Sandra Bullock: ‘Hey, look at this black baby I’m converting to Judaism!’

April 28th, 2010 // 152 Comments

For those of you just waking up, Sandra Bullock has come out of seclusion and announced exclusively to People she’s filed for divorce from Jesse James. Not only that, she’s adopted 3 1/2 month old Louis Bardo Bullock from New Orleans who she plans to make Jewish because she hates Nazis not so much. I’m not even joking:

The magazine asked the question, “Were you aware of any interest [Jesse] may have had in white supremacy or Nazism?”
Bullock responded, “The photo shocked me and made me sad. This is not the man I married. This was stupid, this was ignorant. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life.”
Bullock added, “And the man I married felt the same.”
As for her newly adopted African-American baby, Bullock told the magazine she arranged for the child to have a bris — the Jewish circumcision ceremony.

And Sandra Bullock made a Nazi sex tape. I didn’t believe it at first, but after all the ham-fisted baby shenanigans, I’m now 90% positive she’s on video telling Jesse James to “Holocaust” her ass because it controls the media and sucks the blood out of infants. There’s really no other way to interpret this.


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  1. xylus

    Circumcision is child abuse. If you loved your kid you’d let him grow up and decide for himself if he wants to be ritually mutilated… or not, as the case may be….

  2. Monkey wanng

    First, or maybe second, possibly in the top 5

  3. MaKongo

    Yes, this has the stank of an ill-conceived, clunky and transparent media smokescreen. Which is a damned humane thing to do with a baby’s life. Asshats.

  4. Duck

    Child abuse? give me a cock sucking break. Count me as being happy my parents “abused” me as a baby. keep your smegma loving ass away from the re4st of us. Weirdo asshole. Why do people find it necessary to always have a cause?

  5. monkey wanng fan

    Apparently white babies aren’t worth saving in Hollywood?
    On the bright side, this adoption should keep getting her work.
    “I am a rude, thoughtless little pig.”

  6. WhatEverHelpsYouSleepAtNightBtch

    first jews, now black kids.

    I KNOW, JESSE! Let’s go steal land from Indian people & call it America. Then we’ll run around with sheets wrapped around our heads!

  7. jimu

    let spammers eat fish!

  8. gijoe

    totally agree- circumcising babies is barbaric. for religious purposes, there is such thing as “no cut” bris. why would bullock have a bris tho?

  9. Ian

    Now it makes perfect sense.

  10. Really?

    I’m with you Duck. The reason that most parents choose to have it done earlier in life is that the child will not remember the experience. And it’s obviously a painful experience. It has nothing to do with child abuse. Most men, I’m guessing (being that I am not a man), would prefer to have it circumcised and done at a point in their life where they won’t remember it. Every guy I’ve discussed the topic with has said they would prefer it circumcised to un-circumcised. And for understandable reasons. If you wait until the kid is old enough to decide for himself, he will not have it done because of the sheer fact that it’s your manhood and it will hurt immensely. Child abuse, my ass! How ridiculous can you be?!?

  11. shellibelli

    the jewish thing isnt new, wasnt her mother part jewish? man leave it alone
    and be happy for her, that something postive can come out of this situation.

  12. Tony

    Before my generation none of the men in my family were circumcised, probably because they were born at home and not in a hospital. It’s an unnecessary procedure. As far as the hygiene aspect, how hard is it to teach a child to wash his di-k?

  13. Amanda-La

    Give me a break, circumcision is NOT child abuse! If anything it’s a kindness. My husband is SO glad his parents had it done for him. You don’t remember the pain, whereas if you were to get it later in life you definitely would and it’s more sanitary. Child abuse, ha!

  14. Jen

    That baby even looks like he’s not buying it.

  15. Star

    While I wouldn’t call it child abuse, it’s decidedly NOT more hygienic or a kindness. It’s a totally unnecessary medical procedure done to a person who has no say in the matter. And it’s essentially irreversible. If it were something that could be easily changed later, whatever. But it’s not. It also can make your penis smaller and less sensitive.

    It’s my experience that men pretty much love their penises either way. I just don’t think it’s necessary to force a cosmetic surgical procedure on a kid just because you’re trying to put a positive spin on the fact that your soon to be ex husband is an anti-Semite, racist tool.

  16. JesseJimmy

    Guys with turtleneck schlongs are so aggressively anti-circumcision that it’s obvious they really wish they were circumcised (see playbook of anti-gay Republicans who turn out to be flamers).

    Circumcised dicks are cleaner, chicks dig it, you have a reduced risk of disease acquisition, etc.

    Give it a rest, weird dudes with ugly dicks.

    • Umm, I’m a circumcised guy who is vehemently against child genital mutilation. I certainly have what you and other fetishists would consider a “pretty” circumcised dick (eww — I hated even having to type that). People who are against cutting into babies are not ashamed of their own penises. They are ashamed of people who think it’s morally okay to slice off part of an unconsenting child’s genitals without anesthetic. Let’s get real.

    • European

      “Give it a rest, weird dudes with ugly dicks”
      I guess you are american, so the rest of the world is alien to you since only in america the circumcision is done on regular bassis.
      BTW I don t wish i were circ. cause i can go and cut the skin even now, but you my friend you can t change it.

    • Cyn

      “Guys with turtleneck schlongs are so aggressively anti-circumcision that it’s obvious they really wish they were circumcised”

      No, they just wish people would stop thinking it’s okay to cut up babies.

  17. stupidass

    haha that baby is great. i like him. he’s all “dis bitch is crazy.”

  18. dude

    Sandra confirmed with the press that the baby will wear swastika diapers, but only because the baby will get to shit on the swastika.

    And guys, if you want to debate circumcision there’s another website:

    nonetheless, #20 for the win

  19. ranish

    Because black babies are the new black.

  20. ranish

    Because black babies are the new black.

  21. ranish

    Because black babies are the new black.

  22. ranish

    sorry about the triple post. I did not do it the computer did.

  23. circumcision is fucking sick. if i ever find the doctor who did it to me he is dead. btw, did you know you can regrow your foreskin? it takes about 1-2 years of stretching… but its worth it!

  24. Jack

    Great take away 20000 nerve endings that will provide him with pleasure for his life.

    For those that somehow don’t know:

    This surgery takes away main male pleasure zones with about 20000 fine touch and stretch nerve endings AMPUTATED. This cutting off of parts of the penis does certainly change the dynamics of the penis and does change sex (for both partners).

    Also the latest estimate is that about 130 boys die each year from this. Stop the deaths. Just say no to the culture of mutilation. His body, his right to experience the pleasure of a natural penis.

  25. disgusted

    Disappointed in Sandra. Why can’t white women adopt their own race? The blacks keep making them and dumb ass whites keep em. Blacks don’t take
    care of their own. She’ll probably get a darkie for her next man and
    become another coal burner. What a shame………

  26. sell out Sandy

    What a shallow ex titty flopping imbecile. She is converting the baby to Judaism to show the Media Masters she is subservient.
    Deny this please?

  27. hitler

    the truth is, yes circumcision does help prevent diseases for the male, but it does the exact opposite for the female, as the exposed head has more traction and increases the likelihood of internal tearing. it also gets rid of very sensitive tissues on the males penis, which reduces his capacity for sexual pleasure substantially and makes him more susceptible to erectile dysfunction. there is really no hygienic advantage to circumcision. the ladies may prefer it, but who cares what ladies prefer when youre at that point… if shes lookin at your dick, its going in regardless.

  28. lindr

    i’ve heard the whole argument that uncircumcised guys are not less clean, but i have to say that my personal experience tells me otherwise.
    my first boyfriend, who i dated for four years, was uncircumcised and this was the only experience i had so i didn’t know any different.
    i thought it was normal for a penis to be full of lint and hair and smell like piss all of the time. he bathed every single day, but by the end of the day, that’s how it always was.
    after we broke up and when i got a new boyfriend, i was shocked at how awesomely un-nasty his junk was, even by the end of the day!!!
    that’s just my experience. i don’t think he gave a crap, though. i never heard him complain about not being circumcised.

    • BeFair

      While on the subject of uncircumcised penises, let’s talk about the smell of hairy vaginas. They certainly don’t smell like roses… more like day old fish; and the sticky mucus like secretions aren’t any better than smegma in odor or appearance.

      Persons who claim that they are happy that they were circumcised at birth, just state that because they had no choice and often times display verbal hostility towards the uncircumcised.

  29. Madonna's Old Ass

    I’m a complete moron and even I saw thru this thinly veiled facade.
    I also find it hilarious how she claims she kept the adoption proceedings secret to protect her child, but then reveals him to the world right in the middle of a media-crapstorm.
    Last time I checked I didn’t think Bullock had a mouth on either side of her face.

    Glad sites like this are calling her out. Her shenanigans cannot go unjudged!!!

  30. Crabby Old Guy

    Next we’ll find out that Sandy changes the baby’s name to “Jesse Owens” – just to piss off Herr James and his Nazi buddies.

    Babies as props – it’s so “Kate and Jon”, don’t you think?

  31. SO RIGHT

    I’m really proud of Sandra Bullock for a number of reasons, but mainly these things:
    1) she wasted no time divorcing this lying, cheating, two-faced man,
    2) she’s clearly denouncing anything he stood for,
    3) and, she has enough self esteem to know she doesn’t need him to create a loving, family home.


  32. SO RIGHT

    I’m really proud of Sandra Bullock for a number of reasons, but mainly these things:
    1) she wasted no time divorcing this lying, cheating, two-faced man,
    2) she’s clearly denouncing anything he stood for,
    3) and, she has enough self esteem to know she doesn’t need him to create a loving, family home.


  33. Alex

    So all of you that support male circumcision also support female circumcision right? What no? You sick fucks can stay the hell away from my son’s penis. If he wants to be circumsized, he can decide for himself when he’s old enough. It amazes me that people can’t apply some common sense. Why don’t you remove appendices and tonsils from your babies as well?

    • BeFair

      Agree with you 100%! It should always be the choice of the owner of the penis; otherwise it’s technically a violation of human rights. I believe that in the mid 90′s a law was passed prohibiting female circumcision, however nothing similar was passed for males. Talk about reversed sexism.

  34. grobpilot

    Kid looks like he’ll grow up to be Suge Knight. He may be Jewish by faith but he’ll really be just anotha’ thug.

  35. Fruit Loop

    It just can’t wrap my mind around a parent or father who would hand his newborn son over to a child raping priest or doctor and say “Here is my son! My legacy, now cut of part of his dick!”. Yeah, I understand most men in America are cut, so if it’s good enough for them, they feel its good enough for their sons. The whole “It’s cleaner that way” argument just doesn’t make any sense. You wipe after you poop, you shake it after you pee, and you can clean it just like you clean any other part of your body. That argument might work for people without access to water of any kind.

    Would every mother gladly hand over their baby daughter and say “cut of her labia!”, because truly that would be the equivalent situation. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    And Sandra’s whole thing is just weird. “I’m not losing a husband, I’m gaining a black baby Jew” ……huh? ! ?

  36. Rowan

    Wow, I can’t believe the ignorance of some people. The adoption was started 4 years ago! It was for a baby, not necessarily a black one because she didn’t care about that, it didn’t matter, she just wanted a baby and as for the rest of it, she’s Jewish so her baby will be too. It’s not all that uncommon for parents to pass on their religious views to their newborn babies and lastly, I’ve got male friends who are uncircumcised and say that they sometimes experience pain during sex as a result. Is it really so terrible to have a minor procedure early in life that hurts for a day or two in order to enjoy a vigorous and healthy sex life later on?
    I know which I’d choose.

  37. Wishbone

    I did NOT get either one of my sons circumcised. Hearing the babies screaming while having it done was enough for me. It’s their “stuff” and it’s their decision to have it done if they wish…not mine. And for those saying it’s often do you people bathe?? My sons are adults now and I NEVER had to take them to a doctor because they had an infection due to not being clean. You people are ridiculous…

  38. Amanda-La

    #33 No one wants anything to do with your son’s penis. :)

  39. rogr

    seeing as how the majority of males in america are circumcised, yet the majority of folks on this forum are apparently uncircumcised, this leads me to believe that all of the uncircumcised folks in america sit around looking at tabloids on the internet all day while all the “half-penises” are off at work making money.
    i think i just got swayed to circumcision

  40. venomlives


    Thanks for Angelina Jolie and ManDonna, HAVING BLACK KIDS IS COOL?

    You want to be cool? Adopt an Asian baby, a Latin kid, a kid from India, what about an Eastern Block abused child? What about a mentally retarded kid?

    NOPE, gotta be BLACK because BLACK IS COOL and Sandra is a shallow whore!

  41. samiam

    i like how all these mom’s come on here and claim they are the better mom because they didn’t chop their son’s foreskin off.
    did any one of you bitches talk to any grown men with foreskin to see how it affected their lives? i bet you didn’t!
    well, it sucks. you grow up getting made fun of, and girls talk about how gross your dick is behind your back (no matter how vigorously you clean it because you are paranoid as hell). and it DOES get painful during sex sometimes. even masturbation!!
    now i have to get the surgery as and adult and it’s going to hurt like hell all because my STUPID HIPPIE BRAINLESS mom didn’t get me circumcised!
    i’ve hated her my whole life because of this and your sons are going to hate you, too!

  42. Why do these Holly wood people adopt black kids, you would think they would adopt there own race. This is so disgusting.

  43. Why do these Holly wood people adopt black kids, you would think they would adopt there own race. This is so disgusting.

  44. Why do these Holly wood people adopt black kids, you would think they would adopt there own race. This is so disgusting.

  45. venomlives

    ^ Idiot, you do know that Sandra just made a movie about adopting a black kid right?

    Wow, do you have an IQ of negative 100? Get a clue.


    Hollywood will look cool when those billionaires adopt unwanted kids that have missing limbs, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy etc. etc.

  46. small asian penis

    The reason why circumcisions are preformed while the patient is an infant is because the nerves in the foreskin are not fully developed. There are no nerves, so there is no pain. After a 12-18 months of age the patient will require general anesthesia.
    The history of circumcision is based off of religion. While people will still greatly debate that it is “healthier” there is no medical findings that are acknowledged in the current medical community.
    It is harder to clean an uncircumcised penis because there is a fold that needs to be pulled back.; this would be similar to cleaning a vagina. The idea that the foreskin needs to be slightly adjusted in cleaning gives people the impression that it is unhealthy, unclean, dirty, etc.
    If you don’t wash your vagina it will harbor bacteria, just like if you don’t pull back your foreskin when you bathe.

    Now would you cut off your labia majora to expose my labia minora because it is easier to clean?

    • BeFair

      Not true, they do feel pain. You can go to YouTube and type in circumcision in the search box and view one being done.

  47. ola

    this whole crap about asking if the female would get circumcised is dumb.
    um, if the majority of females in america were circumcised and if men would consider me nasty and unattractive if i wasn’t, then of course i would get it done!
    that’s typically the way human beings tend to behave; they do what is most accepted in their society. whether or not every single person agrees doesn’t really matter. people want to be accepted, and they want their children to be accepted. all of these super defensive mothers on here that are trying to prove they made the better decision by belittling everyone else who made a different decision are proving that they doubt themselves.

  48. Wishbone

    @41…You’ve hated your Mom your whole life because she didn’t get you circumcised?? (lucky break for her I guess) Idiot…

  49. Observerwwtdd

    There is NO reason to cut your dick skin off just to become a “pseudo-jew” (or Arab Muslim as the case may be)…….

    American Doctors began to really push the practice here after WWII so that Jews could hide among the common folk…..

    ..Just ask Jesse……(and I DON’T mean Jackson)

  50. loggr

    no, wishbone, i bet #41 wishes he had a mom like you. some fat lazy bitch who sits around on the internet all day
    your sons must be so proud! i bet they brag about you all of the time!
    or, more likely, they have no friends and still live at home with you

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