That Sandy Hook Truther Actually Stole Two Memorial Signs, Is A Goddamn Psychopath

May 23rd, 2014 // 69 Comments
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Last week, I linked to an open letter written by Chez Pazienza for the soulless shitbag who not only stole a sign from the Grace McDonnell Playground but took it upon himself to call up Grace’s mother and tell her that her late daughter never existed because Sandy Hook was a hoax. The letter went on to be cross-posted on The Huffington Post where it apparently got this nutjob’s attention and sent him to the doorstep of Daily Banter EIC Bob Cesca‘s relatives in Virginia where he left the number for a public phone instructing Chez to call him. From there, Chez found himself getting an earful of crazy – Did you know Anderson Cooper did the Illuminati‘s bidding to convince everyone the Sandy Hook shooting was real? You can tell by the way he was holding an owl! – and was emailed pictures of Grace’s sign in this cockface’s apartment with a classy middle finger to boot along with another from Chase Kowalski‘s memorial in New Jersey (above, and getting the same treatment) whose mother he also claims to have called. The whole thing is a sordid tale of tinhat fuckery and should give anyone pause if they’re even considering, or have already bought into, any InfoWars horseshit whatsoever. Christ, at least gun nuts who think the answer to the shooting is more guns recognize that children with moms and dads and brothers and sisters were senselessly murdered. Granted, they’ll yell “SECOND AMENDMENT!” into their grieving faces, but at least they won’t say Anderson Cooper hypnotized us with his Hogwarts owl. That’s the best we can hope for anymore.

EXCLUSIVE: Sandy Hook Truther Comes Forward, Provides Photos Of Stolen Memorial Signs In His Living Room – The Daily Banter

Photo: Courtesy of The Daily Banter


  1. JC

    I’m torn, because this person is obviously suffering from some mental illness, and should be sent to an appropriate facility so he can get that shit sorted out.

    On the other hand, I think allowing every Sandy Hook parent to punch him in the nuts, one after the other, would also be acceptable.

    • Kellie

      I’m just a terrible person because I have no pity for this man. There are plenty of individuals with mental disorders who aren’t insensitive, willfully ignorant assholes. If this man does have a disorder it in no way excuses premeditation, thievery, harassment, taunting, and cowardice. Not that you are supporting that, but I believe some people would.
      But again I’m a heartless bitch.

  2. So I read the article. I’m sorry I did. In an effort not to get really depressed over the undiagnosed mental illness that is spewing pain over everyone it touches, I’m going to pick something out of the article about this guy to make fun of. Here goes:

    What kind of fake tough guy has to go to Home Depot to ask what a star screw is? I’ve got a whole set of them in my tool box.

    It isn’t much, but it’s the best I can muster right now. People are pretty awful to each other sometimes.

  3. Cock Dr

    Assuming approximately 25% of the population is profoundly mentally ill seems like a pretty safe bet.
    Feel very bad for the families. Hope this lunatic is caught soon.

  4. Hey, Sandy Hook Truther dude! I’m with you all the way. I’m not brave like you, to go around stealing signs in the dead of the night, but I did set up a “Sandy Hook Never Happened” monument in my backyard! Come by and see it, man, you’ll love it. And sorry about the landscaping. The ground in front of the monument is kind of ripply, but not because it’s sod hastily thrown over a flimsy lattice of brittle poles covering a deep pit lined with barbed wire and broken glass, or anything like that. And you know what a good day to visit is? The fourth of July! In the evening. Just so we can celebrate this great country together, man! I gotta warn ya, though, it’s pretty festive in my town—pops, bangs, hisses, explosions, fireworks all night! Enough to drown out the screams of a man dying in the bottom of a pit.

  5. According to the author, this criminal was calling from the same public pay phone he used to call the McDonnells two weeks ago. I’m afraid the author missed an important opportunity to protect the Sandy Hook families, not to mention to protect the Cesca family. The perp knows their address, and knows they can identify him. They need to get a restraining order against this individual, at the very least, which they could have done if Chez and the Cescas had only notified police before calling this criminal at a known address. Even if police somehow failed to find probable cause to arrest the man for the phone call, they would have been able to bring him in on allegations of harassing the Cescas; the Cescas could have identified him, and gotten that restraining order–often the first step in making a future arrest. But obviously, authoring an exclusive, scandalous story took precedence over protecting his co-worker’s family, and the Sandy Hook families.

    • Guest

      While I do think you make a very valid point, I believe the jackass had the journalist call him at a public payphone in a shopping mall. Hopefully it’ll still be possible to identify him as he is at the very least mentally ill and definitely a giant asshole, but they didn’t have a residential address corresponding to one renter/owner or anything.

  6. Why did Obama and the Illuminati fake Sandy Hook again? I believe it was to take away your guns, correct? Aaaaaand, you’ve still got them right? OK then STFU. Oh wait, they did use the fake shooting to take away your 100 round drum magazines. Except that didn’t happen either. STFU.

    • JC

      We were this close to making RPGs legal for open carry, but Commie Osama had to go and fake Sandy Hook and ruin the whole thing. I’d like to know what that pinko homosexual thinks I should do when terr’ists try to rob Bob’s Suds and Steakhouse using a Blackhawk helicopter and I don’t have my RPG to stop ‘em. WHAT THEN, LIBTARDS?


    so dont let getting a spectacular news story get in the way of putting a stop to him.
    now that he’s a star he’s only gonna up his game.

    • gumbypokey

      That’s dodge as fuck yo.
      No but in all seriousness, that is a little disturbing. You can literally see him get into character. I am not a conspiracy enthusiast, or a gun owner, or even a resident of the USA. I am divorced from the outcome and its implications entirely. But I find it odd that even in losing his daughter this man does not shed a single tear (it says 5:23pm I assume this piece was recorded on the evening of the incident or the day after, probably some time close if I know Western media). By all indications, the extensive emotional bond between the two as described by him almost *demands* that he exude some physiological response. Which of the fathers among us would be able to match this man’s hardness in the days following the loss of your infant daughter? The image is not the best, so I can’t see the collecting of tears in his eyes – on the other hand, at no point does he raise his hand to wipe anything away. The tremoring of the voice and the quivering of the facial muscles are not beyond the command of any decent performer, and it is incredibly hard to access vocal faculties that draw on a painful emotional event without bringing with it the physical response that is so human to all of us. My example, the first to come to mind: Bill Burr genuinely upset, finds it hard to stay composed

      Even if you could guarantee that this interview was a farce, there are still many questions to be answered pertaining to the remainder of the conspirators’ account of events, and if these are not met – and they certainly won’t be proven – then the alternate account of events is discarded as a whole, the video discounted, and the conspiracy is again reduced to speculation by the fringe lunatic. Instead, I am looking at this video in isolation and I examine it thusly, because while I do not know many things about the reality of the tragedy, I *can* be sure that this video exists and that what I just watched was a real recording.

      I share the feelings of the commenter below, Jo. I regard myself as skeptical in these instances, and I prefer that conspiracy not enter the dialogue at all. There aren’t many “conspiracies” that I think deserve any attention at all, and it should be reasonable to objectively examine incidents or details therein when they don’t seem to sit right. What shits me is the overwhelming quantity of silly hobbyist conspiracy cranks out there who give those “who have sincere concerns” an all together terrible reception.

      • Is it possible he was IN SHOCK OVER LOSING A CHILD YOU F*CKING DIPSH*T? What’s more likely? A) without having your own family member gunned down you can’t possibly know how you’re going to react publicly or B) it’s a big conspiracy and they’re all faking it? Now think long and hard this time before you post something monumentally dumb again.

  8. Fuck That

    If you actually believe that is a father grieving, talking to the media the DAY OF the event, then I don’t know what to tell you

  9. Derrick

    Why don’t the Illuminati just admit what they are and quit trolling the country like a Rickroll video.

    The eyesore symbolism is reaching nauseating levels. Dang, just watch any Jay Z, Eminem, Rhianna or Ke$ha video and you will see the blatant Satanic symbolism to the nth degree.

    People wake up, and if you are a satanist, just be proud of it and admit it. Quit hiding like a cockroach in a sewer…

  10. Clearly there are mental health issues here, which is tragic on multiple levels but at the end of the day that guy is running around undiagnosed/untreated. It’s sadly ironic and scary as fuck, tbh.

    Hopefully he doesn’t have a fucking gun.

  11. che guava

    I volunteer to unload a 100 round beta mag from my AR15 into this shitbag if he’s found (yes, I still have my guns, and live in NY). Actually, one round in the gut will be better.

  12. yeah bye

    Why is that kid doing the illuminati sign over his one eye?

  13. Jo

    This is called poisoing the well. There are legitimate questions about what happened that day, so our loving government enlists some psychopath to do things that will discredit the people who do have sincere concerns. That way they can grandstand and name call instead of give real answers.

  14. Yes I will yell “Second Amendment” just like you should also. The left wing in this country is forgetting these are freedoms and when they get infringed upon, you don’t get them back. I’ll yell, scream and fight for my Second Amendment rights and ALSO for YOUR First Amendment rights. Stop blaming guns and our freedoms, for the actions of disturbed people.

  15. Jo

    They want an emotional reaction, and that’s what they get from the gullible public. People should, calmly, and rationally examine the official story. If they do, they will be shocked at the coverup.

  16. Oh, you need a fingerprint officer? well here you go.

  17. Grammar Police

    Conspiracy theory aside, it is kind of odd that the kid on the sign is making the supposed illuminati symbol. Is there some particular reason they’d choose to illustrate the child in this position? It seems really awkward for a memorial. Not a grieving mother myself, but why would you want the face covered on a memorial of your child?

  18. Scott

    Crazy comes in all forms. This guy obviously needs some real help. Are mental health services coved under ObamaCare?

  19. YourMom

    How about sticking w posting celebrity news / gossip instead of non-celebrity gossip? Please & thank you.

  20. tom

    you really can tell a lot about a person by how they hold their fingers when ‘shooting the bird’.

  21. It is not the least bit unreasonable to hope that this sack of crap is beaten in the parking lot of the memorial park by each parent with a “hoax child”. I of course do not condone killing this man. Just that he is beaten until he wishes someone would kill him.

  22. MotorBoat

    More tits, less politics…it only brings out the idiots on both sides.

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