Sanjaya Malakar’s sister naked with guitar

April 5th, 2007 // 134 Comments

I don’t watch American Idol, but I think I’ve figured out why Sanjaya still hasn’t been voted off. It’s because his sister poses naked with guitars. Plus she used to work for Hooters. Ta-daa, science!


  1. Lobo

    Do you want to be taken seriously? Pay attention. Don’t type in all caps. That implies screaming and yelling. Don’t abreviate words. That makes you seem lazy.
    Don’t overdo the swearing. Makes you look out of control and hysterical. Get your facts straight and organize your thoughts. Stay in control of your emotions. State your case and make your point.
    Now . . . obviously you are sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily. You are fortunate that this site is quite inactive on weekends. On Monday this portion will be retired to the archives, so most regular visitors will never see your post. Otherwise you would be buried in hundreds of insults that would be much more vile than you could ever come up with.
    However . . . if you want to be verbally abused, feel free to post your opinions about America on any new story on Monday. Good Luck. And remember . . . Jesus loves you, even if you are a Muslim.

  2. She looks like a tan Norah Jones – and definitely isn’t Antonella Barba.

    Anyhow, she made the #1 ranking on for this article – so vote for theSuperficial and this article here:

  3. billabong021

    #101 Yea thats all true, but fuck those guys, i swear to fuckin god, those guys got no life man. I mean,most people read the stories for the news, but those guys actually stick to this forum like a fat kid on cake. I gotta tell all these durdy little cocksuckers, get a fuckin life!

  4. crazyotto

    is that the black nicole ritchie

  5. Metal

    Check out more pictures of Shyamali at

  6. cr1m3b0ss


    All Muslims are terrorists and all Indians smell bad. Everyone knows that.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    @98…you have a smelly poosey. Yup, you do. Go ahead, put your finger in it….now, smell it….eeeeeewwww.

  8. irapback

    What? Hitler was a negro?

  9. PrinCess

    cant believe that in 2007 there r still ppl in the weatern educated country being so racist and destroyin all the achievements other white men have lost their lifes over, which is tolerance! SHAME ON U!

    In the years of globalisation and communication ppl like u exist and r so narrow minded. Hope the world will be free one day from ppl like you!

    BTW I am an american girl who would be proud of being muslimindianarabian! Their culture is 10x better than ours… and ya I’d luv 2 have Kim Kardishans ass!!!

    bet Jesus and Mohammad r lookin down on ppl like u and wonderin how long u gonna bury in hell

    Peace up, Free ur mind

  10. jujucabana

    i think that pic is fake. her face looks glued on to that body.

  11. GroundAttack25

    I think its that indian..did it ever come out that hes a shim or what do you call it…?? oh ya a Transtesticle hes a transtesticle..? he or she needs to go .. how can he be on the show this long.sounds like he got kicked in his pussy…

  12. GroundAttack25

    #98 slow down relax we dont want you going and blowing up your school or somthin just because your upset on the computer.. I think your towl is wrapped a little to tight around your head.. Go hump your cammel and build a sand castle or somthin..oh ya and remember 911. I do. I had family in the trade Center. So Fuck all you Brown ass Mother fuckers I hope you all die Painfully…

  13. licklick

    Hey #112

    Your family at the Trade Center is now filling pot holes in NYC.

    Think of that. Probably the highest achievers in your fucked up family if you are a representative sample.

    So fuck you. You are already dead.

  14. # 98..backspace and #109,,,why are you here telling us your bullshit..don’t you have an appointment to blow yourself up. You people are such assholes, and that thing about getting 199 virgins when you blow up for the cause, is crap..Don’t you think if that were true White American Men would be first in line.. What dumbass-s! Oh yea, I saw this family of Muslim’s and guess who gets to eat first at dinner,that’s right the males do. In America, we don’t take that shit from no man, you people need to come out of the Bible days and move forward. EVER HEARD OF FREEDOM, BITCHES…

  15. Yea, that’s what I thought, you look real good to the world now..go listen to a man, asshole, that’s your favorite thing to do. OOh, Please dear husband, can I do you or anything for you?!!!!make sure you make him happy, while your stupid ass looks on…I’ll bet your father and brother did you…

  16. Hitler was the three anti-christ, Napolean the jerk-off was the second, and Nero in ancient Bible times was the first. Oh yea, let’s not forget Brittney Spears, she’s the forth…..

  17. tommiet

    she is beautiful and has a great set of tits

  18. prrisonbreakk

    fuck you all. you are all a bunch of racist pricks. this is 2007, how did a picture of a stupid naked girl– end up leading to a bunch of racist and hateful comments?? get a fucking life besides worrying about if sanjaya is going to win american idol or not. because HE IS. and when he does im gonna laugh in your fuckin FACES! he’s not gonna win because he can sing, but he is gonna win because this is what our SO-CALLED country is about! you have so much pride, go read about the REAL American history. you’ll see.

  19. rob28

    I mistakenly got to see this blog.
    I am sure none of you looser have completed high school. So you are ignorant and pitiful, may be one day you will complete your high school and get a job. Save your post for that day and read it yourself.

  20. Your freakin funny ROBROY, you are in here with us, just becoz we’re haters,but so are you…you are hating us BITCH, so eat shit and f’n kill me…

  21. Hello guys!

    when i saw he this pic like i was so shock! like this is an INDIEN CULTURE! or wt? anyway that girl is an indien so thats y she donet thsi kind of poses. anyway it was her choice to do that! by the wat she is not a pakistani! it mean non-muslim! & if she is not a muslim so y she will wear A BURQUA!!!( & burqua its our choice to putted or not!) SO THERE IS NO THING OF BURQUA & BE A PAKISTANI! LIKE SHE IS AN INDIEN & THEY HAVE THERE CULTURE DIFFERENT TO PAKISTAN!!!!! thx u very much guys!

  22. Tibz

    oh god u people reli are dumb…she isnt a muslim..thats y shes not ‘covered up’..i didnt realise people in this world were still so uncultured…cant even tell d diff between asians who are of different religions! CHEK D NAME’S OUT U DUMMIES!

  23. Callis

    She looks great. Will wait till she keeps the guitar on her sides and give us full view of her milk glands.

  24. patriotpride

    #98 better watch his fuckin mouth america can whip the living shit of anybody thats what makes this country so fuckin awsome we can back up what we fuckin say i thank we should drop a fuckin atom bomb and make the place a fuckin glass parking lot and then kill anybody left a fuckin live

  25. wittytwit

    Nice vocabulary.
    …Nah, just kidding. Want to translate that into pure English so the educated portion of us can comprehend?

    Sanjaya’s sister is pretty; common for biracial kids. Interesting how people are forgetting she is half Italian-American. These racist remarks are just plain silly. I’m assuming this is a high school crowd.

    The majority of you need to learn some respect. Oh, but this is America. Respect dwindles as the days pass.

  26. fuck your girls fuck fuck i like this word

  27. kamakazi

    I bet all of you racist redneck motherfuckers that are talking shit are bunch nerds and geeks, you guys found this picture by mistake when you were watching porn and playing world of war craft, or someshit.

  28. kamakazi

    To: Krazihotkelli
    u think american culture is so much better. In America u can find an advertisement of a half naked women every other street. Women are objectified so much. As if women are only for looking at. Do u know how men in this country think about women, it’s really sick and disgusting. They just want to fuck and leave. Everyother women gets cheated on by her partner. Girls have no self respect or dignity. Specially college girls who go to spring break get completely naked and pass out on the fucking street, and boys pass by and take pictures of her with their cell phones. In America it’s as if girls have nothing but looks. There’s so much more I could say but than I would have to write a fucking essay.

  29. kamakazi

    Oh just wanted to say that I came to this page because i was googling something, and this came up and i thought it was funny.

  30. crashkidd34

    You can find an advertisement of a half naked women every other street…I don’t get it…is that bad? As if women are only for looking at? Well no…there are lots of things you can do with women. Duh!

    “Do u know how men in this country think about women, it’s really sick and disgusting. They just want to fuck and leave.”

    Wow, really? Are you a female that’s had that happen a lot? Or just a guy that thinks he can speak for every man in the country?

  31. cr

    and by the way….eeeeeeeewwwwwwwww @ the picture!!!

  32. K R

    to many haters here , wheres all the love , god luve us all, kudos to u sanjaya, and to ur sis !! its called live and let live , in other words love one another , !! pls, stop the hate !!

  33. wow, this girl! hot!

  34. good idea,i like it nice

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