So Sandra Bullock might be a Nazi

April 6th, 2010 // 69 Comments

Sandra Bullock is apparently hesitant to pull the trigger on a divorce out of fear that Jesse James will reveal intimate details of their marriage, according to RadarOnline:

“Sandra is one of the most private actresses in Hollywood,” the source said. “And the last thing she wants is Jesse out there talking about her and talking about her marriage.
“She’s been worried that if she drops divorce papers on him now he’ll want revenge and will try to harm her reputation.
“His behavior is so erratic that she doesn’t want to send him over the edge.”
Jesse’s fascination with Nazi memorabilia and his lifestyle in general has always seemed at odds with Sandra’s image as Miss Congeniality. The situation has left many people wondering what Sandra and Jesse have in common and Sandra has preferred to keep the details of their marriage private.

So they’re both Nazis. Got it. On top of that, turns out Jesse James is an amateur porn enthusiasts and has made over 12 sex tapes with his mistresses:

The tapes Jesse made with other women are shocking. “Most of the tapes feature a mass amount of Nazi paraphernalia,” an insider tells “It’s all really quite disturbing.”
A source who saw one of the tapes spoke to on the condition of anonymity and gave a partial description. “What I saw was a naked woman on her knees and Jesse in a Nazi hat waving his arm in a salute,” the insider said. “It looked like the woman’s hands were bound.

At this point, I think it’s safe to assume there’s a video out there of Jesse James as Adolf Hitler banging Sandra Bullock’s Eva Braun. Definitely not the feces-smearing one being fabled on the Internet as we speak, but something a little more classy because Jesse’s wearing a monocle and drinking tea with his pinky up.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Jesse needs one in the back of his head. And I’ll take care of putting something into Sandy..

  2. captain america

    it’s easy:
    ………………HANG HER THEN.

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  4. Justice

    Hang her? How about we hang modern day war criminals? The tribunals will consist mostly of those who were victimized, not the elites who condone human slaughter for land grabbing.

  5. name withheld

    another fine German specimen..

    thank you for the tanks..we appreciate it…

    Hitler rose to power because of fine German citizens such as your grandparents.

    See nothing hear nothing…

    Germans…thanks for the Krupps machine and plundering all the world…

  6. Get a life or try harder

    Germans rose to power because they are smart and work and fight hard. Not because they they were given money by the USA.
    Hitler rose to power because he was given the money to invade Russia.
    The idiot above needs a new face.

  7. name withheld

    German ppl allowed the annihilation of millions of people, not just Jews.

    They will never wash the stain of blood off their hands no matter how many Krupps machines they export!

    Barbaric race of people, whose women are just as scary looking as the men.


  8. name withheld is a coward

    How about the Israeli people and the land they are squatting on and their treatment of the Palestinians? Tell me the difference. Asshole. At least the Germans are healthy and not inbred you retarded motherfucking little ugly fuck.

  9. xray

    I like her. She does her gig and goes home. More of the hollywood freaks could learn something from her.

  10. Name withheld


    …I sense a lot of hostility in your comments. Firstly, let me point out that I am NOT Jewish, secondly, it doesn’t become you to call me an ‘asshole’ I am a lady, already, I’ve revealed too much, JUNGE.

    I shan’t be getting into a historical who did what, with you-suffice to say that GERMANS are not known for their ‘warm’ personalities, nor their cuisine. A countries cuisine is the window to their soul-bratwurst, something I shit out after bad cheese nachos.

    Picture it, ESSEN, 1952 myself and 2 other esteemed nuclear physicists discussing the perils of gas versus radon extraction into the sub atmospheric legion, whilst sitting at an ever so lovely German bratwurst house cafe. The sun was not shining the peoples faces were dark and gloomy , and the food was steamy and smelled like old Italian man shoes that had been left out in the sun too long, I digress, as is often my tendency to do when describing events in my life. I picked up the fork placed before me and I took a bite of my steamed meat in casing, it was lovely, then I took another bite, and another, lovely, each time.

    All this to say, JUNGE, Germans are programmed killing machines who feel neither highs nor lows.

    KIlling coffee making machines…

    working as a spy for the East Congolese teaches you more than just how to mend socks, and make seashell necklaces..

    adieu my sweet #58..I shall hold your comments close to my butt

    KIlling coffee making machines…

  11. She speaks fluent German because her dad was German and she grew up in Germany. Of course she is a nazi lover. What else does she have in common with this dirt bag?

  12. ken ortega

    Jesse and Sandra are both disgusting kraut vermin. Germans are evil creatures anyway.

  13. CHoco Donut

    The Jews will never wash the stain of Israel off their hands. Or their blood diamond trade in Africa. Or the way their banks have screwed over the entire world, one of the reasons Hitler went after them in the first place, and now they’ve done it again. Jews helped develop nuclear weapons, but we’re not supposed to hold them accountable? Jews planned the genocide of the Iraq invasion. Grow up and wake up.

    Almost every country on earth has had some form of genocidal mania in its history, including the Spanish, French, Belgians, Japanese, Australians, Turks, Russians and on and on and on. That said, collecting nazi memorabilia, especially DISPLAYING it, is basically admitting that you are a white supremacist. I know plenty of Germans that wouldnt be caught dead owning that stuff, let alone displaying it.

    This is a very biker gang culture kind of thing, part half-ass racism, and half Beavis-Butthead ignorance. Nazi gear signifies power, and losers latch onto that. Bullock is prob not a racist, just she liked an alpha male, and like most women, thought she could smooth out the edges. Ortega, you’re ont to talk. The Spanish catholic is one of the biggest murderers of all time, don’t ever forget it.

  14. Finally, (and then I will leave y’all alone), Jim Carrey is a funny guy, but really not too bright. He really shouldn’t let Jenny get away. She is an amazing woman! I’ve been a fan since she first appeared in Playboy, loved her on Singled Out, loved her in BaseketBall . . . . I’ve pretty much loved everything she’s ever done. And what a great mother.

  15. page after page of beautiful pages in the decay. We have become arrogant, we become arrogant. Great Song court, Les White, Wenchen Confucians are busy writing poetry Fu, educate subjects with Neo,

  16. sandra romantic beautiful

  17. Elizabeth
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t believe Sandra Bullock is a Nazi.

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