Have I Mentioned Sandy Hook Truthers Are Assholes? Sandy Hook Truthers Are Assholes

If you haven’t heard this god awfulness by now, late last week a sign was stolen from the entrance to the Grace McDonnell Playground. Which sounds like something that happens in every town, except Grace McDonnell was one of the students killed during the Sandy Hook shooting, and the man who stole the sign from the memorial park took it a step further by calling Grace’s mother and telling her the shooting never happened. Or basically that her daughter never existed because these people are intellectual shit-fucks who should be shot into the sun. So here’s an open letter to the culprit which I felt was worth sharing before we get back to figuring out why Jay Z and Beyonce won’t give the Ark of the Covenant to a museum like Solange wants.

An Open Letter To Whoever Stole a Sandy Hook Victim’s Memorial Sign – The Daily Banter

Photo: Where Angels Play