts we wouldn’t even know about this situation, would we?

      • Lou

        Dan why don’t you get Liz’s deets.

      • I'll be careful

        “And no, I don’t think that “half of America” has had one night stands.”

        - Ozzie and Harriet called… They want their naiveté back.

  16. villenuv27

    The Boggs tallboy is the most appealing thing in that picture.

  17. rough, my last name cotillhard

    Do they have that piano music for her grieving video on amazon? For some unexplained reason I kinda understand her plight.

  18. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    One on the left looks like a guy.

  19. stratacat

    there’s a clause in the 2 & a 1/2 men contract that says you have to bang out nasty slores for the duration of syndication.

    • Deryn

      ^pointing it out so this gem of a comment does not get lost come MIP time, assuming we get one this week.

      Also, +1 for “slores”, which I will be using (the word, not what it represents) as soon as I have the opportunity.

    • Frankie

      “Slore” – genius. Adding to my vocab as well.

  20. Remember when the other woman shut the fuck up about her escapades?

    Yeah, neither do I.

  21. Rhymes With

    “Sara Leal Gives Oral”.

  22. Liz

    I can respect whores, but only if they’re smart, self aware, discreet and actually have a purpose for their whoring.

    This one is not smart. She does not have a purpose – if it was just a fun fuck, she wouldn’t be on TV right now. If it was her long term financial stability, then she clearly has no idea what she’s doing. She’s destroying her future chances in the hope that she’ll get pregnant and/or some showbiz man will make her a STAH!

  23. Dan

    I like that. A girl who bangs a guy hours after she meets him is just a normal 22 year old who wouldn’t have done it if she had known he was happily married – who then goes and blabs about it to everyone – but her life is a mess because of all of this.

    Ashton and Sara, you are both slutty and whorey. It is kind of disgusting how you use people. And you both are prime examples of why the only place I feel safe anymore is alone in my man cave.

  24. Carolyn

    But she just has to tell everyone, doesn’t she?

  25. Dan

    How much would she have made if she fucked Ashton Kutcher?

  26. Ego, the living planet


  27. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Judge Ito
    Commented on this photo:

    On all charges accusing taternuts of scoring a dog I find the defendant NOT guilty.

  28. Bilvis

    I’d give her a toss. Give her a show on E! already.

    • That Bastard Tony

      She’ll eventually get one called The Two and a Half Men E True Hollywood Story. Thus begins the downward spiral of Ashton Kutcher.

  29. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    tbone mcgiggins
    Commented on this photo:

    Why does the dude behind her have red nail polish on?

  30. Holly

    SLUT = Sara Leal’s a Used Twat

  31. Distiller

    Enjoy it girl! That’s about the max you will ever achieve …

  32. azgirlgoneeast

    good job finally posting the picture of the right girl, it only took about two weeks…

  33. SxyLilBrat

    Ohhhhhhhh she has morals….hahahahahahahahahahaha…………not really, she did wat any other hoochie would do and making sure she cashes in on it too!!!!
    Seperated IS NOT divorced!!
    Unprotected sex????? really???? idiots

  34. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    Who still wears trucker hats in 2011?

  35. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    It was mentioned before but it needs repeating. Legally, a separated couple is still married. If this girl is going to try to use a technicality as an excuse, she should understand the technicality…

  36. Venom

    She is a whore, she knew he was married. A 5 second search on her iPhone would confirm everything in the world she needed to know about Ashton.
    Why even apologize?
    Just come out and be like yeah I fucked him, I wanted to, he wanted to, fuck it.

    At least Charlie and Tiger’s whores had the decency to admit they were whores.

  37. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:


  38. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    He could have banged ANYONE on the planet and he settled for this?!? I’ve been girls WAAAAAAAY hotter than this skank AND I’M NOT EVEN FAMOUS!!!! Jesus!!! WTF was that boy thinking?!?

  39. Just Me

    I would wear a condom or 3, but I would definitely do her. Looks down-right hot in the 3rd pic, and pretty cute in the others.

    But she’s got that stank in her now. Tsk, tsk.

    I wouldn’t want to be held-up for some of the dumb shit I have done, but am having trouble buying the confession via magazine. Incented remorse is questionable.

  40. That Bastard Tony

    Say what you want about George Clooney, but THIS shit right here is why some men need to follow his teachings. If you’re an attractive male working in Hollywood with a ton of option with loose morals around you 24/7, getting married is a wonderful way to complicate your life.

  41. A 22yr old blond in a bikini with morals is just a perfectly good waste of a 22yr old blond in a bikini.

  42. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    She is the blonde one in the blue/gray

  43. Jack Ketch

    I’m sure all this bullshit is to raise some $$$ for a nosejob … she needs to fix that hideous thing.

  44. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    Does she have a neck tattoo?
    She must have seemed like a child to him. Doesn’t his wife have kids her age?

  45. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    Homely girls are a great fuck.

    BTW, peteyandjia is gay.

  46. joe

    She has a butter nose. Probably due to doggie style too close to a wall or head board.

  47. Mandy

    What was with those awkward model-posing shots in the video? It was uncomfortable to watch.

    • Deryn

      OMG yes, it was. “Sara, make an ‘I’m a totally innocent victim here’ face. Okay, now drop your chin in your hand. You’re thinking, ‘I’m moping about how unjust life is, just because I want to cash in on the looseness of my hoochie.’ Great! For this last one, you want to lean back on the couch in your fuck-me heels with a ‘getting naked in the hot tub with strangers doesn’t mean I’m easy’ vibe. No honey, don’t roll your eyes; people will think you’re insincere.”

  48. Katherine

    Funny how there is so much judgement towards women. How many men would pass up the opportunity to bed Megan Fox. Exactly! I would have done him too.A fantasy that I could not resist!

  49. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    These chicks are garbage, they’re throw away girls. If you are gonna cheat on your wife and you got big money you dont do it with one of these.

  50. Sara Leal Bikini Ashton Kutcher
    Commented on this photo:

    that’s no dude, that’s Gumby’s cousin.

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