That Sandy Hook Truther Actually Stole Two Memorial Signs, Is A Goddamn Psychopath

Last week, I linked to an open letter written by Chez Pazienza for the soulless shitbag who not only stole a sign from the Grace McDonnell Playground but took it upon himself to call up Grace’s mother and tell her that her late daughter never existed because Sandy Hook was a hoax. The letter went on to be cross-posted on The Huffington Post where it apparently got this nutjob’s attention and sent him to the doorstep of Daily Banter EIC Bob Cesca’s relatives in Virginia where he left the number for a public phone instructing Chez to call him. From there, Chez found himself getting an earful of crazy – Did you know Anderson Cooper did the Illuminati’s bidding to convince everyone the Sandy Hook shooting was real? You can tell by the way he was holding an owl! – and was emailed pictures of Grace’s sign in this cockface’s apartment with a classy middle finger to boot along with another from Chase Kowalski’s memorial in New Jersey (above, and getting the same treatment) whose mother he also claims to have called. The whole thing is a sordid tale of tinhat fuckery and should give anyone pause if they’re even considering, or have already bought into, any InfoWars horseshit whatsoever. Christ, at least gun nuts who think the answer to the shooting is more guns recognize that children with moms and dads and brothers and sisters were senselessly murdered. Granted, they’ll yell “SECOND AMENDMENT!” into their grieving faces, but at least they won’t say Anderson Cooper hypnotized us with his Hogwarts owl. That’s the best we can hope for anymore.

EXCLUSIVE: Sandy Hook Truther Comes Forward, Provides Photos Of Stolen Memorial Signs In His Living Room – The Daily Banter

Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Banter