Confuse Samuel L. Jackson For Laurence Fishburne Again, Motherf*cker, I Dare You

February 10th, 2014 // 47 Comments
Samuel L Jackson KTLA
WATCH: Samuel L. Jackson Destroy News Anchor

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  1. tokiromi

    the only thing more embarrassing than the mistake was the amount of self deprecating that followed it.

  2. Margaret

    fire that fucking fat stupid honky motherfucker.

  3. Well, he was amazing in Beverly Hills Cop.

  4. His daughter is really hot.

  5. Loved the man… but, after being reminded by Fish that he was accused of drugging women back in 2004, I’m VERY disappointed in him.

  6. Hugh G. Rection

    I understand his frustration, but on the good side if people confuse his with Laurence Fishburne, maybe they’ll start thinking that LF did those horrible Star Wars movies.

  7. coljack

    I feel bad for the reporter. It’s called the “other race effect,” and it’s true of all races – we all have trouble distinguishing people outside of our own races. It’s not bigotry, yet we treat it like it is.

    • Hugh G. Rection

      No, we don’t all have trouble distinguishing people outside our race. And yes it is bigotry. And stupidity.

      • Roundhouse Kick

        No, it’s not bigotry. And yes, you’re also a cunt.

      • coljack

        There have been multiple neuropsychological studies into this, and it’s very common. It’s not something only racist white folk do. As my later joke shows, I think the guy should have been able to tell the difference between Laurence Fishburne and Samuel Jackson (they really look nothing alike), but I also don’t think his case of mistaken identity qualifies him to serve as grand dragon for his local chapter.

      • Johnny Barbells

        …actually, it’s called “cross race effect”, or, “other race bias”, and the essence of this theory is that people have a TENDENCY to more easily recognize members of their own race …using this as a panacea is a cop out, particularly in this situation …we’re talking about 2 internationally famous actors who look nothing alike, and a professional, major network entertainment reporter …this was’nt some random white dude confusing 2 random black guys he’s never seen before, this was him confusing samuel l. jackson with laurence fishburne …throwing this theory out there as some kind of “explanation” for his mistake is pure horseshit. (and smacks of racism…how? because you’re so quick to offer up a defense for the white guy and how what he did is understandable, a reaction born of empathy, stemming from your own racist tendencies…maybe not overt, but definitely institutionalized)

      • coljack

        Racial and other biases can be deep-seated. Maybe that’s what causes me to empathize with him. It’d be a fair point if I were white.

        One of the points I was going to make is that when kids grow up in a diverse enough environment, the other race effect may go away. If we redefine “other” out of our consciousness. That’s when we’ll truly be post-racial (which we definitely aren’t today).

        But sometimes, a (really) stupid mistake is just a stupid mistake. It (he) is not automatically racist. I think we have a tendency, especially in the age of the internet, to rush to individual judgment and miss more complicated conversations.

    • Brian

      On the one hand I agree with you that it’s not uncommon for people to occasionally have a hard time distinguishing people outside of their own race, but on the other hand, as Jackson pointed out, THIS GUY IS THE FRIGGIN ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER! It’s his job to know the difference between the actors he’s interviewing, and there are tons of better qualified people out there to fill his position if he can’t.

      • Swearin

        I live in L.A., I’ve seen their news team plenty, and most of them have all the intelligence and journalistic acumen of a wet fart, especially that entertainment guy.

    • cmonreally

      Anyone with even poorly working eyes can tell that Samuel L. Jackson looks nothing like Lawrence Fishburne.

      • Fuglio

        I come from a multi~racial family, and I mix these two up all the time. I don’t know why, because I don’t have that problem with other black actors. And I also mix up Matt Damon wid Donnie’s kid bruddah.

    • BlinkyTheFish

      Or, we could just call it what it really is in this case – stupid anchor doesn’t do basic research of film/cast list for actor they’re interviewing, you know, maybe writes it down, types it on an iPad – THIS IS SAMUEL L JACKSON IN FRONT OF ME, a little list of other movies he’s been in, if you’re that dense. Not rocket science.

      • BlinkyTheFish

        Or, resort to the Is This SLJ? checklist:

        1. Is he wearing glasses? If yes, see 2.
        2. Is he wearing a beret-like hat? If yes, see 3.
        3. Does he have a bag of golf clubs in the immediate vicinity or look like a guy dying to get an interview over with so he can go play some golf?

        If yes, congrats, it’s SLJ. If you answered no to any of the above, it’s not SLJ.

  8. ploppin' fresh

    “I’m not the one who drugs people – you know, the one with the sweaters. I’m the other one!”

  9. coljack

    Confusing Laurence “Future WeightWatchers Endorser” Fishburne with Samuel L. “Need a Sandwich” Jackson? Racist!

    Asking Samuel Jackson in nerd glasses and a backwards hat whether he regrets playing Dwayne Wayne on A Different World? Understandable.

  10. Roundhouse Kick

    Oh, because all these celebrities are so fucking important, a simple, stupid mistake like that is totally unforgivable, isn’t it. And of course it will be turned into a big racial thing, won’t it. I never realised SLJ is such a cunt.

  11. i’ve never liked jackson. and this did nothing to improve the matter.

  12. CrazyGoran

    So SLJ makes such a big deal out of the reporter confusing who he was but then goes on to say how much he liked Peter Verhoeven’s original film…who the fuck is Peter Verhoeven?! Pot. Kettle.

  13. Shia Le POOf

    Reminds me of the guy that lives in the oleander bushes behind the 7-11

  14. Bonky

    Why do we celebrate this guys birthday every January if he’s still
    alive ?

  15. malaka

    i think this is all bullshit man.
    seriously, how you not know who samuel jackson is?
    he’s more bigger and baddest than any of those other mother fuckers.
    how many movies this dude been in like, 150?? 200??
    he’s literally in every fuckin movie and you don’t know who he is?? or you confuse him for some other mother fucker?
    cmon man. that’s some ol’ bullshit.

  16. Well, he was amazing :)

  17. I didn’t even know Barack Obama was an actor

  18. Ha ha. I’ve done the same thing a bunch of times… I always know which actor I’m talking about (the Matrix guy or the Pulp Fiction guy), but I seem to mix up their names. Same thing with Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney, now that I think about it. Ooh, Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams confuses me too…

    On second thought, maybe I’m just a moron.

    • I don’t understand how you could confuse Laurence Fishburne with Samuel L. Jackson…I kinda understand how you could confuse Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams (hint: Amy can act, Rachel can not; A for Amy, a for acting)…but that Dylan McDermott/Dermot Mulroney thing? Everybody confuses them. I mean, everybody. Their wives probably call out the wrong name during sex sometimes.

    • BlinkyTheFish

      I totally admit to mixing up the Dylan/Dermot thing for years, until I remembered Dermot is the one that looks like Kyle MacLachlan’s retarded brother. Problem solved.

  19. no i'm not boba fett but i get that all the time

    Nice to see Mars Blackmon working again.

  20. SLJ handled it well. He didn’t seem to angry, he just got sarcastic. It could’ve been a lot worse.

  21. Helena Handbasket

    The same thing happens to me every time I see Dylan McDuglick – or is it Derglik McDermuck?

  22. I’ve been a big fan of his ever since he was in “The Little Rascals.”

  23. VampyresAreUgly

    To be fair, the reporter probably never saw the commercial and some stupid intern gave him bogus research for his piece.

  24. That fool is lucky Jackson didn’t conjure up some Jules Winnfield on his ass and bring down a great vengeance and furious anger upon him. Say it again mothafucka I dare you!

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