Sandra Bullock got the f-ck out

March 18th, 2010 // 64 Comments

Further confirming reports her husband Jesse James had sex with a walking tattoo, Sandra Bullock has already packed up and left, according to People:

The actress left the Southern California house she shares with James just days before a report of infidelity by her husband surfaced, a source tells PEOPLE.
Bullock, 45, left on Monday, the source says. Bullock, who won her first Oscar – a Best Actress award – for The Blind Side on March 7, also abruptly canceled a trip to Europe for the London premiere of the film.

I legitimately feel bad for Sandra Bullock because I made the unfortunate mistake of watching pre-Oscar footage where she spent the whole time raving about Jesse James’ daughter, who she’s been deeply invested in helping him secure custody of, only to have him Tiger Woods her a week later. However, I also sat through The Proposal and could just as easily start whipping out sparklers. I’m a raging conflict of emotions.

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  1. She’s too pretty to be with such a loser!

  2. Not to mention how fucking ugly Michelle Buttshell is.. that skank has tattoos on her fucking forehead for Christ’s sake!

  3. Dick Face

    Fuck that mindless douche bag, he belongs with freaks and whores who will only shit all over his ugly mug, just like he deserves.

  4. Mike

    i love that Tiger Woods is now a verb!

  5. Mr.Mr.

    its a shame, because sandy is a fine lady. nothing but class, i was blindsided by that ass.

  6. Solo

    She can come to my house.

  7. Parker

    Like I said before, Sandra’s kind of old but I’m willing to buttfuck her. It might make her feel better about all this mess so I would encourage her to consider it.

    Also, like the fish guy, I too am conflicted because despite the tattoos on that other chick I can’t deny that I impulsively admitted to myself that I would be more than ok having anal sex with her. Multi-colored or not, she’s got a great ass.

    I probably wouldn’t let her make me a sandwich afterwards though.


    Now, let’s see if she STAYS out. That’s the key. All we hear about is cheating men and then the women going right back, so why should men stop cheating?

  9. uncle Rough

    You know? if she’s been with that guy you know shes a no hole barred kinda gal…

    Its not your fault Sandy…

  10. Oh Jesse, you idiot, Sandra made me come so close to believing that you could actually be a decent human being.

    I guess my first impression was always right: she could do better. And I hope she will.

  11. Parker

    If women didn’t go back to cheating men then they’d never stop cheating so in no time, one woman cheated on would become a dozen women cheated on. Also when the woman leaves it will be months or years for her to get over it and find someone else whereas the man will move on the next day. Therefore going back is the wisest thing to do cause not only will she not have to find a new place to live but she won’t have to spend months sulking and making her friends miserable over her failed relationship but she can make life miserable for the guy by doing things like refusing to do his laundry for a couple weeks so he has to drop it off at a laundromat instead or maybe even not making him eggs Benedict for breakfast on Sunday morning for a month.

  12. SO RIGHT

    I thought Jesse James was a big, fat, spoiled baby on The Apprentice.

  13. zuzuspetals

    Wow- If this is all true, then Jesse James is one of the stupidest pieces of shit I’ve ever even heard of. As stupid as Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Palin, and Coulter- who are also pieces of shit.
    Jesse James is a loser- no surprise.But what’s really heartbreaking is that his daughter loses her amazing step-mom. All because of a hideous, tattoo-covered skank.
    What the fuck is wrong with people?


    She wanted a “Bad Boy” she got one. END OF FAIRY TALE !

  15. curiousblack

    She deserves so much better!!!

  16. Good for her. That tattoo chick is NASTY.

  17. StarkNekked

    Jesse was already married and left his pregnant wife when Sandra came into the picture. He’s always loved tattoo’d sluts. She’s the only one different? Did everyone think he was going to change for one woman? Com’on!! He cheated on his ex-wife with her, what makes you think he wouldn’t have done it to her? Smarten up people!!

  18. Harold^Sick

    @14 He’s not a “bad boy,” he’s a fucking loser.

  19. Sandy

    I am 100% sure there is more to this than is being told. Then there is possibility it is all a bs attempt at sabatoging their relationship. Sad to see it happen though whether it is true or not.

  20. marcie

    what the fuck is wrong with men?
    if you’re gonna cheat make sure you cheat with someone who is better than what you already have.
    instead of going forward you take 5 steps back.
    if I guy cheated on me with a better looking girl id say..”man I would have fucked her too…” but come on don’t emberass sandra with that STD infected pig who probably sucks cock for a living….
    I thought they looked cute together but if a man is douchey looking then he’s probably a douche..

    sandra bullock will be fine,she’s a star! if it wouldn’t had been for her I still wouldn’t know what jesse james looked like..

  21. obz

    what a retard, at least fuck someone like jolie. not a skank who makes a heroin addicted pregnant streetwalker in torn fishnets plus stains on her top from the last customers ‘deposit’ look classy.

  22. HLM

    I’m impressed that there was no report of Jesse James being clubbed to death with the base of an Oscar statuette. Cause that’s what he deserves.

  23. Well, she knows how to pick em. They don’t look like a match made in heaven anyways. This is about like Whitney choosing Bobby Brown. What???

  24. dubba

    @3 in jesse james’ house, thats considered foreplay

  25. Though I don’t personally know her but as seen in the TV, her personality seems to be very good. She doesn’t deserve such thing. I feel sorry for her too.

  26. Uncle Remus

    Don’t hand me any of that “Woe is Her” crapola about Sandra Bullock. She knew exactly what kind of jerk he was, his lifestyle, and all the other negative things about his past. Yet she wanted the forbidden, got him, married him and his true colors came out with this affair. She made her bed now sleep in it or get up and move on. She got exactly what she ask for.

  27. Fruit Loop

    Sex Addiction….

    It’s going ’round.

  28. elephantman

    Ugg! Man o man I would cheat on her too! She is butt fuckin UGLY. Jesse can do way better, besides what did she expect going out with a guy like him! She is a total DIPSHIT! How someone can get an oscar after doing those 2 stupid SPEED movies is beyond me. Get a fuckin nose job! I know you got the money also get someone to do your hair or at least wash it before you go out on the red carpet. Another thing FUCK first “BITCHES” so says I!

  29. abby

    I don’t get why people don’t break-up/divorce someone if they want to hump someone else.

    She is smart to bail.

  30. dick

    well jesse, you and little tiger must not know the values of marriage ……
    or you both must shop at whores R us … hope sandra sticks it to your cheating ass …. i’ve met jesse, trust me she is improving her life by putting him on the road ……. he is an asshole. Sandra deserves better.

  31. Petulia Clark

    Sandra Bullock sucks. I thought her acceptance speech for her undeserved Oscar was arrogant. I think she looked cute as a younger woman but looks like an angry man now. As for her cheating husband, well screw him, too. They’re both trash.

  32. cc

    @ 32 Petulia Clark. Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

  33. Carolyn

    Like Sandra Bullock ok, but Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren deserved the Oscar, not her.

  34. Now she can shave her pubic hair into a “Keep Out” sign.

    @ 14 – “She wanted a “Bad Boy” she got one. END OF FAIRY TALE !”
    …and they lived dysfunction-ally ever after. (dysfunctionally doesn’t seem to be a real word)

  35. Nick

    I always thought she seemed pretty well put together. Never understood what a chick like that would see in a tattooe’ed cocksucker like James. Guess mommy and daddy tried too hard to set her up with the neighborhood jock, and she just had to rebel.

    These chicks who marry actors & bikers & athletes etc… seem all shocked when they “pull a Tiger”. Ladies, if you want the cash, you gotta put up with certain… CERTAINTIES.

  36. injapan

    i used to think that sandy was a prissy snob, and i still dont think she deserved the oscar. but after seeing her hilarious self-deprecation at the razzies, shes one classy bitch. that bombskank gives us tatted up chicks a bad name. i’ll hold her arms, sandra can knock this marilyn-manson-after-a-sex-change-teefs out.

  37. Lisa Beth

    Jesse James: “If I had another button on my shirt… I would button that one, too.”

  38. Miche

    Who made you sit through The Proposal….oh that’s right YOU. No one should have seen that. Your own fault my friend you should go to the box and feel shame.

  39. BOLLOCKS!!!!!

    I feel bad for her too. I kinda liked them as a couple. She seems like a pretty cool lady and I like that marrying him reminded people to not be so judgmental… It’s so depressing when people fulfill their own tacky stereotype. So how many lasting marriages in Hollywood? One? Just remember for every story of infidelity that surfaces there are hundreds being kept quiet and that goes for most things in life.

    #39 Fish probably sat through the proposal to get laid for crying out loud and people have done a LOT worse like risk major std infection for a little bump the stump so don’t judge him.

  40. jeremiah

    Stupid wizard aliens are just messing everyones relationships up. If it weren’t for the stupid alien wizards… no man would ever want to have sex with tons of women


    Wow, you all have no life. (I know what you are thinking, I am such a hypocrite right?) But I just had to tell most of you that you are mean! Mean and some of you are quite disgusting as well. Does it make you feel good to anonymously post nasty comments online? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? This is a lost and depraved world we live in, Sheesh. Just think of how the victim of this situation is feeling and how she will feel having her name and marriage status being ridiculed and smeared for the next several months until the next celebrity scandal breaks loose. I suppose that that’s the price one pays for being in the public eye, but we don’t have to be so nasty and judge-mental about it! What is it about ourselves and our culture that makes us so intrigued about gossip and scandal? Does it make us feel good to share our opinions with the world, no matter what they are and who it hurts? There is certainly a better way to behave and treat others don’t you think? Good thing that Mrs. Bullock will never actually read all these disturbing comments about her.

  42. Anon

    Ahahaha…. “walking tattoo…” Hahaha.

  43. Rupert

    She’s 20 years older than I am and I really want to rail her. Y’know, in her time of need and stuff.

  44. Evil

    She was like, I’m Sandra Bullock and you’re a welder, I don’t need this shit.

  45. Monica

    Hi there. I’m a reporter doing a story on this topic, and I was wondering if Dick Face or Parker would be able to get in touch with me — I won’t ever reveal who they are, or anything about them. I work for a reputable paper and would love some quotes (though I’m willing to quote anonymously) about your opinion on this matter.

    Thanks in advance…


  46. Great. Long Beach seemed to have some benefit from Sandra camping out here. Thanks a lot, Jesse! i wonder if people will boycott his burger place?

  47. I don’t personally know her but as seen in the TV, her personality seems to be very good.

  48. I always thought she seemed pretty well put together. Never understood what a chick like that would see in a tattooe’ed cocksucker like James. Guess mommy and daddy tried too hard to set her up with the neighborhood jock, and she just had to rebel.

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