Sanjaya Malakar’s sister naked with guitar

April 5th, 2007 // 134 Comments

I don’t watch American Idol, but I think I’ve figured out why Sanjaya still hasn’t been voted off. It’s because his sister poses naked with guitars. Plus she used to work for Hooters. Ta-daa, science!


  1. KatieKates


    And this is just scary.

  2. teetee

    Second. Oh and I second that

  3. ATX

    Good Lord, they are freaking twins!

    I just threw up in my mouth…

  4. daηielle™↵


  5. teetee

    Are you sure that isn’t Sanjaya?

  6. MrsHoilman

    This is sad… they seemed like such a good family… isnt she underage?

  7. BarbadoSlim

    She looks like a worn out Pakistani prostitute. She also seems to need a couple of baths, and some penicillin.

  8. mw

    I bet she has hairy nipples.

  9. freak_show

    I just peed my pants a little bit laughing at number 8. Keep em coming :)

  10. Nsomniac

    This would be that rare occurrence where I feel it necessary to utter the following words:

    “Sweetheart, please put your clothes back on befor…BLUUEEEEAAAAAHHHH. Shit. Ok, can you put them back on anyway, and now you gotta clean up the puke.”

  11. BarbadoSlim

    She also has that special aura or “vibe” of smelly poosey.

  12. Where is her burka?

  13. kisse

    this is why Sanjaya is gay.

  14. Jimbo

    WTF there is just nothing else to say

  15. DrPhowstus

    Who wants to bet she has hairy nipples? Fuck that, I’d still hit it. I love curried tamarind.

  16. DrPhowstus

    Dear #8, my apologies for not reading all of the comments and seeing that you in fact had said exactly the same thing 9 minutes earlier. This weed is making me repeat shit. This weed is making me repeat shit. I beg your forgiveness.

  17. BigJim

    Is her name Sangina?

  18. BigJim

    Actually, that’s Sanjaya’s “transgender pre-op” photo.

  19. GooniesNeverSayDie

    This makes 2 people in Sanjaya’s family that I do not care about.

  20. Kim

    This pic is bringing out the funny in people! thanks #8 & #17!

  21. Niecy

    So now the family of non-celebrities get to be famous too?

  22. BigJim

    The bomb sniffing dogs are going to be all over that guitar when she tries to sneak through security.

  23. licklick

    “Mutton curry, pompodons, and chutney please. Make the curry really spicy!”

  24. Jimbo

    You dumbshit DanYELL. it is not “warewolf” it is werewolf

  25. veggi

    I’ve seen right, and that ain’t it.

  26. Mandy

    ewww . . . freaky creepy

  27. DrPhowstus

    Her super villain name would be Moustachio.

    Sorry danielle, you’ve been replaced.

  28. veggi

    Shameless promotion for the 28th motel they just bought.

  29. isitme

    As a self-respecting American, I ONLY watch AI when there is absolutely nothing else on, or when I can’t find the remote, and am just too lazy to find it…or change the channel. Is Sanjaya from Palestine? If so…here’s a spin-off! Contestants are judged for their bleating like goats, and they win a slice of someone else’s land. Watch out, Israel! With talent like this, you might be homeless!

  30. DrPhowstus

    Good point #29. Something tells me when Shanaynay gets voted off, he’ll detonate his suicide vest. Of course that trick only works once.

  31. Jimbo


    The only thing that is missing is the box on the night stand to pop your quarters in to turn on the vibratabed and a Slurpee cup from their 7 11

  32. BigJim

    Thank you, come again!

  33. Duckie

    That picture is clearly somebodys photoshop creation.
    You can tell just by looking at the bottom of the guitar. They probably cut out her shorts, then stretched back the skin, and softened the bottom of the guitar to match.
    And even knowing all of that…
    I still threw up on my mouth.

  34. tits_on_snack

    I’d call her a butterface, but you really can’t even see any of her body except some random limbs.

  35. cerisier

    Her forehead is aspiring to be just as big as Heather Graham’s.

  36. HollyJ

    Tom Selleck called.
    He wants his mustache back.

  37. TrippyGoogler

    #11 – Holy cow (literally), I thought I was the only one who picked up on that smelly poosey “vibe.” Sometimes you can just TELL, even from a picture.

  38. schack

    she looks like she’s being strangled by an invisible hand

  39. nasty – yes. Nice tata’s – yes.

  40. mutedexposure

    Did anyone else get a bad flashback of the 80s B movie Sleepaway Camp?

  41. LadyJane

    BigJim… TSFSRT.
    email me sometime. (krisdylee)

  42. LadyJane

    Oh, and 40, YES I DID…. That’s fucking hilarious.

  43. Joshingya31

    Can you guys hear that…..I think her guitar is ticking.

  44. HollyJ

    Um, not Palestinian…

    Sanjaya’s father is Bengali Indian and his mother is Italian American.

    Though 80% of India is Hindu, Bengal is mostly Buddhist (though West Bengal has a substantial Muslim population). He’s mostly likely Buddhist, and I’m sure their mom is Catholic.

    I don’t think they’re overtly religious of any flavor, and certainly not strict Muslims, since his sister has her tits hanging out of her tank top every week the camera pans to her sitting in the audience.

    Besides, I’m not sure Muslims allow boy sons to have oozing vaginas and sing in gay falsetto.

  45. veggi

    @40!!! Oh my god! I can’t believe anyone else has seen that movie. Angela!!!! She’s Angela! I’m fucking freaked out now…. and I think I love you.

  46. schack

    i guess i’ll have to see that movie, if i haven’t already

  47. isitme

    GOOD GOD, HOLLY J! You know a little too much…that’s USUALLY a good thing, but…are you a Claykin…or Claymate?…Whatever they call this obvious rear-ender’s fans. I hate AI from the Ford commercials with Taylor Hicks! Why were non-AI watchers subjected to that at LEAST once every half hour! Hey! Clay! Your closet called…it doesn’t want you back, because you have no talent!

  48. heyheyhey



  49. lambman

    Um, why are you sharing this? I thought this site was about celebrities, not about relatives of reality tv contestants

  50. HollyJ

    @ 47 lol @ “claymate” (Is that what they call Aiken’s peeps?)

    Nah, I just knew something about India prior to Sanjaya…

    All I know is that if doesn’t stop voting for that hermaphroditic fucktard, I’m going to have to mail them a nice pipebomb wrapped in Easter bunnies.

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