Samantha Ronson: Tell me that’s not a man, I dare ya

October 20th, 2008 // 62 Comments

This is a shot of Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson who DJ’ed a charity event in Washington D.C. over the weekend. So to the people who thought “When did Hayden Christensen go on a month-long coke binge?”: Close, but no cigar/post-op wiener.


  1. Ram Punchington

    Jesus Christ, always with that face!!!
    Ugly bitch hates being photographed, but i bet she loves not having to work for a living.

  2. Rachel

    She’s a better looking guy than any of the prissy male Superficial commenters.

  3. Sarah

    Even though she’s infested with herpes, Lindsay could still do better.

  4. CaptainMorgan

    She’s always making that face ’cause she’s still getting used to having a sac.

  5. bp

    Samantha Ronson needs to fucking get a clue about facial expressions. Shes from England not from some black shit hole, quit with the nig pose.

  6. Paul

    She is a couple scars away from looking like Freddy Krueger in that pic…….very anti bueno.

  7. That’s the look all chicks have the first time they see male Superfish commenters naked.

  8. p0nk

    If Barak Obama takes lessons from Michael Jackson on how to look white…bingo.

  9. That is one ugly chick. If it really is female. Maybe something in the middle.

    What’s a potato to do?

  10. Licking Linda

    lmao@all the guys who just don’t get it. Plenty of girls who’ve sampled dick would finally have the orgasms they’ve always dreamed of if they hooked up with somebody who knew what to do: another girl. Guys are H*O*P*E*L*E*S*S in bed. They think they’re great, which why they’re hopeless. Great in bed, plus “I’ve put on a few pounds but I’ve still got a good body” referring to a hairy beer belly which is rolled over an unremarkable penis below which sags two smelly balls which are in front of a never-properly-wiped ass. Oh, yummy.

    Way to go, Linds. You had the courage to experiment and now you’re happy and healthy, as expected. More girls need to have this courage if women are ever to be truly happy and satisfied.

  11. Pig F*cker

    Nice peach fuzz sideburns.. oooofff….

  12. chargr

    geez she/he is an ugly biatch

  13. MO

    Guys can be taught to give great oral if they want to learn. But first the female must know how to give herself great orgasms or else she will not know how to teach her lover. I taught several of my lovers how to give great oral sex. And after having great multiple orgasms by oral; having a hard cock in my wet pussy is the grand finish. I can’t imagine only having oral sex and no hard cock for additional multiple orgasms.

  14. faghater

    I can’t believe that society is willingly to accept mentally disturbed behavior like homosexuality.
    Look at that freak.
    That is disgusting.
    It needs to be reconditioned to think it is a woman again

  15. daharia

    funny.. when i first took a glimpse i thought “wow lindsay lohan musn’t be a dyke anymore.. thats a hot guy!!” then i focused more and realised it was an ugly woman

    which says a lot really

    guys are just ugly women.

  16. Rabbit

    That ugly bitch even has blonde 5 O’Clock shadow!

  17. kelley

    Christ, I don’t get it … I’m 20 years older than she is and I look younger than that (which is 30) at nearly 50 !!

  18. PunkA

    Now if we could just get these 2 in a boat with another celeb coupe we all hate, then sink it, the world would throw a party. Short term loss, long term gain baby.

  19. J

    She must be anorexic, or close to it. Look at the lanugo (peach fuzz) all over her face!

  20. Jamie's Uterus

    What’s with all the pics of these old Yentas? First it was Sarah Silverman, now its this one. They both look like old Jewish spinster Aunts from Ronconcoma, Long Island.

  21. Dick Bush

    She/He huffs latex cocks.

    Vote Republican in ’08!!!!

  22. hilter

    When did she start dating Freddy Krueger???
    I’m scared and…………………………………………………….I LOVE KIDS!!!

  23. if she hates being photographed (it’s that stupid look she gives) and fame, she probably shouldn’t date one of the most photographed people in the world. just an idea…

  24. babydoll

    They are both ugly

  25. benjamin

    I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship. And by pants I mean dildo. And by dildo I mean strapon.

  26. eh

    The poster girls for UV damage.

  27. RedMKE

    That’s Meth face if I ever seen it!

  28. Anna

    If Lohan was a guy, she would look like Ronson. I think her whole thing with Ronson is she’s fucking herself. Narcissitic little snatch.

  29. He's cute!

    I think she makes a better looking dude than Brooke Hogan does as a chick.

    Neither is a prize pig.

  30. Anna

    If Lohan were a guy, she would look like Ronson. I think her whole thing with Roson is she’s fucking herself… narcisistic little snatch.

  31. katie

    SHE LOOKS LIKE MY MALE ROOMMATE. seriously, it freaks me out. where can i post pics cuz this is f’ed up!

  32. katie

    SHE LOOKS LIKE MY MALE ROOMMATE. seriously, it freaks me out. where can i post pics cuz this is f’ed up!

  33. volk

    Is not a man… and thousands of girls love her… boys wanna be her, girls wanna be her… just read in youtube how many girls are in love of her huge brown eyes…

    For me… Is ok… I’m a dude and if Lindsay wants to be with her is her choice.

    By now I just see Lindsay cool, clean, sobriety and smile.

  34. #10

    you could be describing this dude…

  35. guy

    That is one nasty, crusty, fugly, disgusting thing. My eyes were burned. Shit!

    Send that god damned shitpile to London with Paris Hilton!

  36. Naive americans really believe lilo is attracted by this sam “THE SHAM”?
    lindsay needs money and attention, folks.

  37. megannn

    dude. i just thought “those two are going to have some freckley-ass children”. then i remember the one on the right has no sperm pipe. *phew*

  38. El Dude

    Still no make-out pictures.

  39. Stiles

    It looks like a dude with AIDS.

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  41. plague of ronsons

    Beauty and the Beast. Linds looks just adorable — Samantha is take-your-breath-away hideous. But I’m glad that LL likes tall skinny guys with brown doe eyes and lots of moles because I fit into that category.

  42. Evan Faine

    What’s Steve-O doing in that Freddy Krueger sweater?

  43. The Bisexual

    If they’re happy let them go…none of you have to date either one of them.

  44. Hey look its CUNT DMC!!!

  45. Jammy

    All I can hear is: “Jethro! You mad, impetuous boy!”

  46. bitingontinfoil

    I had no idea Howdy Doody had a twin.

  47. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    It appears that some of Linseed’s freckles have rubbed off on that ugly dude she’s with. GROSS! Both of them…. GROSS!

  48. ScooterMagoo

    Has anyone ever checked to see if indeed there is a penis inside those drawers?

  49. ramona putz

    Oh leave them alone…and that is a girl. A girl that despite all your protests, given the chance, most of you would fuck .
    By the way girls, stay outta the sun and quit smoking!

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