Sandra Bullock Prepping Jesse James’ Kids For Their New Mommy

As if Sandra Bullock hasn’t taken a large enough Swastika to the ass through this whole ordeal, she now has the privilege of explaining to Jesse James’ kids that Kat Von D is going to be their mom now. Popeater reports:

“Sandra loves Sunny with all her heart and will always be in her life. However, she also knows that [Sunny] will have a new mommy soon and will do whatever she needs to do to make sure Jesse’s new wife and Sunny have a great relationship even if that means taking a step away,” a friend of the actress tells me.
… Sandra thought Jesse would never be able to hurt her again, but she was wrong,” an insider tells me. “When Jesse was in rehab it was Sandy who was a mother to his little girl. Despite what Jesse did, Sandra never walked away from Sunny.”

While all this sounds depressing, keep in mind Sunny’s mom is a porn star, so it’s not like she hasn’t been around questionable women all her life. In fact, we’ll probably laugh about this when she’s a lesbian stripper turned serial killer next year. “Ha, remember when your dad had sex with a Nazi and you had to move out of Sandra Bullock’s house? Ohmygod, I thought I was going to piss myself.”

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