Sandra Bernhard makes Sarah Palin gang-rape joke, surprisingly doesn’t go over well

October 2nd, 2008 // 147 Comments

Sandra Bernhard is still alive (?) and just got herself banned from a benefit for a women’s shelter after recently making a rape joke about Sarah Palin. Sandra said the Alaska governor would get “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she ever came to New York, according to Us Magazine:

On her Web site, Bernhard said the gang-rape joke was part of a larger piece from her show about “racism, freedom, women’s rights, and the extreme views of Gov. Sarah Palin – a woman who doesn’t believe that other women should have the right to choose.”
Said the comedian: “I certainly wish Gov. Palin no harm – I’d just like her to explain to me how she can hold such outrageous views … and then go back to Alaska.”

Perhaps a women’s shelter isn’t the best venue for Sanrda Bernhard’s “humor.” That said, as an advocate of free speech, I don’t like seeing someone censored for exercising their first amendment rights. So, don’t ban Sandra Bernhard for her words; ban her because she has the aesthetic qualities of a murder scene. Then again, that’s just me and my love of the Constitution.


  1. Uncle Eccoli


    And I suppose contraception is entirely the man’s responsibility?

    And that women have nothing to say about national elections, as it’s a man it’s happening to?

  2. Rob

    she has got to be one of the ugliest women/man/whatever i have ever seen. I’d rather brat off then have sex with that ugly bitch

  3. can i get a hoot hoot

    Did Patrick Swayze have a sex change?

  4. Sandra Bernhard

    Of course, I was only aiming this at the dumb white goyim of middle America; you know, fly-over country.

    To my black brothers and sisters, I meant no harm . . . you’re just my convenient butt-wipes.

    Now all of you stupid sheeple, pay attention: go back to the talmud-vision, turn it on, sit-down, and shut the fuck up.

    Love and kisses,


  5. Woman

    Uncle Eccoli, your intelligence is such a turn on. Nothing sexier than a smart man.
    I’m currently taking Biology so I can validate the text in post #49.

  6. My…my God. That face. How do I properly describe how unbelievably and repulsively ugly and hideous that face is? Can I do it? It’s quite and undertaking….Let me give it a try. I am not a quitter! Here I go:

    Bernhard’s nose is like a dead rat, run over by a truck 50 times, and then glued on her face. Her gap teeth are repulsive, and her lips are like dead worms with cheap 10 dollar lipstick smeared on. Her eyes are old, wrinkled, tiny, slitty, beady, and disgusting. The bags under her eyes go on for fucking days. And to top it all off, she has a dick-like chin, testicle-like cheeks, and an over-botoxed forehead the size of a fucking building.

    Whew! I’m exhausted!

  7. Sand Man

    She is the stuff nightmares are made of.

  8. ughhhhhhhh

    People pay money to go see that thing? I guess it’s like a freak show. “Look ma, it talks!”

  9. adeliza

    It is also not the woman’s fault that she was raped. So therefore she should not be expected to put her life in danger by being pregnant. You know pregnancy is dangerous guys. If the rapist is not caught there is no telling what kind of lethal and dangerous disorders and diseases that might be involved, that you would never know of until too late.

    The rapist could have Aids, hepatitis and many number of other thins. Tests could be run for this, but then, what….bring an Aids infected discard into this world?
    This is a mean thing to say, but all of the folks that think that these women should have the child should be placed on a list. Every time one of these children is born, the next person on the list gets to raise the next bay that is born. They get to suppport them. No matter what kind of disorders or problems the baby has.

    The raped woman will have to carry for 9months something that reminds her of a hellish experince, meanwhile possibly getting diabetes, which pregnant women get. If she is any kind of sickness or has to take prescription medecine, that is out also. What if she has to be bed bound for 6 months because of a difficult pregnancy? The raped woman could die or receive permanant damage/health complications from this situation. Not to mention, possibly losing out on work and a job.
    Then there is the fact that her body is completely changed because of this situation. Not to mention the delivery and the dangers there. What if the woman dies during delivery, or has a stroke? It wasn’t her fault she was raped.
    Not to mention what it would do to her relationship with her husband or partner.
    All of you men who feel so strongly about this, think really hard about watching your wife or partner go through 9 months of pregnancy with a rapist baby, whilst sleeping the in the bed next to you?
    What would you do? Honestly? Odds are, you would have a strong change of heart about your views.

    It is a ghastly situation, and one that unfortunately no matter which side you take, it is going to be offensive to someone.
    However one thing to remember, abortion, like drugs and prostitution will never go away. If it becomes illegal, all that is going to happen is the same thing that happens with drugs and prostitution; it goes behind back doors.
    Then you have a whole other situation of the “back door abortion” which opens up a whole other bag of social situations.
    Nasty business, all of it. Abortion is cringing, but it is a big bad world out there, and this is one of the things that makes it so.
    No woman that is raped should be forced to have the baby.
    If men got pregnant, this would not even be an issue.

  10. SuperGRL

    @51 –

    Of course contraception is not entirely the man’s responsibility (when did I say that), however should a child be conceived it is the woman and only the woman who has the right to choose what happens to her body.

    as for your second statement….ah fuck it…you’re a moron.

  11. havoc

    When do you think Sandra realized she was hideously ugly? Was she an ugly little girl? Do people tell her on a daily basis how ugly she is? Does she have fewer mirrors in her house because of her ugliness? Do small children scream and run away because she is so ugly? Was she really offered the lead role in Mask?

    Them’s my questions….


  12. John

    Talk about white trash, this broad is at the of of the heap of a steamy, smelly, crap pile!

  13. norton

    @47….. Let me get this straight. Say my wife becomes pregnant unexpectedly, are you telling me that I have no rights in relation to my child if she says “fuck it” and decides she wants an abortion? Believe it or not I was involved and my cells are comingling with hers.

    If that is your take then clearly you are challenged. You should seek help immediately for your narcissism. Or just kill yourself – either way your life would improve.

  14. Gourmet Vagina

    Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm. Sandra’s looking mighty fine these days. Mighty fine . . . (vlorp!)

  15. SuperGRL

    @63 –

    You’re married? I feel extremely bad for your wife.

    You can of course have an opinion in the life of your unborn child but again, in the end IT IS THE WOMAN’S CHOICE WHAT HAPPENS TO HER BODY. Is that clear enough for all you men out there? That was the point I was trying to make.

  16. Uncle Eccoli


    Clearly, you’ve missed the point. Better luck with #63!

  17. sunshine

    People, people, could we just stick to making fun of stupid, overrated celebs? All of these political rants on all sides are just so inappropriate to a site such as this.
    I second nipolian’s comment. She does look like Alf. haha
    See how much easier that is?

  18. HuckyDucky


    That business about billing victims for rape kits? That’s a fabrication.

  19. Uncle Eccoli


    You really ought to be careful with that – you could very well end up painting yourself into a corner. I mean, here on the intrawebs it makes little difference, what with the relative anonymity, but just be careful with friends and family.

  20. Fumus

    I was flabbergasted (that’s a big word for shocked) to realize there was actually a philosophical debate going on at the Superficial. C’mon guys let’s get back to trashing celebs and writing hilarious, crude, and vulgar disses and forget Roe v. Wade, you guys can have that discussion anywhere…well anywhere but on a comment board whose sole purpose when created was trashing celebs.

    Bernhard needs to find a bridge somewhere, and start asking questions for people to pass…yea that’s a troll. ;-)

  21. Deacon Jones


    No wonder she’s a lezzie

  22. Uncle Eccoli


    Carry on, sunshine.

  23. Uncle Eccoli


    She was speaking at a women’s shelter – have you ever seen one that WASN’T under a bridge?

  24. SuperGRL

    @69 – Thanks for the tip.

  25. I'm Obama and I approve...

    @18 – “the New York Times is not a tabloid, ya know!”

    That line is funnier than ANYTHING this ugly sow has ever said.

    The NYT is a friggin’ joke.

  26. wickywicky

    you people are messed up. Uncle Eccoli do you ever shut up? I noticd you’ve made a comment on almost everything…you must have lots of time on your hands. Do you have a job?

    Point is…Sandra is butt nasty! Her eyes seem to be sinking into her head! As for her crude joke…who cares?? People take to much offense to comedians, take it as it’s meant to be….FUNNY!

  27. adeliza

    #67 and #70…
    Sorry, a hot button for me.

    what a fucking, ugly ass, gap-toothed fucktard. She’s just jealous because Sarah Pallin is pretty and she is more heinous that a wart on a toad’s ass. She just is dying for the day that some of her big black brothers come and gang rape her. Most especially up the ass. She won’t have to worry about no babies then.

  28. John Mal

    here’s a woman who doesn’t have to worry about getting gang raped by the brother’s!

    Of course if they want to please feel free to do so–she is white after all

  29. Mcfeely Smackup

    “That said, as an advocate of free speech, I don’t like seeing someone censored for exercising their first amendment rights”

    Free speech? Censored? First Amendment?

    I know “the superficial editor” isn’t a position of constitutional scholarship, but jesus christ at least try to not butcher the constitution you’re making noises about supporting.

    Uninviting an offensive comedian from performing is not exactly the same thing as torching the first amendment.

  30. I'm Obama and I approve...

    SuperGRL is a Super-BITCH!!!

    Geez, go suck a dick and chill out, Lady. Damn!!

  31. Biff

    Come on, people. Sandra has every right to say what she did.

    Just like I have every right to say that she is the most unsightly human being to ever walk the planet, hands-down. She looks like Quentin Tarantino after a chemical plant exploded and sent scalding acid and red-hot shrapnel into every pore on his face. Jimmy Durante called, he wants his nose back. I see she’s had a bit of work done, obviously some dermabrasion with a hand planer. Apparently her dentist is British. Her breasts are concave. I give her credit for shaving her chest, though.

    Lest any of you think I am shallow and unfairly picking on Sandra because of her unfortunate appearance, I am certainly willing to consider her intellect: she is thoroughly ignorant. Ugly, dumb and obnoxious — she is the holy trinity of awfulness. Other than that, I guess she’s OK.

  32. Chelle

    Sandra Bernhard makes jokes about Sarah Palin being gang-raped and PALIN is the one with the extreme views? Anybody who sees comments like that as “humor” undoubtedly holds some intolerant, extreme views of her own.

    Sandra Bernhard — Ugly on the inside. Even worse on the outside.

  33. adeliza

    #81 Biff-

    “Apparently her dentist is British”

    Them’s fightin’ words now!

  34. D-mob


    SuperGRL is not a bitch, it’s called having an opinion.
    And I don’t think sucking a dick will change it!

  35. sharpeidude

    #28 – That’s not Steven Tyler, man! That’s either Ace Frehley or Adam West; get it right dude!

  36. Consider the source

    What would one expect from her “kind”? They are cruel and vulgar.
    Remember Roseanne singing the National Anthem?

  37. Uncle Eccoli


    Sometimes, yes. Thanks for noticing! Yes, I’ve got a job.

  38. Mel Green

    Freedom of speech doesn’t, however, obligate a women’s shelter or any other venue to be a platform for any given individual to exercise their right to freedom of speech.

  39. FACTS

    re: “fabrications” about Palin, Wasilla, and rape kits:

    FACT: As mayor of Wasilla, Palin signed a budget that eliminated the police department’s funding for rape exams.

    FACT: Palin’s handpicked chief of police, Charlie Fannon, made the decision to stop funding rape exams, even though the department didn’t bill victims of other crimes for investigations. The policy went into effect in 1998.

    FACT: The decision to stop paying for rape kits could have disqualified the entire state from receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grant money through the Violence Against Women Act, which requires states to certify that some public agency is picking up the tab for all rape kits. The Alaska state legislature specifically cited Wasilla – the only city in Alaska not paying for its rape evidence-gathering procedures – in passing a bill requiring all police departments to pay for rape kit exams, as it does for all other types of evidence-gathering in all other types of crimes. Chief Fannon complained that picking up the costs would be an unfair tax burden (he made no mention of similar costs for all other crimes), and he made a suggestion that the perpetrators be billed instead, which was ignored.

    The policy is the issue, not whether there were bills marked “rape kit” sent to patients. The policy was to NOT pay for evidence collected after a rape, unlike all other crimes, and it was put forth by the Wasilla police chief that Palin picked, and ratified when Palin signed off on the budget that implemented the new policy. These facts are not in question.

  40. sexy brains

    She is fucking heinous looking. Why does she even wear make-up? I mean, seriously, it’s impossible that she can be even UGLIER without it. I mean Sarah Jessica Parker is one ugly bitch, but it’s impossible that Sandra Bernhard did not win the ‘ugliest woman alive (or dead)’ contest.

    She’s famous, has money, etc right? GET SOME WORK DONE BITCH.

  41. sexy brains

    #46 – hilarious! .. and true. wow

  42. Right Fury

    Sandra’s parents should have aborted her.

  43. Frank

    I think Bernhard has been living in her little expletive cocoon for too many years. I also found #89 very informative, if it happens to be the truth.

  44. Christopher

    I was going say “I thought Bernhard died in 1999.” Then I saw this pic and realized she did. Who the hell decided to reanimate this piece of shit? We do NOT need another comedienne zombie walking around…

  45. Jeff

    the beast’s comment: “I’d just like her to explain to me how she can hold such outrageous views” shows just how clueless and close-minded she (it?) is. How about the idea that Palin, and everyone else has the right to hold whatever ideas they want. Last I checked, that is one of the principles this country was founded on.
    Bernhard is a sorry excuse for a human being. Her mother really should have gotten that abortion.

  46. adeliza



  47. Help Me

    This really is the ugliest woman that I have ever laid my eyes on. I hope I don’t go blind.

  48. sameshitdifferentyear

    Sandra’s nose looks like it has already been gang-raped, impregnated, and is expecting triplets in the next few weeks.

    Sandra has mastered the art of affixing herself to already existing events, like a turd mixed in bubble-gum stuck onto your shoe.

    The combination of the lack of looks and the lack of talent, of Sandra, is so astonishing, I was rendered speechless by the sheer, awesome shittiness of her latest attempt of, whatever she was trying to do.

    Said the comedian: “I certainly…”
    How dare anyone call her that, Tom Green laughs at her lack of talent.

  49. Beltway Bandit

    Look, I’m all for contraception and even abortion within the first trimester. That’s the woman’s body. But for Obama to support legislation denying medical care to a live-born attempted abortion, that’s too abhorrent.

    Abortion is a personal and societal question that is best dealt with through the states. You could call it “moral competition.” Those people who are fine with it move to states that permit it. Those people repulsed by it, move to states that regulate it accordingly. That’s the only way to encourage a moderate and reasonable view on it, and avoid this rancid race to the left or right that’s poisoning our nation’s politics.

    Obama equates abortion with the civil rights struggle when talking about the Supreme Court. He obviously knows nothing about the struggle (albeit he’s black, he was raised by his white grandmother, a VP of a bank in Hawaii). The civil rights struggle existed from our country’s formation and continues to this day. The offenses were committed against human beings judged by their mere appearance. For him to equate abortion with that legitimate struggle show’s he’s so “intellectually” insulated, he’s lacking all perspective.

  50. joe

    So now we have to explain ourselves to Sandra Bernhard if we have views opposite to hers?

    Inviting her to speak to abused women is like inviting Robert Byrd to speak to the NAACP

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