Samantha Ronson tells PETA about itself

November 15th, 2008 // 114 Comments

Samantha Ronson took to her MySpace blog yesterday to let PETA know they kind of acted like A-holes by throwing flour at Lindsay Lohan while she was entering a Paris nightclub:

There is a fine line that distinguishes the difference between exercising our freedom of expression and offending others, for example the debate regarding freedom of speech vs. hate speech…. i feel that this principle should apply to protestors also. It’s a pity that some groups feel the need to assault people as opposed to fighting with words.
Whenever I feel the need to vent about something that feels unfair to me I reach for my computer, I don’t run out of the house with abusive intentions. I don’t expect everyone to react the same way, but I do expect people to respect each other. Maybe that’s my first mistake? It seems lately I am learning that there are too many people who put another species before their fellow man and that’s sad. I don’t wear fur, but I don’t think I have the right to ATTACK those who do. No one has that right.
PETA should focus their efforts on educating people on what they believe are injustices instead of seeking press via harassing those in the limelight. I received an apology too many days late from the PETA folks (the blog removal was too little too late) and today I’m pissed at the bag of flour thrown on Lindsay last night. Not because I got powdered down, but because the girl who threw it acted like an animal herself. I take that back, it’s an insult to animals to group her in with them, my dog is FAR more civilized than that person. I would have more respect for them if they didn’t use other people to get their point across. Lindsay, Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, Anna Wintour and the rest of the targeted celebrities aren’t the problem, I’m pretty sure they’re not the only ones wearing fur, in fact, they should be appreciated by PETA for giving them a target. If it weren’t for them, who would get them press?????
I know I’m probably going to get a lot of angry emails in response, but I don’t really care. I got enough last week for no reason so I’m more than happy to ignore the nastiness after seeing what I saw last night. I’m not about to throw on a fur coat in retaliation, but had I had one within reach, I’m not sure I would have walked away from it.
p.s. when was the last time you saw an animal attack one of its own in defense of a human? hmmmmm….. that’s one to grow on!
p.s.s. i think there are plenty of families that could have used that flour for a meal. nice job, lady.

If Sam’s entry was supposed to be goddamn never-ending therefore making me hungry for veal, Mission Accomplished. On that note, you know what brings out the flavor of veal? Dolphin. I should be a chef. Oh yeah, Emeril, it’s ON.

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  1. Allison

    Peta’s initial intentions are good, but they go about all that in a completely wrong way. Samantha is right.

  2. biia

    “when was the last time you saw an animal attack one of its own in defense of a human? hmmmmm….. that’s one to grow on!”

    This argument is just RIDICULOUS! it’s just… nonsense! and animals shouldn’t be tortured by their fur, it’s one of the most wrong things in the planet, and take flour on the face is nothing compared to being SKINNED ALIVE !! duh, this lesbian dude bitch is complaining?? GOD fuck You, and all you fur fuckers !

  3. Danklin24

    So she’s pissed at the bag of flour? I dont see what thats going to accomplish but okay. Samantha, let Lindsay handle the angry email from now on.

  4. Danklin24

    P.S. The only worthwhile accomplishment PETA has ever done is put a naked Dominique Swain in one of their ads.

  5. The problem with PETA is while the organization has excellent intentions (I watched those fur videos and still can’t get those images out of my head – I wouldn’t wear fur if you paid me) their message is lost because of a few crazies in the mix.

    Things like telling Ben & Jerry’s to make ice cream out of human breast milk instead of cow’s milk. There’s having a love for animals and then there’s being a barking mad nutcase, and too many PETA members are the latter.

  6. So, who acts more like a petulant teen, Lohan or Peta? It’s hard to say. I don’t eat meat or wear fur, but I’m not thrilled with Peta because people will judge me by their actions.

  7. CJ

    She’s right. Extreme activism has to stop. It sways no one to their side except pathetic people who can’t think for themselves and have to be told that this is for a good cause!!! Destruction for the sake of any movement is stupid and should be punishable by serious time in prison. Get a grip…all the idiots who think they are making a difference through destroying anything in the process!!! Worse than sheep….puppets who willingly give over their right to make decisions on their own!!

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  9. Mia

    ummm….who the heck eats flour for dinner?? where are these families that wanted to eat this as a meal???

  10. B

    I never thought I’d agree with Sam, but I do. This behavior does not belong in a civilized society.

  11. D

    “ummm….who the heck eats flour for dinner?? where are these families that wanted to eat this as a meal???”

    I’m sure they could use that flour right about now. Or are you saying you’d take a dog’s life over theirs?

  12. I Love PeTA

    And what happened to that animal that had to die so Lindsay cut look lyke omg sexiiii n haute in its skin? I think it was a hell of a lot worse than getting flour thrown on you. PeTA speaks for the animals who idiots like these 2 think they can just step all over because they can’t speak the human language.

  13. whatever yo

    Wait, was Lindsay even wearing fur when she got the flour poured on her???

    If I was Lindsay I’d get an attorney and sue that woman for assault, whether with flour or not. That woman intentionally intended harm, or humiliation… probably both, and that’s ridiculous. I agree with most of the things Sam said above.

    What the woman did was stupid– and I’d look into legal action.

  14. JO

    you know what, i don’t care about peta or lindsay lohan, but i think that was the stupidest PS ever.

    a bag of flour costs like, five bucks. a fur coat costs like $11,000 (unless you steal it from some chick at a night club). so, if you really want to help hungry families, spend a little less on yourselves and give some money and time to charity.

  15. D

    @ 22: Yeah, I’m not exactly happy with Patricia over at, either. I generally think the hip, cutesy, and even self-righteous attitude she takes on that blog is childish and repulsive, and she completely disregards tact in the messages she posts, as she has constantly insulted many a person or group with whom either she or PETA has issues rather than discuss said issues in a direct, rational, adult fashion. Honestly, if PETA didn’t want any more people thinking ill of them than there already are no thanks to such extremist stunts like the one talked about here, then why not have someone with a sense of MATURITY and DIPLOMACY handle the job? Why put the snippiest, least educated, most juvenile supporter they have in charge of the blog? Honestly, that woman needs to learn to either grow up or shut up. She’s not cute or funny, nor does she have all the answers, even though she frequently acts like she does.

    Generally, I think PETA’s aims are noble, but they have so many supporters–the one who floured Ms. Lohan, for example–whose actions rarely justify those aims. If the organization wants to stay on society’s good side, their officers need to take up the responsibility to weed out the less ethical, more outrageous supporters and educate the rest in maintaining proper conduct when interacting with the public. Politely conversing with a celebrity over the making of fur coats, for example, and then confiscating whatever fur garment said celebrity is wearing in exchange for, say, a warm cotton jacket is a far more civilized action than throwing flour (or red paint, for that matter) on said celebrity. Similarly, researching ways on how humans can treat animals more humanely and then sharing such knowledge to the public would definitely be more beneficial to society on the whole than simply making such suggestions as the one they made to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. People would actually start taking them more seriously if they did more of the former and less of the latter. Finally, PETA would do well to wisely allocate its annual $30 million income on programs on animal welfare education programs and taking proper care of the animals it takes into custody. All in all, PETA needs to reconstruct itself from the ground up if it wants people to look at it like the legitimate association it professes to be.

    PS: As for that “Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” campaign…I know celebrities like Christy Turlington, Pam Anderson, Dominique Swain, and Kathy Najimy offer a lot of influence with them by agreeing to strip down for such ads, but why not offer the job to eager non-celebrities every once in a while or even take PETA’s anti-fur ads in a different direction, like showing a model/spokesperson cuddling a rabbit or other mammal used in making fur garments while wearing a fashionable, fur-free ensemble? Just a thought…

  16. brian

    i hate u samantha ronson, u fucking lesbian

  17. Marianna

    Alright, I am a big fan of Samantha Ronson..
    I love her to death, more than Lindsey Gayhan…
    But…theres one part in here that she shouldve thought through a bit more

    “p.s. when was the last time you saw an animal attack one of its own in defense of a human? hmmmmm….. that’s one to grow on!”

    Ever heard of a guard dog?
    They protect humans, even against other dogs.
    They protect humans, against anything trying to harm the humans.
    Maybe not all “guard” dogs, but if they were taught to be guard dogs, then yes…they would.

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  19. Great work.. all our dogs love the job that they do.. hunt.. find me here

  20. friendlyfires


    I am now in agreement with The Ronsonator?

    Lawyer? Drop the the kidnapping and assault charges.

    I’m going to hang in the Laz-E-Boy watching Giligan’s Island episodes drinking Fresca and Tanqueray mulling over this quandary. I may HAVE to let the Ronsonator live. She may have some purpose, yet i this world.

    Waldo, fetch me … the remote.

  21. dyke stabbing meat sword

    “There is a fine line that distinguishes the difference between exercising our freedom of expression and offending others, for example the debate regarding freedom of speech vs. hate speech….”

    There is no such thing as “hate speech” you rotten twisted pervert butch-dyke. Only FREE SPEECH exists! So shut your fucking mouth except for when you’re munching that skank LiLo’s carpet, you lezzy TURD!!!

    That stupid POS clitlicker bull-dyke sounds like she’s never heard of the 1st Amendment. She thinks free speech only pertains to speech she likes, like praising mom, apple pie, or carpet munching.





  22. EveryonePoops

    Lauren Kuhn, right back at ya ;)

    For the rest of you, PETA is the face of animal advocacy. This is both a blessing and a curse for those of us who advocate things like vegetarian diets, conscientious consumerism and non-cruel treatment of the other creatures that live on this planet along with us.

    PETA spends millions of dollars every year operating within the precincts of popular culture and mainstream advertising. Some people like myself find this to be good and bad. It’s good because it’s a campaign that is visible to just about anyone who reads shit like People or Time or whatever. It’s not like Humane Society of the United States or any of the thousands of independent non-profits who run shelters but are virtually unknown to anyone who isn’t already fighting for animal advocacy.

    PETA’s tactics are bad because they ignore some of the most basic, intrinsic elements of a free market, corporate-oriented economy: big business is not about ethics. It never has been and it never will be. Ask the Mexican man standing in the Home Depot parking desperate for work that will pay him $40 a day. The only way to make a significant, immediate difference for animals is to change your dietary habits, adopt a dog from a shelter rather than buying it at a pet store, eschew the purchasing of new leather and buy it second hand instead, etc. It’s a small difference, but it helps tremendously.

    The Humane Society of the United States recently campaigned for Proposition 2 and we’ve just enjoyed a major victory here in California with its passing, which means the banning of battery cages in this state. Fuck yeah to that. It’s not a “mission accomplished” kind of victory, but it’s a step in the right direction. If you’re going to purchase meat raised here in California, at least its from an animal that has lived a healthy, natural life instead of shitting itself in some cage wherein it can barely stand up and turn around. Proselytize about how animals can’t reason all you want. That’s cruel any way you look at it.

    I wish PETA would take a cue and stop backing insipid little stunts like this. This does not help animal advocacy. It just makes animal welfare advocates look bad and it makes people resistant to ideas of compassion and fair treatment of animals still more resistant. Nobody wins, even the vainglorious shithead who threw the flour and animals continue to suffer.

    I’m sorry for coming down so hard on Samson, but people tend to be so flippant about this stuff. How about trying to formulate a cogent, informed argument for a change? Just a thought.

  23. v tard

    That was actually a rather eloquent post she made.

    Personally I think all Lindsay is obligated to do more for herself than for anyone else is to watch the various videos (the Chinese Fur one for example) and if she still feels the price is worth it, then by all means let her wear fur.

    I prefer the informed decision to wear fur (or eat meat etc) as opposed to the decision made in ignorance.

    FYI I don’t wear fur or condone the trade except on a cultural preservation or survivalist scale.

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    look here, YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND, folks!!

  25. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    I want to see this bitch skinned alive and anally electrocuted then she has a right to whine cos her slut got LESS than she deserve for wearing FUR. SLUT CRUEL WHIORE BITCH.

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  29. To those that think this is a joke
    Go to, watch the videos

  30. To those that think this is a joke
    Go to, watch the videos

  31. To those that think this is a joke
    Go to, watch the videos

  32. coughsyrup



  33. Prof

    I never though I’d say this, but I kinda agree with Samantha Ronson! I know morons that would literally step over homeless people just to throw food at people that wear fur or leather. I’m not advocating the extinction of any animal species, but I’m just thinking if just half of these people could muster the same amount of compassion for a goddamn human beings maybe the planet (or at least their own part of it) wouldn’t be such a hard shitty ordeal for some people. It’s getting (whoops already there) to the point that you could be walking down the street, a random aggressive dog runs out of its owner’s yard, up to you and bites you, and the first thing many people want to know is 1) Is the dog alright, and 2) What did YOU do to provoke the dog. PETA is kinda like a 35 yo women with a tramp stamp 15 years ago it seemed like a great idea, but now it’s just an embarrassment for many and source of amusement for others.

  34. Balls McCoy

    PETA is a hypocritical/hyper-critical godless pseudo-terrorist organization that displays intolerance toward those who have a differing opinion. I truly and honestly don’t give a flying fuck about animals “rights”. They were put on this Earth for sustenance.

  35. humans suck

    humans commit atrocities on other humans all the time, humans commit atrocities on animals all the time, actually animal cruelty is a precursor to human cruelty.
    There’s some good people but all in all I prefer animals.
    Im all about Misanthropy. Humans make me sick

  36. Andrea

    I agree with Samantha Ronson wholeheartedly. It’s sad that PETA goes for these violent attacks on celebrities in order to try to get their message across. Sometimes I think they fail because most people cheer them on because they enjoy seeing these celebrities get humiliated and trashed. SOME don’t actually care about the animal rights or whatever PETA is protesting.

    Hopefully in the future, PETA will come up with more humane tactics to get their message across to people all over the world. Perhaps then more people will actually pay attention and help out their cause. After all, how can one respect another person or organization if these people can’t even show respect themselves.

    Regarding the comment about the flour, I agree that that bag of flour could have been eaten by some family somewhere instead of being wasted. If you think about it, PETA is actually vary wasteful and not at all eco-friendly. I want to know if PETA cleans up the mess they make with the paint, the pies, and the flour.

    Oooh. If I were Lindsay Lohan, Anna Wintour and the other victims of PETA, I would sue them for assault and maybe get a restraining order against these people.

    I do realize that a lot of people will bash my opinion by telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about or I’m just some mindless fan of these two celebrities or for whatever reason. It’s fine with me since I was still able to speak my mind about this issue. I realize that PETA will completely ignore what I and a lot of other people are trying to point out which is sad because they won’t be truly successful in their cause and will only end up looking like vicious hypocrites in the long run.

  37. Anon

    I agree Andrea

  38. kitty_kat

    Yes, PETA believes that wearing fur is bad. But MOST people do not believe that wearing fur is bad and they should stop acting immature and respect that others are going to do what they want to do. I don’t like Ronson, but I agree with her that this was utterly disrespectful. That’s why PETA has such a negative public image. Its not their hate for fur or love for animals in and of itself, its the obnoxious things they do to people who don’t feel the same way. When will PETA grow the fuck up and learn to further their cause in a civil manner instead of with violence and mean-spiritedness?

  39. Bill Clinton


    Shes right on!

    Animals were put on this planet for us to exploit!

  40. It’s a fine line between making a point and overstepping the line. I agree with what Angela said, and I think that PETA is more likely to damage it’s own reputation than that of the people it “attacks”. Without going too off topic, it’s like the animal rights protesters who attack labs and the people who work there in the belief that it will stop it happening – it won’t, so why should you hurt someone when what you’re trying to do is completely ineffective?

  41. Amanda Sanderson

    good one #72. I lived in rural america all my life and then moved to germany to live with my bf. My life then was full of taking strays, fostering them and then trying to find people who could take in a cat. I saw a lot of suffering such as kittens left in dumpters (or maybe born there?) and crawling around a nd meowing for food that would never arrive. ive seen stray dogs that careless owners let loose get hit by cars numerous times. ive seen dogs chained up with no adequate shelter and left there with no attention. this is just what I saw with my own eyes..who knows what goes on behind doors. But still I will not give my money to PETA because they use most of that money to fight stupid cases in court like this one. Instead I give it to the local shelter that needs it diretly and will directly help an animal in need. While I understand the woman’s anger over the barbaric treatment of animals, I dont like the methods because it does as you said give the image that animal right’s activists are all extremists and ultimately hurts the cause.

    oh btw. about animal rights advocates not caring about humans. THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT ISSUES ENTIRELY. I care just as much about humans as I do animals and I would help a human over an animal any day. but that does not mean animals should somehow be ignored. Why it appears that some people care more anout animals than humans is because animals do not have a voice and someone needs to be that voice for them. Yes, I think its sad to see people, esp. kids, dying in africa but on the other hand theres little you can do when their own communities are fighting against each other or their govt is corrupt and takes charity money (or even charity workers themselves).. Animals have little ability to control their own destiny and fate however. I dont see why the first arguement from people who advocate animal rights is “well what about humans?!?” ..animal rights advocates are generally compassionate people and probably are involved in a lot of human rights causes.

  42. PostmortemG

    “I don’t wear fur, but I don’t think I have the right to ATTACK those who do. No one has that right.”

    In most cases, violence against contemporary celebrities is really funny. It’s a shame that PETA freak didn’t hurl a balloon filled with piss at Sam’s boy face.

    “Lindsay, Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, Anna Wintour and the rest of the targeted celebrities aren’t the problem, I’m pretty sure they’re not the only ones wearing fur, in fact, they should be appreciated by PETA for giving them a target.”

    Let’s hope the aforementioned celebrities are ‘attacked’ more frequently, then; it makes for great entertainment! =D

    “p.s. when was the last time you saw an animal attack one of its own in defense of a human? hmmmmm….. that’s one to grow on!”

    As others have already stated, that’s what guard dogs are for.

    “p.s.s. i think there are plenty of families that could have used that flour for a meal. nice job, lady.”

    I love how Sam’s punctuation skills fall flat near the end of her rant.

  43. sameshitdifferentyear




  44. I believe PETA is a worthy cause, but some people that are members of PETA take it to the extremes. I must admit that I was amused to hear the flour story.

  45. People need to stop and think about what they are doing. Animals need their fur more than people. Why would anyone want to put a dead animals fur on their body? Because they are not thinking or do not care what the poor animal went through for a fur coat.

  46. Sgt. C. Foxtrot


    Great logic there. What about the people with hundred year old fur coats that actually served a purpose? Should they be punished for not freezing to death?

    If I’ve got to choose whether it’s me freezing or a(n) [insert furry animal here], I’ll choose me.

  47. Ghandi


    Back in the old days people killed free roaming animals for food and clothing. We are in the 21st Century and this is no longer necessary. The world can always use another humanitarian for people and animals. Skinning an animal for fur is cruel and wrong.

  48. I hate humans

    Too bad it wasn’t blood instead of flour. If you wear fur you deserve to get flour thrown on you. It’s barbaric and unacceptable.

  49. Did they eat the animal? Cuz if so, then it’s not that bad. They definately should have eaten the animal.

  50. Kim666

    Good points all, and well written. Never gave her much thought before, but well done.

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