Sandra Bullock: ‘Hey, look at this black baby I’m converting to Judaism!’

April 28th, 2010 // 152 Comments

For those of you just waking up, Sandra Bullock has come out of seclusion and announced exclusively to People she’s filed for divorce from Jesse James. Not only that, she’s adopted 3 1/2 month old Louis Bardo Bullock from New Orleans who she plans to make Jewish because she hates Nazis not so much. I’m not even joking:

The magazine asked the question, “Were you aware of any interest [Jesse] may have had in white supremacy or Nazism?”
Bullock responded, “The photo shocked me and made me sad. This is not the man I married. This was stupid, this was ignorant. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life.”
Bullock added, “And the man I married felt the same.”
As for her newly adopted African-American baby, Bullock told the magazine she arranged for the child to have a bris — the Jewish circumcision ceremony.

And Sandra Bullock made a Nazi sex tape. I didn’t believe it at first, but after all the ham-fisted baby shenanigans, I’m now 90% positive she’s on video telling Jesse James to “Holocaust” her ass because it controls the media and sucks the blood out of infants. There’s really no other way to interpret this.


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  1. @ 3. MaKongo – Yeah, this seems silly.

    “Hey, look at my other hand! What Nazis?”

    New Orleans isn’t near Ethiopia is it (African Jews)? Just get him some critical thinking skills. Maybe he won’t need religion at all then.

  2. @ 70. BLACK IS THE NEW BIRKIN BAG – Sandra is the blackest woman EVER. Didn’t you watch “The Blind Side”?

  3. Jake

    What an airhead.

  4. yugon

    after seeing all of these posts, i went and did some research on circumcision. after all of the studies i read, i came to the conclusion that there are compelling arguments on both sides, and that in the end, the parent has the right to make the decision they think is best.
    interestingly enough, one of the things i learned while doing my research is that circumcision vs non-circumcision in america is reaching about 50/50, however, when the percentage of uncircumcised boys is further broken down by race, it shows that the majority of them are non-whites. and this is a forum post about a black baby, who is being circumcised by a white jew.

  5. Jon

    Firstly, your thing about 50/50 and non whites or whites is completely irrelevant. How about doing what most Americans are incapable of, and thinking outside the box, and realising that there is a whole world out there. Look at the world data, look at other countries not just USA. Look at the world as a whole.

    What’s the compelling argument for circumcision? Other then cleanliness?

    I’ve seen adults like myself pissed off that they never got a choice. And I’ve seen perfectly normal adult males want to get circumcised. Good for them, their choice. I don’t understand it but good for them.

    Female circumcision is illegal in my country since 1990. But it still happens because hospitals deal with cases of it having gone wrong. The doctors say “they do it for religious purposes but we basically have to educate them that their culture is wrong”.

    Why is female circumcision described as barbaric and mutilation but male circumcision fine?

    The most hypocritical thing is that this is all in the name of religion. How can you believe in a God and yet first thing after your child is born, you want to take out a scalpal and correct where “God went wrong”. WTF.

    It’s bad enough growing up if your parents gave you a stupid name, or some crap genetics, don’t take the foreskin as well. Give him a choice.

    Lastly, if you want to do some research, talk to people directly who wish they weren’t circumsised. Talk to some people that wish they were. Talk to real people, whether on a forum or real life. Don’t look at some numbers on a page.

  6. cellphone

    What’s she doing there with somebody else’s baby?! The question is,since she was married to Jesse James,is she still to be trusted?!

  7. bimbamboing

    After 5 years of marriage to a guy with a Nazi fetish.The next logical move is to adopt a black baby,that’s right.

  8. Darth

    For sure there’s some shady politics involved in this move.Don’t forget that she’s a (controversial) actress.

  9. rita

    lol it’s pretty great that most of the comments here are about the circumcision rather than the inter-racial adoption. I wouldn’t circumsize my kid unless I was married to a jew. i mean, it’s just not at all necessary.

    also bullock clearly started this adoption process ages ago (you can’t adopt an american kid that easily), so this had nothing to do with her current situation, or even the new “fad” of adopting abroad. if you just look at the timing, it’s easy to see bullock did this for herself (and so did angelina).

    #85 – i think the “arguments” against interracial adoptions are pretty silly (like the one you made). why are these adoptions “suddenly” happening now? because social norms have changed so that such adoptions are merely “edgy” rather than nearly impossible. don’t randomly shove bad faith onto people. i have no idea what “white way of life” you’re referring to is. maybe like, poor, isolated Appalachian whites have some distinct culture someone of a different race couldn’t tap into but Bullock certainly won’t raise her kid there. (in the same way, it would be difficult to raise a kid of a different race in any culturally isolated and intolerant community.) but in mainstream communities, there’s only one American culture, with all the different cultures all mixed together like a salad bowl.

  10. Superspeller

    Yeah, because Jews are the antithesis of racist you goy.

  11. yugon

    actually, jon (#105) i have spoken with quite a few people who have/have not been circumcised. my first boyfriend, whom i dated for 4 yrs, was not circumcised and while i never had a problem with it, he did. i haven’t personally spoken with a person who has been circumcised that regretted it, nor have i spoken with very many uncircumcised people who have regretted it.
    this has caused me to form the conclusion that most guys don’t care whether or not they have been circumcised once they are grown. they all manage to live their lives, get married, go to work, etc.
    so in an effort to go beyond the people that i have personally spoken with, i tried doing a little research, as well.
    i can tell by some of the comments you made in your previous post that you do not like americans, and i feel that much of your anger might be directed more at that than anything else. in your response you sound as if you are judging people just as much for what country they were born in as what decisions they make for their children. i fear i can’t do anything to help you with your hatred for my country; that’s probably just something you’ve been taught and nothing i can say here can change that.

  12. Gando

    The good news is that it’s a domestic adoption.But why is it a black baby? And why is his bare black skin shown in this prominent way? There’s a whole lot wrong with the first pic.

  13. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I haven’t seen such a wrong pic in ages! It’s sometimes hard to believe how dumb,retarded and stupid human beings are! Where’s Master Spook!?

  14. Master Spook


    Yes Sire!?

  15. His Huge Greatness Himself


    Get me the facts.We might save an innocent child’s life.

  16. kiki

    Since when do ‘chicks dig circumsized penis’? I really don’t ‘dig it’. I prefer them natural.

  17. edem

    Whatever country you come from, #105, it’s obviously one who’s people don’t get irony!!!
    The comment about race and circumcision was making a joke about the black baby getting his junk whacked!

  18. Birk

    #105 is pissed off because he has a deformed dick due to some back-alley doctor that took a weed wacker to him
    go get some therapy

  19. yugon

    someone on yahoo answers asked the question “do females prefer circumcised or uncircumcised males” and the answers pretty much say that most females don’t care either way
    here’s the post;_ylt=Atv4pp3wZgyKx3Fsjw.AKscjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100424011312AAPIBd1

  20. Dave Bey

    This phony girl.Is it not a coincidence that that faggot white boy and her is coverin up somethin NASTY.All these OFAYS buyin homes in New Orleans cuz they are afraid of the Big Bad Black Man…..know this…

  21. DJ

    Did she hook-up and get a 2 for 1 with Madonna or Angelina

  22. Gina

    How could she have not known he was into that Nazi stuff! Isnt his company symbol a Iron Cross!!!

  23. Gina

    How could she have not known he was into that Nazi stuff! Isnt his company symbol a Iron Cross!!!

  24. ray

    Why do white women do this? She read into the script of the blind side and then was motivated. I find this alarming. If she had nothing to do with that movie, this child would not be an issue. Truly sad.

  25. Michelle

    She started the adoption process FOUR YEARS AGO and didn’t put down any racial preference as that would delay things (also because unlike you guys, she isn’t an ignorant racist). And she’s had Louis since JANUARY – she kept this a huge secret from everyone, probably, oh I don’t know, to AVOID F-TARDS LIKE YOU ACCUSING HER OF HAVING AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE DURING AWARDS SEASON. She wanted to adopt a baby (good for her), it turned out that an african american (yes, AMERICAN) baby needed a home. Would you rather she kept him secret for a year? What would be the point, other than to start more wild conspiracy theories of why she kept him hidden for so long?

    Sandra will be an amazing mother to this baby, meanwhile the rest of you go crawl back under your rocks. Fucking americans have the biggest ignorant hillbilly quotient in the world.

  26. lolaluv

    #92 Amanda-La…how old are you? Grow up! You really think that because Obama is the president that racism and oppression are over? Hahahahah! Wow you have some living and learning to do.

    Or maybe you will never learn,because you won’t have to know what it’s like to be discriminated against because of your skin color.

    Anyway, I don’t understand how this page has turned into an argument about circumcision. Aren’t most American males circumcised? I’m sorry, but I don’t recall most Americans being Jewish. I’ve never dated an uncircumcised male and I’ve never dated a Jew. Circumcision is very common, so I don’t see the difference if it’s in the hospital or at the home.

  27. Cali

    White people love adopting Black kids. I talked to a White guy who wanted to adopt a Black baby girl from Haiti. I thought that was weird because White guys should be the last people allowed to adopt a little Black GIRL. He would be completely clueless. Her hair? Clothes? When guys start to like her & vice versa? What about when she learns about racial history? It seemed creepy to me. Plus, he didn’t seem interested in adopting a Black son, which made me think he probably had something against Black guys. The whole thing was weird & he wasn’t even 30y/o yet!

    White women don’t seem as creepy though, so them adopting Black kids isn’t as strange.

    This did seem like a publicity/image thing, but the kid will probably be raised by Latina & Black nannies so whats the difference??

  28. she's stayin' alive

    So I guess the old whore wants to prove that she loves Jews and is not really a Nazi even though she is half German and her husband was one so she buys a black baby and makes it a Jew. That way she hopes to prove to the Jews who run Hollywood that she loves them.
    I wonder what her IQ is?

  29. hotweenie

    uncircumcised penis is ugly.
    go cut!

  30. Whatever. It is no surprise she wants to find some comfort after this marriage failure. The baby is very cute.

  31. Gweb

    It looks like it’s about to hurl on her face.

  32. everyone is adopting nowadays

  33. she is very beautiful

  34. jonisjackingoff

    Sandy could take a massive crap in my mouth!

  35. joe blow

    The point is the trailer trash has adopted a ghetto ass kid to prove a point. She might as well marry 50cent next to bring herself to a grand total of 25cents.

    Women oooh yea you have really liberated yourselves! You have morally and ethically BROKE yourselves

  36. Well

    I’m circumcised. I agree that circumcision is an unchosen trauma to the boy (if we snipped girl parts at birth, feminists would be screeching about it non-stop), and something of a bizarre Jewish religious practice that has no business in broader culture. As for smegma, that’s an old Jewish stereotype they use to comfort themselves about the unclean other and all that. Nowadays people can wash whenever they want.

    BUT, it desensitizes the penis. If you think that’s a bad thing, maybe you should have your penis checked out. I prefer moving AWAY from the “minute man” end of the spectrum, not toward it.

    So in the end I’m for it.

  37. DancerForMoney

    Nothing more disgusting than a convert to Judaism.

  38. European

    You sure don’t kno’ what your talking about :)). Why on earth would someone make fun of your pennis ? if someone makes fun of your ears would you cut it off ? IGNORANT muh fukas =))

  39. Ghetto King

    Nice! We need more White Women banging Black Men fervently!

  40. Me

    I had no idea Sandra was this weird…. I am no longer a Sandra fan

  41. Jiggarino


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