Sandra Bernhard makes Sarah Palin gang-rape joke, surprisingly doesn’t go over well

Sandra Bernhard is still alive (?) and just got herself banned from a benefit for a women’s shelter after recently making a rape joke about Sarah Palin. Sandra said the Alaska governor would get “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she ever came to New York, according to Us Magazine:

On her Web site, Bernhard said the gang-rape joke was part of a larger piece from her show about “racism, freedom, women’s rights, and the extreme views of Gov. Sarah Palin – a woman who doesn’t believe that other women should have the right to choose.”
Said the comedian: “I certainly wish Gov. Palin no harm – I’d just like her to explain to me how she can hold such outrageous views … and then go back to Alaska.”

Perhaps a women’s shelter isn’t the best venue for Sanrda Bernhard’s “humor.” That said, as an advocate of free speech, I don’t like seeing someone censored for exercising their first amendment rights. So, don’t ban Sandra Bernhard for her words; ban her because she has the aesthetic qualities of a murder scene. Then again, that’s just me and my love of the Constitution.