Samantha Ronson’s starting to freak me out, is Lindsay Lohan done being a lesbian yet?

July 18th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Lindsay Lohan attended the Sephora 10 Years of Gorgeous event last night to watch her girlfriend Samantha Ronson deejay. Anybody else starting to get really creeped out by this relationship? It almost seems like Samantha is a gargoyle that hangs on Lindsay and wards of predators with her fangs and leathery wings. And by predators I mean anyone with a penis. KA-KAW! KA-KAW! Wait, bat-women don’t make that sound. PEW! PEW! PEW! Much better.


  1. Narcissist

    Man, when Lohan looks for women uglier than her to make her look better, she doesn’t fart around. If I see a crowd of gals, I generally rank by the least attractive one, to avoid unpleasantness.
    These are the worst Ronson pics in weeks. She was vaguely cute in some of the earlier ones.
    Are those just random celeb seekers in the main pic?

  2. my comment

    27. you are correct. I remember when Williamsburg Brooklyn was a regular working class neighborhood, now it is brimming with filthy cunts like these.

  3. S

    Those other girls are Samantha Ronson’s sisters. Next to Lindsay is Samantha’s half-sister Annabelle Dexter-Jones. Next to Samantha is her twin sister, Charlotte Ronson.

    I love Lindsay’s rainbow dress. Subtle, subtle. ;)

  4. frank

    This cunt has major daddy issues.

  5. toolboy

    Fuck I am tired of chicks wearing Bing Crosby’s old hats and trying to “keep it real” by throwing a Peace or a gang sign in a photo. Was she in a sorority or the Bloods? Keep it real down on Crenshaw or the closest Martin Luther King Blvd you can find. Scurvy invested little stank ass bitch.

  6. Village

    Samantha Ronson DOESN’T LIKE to have her picture taken, and her sister Charlotte dislikes it even more. Samantha is mad that her sister is being forced into this position. Samantha is really pretty when she smiles.

  7. Kathleen

    That chick is SO weird.

  8. daniel

    Go you girl. Look is not everything. You’ve got your advantage and made full use of it. That’s of what part I like you. Listen, here is one site for you, ?W e a l t h y L o v e You can meet the man you want, wealthy, young and sexy. The rumor says Charlie Sheen found his love on that site last May. Just take it. It’s worthy of a shot.

  9. …………………..SHE NEVER STARTED!!

  10. PollyfromBoston

    People! We need to take a page out of LiLo’s book and practice acceptence and tolerance. I am accepting Samantha Ronson as the ugly troll-like creature that she is. Remember Ugly People are people too. And Lindsay loves ‘em naked with whipped cream all over.

  11. steve

    something smells real fishy here lol!!!

  12. Nathiest

    Fuck you, you homophobic bastard!!!

    ok, ok “”bat-women don’t make that sound. PEW! PEW! PEW! Much better.”" was freaking hilarious!

    Still, stop with all the LoRo haten!

  13. Nate

    Agree with post #57

  14. Katty’s a wrong relationship.Of my friend told me Samantha Ronson told the audience she can develop further with her “boyfriend” on the site named”"””"wow,it’s so incredible!

  15. Katty’s a wrong relationship.Of my friend told me Samantha Ronson told the audience she can develop further with her “boyfriend” on the site named”"””"wow,it’s so incredible!

  16. which 1 is charlotte ronson?

  17. Unklejoe

    Damn i thought that one chick was a dude from one of those new faggy rock bands. As for Lindsay shes got some fine leggs and id eat her pussy all night long.

  18. jess

    samantha freaked me out the first time i saw her with lindsay… lindsay can be a lesbian all she wants but with samantha?? gross. she can do better.

  19. Tom

    At one time Samantha Ronson looked like this:

    Drugs are bad, kids. Drugs are bad.

  20. I bet they left that club lickety split.

  21. A-1

    Damn, do you think LL’s dress is short enough?

    I see Sam is still looking horribly manly.

    Whose idea was it wear those stupid hats?

  22. Asscrack

    Man that is one ugly dudelike chick, seriously women want to do her. I think I just hurled. bleeecchhh!!

  23. HuckyDucky

    Laughing out loud at KA-KAW! KA-KAW! Hilarious.

    Man, you can really tell the difference between the two Superficial writers. One is funny, and one is a nerd who tries to be funny but fails. This one is the funny one.

  24. Sandra

    Lindsay is such a beautiful girl! If she wants to be a lesbian, fine, but please find someone who isn’t creepy!

  25. MissQueen

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think Samantha Ronson looks like Pete Doherty, Kate Moss’ ex?

  26. dfsdfd

    WTF is up with Lindsay’s face??? O_o

  27. gordo

    That samantha chick has to be the ugliest, most disgusting Dyke I have ever seen! She looks like an 8 year old boy. Just sick!

    what a waste of time for Lindsay. I do not believe she really is a lesbo, maybe just a publicity stunt for her hopefully!

  28. Her mama, the orange oprah, just made a statement that made me throw up in mouth a little. Check my site for the updates

  29. lambman

    I think LiLo looks hot as hell in these pics, she looks happy and sexy. But she has horrible taste in women, why can’t we find a nice little lesbo to set her up with like um, Rosie ODonel?

  30. A-1

    She likes to wear those short dresses. Oh well, she’s got the legs for it. That dress is ugly though, and so is that stupid hat.

  31. moobs

    She is what i always said she was, a lame ass loser.

    Oh, and “hot” girlfriend you got there… LMFAO.

  32. melissa

    ugliest lesbians ever

  33. Snoodle

    If they love each other then…ok…but…yikes. O_O

  34. Joejam2845

    I think LL realizes her career’s done, now she can be herself!

  35. David

    Hey Samantha Ronson looks like Mr. Burns from The Simpson’s Family hahaha what you think?

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