Sandra Bullock Saw Naked Dudes

September 17th, 2010 // 35 Comments

Here’s Sandra Bullock leaving The Abbey gay bar in LA last night where she apparently spent the evening watching naked men grind all over each other. And, honestly, who’s going to fault her for that after Jesse James‘ penis launched a blitzkrieg through White Power Tattoo Country days into their marriage? She earned it. In the meantime, has anyone seen PR Baby lately? Because if he was just a prop so people won’t think she’s racist, again, who’s really going to fault her? I’m just amazed she didn’t start banging Tiger Woods for some kid’s Bar Mitzvah, but that might explain why no one hires me as their publicist. Too revolutionary for you, aren’t I, Hollywood? You’ll come crawling back.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Diane

    Wow.. whats with the Sandra hate today?

  2. Cock Dr

    Good for Sandra. What an awful & public humiliation she went thru….she deserves some fun.
    Don’t EVER get married again. Do what Madonna did and find someone pretty, energetic & obedient who gets along with your son.
    Just don’t marry them.

    • The Only Hetero in this Joint

      Well there you have it “Sandy” – the single best non-solicited advice you can get from a know-it-all who spends her time examining penises.

      Jesus what a yenta.

  3. McFeely Smackup

    MMmm, nekkid men. Why’s my mouth salivating?

  4. Bria

    Its not Abbey’s. Its annoying that people call it that. Its called THE ABBEY. Like where nuns live. reTARD.

  5. eatme

    meh. Jessie donned some hitler shit. big fucking deal. the jews have got you all in their fucking pockets. if i dress up as the devil does that mean i am actually evil? or if i dress up as jeffrey dalmer then i most really eat people, right? having some fun with hitler is no fucking big deal.

    • Cock Dr

      Sounds like you’re having some fun times in your basement/bedroom. Woo-hoo!
      BTW, the big deal ain’t the Hitler shit so much as the repeated infidelities with a LONG list of tattooed pigs.

      • The Only Hetero in this Joint

        Speaking of tattoed pigs how’s the tat of the stethoscope on your forehead going Cock Doc?

  6. The Only Hetero in this Joint

    Pic 5 has that ‘I’m-a-middle-aged-divorcee-with-a-fake-baby- PR-schtick-and-I-just-assaulted-my-eyeballs-with-visuals-of-naked-men-grinding-each-other” smirk on her ugly puss… good for Jessie! He took one too many looks at this mess and went looking for a new (Tattoed) field to play in. Good man Jessie!

    Good grief what an utter waste of compassion for a multi million $$$$$ ugg who should be home breast feeding her new baby. Maybe it would give her some much needed cleavage!

    What’s next? A pity party for Lindsay Lohan? (Yeah you’re right Lindsay how dare that broad walk her kid in a stroller in the middle of a crosswalk….F’in loser…)

  7. Vandal

    I want to put my widgy in her bum.

  8. dude!

    Still a slow news day, eh, Fish?

  9. Rick

    She’s getting manlier looking every year so naturally she was curious about cock on cock action.

  10. She is adorable, but looks a bit tired and run down. Nothing a few good orgasms and a mojito won’t cure. BTW, Sandra, I make a meeeeaaaannnnn mojito ….

  11. Any Guy

    HAHA – ‘PR baby’… true, true. If that kid’s name isn’t ‘Token’, she missed the mark bigtime.

  12. Here’s a chick who probly should be showing her pussy to the paps, it’s been all chickflick crap since speed. That oscar was tantamount to a mercy fuck. Her voice sounds like kermit. Other than that id probly give her one..

  13. foofoo

    She is into the white supremacist thing. How wouldn’t she notice her husband’s tattoos, her husband’s behaviour, her husband’s ideas?
    That’s one of the reason both kept quite quiet, she for the PR, her husband for $$$

  14. foofoo

    she did it -afterwards- exactly for that reason.

    • Wow. That is a charge of some serious devious hypocrisy.
      Aside from her unfortunate choice in a husband what other “evidence” do you have to support this white supremacist mindset accusation?

  15. Sandra Bullock
    Yoda Mann
    Commented on this photo:

    Girl look good.

  16. d dizzle

    First time i’m hearing about naked men at the abbey. You sure she wasn’t somewhere else?! Maybe there’s a secret room behind the bathrooms we have yet to experience. SHARE YO SECRETS SANDRA!

  17. la chica

    thank you for keeping it real. i can’t believe that so many ppl fell for the black baby stunt. amazing how quickly this baby appeared on the heels of evidence that she was married to a racist. thank you superficial. :mwa:

    • ^^^^^ Yeah, that. Bullock temporarily relocated to New Orleans because she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to adopt. Something about living in the same state as the child. An acquaintance who works as an adoption advocate in the US told me there’s no way in hell an adoption could take 4 1/2 years to finalize. Plus, if James and Bullock had this boy at home since January, she wouldn’t have been able to “finish the adoption as a single mom” (People interview), he would still be the dad. She lied her ass off and is very lucky people believe her.

  18. Marcus

    She looks good with darker hair, not that Blind Side blonde look.. She would look even better sucking on some girl’s butthole while jacking a shlong.

  19. captain america

    she can handdle that.

  20. Rhialto

    Damn! Is she still alive?! Where’s Nero! What did i tell you to do?!

    • Nero

      Uh … Well,i almost did succeed.But just in the last moment i slipped on a banana peel! Unfortunally she did escape ..

  21. Heather

    I don’t think she was RAISED in Europe but her mother is a German opera singer, named mayer or something. She can speak a little German.

    I agree. Go ahead and have some fun. I can’t believe what a humiliating prick her husband turned out to be. I ALWAYS knew she was wayyyyyyy too good for that redneck mouth breather.

    I hope she and her kids are super happy and that she finds some hot young stud if she wants it.

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